Lauren Long

Creative Writer, Lifestyle Blogger, and Skincare and Wellness Enthusiast

Expertise: Skincare, Wellness, and Beauty Trends
Education: Honours B.A. Media Information Technoculture and Ongoing Professional Development


  • Copywriter and Journalist with over 10 year’s experience as a published author
  • Owner of her own writing business with a portfolio of clients in the beauty and
    wellness industries
  • Training and experience in skin care consultations at a renowned sun spa
  • A passionate writer known for her light-hearted touch when writing about research-
    based beauty and wellness articles

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a few powerful words can paint a picture.”– Lauren


Lauren Long is a professional Copywriter and Journalist with over a decade of experience as a
published author. Her work includes blogs, articles, and hard news stories in both print and
online publications.

In addition to writing for magazines and websites, Lauren owns her own writing business with a
portfolio of clients in the beauty and wellness industries. The primary clients of her business
have included luxury medical spas and sun spas. She has worked in advertising and promotion
in the sports nutrition and supplement industry, producing advertisements featured in
international fitness and lifestyle publications.

Lauren’s career writing for the beauty and wellness industry began during her time as an
Editorial Coordinator in the British Virgin Islands. She honed her writing skills during her travels
and work experience in several countries abroad including the USA, Greece, and Colombia.
During each of her international experiences, Lauren sought to learn from local experts in the
beauty and wellness industries by researching and writing articles for her personal blog.

Beyond her professional experience and development, Lauren is a skincare and wellness
enthusiast. She loves to research the science and statistics behind everything she writes about,
and uses, from hair and skincare products to wellness recommendations and supplements.

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