32 Sleek Balayage on Black Hair Ideas to Lighten Your Mood

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
32 Sleek Balayage on Black Hair Ideas to Lighten Your MoodPIN

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    32 Sleek Balayage on Black Hair Ideas to Lighten Your Mood

    Black hair makes a statement. Raven dark hair suggests a sense of mystery and allure, turning heads subtly. The bold hair color is loved by many, as it’s a timeless and versatile shade that looks as posh and elegant as it does informal and edgy.

    When you need a change of hair color but can’t part with your dark tresses, black hair balayage is the perfect hair idea.

    Balayage not only works well on black hair, but the hand-painted highlights offer a more natural-looking way to blend in lighter colors with black hair. It creates a stunning, multidimensional look, giving black hair a makeover that isn’t too drastic.

    Black hair balayage involves:

    1. Choosing a balayage color that compliments you
    2. Bleaching hair in balayage technique
    3. Repeating the bleaching process
    4. Apply the balayage color to the bleached areas or all over the hair

    Black Hair Balayage vs. Highlights

    Traditional foil highlights first became popular in North America in the 1980s. Root-to-tip, visible streaks remained the hair industry standard for several decades. While the bespoke balayage highlighting technique was first introduced to North American salons in the 1990s, the balayage hair trend has only become a massive phenomenon in the past decade.

    Black balayage hair is considered a highlighting technique. However, when it comes to balayage vs. highlights, there are several key differences.

    The chart below compares black hair balayage vs. black hair highlights.

    Black Hair Balayage Black Hair Highlights
    • Hand-painted technique
    • Swept freestyle into the hair
    • Worked in from the mid-hair down
    • Sun-kissed effect
    • Foil application
    • Applied to the hair in sections
    • Solid application from root to tip
    • Visible streaks

    If you’re ready to change up your midnight dark do, we’ve gathered 32 of the trendiest balayage on black hair ideas for this year.

    Brown Balayage on Black Hair

    Brown and black hair colors together are timeless and classic. Brunette and raven hair naturally complement each other. When you go for brown balayage on black hair, you have many options, including whether you want balayage money pieces, partial or full balayage, and the choice between light or dark brown.

    Popular brown balayage colors include:

    • Mocha
    • Espresso
    • Honey
    • Caramel
    • Toffee
    • Milk chocolate
    • Chocolate Cherry

    What delicious choices!

    Ash Balayage On Black Hair

    When you want black hair that’s super chill, add in some cool-toned ash color. Ash hair color is a blend of greys with blue, green, and violet colors, resembling flakes of smoke.

    Whether you go for ash brown or ash blonde balayage, this cool-toned hair color looks stunning, contrasted with raven-dark hair.

    Blonde Balayage On Black Hair

    Maintain the allure of black hair and bring out your inner blonde bombshell! Blonde balayage on black hair affords you the best of both hair colors. Balayage on black hair requires bleaching and lightening before applying any lighter color, so you may as well try out black and blonde.

    Red Balayage on Black Hair

    Baby, you’re on fire! It’s hard to resist the temptation of ravishing red hair. Black and red are bold hair color choices, and the combination looks stunning. Red balayage on black hair creates a dramatic, multidimensional look as vivid rouge pops on a raven backdrop.

    You can go for a bright crimson red balayage or try these other red balayage on black hair ideas:

    • Cherry red
    • Blood red
    • Ruby red
    • Rose red

    Honey Balayage on Black Hair

    Oh honey, you’re sweet as hell with this hair. Life gets sweeter when you have honey balayage on black hair. Honey hair color is a warm, golden shade of blonde, amber, chestnut, and a tinge of red.

    Honey and caramel balayage on black hair are golden shades that bring out your complexion’s natural glow.

    Purple Balayage on Black Hair

    Do you have a passion for vibrant hair colors? If you can’t get enough of bright, vivid hair color ideas, you’ll adore purple balayage on black hair.

