33 Marvelous Blue Hair Ideas to Rock Right Now

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
33 Marvelous Blue Hair Ideas to Rock Right NowPIN

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    33 Marvelous Blue Hair Ideas to Rock Right Now

    Keep calm and color your hair blue!

    Tranquil turquoise, moody midnight, and powdery pastel blues offer exciting ways to change up traditional hair colors.

    In recent years, we’ve seen a drastic increase in people dying of their hair ‘unconventional’ colors. While colorful hair may have been fun and experimental in our teenage years, adults, including professional business people, are no longer shy to give their hair attention.

    Color psychologists say that people with colorful hair tend to be more open-minded and creative than those who keep their hair on the natural-looking side.

    People with blue hair are thought to be:

    • Calm
    • Confident
    • Trustworthy
    • Logical

    Did you know, in ancient Egypt, blue hair was believed to be the hair of the gods? Egyptian culture believed the gods had deep blue hair made of precious Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

    Blue hair sure has a certain type of allure and appeal. After seeing our peers and iconic celebrities like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner boast the confidence for a blue do, it’s natural for us to wonder if we can pull it off too!

    Before you dye your hair blue, consider these five things:

    1. Blue pigment stays in hair for a long time
    2. Vibrant blue shades fade fast
    3. You might need to bleach your hair first
    4. It clashes with lots of colorful outfits
    5. Blue hair turns green

    If you’re ready to commit to the high-maintenance lifestyle of blue hair color, you’ll need to know the basics about blue hair dye.

    Blue Hair Color

    If you’re new to bright and colorful hair dye or haven’t tried dying your hair at home, you will want to know the fundamental differences between DIY blue hair dyes.

    The four most common hair dye products are:

    1. Temporary hair dye
    2. Semi-permanent hair dye
    3. Permanent hair dye
    4. Color toner

    The chart below compares the differences in the types of blue hair dye.

    Types of Blue Hair Color Description
    Temporary blue hair dye
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 1-3 shampoos
    • No damage to hair
    Semi-permanent blue hair dye
    • Penetrates cuticle to deposit color
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 4 to 6 weeks
    • Mild damage to hair
    Permanent blue hair dye
    • Penetrates cortex to deposit color
    • Strips hair of natural pigment
    • Changes natural hair color
    • Gradually fades
    • Damages hair by stripping color
    Blue color toner
    • Coats outer layer of the hair with low pigmented color
    • Enhances existing hair color
    • No damage to hair

    Blue Hair Color Chart

    Blue hair color is a broad spectrum, ranging from pale icy blue to dark midnight blue.

    Popular blue hair colors include:

    • Denim
    • Cobalt
    • Ultramarine
    • Icy
    • Indigo
    • Aegean
    • Navy
    • Turquoise

    The chart below provides a visual of the most popular shades of blue hair color.

    Are you excited to see some beautiful blue hair inspiration? We’ve gathered 33 popular and unique blue hair color ideas trending on social media in 2023.

    Midnight Blue Hair

    Stay out way past midnight with this head-turning shade of blue hair. Midnight blue hair is a dark shade of blue resembling the midnight sky. You can get midnight blue hair dye or add a blue color wash to existing dark brown hair. Midnight blue semi and permanent hair dye products combine black tones and deep blue colors like navy and admiral blue to get the midnight blue color.

    Black and Blue Hair

    Blue hair naturally draws attention. Black hair attracts the same sort of allure but in a more subtle and mysterious way. Black and blue hair is one of the most popular color combination choices for people who love bold hair colors. If you have naturally black hair, adding blue highlights or blue hair techniques is the perfect way to try out fun colors.

    Navy Blue Hair

    Calling all ‘nauty’ girls, navy blue hair is perfect for those with a nautical passion. Often confused with midnight blue hair, navy blue hair is brighter and bluer than midnight blue. Navy blue hair contains primarily deep blue tones, whereas midnight blue contains more black pigment.

    Pastel Blue Hair

    Show off your playful side with pastel hair color. These pale, rainbow hues are whimsical and mod. Pastel blue hair is a casual and cute color for everyday wear and super trendy for festivals. While it is often mistaken for metallic blue hair, pastel blue hair is a more powdery, soft shade of blue.

    The chart below compares pastel blue hair color to metallic blue hair color.

    Pastel Blue Hair Color Metallic Blue Hair Color
    • Soft colors
    • Light blue color
    • Powder blue tones
    • Minimal shine
    • Metallic colors
    • Light blue color
    • Silver tones
    • High shine

    Silver Blue Hair

    Get ready to walk the runway as silver blue hair is one of the most fashionable hair colors for 2023. This dramatic, cool hair color is super chic and goes well with every outfit. Silver blue hair layers metallic silver tones onto light blue hair. Your hair colorist will likely recommend bleaching your hair first, as silver and light colors only work on a light base.

    Blue and Pink Hair

    Cotton candy colors, blue and pink, always complement each other in design. Blue and pink hair looks just like candy floss, perfect for a unicorn makeup look. We absolutely love the blue and pink colors swirled together on thick curly hair.

