29 Alluring Brunette Balayage Hair Styles to Save the Day

Updated on December 28, 2023
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    Brunette BalayagePIN

    29 Alluring Brunette Balayage Hair Styles to Save the Day

    Want to take things up a notch? Are you bored of your dull brown hair?

    Look no further; brunette balayage is here to save the day!

    You may be wondering, “what is brunette balayage?” Balayage is a type of hair dye technique that looks like the dye is seamlessly blended into your hair. Balayage is a french term that means “sweeping.” Therefore, the technique takes after that, as you sweep the hair dye into the strands for a beautiful, effortless look.

    We have tips to help you prepare for balayage if you want to learn more.

    Tips to Prepare For Brunette Balayage Description
    Bring more than one inspirational photo to show the hairstylist. There are many ways to dye your hair and incorporate the balayage style into your strands. Ensure you show your stylist multiple images of what you want so there is zero miscommunication.
    Wash your hair before your appointment. Sometimes if there’s a product build-up on your strands, it can interfere with the bleach-lifting process. Washing your strands will ensure a clean lift of your hair’s natural color and zero roadblocks.
    Use a moisturizing mask treatment before and after your appointment. Doing any dye process on your hair can be harsh and damaging. Preparing for damage by doing a hair mask can help mitigate moisture loss. We also suggest doing it a few days after your appointment once it’s time to wash your hair.

    Now that you know what you need to know before doing brunette balayage, it’s time for the fun part, picking a style. We have collected a list of all our favorite brunette balayage hairstyles for you to choose from.

    Remember to screenshot your favorite to show your hairstylist!

    Dark Brunette Balayage

    Dark brunette balayage is a deep and luscious hair color that will add effortless beauty to your strands. Depending on the natural shade of your hair, you can either do lowlight balayage or highlight balayage.

    Caramel Brunette Balayage

    When we think of caramel brunette balayage, we imagine warm ribbons of caramel color sweeping into the hair strands. This brunette balayage will instantaneously warm up your hair and complexion, and what more could you ask for?

    Brunette Balayage Straight Hair

    If you want to show off your brunette balayage, we suggest investing in a good hair straightener. Straightening your strands makes it more apparent that you have had brunette balayage swept into your hair.

    If you already have straight hair, lucky you!

    Zohna Tip

    Whenever you use a hot tool, it's crucial that you thoroughly coat your hair in a heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

    Medium Length Brunette Balayage

    Medium Length Brunette BalayageInstagram@dvcolourPIN

    Brunette balayage does not discriminate!

    You can add fantastic coloring to your strands via the balayage technique, no matter the length of your mane. Just look at the past two images; the brunette balayage looks excellent on both hair lengths.

    Light Brunette Balayage

    Hair color is like a spectrum. Some might say this balayage is blonde balayage, but we say it’s light brunette balayage. It depends on your current hair color and what you consider blonde vs. brunette.

    Subtle Brunette Balayage

    Some people only look for a subtle difference when they embark on the journey for change. This subtle brunette balayage is the perfect example of change without stirring things up too drastically. One main factor that makes this a stubble brunette balayage is the minimal color difference between the natural and balayage shade.

    Brunette Balayage Short Hair

    Calling all pixie, bobs, lobs, and other short-haired peeps, this brunette balayage short hair look will be perfect for elevating your strands.

    Hot Brunette Balayage

    Everyone is looking for the next new thing to get them a “hot” status. Here at Zohna, what we find hot is whatever makes you feel like your best self. That said, there isn’t one hot brunette balayage, but everyone brunette balayage will undoubtedly make you look and feel like your most attractive self yet.

    Warm Brunette Balayage

    This brown balayage is the perfect hair shade for our warm-toned friends. The warm brunette balayage will compliment warm skin tones beautifully, accentuating your skin’s undertones.

    Ash Brunette Balayage

    The opposite of warm brunette balayage is this ash brunette balayage. Both are a brown balayage like a mocha hair color or a chocolate brown hair color, yet the only difference is their undertones. Ash brunette balayage has cool undertones, making it an ash color ideal for cool-toned complexions.

