18 Beautiful Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Styles For Cool (Toned) People

Updated on November 1, 2023
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    Ash blonde balayagePIN

    18 Beautiful Ash Blonde Balayage Hair Styles For Cool (Toned) People

    Do you want to look and feel cool (toned)? You do? Great! Cause we have just the right hair color for you.

    Ash blonde balayage hair shade is smokey and sexy looking, great for the wintertime. Plus, the technique of balayage elevates this look to the next level.

    The balayage hair technique is quite simple – all it takes is incorporating the color into your hair via sweeping motions. This hand-painted hairstyle gives the appearance of a natural blend between your natural and newly dyed hair color. You could even get crazy and go for a reverse balayage look.

    Highlights tend to be the more popular choice for hair dye. However, balayage and highlights are different. How? Check out the chart below to find out:

    Balayage Highlights
    • Starts lower down the hair shaft
    • Blanched, blending, softer look
    • Can be any color
    • Thinner streaks of color
    • Stubble color gradient
    • Starts close to or right at roots
    • Intense lightened look
    • Has to be lighter than the base color
    • Thicker streaks of color
    • No color gradient

    We get it that only some have the time to sit down and read a whole article, so for those in a rush, check out the list below on the characteristics of balayage ash blonde hair:

    • Cool toned
    • Adds texture and dimension to hair
    • Highlights are hand painted into the hair
    • Color starts mid-shaft and gets denser the further down it goes
    • Can take between half an hour to three hours

    There is little difference if you’re wondering what balayage vs. highlights means for your hair. They both are a form of highlights, but balayage starts lower down the hair shaft, whereas highlights start at or near the roots.

    Ash blonde balayage hair is the perfect shade for our cool-toned friends out there. If you are still determining whether you are cool-toned, no worries; check out the list below to find out:

    • Naturally pale
    • Rosy cheeks
    • Veins under the skin have a blue tint
    • Skin looks best with silver jewelry

    If these characteristics resonate with you, great! But if you are unsure or don’t relate, you likely have either warm or neutral-toned skin. If that’s the case, don’t be discouraged. You could go for a blonde balayage that is a lot warmer than the ash blonde. However, just cause you aren’t cool-toned doesn’t mean you can’t sport this hair shade.

    Ombre Ash Blonde Balayage

    The ombre technique has been around for a long while, especially in the fashion industry. But, in recent years, that has expanded into the hair. Ombre is defined as a gradual blending of one color into another. In terms of this ombre ash blonde balayage, the blonde color shifts from darker to lighter in tone, as you can see ever so slightly in the image.

    Dark Root Ash Blonde Balayage

    A common complaint of dying your hair blonde is root growth. This hairstyle eliminates that problem. This dark root ash blonde balayage is a stunning cool-toned hairstyle that helps prevent the look of grown-in roots – especially since they are already there. We highly recommend this style to a brunette looking to go a little blonder.

    Ash Blonde Balayage On Dark Hair

    This stunning ash-blonde balayage on dark hair is perfect for all the cool-toned brunettes reading this. Going blonde as a brunette can be a considerable commitment and daunting. But if you show your hairstylist this picture, we’re sure they’d get the job done right.

    The balayage technique allows for a seamless blend of blonde and brunette, making the translation a little less scary.

    Dark Ash Blonde Balayage

    Dark Ash Blonde BalayageInstagram@qiaohairPIN

    If you want to add some cool tones to your blonde hair but don’t want to make it any lighter, look no further. This dark ash blonde balayage is a fantastic way to incorporate coolness into your luscious locks without having to lighten them too much. If you have ash brown balayage already, adding some ash blonde balayage to your locks will probably look insanely good.

    Ash Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

    If you have brown hair and wanna step it up a notch, why not try out this gorgeous ash blonde balayage? Ash blonde balayage on brown hair is a great way to incorporate coolness into your locks if you’re tired of your regular brown color.

    Ash Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

    Ash blonde balayage looks great on any hair type. However, sometimes straight hair can make your strands look flat and thinner than they are. Incorporating some ash blonde balayage into your hair might help with more than just a color change.