    The three most popular colors for purple balayage on black hair are:

    1. Pastel purple balayage on black hair
    2. Deep violet balayage on black hair
    3. Bright purple balayage on black hair

    Blue Balayage On Black Hair

    Make waves with a bright makeover for dark hair. Blue balayage on black hair delivers multidimensional vibrance, reminding us of the deep blue ocean. It looks stunning on straight hairstyles and curly hair.

    For a vibrant aqua color to do DIY blue balayage on black hair at home, try KISS Tintation Semi Permanent Hair Color in Azure.

    Blonde and Black Balayage

    Here is a unique idea for a reverse balayage technique to makeover blonde bombshell hair. Blonde and black balayage sweeps dark raven color onto light, platinum blonde hair.

    You can go for golden shades of blonde and black balayage for a less drastic contrast. The great thing about blonde and black balayage is that you don’t need to bleach previously lightened hair.

    Short Black Hair Balayage

    Do you want to know the best thing about balayage on black hair? It compliments every length and hairstyle, including short hair.

    If you have a pixie cut or a textured bob, short black hair balayage will accentuate your choppy layers. The balayage hair technique gives the illusion of dimension to one-length short hairstyles.

    Chocolate Balayage on Black Hair

    Go ahead and indulge in a taste of creamy milk chocolate. Chocolate hair color is a brunette base infused with red and gold hues to give that signature bronze color.

    Chocolate balayage on black hair gives a multidimensional effect with a luminous glow.

    Silver Balayage On Black Hair

    Bring home the gold when you go for silver hair. Try silver balayage on black hair for an icy and smoky look with a shining glow.

    Silver hair is metallic with blue, green, and violet undertones. The shimmering shade pairs elegantly with a backdrop of black hair.

    Subtle Balayage On Black Hair

    Sometimes, all it takes are a few tasteful hints of color to accentuate dark hair. Subtle balayage on black hair elegantly transitions select sections of colored hair into your luscious dark mane.

    Weave in a couple of blended money pieces or partial balayage highlights to compliment the rich pigment of your hair.

    Black Balayage Straight Hair

    Straight hair never goes out of style. The sleek, silky look of flat-ironed hair is a timeless classic that can be elegant or informal.

    Wavy hair undoubtedly accentuates the bespoke balayage technique, but the hand-painted highlights look stunning on straight hair. Black balayage on straight hair gives a beautiful makeover if you’re someone who can’t part with a flat-ironed do.

    Light Brown Balayage on Black Hair

    Sun-kissed black hair may seem like an oxymoron, but you’ll see it and believe it with light brown balayage on black hair. Weaving light brown colors like golden brown, milk chocolate, or creamy caramel onto a black base give your dark hair a playful, sun-kissed glow.

    Dark Brown Balayage on Black Hair

    For a very subtle color contrast of balayage black hair, choose a rich brown color that blends in well with your raven tresses. Dark brown balayage on black hair is a modest way of changing your do.

    Choosing a dark brown color like espresso or deep mocha creates a subtle balayage technique that will be noticeable under bright light.

    Grey Balayage on Black Hair

    Grey hair is no longer a sign of growing old gracefully. The silver and charcoal tones are a hot fashion choice in 2023.

    Grey balayage on black hair is undoubtedly one of the most popular black hair balayage trends. Silvery grey hues weaved with jet black create a bold and elegant appeal that is versatile for every occasion.

    Sun Kissed Balayage on Black Hair

    Sun-kissed hair reminds us of the summer. The sun’s rays are nature’s way of bleaching hair. Ask for the foliage technique when you want the perfect sun-kissed balayage on black hair.

    Foliage hair is the newest technique to achieve that natural sun-kissed look to your hair. It combines traditional balayage and foil highlights for a natural-looking, lightened hair.

    Auburn Balayage on Black Hair

    When it comes to a natural-looking shade of reddish brown hair, auburn hair is by far one of the most vivid choices to liven up your locks. Auburn balayage on black hair infuses gingery brown tones onto a dark base for a sun-kissed coppery touch with a multidimensional effect.

    Full Balayage on Black Hair

    For a statement-making hair color technique, you need to do a full balayage on black hair. Often people opt for partial balayage as a more subtle, less expensive, and less timely alternative, but the most dramatic results come from voluminous full balayage hair. Full balayage highlighting allows the color to take precedence over your black hair.