    Brunette Balayage Highlights

    You may be confused seeing balayage and highlights next to each other. Yes, they are different things, and you can combine them. Before we explain their differences and how brunette balayage highlights work, check out the table below to distinguish their differences.

    Balayage Highlights
    • Starts lower down the hair shaft
    • Blanched, blending, softer look
    • Can be any color
    • Thinner streaks of color
    • Stubble color gradient
    • Starts close to or right at roots
    • Intense lightened look
    • Has to be lighter than the base color
    • Thicker streaks of color
    • No color gradient

    Brunette balayage highlights start higher up the hair shaft and look more streaky and concentrated. It’s that straightforward.

    Dimensional Brunette Balayage

    Has your hair been feeling flat lately? Ever thought of adding some dimension to your mane?

    Dimensional brunette balayage is a fantastic way to incorporate dimension and body into your strands. The dimension will help to make your hair appear fuller, thicker, and healthier.

    Blonde to Brunette Balayage

    Add some brunette balayage if you have blonde hair and want to darken your locks a bit. The contrast between light and dark will appear stunning and give off the appearance of thicker strands.

    Natural Brunette Balayage

    The key to getting natural brunette balayage hair is to keep the color as close in tone to your natural hair and weave the color in as seamlessly as possible. We highly recommend going to a hairstylist if you want natural-looking brunette balayage.

    Brunette Balayage Bob

    Elevate your bob even further with brunette balayage. Bringing warm brunette streaks blended seamlessly into your mane will create effortless and beautiful hair color.

    Brunette Balayage Lob

    Give your lob some love by adding brunette balayage to your luscious locks.

    Not only will the color look great, but adding balayage can help with the following:

    • Adding dimension
    • Adding the appearance of texture
    • Adding the appearance of thicker strands
    • Adding the appearance of volume

    Cool Tone Brunette Balayage

    Tired of scrolling through your feed and seeing endless warm-toned hair colors? If you want to try something different, try this cool-tone brunette balayage. The ashy and silvery brunette balayage is unique enough to turn some heads without making you stand out too much.

    Brunette Balayage Long Hair

    If you have long hair, this brunette balayage long hair look will jump out at you, and yes, we 100% think you should get this at your next salon appointment.

    Honey Brunette Balayage

    Adding a honey tone to your hair is always a good idea. It warms everything up and makes your hair look silky and smooth. This honey brunette balayage is the perfect vessel for incorporating those honey tones we love.

    Soft Brunette Balayage

    Soft brunette balayage is a beautiful way to change your hair without making too much of a statement. The balayage shade should resemble your natural tone, giving it a soft light appearance.

    Fall Brunette Balayage

    We imagine warm red brunette tones when we think of fall brunette balayage. Incorporating warm chestnut and auburn colors into the brunette will warm it up, making it the ideal fall shade.

    Summer Brunette Balayage

    Summer brunette balayage consists of a super dirty blonde brunette color that looks like your strands have been kissed by the sun. You want to ensure that the brunette is as close to blonde as possible without being blonde; that will give you the perfect summer brunette balayage.

    Red Brunette Balayage

    Ever wondered what it was like to feel like a redhead without fully committing? You’ll finally know the feeling if you try this stunning red brunette balayage.

    Golden Brunette Balayage

    Wanna feel like you are in a permanent golden hour? This golden brunette balayage is your highway to consistent golden days and nights. This warm and luscious balayage will feel just right.

    Brunette Balayage on Black Hair

    If you are tired of your monotoned black hair and need a change, we urge you to give brunette balayage on black hair a swing. We recommend choosing a brunette shade that’s quite dark so it doesn’t look too unnatural. There’s a fine line between natural and unnatural looking regarding balayage on dark hair.

    Mushroom Brunette Balayage

    Mushroom-colored hair doesn’t sound too appealing but trust us on this one. This delectable balayage contrasts cappuccino brown highlights with dark strands for a beautiful earthy shade.

    Rose Gold Brunette Balayage

    If you want to add something unique to your strands, we suggest a dual-action, rose gold brunette balayage. This combination of rose gold and brunette balayage woven into your strands will give you that unique look everyone wishes they could pull off. A look that we know you can 100% rock.

    Purple Brunette Balayage