    Royal Blue Hair

    Be the queen bee of hair. Royal blue hair color is a dark, vibrant shade of blue. This deep shade of blue looks even more regal when styled in an elegant updo. Try royal blue with burgundy hair color for a posh hair color combo.

    Electric Blue Hair

    Turn up the intensity of colorful hair. Electric blue hair is a very vibrant and highly pigmented shade of pastel blue. Darker than cyan and aquamarine, electric blue is a vivid blue that will spark attention! Try Schwarzkopf got2b Creative semi-permanent hair color is Electric Blue vibrant blue hair color.

    Zohna Tip

    Add a few drops of your blue hair dye to your regular conditioner to refresh the color each time you wash!

    Blue and Red Hair

    If you can’t choose one, have them both! Blue and red may be opposites, but they look fantastic as a contrasting color combination. So many hair techniques look surprisingly good with blue and red hair color. Props to this person for successfully transitioning red and blue into a beautiful ombre design.

    Short Blue Hair

    You don’t need long hair to get creative when it comes to blue hair. Playing with different blue tones and hair techniques allows you to get super creative with short blue hair. We love the Mohawk and fade design with a multicolored turquoise and blue pattern.

    Ombre Blue Hair

    When you can’t choose between two shades of blue hair color, ombre blue hair affords you the best of both. Transitioning from a dark blue to a light blue hair color creates a stunning ombre effect. Create a blue ombre hair design at home with Splat Ombre hair color in Ocean.

    Ash Blue Hair

    Baby, you’re a smoke show!

    Ash blue hair is a really smoky shade of blue with hints of green and grey. It’s a cool tone for people who love blue hair that’s not too vivid.

    Blue Hair Highlights

    Don’t settle for a solid shade of blue. Blue hair looks incredible, with a few subtle highlights. Deep midnight blue hair with ice blue highlights look amazing in braids, dreadlocks, and up-dos.

    Blonde and Blue Hair

    Platinum blonde is a classic look for sexy hair. Be a blonde and blue hair bombshell with platinum and aqua hair. Cyan and turquoise colors stand out on blonde and lighter shades like caramel hair color.

    Ice Blue Hair

    Ice ice baby!

    Ice blue hair gets its name from ice blonde hair, similar to platinum blonde, but with subtle violet and blue undertones. More blue undertones are present in ice-blue hair, giving it frosty winter vibes. Try Manic Panic Blue Angel for icy blue colored hair.

    Green and Blue Hair

    Make waves with a bold new hair color! Green and blue hair combine two vivid colors into one aquamarine design. Green and blue ombre is a popular technique, as your hair colorist can gradually fade the colors into a cascading turquoise design.

    Brown and Blue Hair

    Attention Brunettes: are you looking for a bold makeover?

    Brown and blue hair create a beautiful contrast for hair designs. Leaving your hair a natural shade of brown, like auburn hair color at the roots, and adding blue towards the middle allows you to wear blue hair for longer without needing touch-ups.

    Blue Hair Streaks

    Colourful streaks are a fun way to add vivid color to natural-looking hair. Blue hair steaks are a tasteful way to add a hint of vibrance to sophisticated hairstyles. We adore copper hair color with blue hair streaks for an unconventional fiery-blue hairstyle.

    Bright Blue Hair

    Get the party started with bright blue hair! Fluorescent hair colors say you’re ready for a good time. Bright blue hair takes a lot of maintenance since vivid hair colors fade more noticeably than natural ones.

    Follow these tips to maintain vibrant bright blue hair:

    1. Wash hair with lukewarm water
    2. Shampoo every two to three days
    3. Stick with a sulfate-free shampoo
    4. Add blue hair dye to your conditioner
    5. Use a blue color wash
    6. Wear a hat in the sun

    Half Black Half Blue Hair

    When you’re torn between two solid hair colors, why not try a half-and-half split? Half-and-half hair color ideas have gained a lot of attention on social media. They’re much different from ombre and other hair techniques that blend two or more colors into one design. Half-black and half-blue hair allow you to wear two bold colors together in one edgy hair technique.

    Grey Blue Hair

    Embracing age isn’t the only reason to rock grey hair; silver and grey tones are some of the trendiest hair colors for 2023! Grey-blue hair adds pale blue tones to smoky and steel-colored hair. If you have naturally greying hair, a blue shampoo will give your hair a vivid periwinkle glow. You can also purchase grey-blue dye products for DIY hair color at home.

    Faded Blue Hair

    Short hairstyles look amazing with faded blue hair. Like ombre, faded blue hair transitions dark blue into a lighter blue shade but fades down to a very pale color. Faded blue hair is easy to achieve on short hairstyles by blending deep blue into icy blue tips.

    Denim Blue Hair

    Put on your favorite pair of jeans; denim blue hair is a stylish way to wear blue hair color. Denim hair combines dusty blue and grey colors like charcoal and metallic blue to give a softer take on vibrant shades. The color resembles a pair of classic blue jeans.

    Sky Blue Hair

    The sky is the limit when it comes to blue hair. While you may think of sky blue as a pale, powdery shade like a clear blue sky, sky blue hair is a florescent shade of cyan. It’s a bright, bold color for those wanting to show off their blue hair.