    Pink Balayage On Black Hair

    It’s edgy, ladylike, and a rebellious twist on girly colors; pink and black always go well together. When you want to add a vibrant splash of feminine color, go for pink balayage on black hair. Magenta, blush, rose pink, or fuchsia; the possibilities and the compliments are endless for pink balayage.

    Zohna Tip

    Keep pink balayage highlights vibrant by sectioning out your pink hair and applying a pink color wash to the hair once per week.

    Ombre Balayage on Black Hair

    You might be wondering what is the difference between black hair balayage and black hair ombre. While they sometimes appear similar, the key difference is that black hair balayage is hand-painted highlights, whereas black hair ombre is a gradual lightning technique.

    The chart below compares black hair balayage to black hair ombre.

    Black Hair Balayage Black Hair Ombre
    • Natural-looking, hand-painted highlights on black hair
    • Single color is swept onto the hair from the ends up
    • Creates a sun-kissed effect
    • Gradient hair transitioning from black to another color
    • Two or more colors are applied to each section of hair
    • Creates a visible contrast

    When you combine the two techniques, you get ombre balayage on black hair. Your hair colorist will likely do a traditional black ombre design, then sweep in balayage highlights to create a more blended effect.

    Mushroom Brown Balayage on Black Hair

    Hello, earthy vibes! If you like black balayage and natural colors, you’ll love mushroom brown balayage on black hair.

    Mushroom brown hair color blends creamy whites with soft greys and natural browns for a shade reminiscent of a portobello mushroom cap. It’s the perfect balayage color if you’re looking for something unique yet subtle to blend with bold, dark hair.

    Natural Balayage On Black Hair

    When you’re going for a color that looks like natural balayage on black hair, your best choices are dark brunettes or deep red-browns. Try black cherry or deep raspberry balayage on black hair for a gorgeous red contrast. Espresso balayage adds just a hint of dark brown to black hair.

    Rose Gold Balayage On Black Hair

    Life is pretty in pink, but it’s gorgeous in rose gold! If you love the metallic shine of gold and the color of soft pink, rose gold balayage on black hair is for you. Inspired by rose gold jewelry, rose gold balayage is a blend of pink, red, and golden blonde shades. The metallic pink tone is a beautiful contrast for raven-dark locks.

    Copper Balayage On Black Hair

    Spice up your life with a bit of fiery copper balayage on black hair. Copper hair is a gingery shade of reddish brown, infused with radiant red and bronze hues. Black balayage with copper tones creates a spicy sun-kissed contrast that is sure to get compliments.

    Chestnut Balayage On Black Hair

    Black balayage brunette hair roasting on an open fire; chestnut hair color is a rich shade of brown infused with red and gold undertones. Chestnut balayage on black hair offers a natural-looking way to blend gingery-bronze tones into your hair.

    White Balayage On Black Hair

    When you want a unique look, try a pure white hair color. White balayage on black hair creates a stunning combination that’s sexy, dramatic, and boasting with confidence.

    If you have naturally coarse, black hair, you may need a few bleaching sessions, but once your hair is stripped of its natural pigment, you’ll have stunning icy white color.

    Platinum Balayage on Black Hair

    Platinum blonde hair is the color of a classic blonde bombshell. Many iconic women are known for their platinum hair:

    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Madonna
    • Pamela Anderson

    Be an iconic bombshell and rock your rave hair by going for platinum balayage on black hair.

    Lavender Balayage on Black Hair

    Its calming and soothing, and a vibrant shade of light purple hair color. Lavender hair is bursting with grape, plum, and pastel purple tones. Balance the light, whimsical color with a dark, dramatic shade, and you’ve got lavender balayage on black hair.

    Soft Balayage Black Hair

    It’s okay to be modest with balayage hair designs. Soft balayage on black hair subtly incorporates whisps of color into a raven-dark mane. Choose a light brown color that blends with black, or ask your hair colorist to blend in partial balayage in vibrant colors under your top layer of hair.