    Adding ash blonde balayage to straight hair can:

    • Add dimension
    • Add the appearance of volume
    • Add the appearance of texture
    • Add the appearance of thickness

    Dark Brown Ash Blonde Balayage

    Dark Brown Ash Blonde BalayageInstagram@qiaohairPIN

    If you are in love with your brown hair and don’t wanna switch things up too much, we suggest trying dark brown ash blonde balayage. This smokey ash brown balayage shade is very dark but will be visible in your hair because it’s a darker blonde color. Incorporating this into your hair is like getting low-toned highlights. This look is also fantastic when you add it to black hair.

    Ash Blonde Balayage On Short Hair

    Short hair is always in style; that’s why we love it. We are jealous if you are one of the lucky ones who can rock short hair. And we’re about to be even more jealous if you add ash blonde balayage to your hair. This balayage look will take your cute short hair to the top tier, and we can’t get enough of it.

    Ash Blonde Balayage Curly Hair

    If you want to make your curls even more beautiful, we highly suggest this ash blonde balayage. Even though your hair is already so voluminous, incorporating some ash blonde will make you stand out even more.

    Sometimes dying your curls can be hard on them, so ensure you take proper care of them after the salon with products such as:

    1. Heat protectant spray
    2. Moisturizing masks
    3. Hair oil
    4. Curl cream

    Medium Ash Blonde Balayage

    Medium Ash Blonde BalayageInstagram@salondrewPIN

    We get it; sometimes, ash blonde can be way too cool-toned. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out this medium ash blonde balayage.

    This color is also great for the warm-toned complexions wanting to add some ash to their strand without going too cool-toned.

    Light Ash Blonde Balayage

    If you are blonde and looking to add some extra oomph and lightness to your locks, this light ash blonde balayage we guarantee will be your next hairdo.

    It’s so light and pretty, but its ashiness makes it appear more sophisticated.

    Cool Ash Blonde Balayage Straight Hair

    A regular ash blonde balayage will do the trick if you want a cool toned hair color. However, if that isn’t cool toned enough for you, this cool ash blonde balayage straight hair might do the trick.

    If you dye your hair and it still isn’t cool-toned enough for you, there’s no need to go back to the salon. Invest in a good purple shampoo that will cut out any brassiness, leaving you with a cool-toned head of hair.

    If you need help using purple shampoo, check out the chart below.

    Steps for Using Purple Shampoo For Cool Ash Blonde Balayage Description
    Clarifying Shampoo Before using your purple shampoo, we suggest washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any hair product so the purple shampoo can do its job easier.
    Purple Shampoo Once you have rinsed the clarifying shampoo, add some purple shampoo to your hair.
    Wait. Depending on how cool-toned you want your hair, leave the shampoo in your hair for up to 5 minutes. Think of it as a hair mask.
    Wash Out and Condition Once the time is up, proceed with your shower as usual. Don’t forget to use conditioner!

    Ash Balayage Platinum Blonde

    If you really wanna see what being blonde is all about, this ash blonde balayage is where it’s at. If you decide to go this blonde, you should know that there is a chance of damaging your hair. Bleach is a strong chemical; the lighter you want your hair to be, the longer it has to stay on your head.

    Bleaching your hair can cause your hair to be:

    • Dry
    • Brittle
    • Dull
    • Frizzy

    Zohna Tip

    We suggest investing in a purple moisturizing hair mask to kill two birds with one stone.

    Black To Ash Blonde Balayage

    If you have a base hair color of black and feel like being a bit crazy, we suggest trying out this black to ash blonde balayage. This is one of our favorite ash blonde balayage looks because it can elevate your hair with minimal difference.

    Silver Ash Blonde Balayage

    Silver Ash Blonde BalayageInstagram@fgdollsPIN

    Sometimes just ash isn’t cool enough, and you gotta go silver. This silver ash blonde balayage look will transform not only your hair but your whole aura. This hair shade will make a statement, and we’re here for it. Remember to invest in some purple shampoo for this look cause you’re going to need it.

    Ash Blonde Balayage Highlights

    Ash Blonde Balayage HighlightsInstagram@e_medzPIN

    If you want your ash blonde balayage to be a bit more pronounced, talk to your hairstylist about incorporating some highlights.