    Aqua Blue Hair

    It’s easy to love the color aqua blue. Most of us like colors reminding us of the ocean, swimming, and summer. Aqua blue hair is a sea-inspired color combining blue and green undertones into vivid hair color.

    There are several variations of aqua blue hair:

    • Light aqua blue
    • Deep aqua blue
    • Electric aqua blue
    • Turquoise blue

    Aqua blue hair colors tend to have more blue tones than green, whereas turquoise lets the green tones take precedence.

    Natural Blue Hair

    Is blue a natural hair color? While some argue that people can be born with black hair with a slight blue tinge, it is very rare.

    When people want natural blue hair, they are referring to applying hints of blue to a naturally dark or grey hair color. The best way to achieve a natural-looking shade of blue is to apply a blue color wash to a natural hair color.

    Teal Blue Hair

    Somewhere between green and blue is a blend of colors like aqua, turquoise, and teal. For sophisticated and elegant blue hair, go with a dark teal blue hair color.. If you want a more vibrant color, light teal blue hair is sure to turn heads.

    Platinum Blue Hair

    Some people just can’t part with the Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell appeal of platinum blonde hair. Though platinum blonde color requires bleaching your hair to remove its natural color pigment, the ultra-glamorous color has visual benefits. Platinum blue hair is like platinum blonde hair but with a wash of pale blue color.

    To achieve platinum blue hair, your hair colorist will likely include these steps:

    1. Bleach your hair to strip its natural color pigment
    2. Add platinum blonde color, the lightest shade of blonde, to your hair
    3. Apply a very light blue dye or color wash to your hair

    Platinum blue hair is popular amongst both short men’s hairstyles and long feminine dos.

    Smokey Blue Hair

    This looks isn’t just blowing smoke; smokey blue hair is a seriously trendy blue hair color. Smokey grey tones compliment this darker shade of blue to dull down the vibrancy. It’s part of the trending silver hair colors that are so in style for 2023.

    Indigo Blue Hair

    Purple hair or blue hair doesn’t have to be a choice. Indigo blue hair is the perfect compromise between violet purple and royal blue. Indigo blue is an excellent choice for ombre hair, as it smoothly transitions to lighter shades of purple or blue.

    Sapphire Blue Hair

    Channel your inner princess with a dark blue hair color resembling precious jewels. Sapphire blue hair is a dark, vivid shade of navy blue with a lustrous shine. It’s the perfect compromise between dark blue and vibrant blue hair color.

    Steel Blue Hair Color

    This shade of blue will ‘steel’ the show! Steel blue hair color is a medium-dark metallic grey-blue color. It typically takes a dark grey and adds light blue highlights for a metallic color.

    Mermaid Blue Hair

    Life is better, down where it’s wetter… under the sea! You’ll love this sea-inspired hairstyle if you’re a little mermaid at heart. Mermaid blue hair combines vivid shades of aqua, pastel blue, and electric blue into one mesmerizing hair technique.

    Pros and Cons of Blue Hair

    Blue hair designs sure can be stunning. Keep in mind most pictures of blue hair ideas you see on social media are performed by a professional colorist and taken while the color is vibrant and fresh.

    Before you head out to the salon or purchase your DIY kit of blue hair to try at home, consider the pros and cons of blue hair outlined in the chart below.

    Pros of Blue Hair Cons of Blue Hair
    • Many shades of blue to choose from
    • Compliments other hair colors
    • Looks stunning with hair techniques
    • Flatters all skin tones
    • Vibrancy fades fast
    • Blue pigment stays in hair for a while
    • Most colors require bleaching first
    • Hard to achieve ideal color


    • What Does Blue Hair Mean?

      According to Urban Dictionary, blue hair means the person is a social justice warrior. People with blue hair are often environmental and justice advocates and feminists who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Historically, blue hair has been a part of the LGBTQ community; however, in 2023, blue hair is a stylish color for anyone who likes vibrant hair.

    • How to Get Blue Hair?

      To get dark blue hair color, apply semi-permanent or permanent dye to dark hair. Most light and vibrant blue colors require you to bleach or lighten your hair before applying to get true-to-color results. If your hair is light and you want dark blue hair, dye your hair dark brown before using dark blue hair dye.

    • Why Do Celebrities Have Blue Hair?

      Just like us, celebrities like to follow the latest trends too! Dark blue hair dye is popular because it is flattering on every skin tone. Vibrant blue hair is a bold color choice and is sure to be the talk of the tabloids for celebrity news.

    • How to Know If You Will Look Good With Blue Hair?

      The first thing you can do to determine if you will look good with blue hair is to download a virtual hair color app on your phone. You will also want to choose a shade of blue that suits your skin undertone; cool complexions suit true blue colors, whereas warm complexions look good with blue hair with green or purple undertones.

    Ready to Go Into the Blue?

    Show off your confidence and go for a bold hair color choice. Blue hair is one of the trendiest vibrant hair colors of 2023. From elegant midnight blue to vivid electric blue, there is a shade of blue hair that is meant for you!