    Mahogany Balayage on Black Hair

    Some say mahogany is the little black dress of hair color; it’s timeless, classic, and there’s a shade that suits everyone for every occasion. Mahogany balayage on black hair seamlessly transitions dark black hair into bespoke, deep reddish-brown highlights.

    Green Balayage on Black Hair

    “I get money, money I got.” This black balayage may have you green with envy. Green balayage on black hair is a bold color combination with lots of vibrance. If you love bright, vivid hair colors, choose lime green balayage on black hair or a more subtle mint green with a frosty glow.

    How To Do Balayage On Black Hair

    There are so many mesmerizing black hair balayage ideas, from subtle espresso to contrasting platinum balayage on black hair. Black hair balayage is a graceful way to makeover dark hair with wisps of hand-painted highlights.

    If you want to get balayage on black hair, you have three options:

    1. Book an appointment for balayage on black hair with a hair colorist
    2. Purchase clip-in balayage hair extensions
    3. DIY balayage on black hair at home

    When trying out DIY balayage on black hair at home, you will likely need more than one lightning treatment to strip the pigment from your hair. It is important to bleach your hair thoroughly before applying a new color to avoid unwanted brassy or muted tones.

    In our tutorial, we will demonstrate to get ash blonde balayage on black hair.

    Here is what you need for DIY balayage on black hair:

    • Bowl
    • Hair dye brush
    • Developer
    • Bleach powder
    • Hair clips
    • Level 7.1 Ash Blonde Hair dye

    Step #1

    In your mixing bowl, combine two parts of bleach powder with one part of the developer. One cup of bleach powder and half a cup of the developer should be enough for medium-length hair.

    Step #2

    Section your hair into four quadrants. With the pointed end of the hair dye brush, draw a line down the middle of your hair from your nose to your neck. Split each half into two at the back of your ears. Clip each section up with hair clips.

    Step #3

    Start with your lower right quadrant of hair. Take a one-inch section from the bottom of your hair. Dip the brush into the bleach mixture and blend the bleach from the mid-shaft down in a back-and-forth sweeping motion. Add more bleach at the tips.

    Step #4

    Repeat the process using one-inch sections of hair and leaving one-inch sections untouched between the bleached sections.

    Step #5

    Once you have finished with the lower right quadrant, you may repeat on the lower left quadrant. Do not clip your bleached hair back up. Leave it flat and straight.

    Step #6

    Allow the bleach to remain on your hair for at least 30 minutes. Rinse and blow dry your hair to get an accurate idea of the lightened color. Repeat the bleaching process step-by-step once or twice until your hair is bleached-blonde.

    Step #7

    You should now have a beautiful bleached-blonde balayage pattern. Color the lightening pieces of your hair with your 7.1 ash blonde hair dye according to the box instructions. You don’t have to be perfect with the application.

    Zohna Tip

    Try clip-in ash blonde balayage hair extensions before bleaching your hair to try out how the color looks on your dark hair.


    • How to Maintain Blonde Balayage on Black Hair?

      If you choose a blonde shade of balayage on black hair, your priority will be maintaining the radiance of the lighter color. Platinum, ash, and lighter shades of blonde are best maintained by washing hair with a purple shampoo twice a week. The violet hues of the purple shampoo will counteract brassy tones.

      Purple shampoo does not affect black hair, so you can go ahead and cleanse all your locks at once. If you want to dye your roots black to maintain the bold color, use a touch-up brush and, if possible, clip your blonde hair up in a shower cap.


    • How Much Is Balayage on Black Hair?

      When you go to a salon for balayage on black hair, you can expect to pay on the higher side. Balayage on black hair may require more than one bleach session to strip the black pigment from your hair before applying your desired color. The average price for full balayage on black or dark hair is $250-300.

    Be a Balayage on Black Hair Bombshell

    Raven dark hair is a bold and alluring color that never goes out of style. Balayage on black hair offers a bespoke way of changing your dark do with a colorful makeover. Hopefully, you now know what kind of balayage on black hair you want to do, whether that’s at home or the salon.

    Balayage on black hair may take time, but the result is well worth the investment!