    The difference between highlights and balayage is straightforward. It comes down to the technique and the placement. Highlights start closer to the roots, while balayage starts lower down the hair shaft.

    Ash Blonde Balayage With Bangs

    If you are thinking about getting bangs, do it! But not yourself! Go to the hair stylist; the risks of it turning out unlike what you wanted are much lower.

    Now that we got that out of the way, ash blonde balayage with bangs is a great choice. We love the vibe that the ash and bangs are giving off. It’s both professional and fun at the same time.

    Ash Blonde Balayage Long Hair

    Ash blonde balayage looks great on any hair length. But, for those with long hair looking to get some ash in their hair, hopefully, this image inspires you.

    If you don’t have long hair but are really into this ash blonde balayage long hair, we have the answer for you – hair extensions.

    There are four different types of hair extensions, such as:

    • Tape-in
    • Clip-in
    • Halo hair
    • Sew-in
    • Glue-in

    How to do Ash Blonde Balayage at Home

    Whenever we get the sudden urge for a change, our hair seems to be the default option. Every time, no matter the plan, whether that’s going bright orange or getting bangs, go to a hairstylist.

    If you cannot get to a hair salon or want to do balayage ash blonde hair at home, we aren’t going to come knock down your door and beg you not to do it. Instead, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide the best we can on how to do ash blonde balayage at home so it turns out the best possible without a professional.

    First, you’ll need the following:

    1. Ash blonde colored box hair dye
    2. Tint brush
    3. Tint mixing bowl
    4. Hair clips

    Step #1

    Once you have selected the box dye hair color of your choice, follow the instructions and mix the product into your tint mixing bowl.

    We suggest a tint mixing bowl, as opposed to any regular bowl, because of the lip that sticks off it. This lip will allow you to wipe any excess product off your tint brush, which is essential for the balayage technique.

    Step #2

    Using your hair clips, pin the hair into sections, starting at the back and working up to the top.

    Step #3

    Grab a U-shaped section of hair that isn’t too dense. Dip your tint brush into the dye and wipe the excess on the lip of the bowl. You want to use less product at the top section of hair.

    Step #4

    Keeping in mind the sweeping method, angle your brush vertically and lightly brush downwards in short strokes starting just above the middle of the hair. As you get closer to the bottom, you can pack more product and turn the brush horizontally for more surface area. The ends of the hair should be relatively saturated, while the tops should only have a few sections covered in bleach.

    Step #5

    Once you have coated the hair in bleach, leave the product for the recommended time and wash it out.

    Step #6

    Depending on the box dye, you will likely have to use a toner to tone the strands to get that cool ashy color.

    Once you have completed all these steps and the steps on your box dye, wash your hair, style it how you like, and tada – you have ash blonde balayage.


    • How Much Does Ash Blonde Balayage Cost?

      Depending on what salon and stylist you see, the price will vary. Typically it will cost around $150 to $200, but that can also get higher.

    • What Shampoo is Best for Ash Blonde Balayage?

      One of the most common concerns with dying your hair any blonde color is that brassiness will slowly start to form. Using a purple shampoo twice a week will help cut that out and keep your hair looking ashy and cool-toned.

      On the days you aren’t using purple shampoo, we highly suggest using a color-saving shampoo to help preserve your hair color and vibrancy.

    • How to Maintain Ash Blonde Balayage?

      There are a few steps that you can take to maintain your ash blonde balayage. But it’s important to note that you must get it redone.

      How to maintain balayage ash blonde hair:

      1. Use purple shampoo and conditioner
      2. Use color-saving shampoo and conditioner
      3. Limit sun exposure
      4. Limit hair washes a week
      5. Limit use of hot tools
    • Can You do This Style on Short Hair?

      Yes, you can do ash blonde balayage on short hair. It looks best on short hair because it helps to add dimension, texture, and fullness.

    Cool, it Baby!

    We would be thrilled if you have officially decided to get ash blonde balayage. We genuinely think that it will look super cool and unique. Cool toned blonde isn’t as popular a shade as warm blonde, so if you want to steer off the overwalk path without going crazy, this is a great way to do it. We hope you have as much fun with your new hair as we did writing this article for you.