21 Beautiful Butterfly Locs Long Hair Inspo

Updated on November 15, 2023
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    Butterfly Locs LongPIN

    21 Beautiful Butterfly Locs Long Hair Inspo

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you combine the grace of a butterfly (your hairdresser) with the fabulousness of long hair, you’re in for a treat.

    These locs aren’t your everyday locs; they’re so stunning that even butterflies might trade their wings for them!

    Yes, we’re talking about butterfly locs.

    In this article, you’ll learn about the extended variation of this fabulous butterfly braids trend. We’ll share 21 of our favorite butterfly loc long styles for inspiration while giving you insights into each.

    Butterfly Locs Long With Color

    Why settle for the ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Add a pop of color to your butterfly locs for a vibrant, eye-catching look. Whether you choose bold and bright hues like purple, blue, and pink or opt for a blonde ombre effect, adding color will upgrade your butterfly locs long hairstyle.

    Check out this table highlighting a few color options.

    Color Options Styling Ideas
    Bold and bright hues Go for a dramatic effect by choosing a single striking color.
    Subtle pastel shades Embrace a softer look with pastel shades for an elegant and playful style.
    Ombre effects Create a seamless transition by trying ombre effects, where colors gradually fade from one shade to another.
    Color blocking Add an artistic touch to your locs by dyeing different sections in contrasting colors.

    Red Butterfly Locs Long

    The color red is associated with passionate confidence, and when paired with long butterfly locs, it creates an appealingly bold look. Whether you go for a fiery and vibrant shade or a deep and sultry burgundy hue, this red butterfly locs long hairdo is a sure-fire winner!

    Small Butterfly Locs Long

    This hairstyle variation involves tightly twisted thinner strands, giving you more intricate, detailed small butterfly locs. It’s the perfect hairdo to wear in various ways, including leaving them loose, tying them up, or pulling off a braided updo.

    Zohna Tip

    Combine this style with short butterfly locs for a low-maintenance, easy-wearing hairdo!

    Burgundy Butterfly Locs Long

    This deep and rich color choice complements various skin tones and adds a touch of luxury to your long hair. Imagine walking down the street, the sun glowing warmly on your burgundy butterfly locs. The deep burgundy color adds depth and dimension to your hair and brings out the warmth in any complexion, making you look radiantly confident.

    Here are some key points to consider:

    1. Pair them with golden accessories and a sultry makeup look to achieve a genuinely captivating appearance.
    2. Each loc is carefully crafted, containing curls between the locs resembling a butterfly’s wings. They are actual works of art showcasing your unique sense of style.
    3. With your burgundy butterfly locs cascading down your back, you exude sophisticated allure. Whether attending a glamorous event or running errands, these locs will turn heads and make you feel like the queen you are.
    4. Accessorizing becomes a whole new experience with burgundy butterfly locs. Golden accessories, such as hair cuffs and beads, beautifully complement the rich color, adding extra glamor. The combination of gold and burgundy creates a regal, captivating, and timeless aesthetic.

    To complete your captivating appearance, a sultry makeup look is a must. Smoky eyes, deep red lips, and a flawless complexion perfectly complement the intensity of the burgundy butterfly locs. The contrast between the bold hair color and the sultry makeup creates a harmonious balance, enhancing your hair’s natural beauty.

    Long Distressed Butterfly Locs

    Long distressed butterfly locs are the way to go if you crave an edgier look. It is achieved by wrapping different faux weaves with the butterfly locs. Distressed locs give you a textured, rugged appearance, perfect for those who prefer a more unconventional, rebellious style.

    Extra Long Butterfly Locs

    Wow, these extra-long butterfly locs really do make a statement. They go beyond the typical length, cascading down the back and side in a captivatingly striking manner! You’ll be the envy of everyone around you with this stunning hairstyle.

    Jumbo Butterfly Locs Long

    When seeking a daring hairstyle, jumbo butterfly locs are the perfect option. Their thicker and fuller appearance creates a voluminous, impactful look that’ll make everyone envious.

    Here are two key points to consider:

    1. Jumbo butterfly locs are about embracing a fuller, diva-like hairstyle and making a striking statement.
    2. You can effortlessly emphasize their size by wearing them down or styling them into a high ponytail or bun, adding a touch of chic to your appearance.

    Jumbo butterfly locs offer an eye-catching way to express your style with confidence. Whether you wear them down or in an updo, these locs will leave you feeling like a true fashion diva.

    Medium Long Butterfly Locs

    If you want the best of both worlds – a manageable length that allows you to experiment with different hairstyles – medium-long butterfly locs may be your best friends. These locs fall just below the shoulders, providing a versatile, easy-to-style, low-maintenance hairdo!

    Butterfly Faux Locs Long

    Achieving the beautiful butterfly locs look without the commitment is possible with butterfly faux locs (also, check out crochet butterfly locs.) These locs are created using extensions and give you the same stunning appearance, with the added benefit of being temporary.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    • Experiment with different colors and lengths with butterfly faux locs.
    • They are an excellent option for those wanting to try the style before committing to actual locs.

    Butterfly faux locs provide a temporary, flexible way to embrace the beauty of butterfly locs. Whether considering different colors or lengths, these faux locs offer a stylish option to explore the look without a long-term commitment.

    Bohemian Butterfly Locs Long

    For a carefree, bohemian look, opt for butterfly locs with a beachy, tousled texture. These locs have a relaxed, effortless vibe, perfect for those who want to channel their inner free spirit. Bohemian butterfly locs will transport you to a place where you’re lying on a sun-kissed beach sipping on cocktails.

    Zohna Tip

    Allow some locs to frame your face while leaving the rest loose and flowing for a relaxed, dreamy hairstyle.

    Black And Blonde Butterfly Locs Long

    Black And Blonde Butterfly Locs LongInstagram@hairbys_aPIN

    Combine two contrasting colors for a striking, bold look with black and blonde butterfly locs. This color collaboration creates a beautiful contrast while adding dimension to your long hair.

    Red And Black Butterfly Locs Long

    This distinct red and black butterfly locs long hairstyle is sure to be an attention grabber. If you want a color combination that is fierce and attention-grabbing, this one’s for you! It’s a powerful duo that creates a captivating appearance that screams confidence and power.

    Butterfly Soft Locs Long

    Soft hair, don’t care. This natural, understated look offers a looser, more relaxed texture, giving you a laid back, effortless hairstyle. Section hair off and color it red, or choose random locs and dye half of them while leaving the rest of the head your natural color.

    Cute Long Butterfly Locs

    Who said long hair can’t be cute? These cute long butterfly locs are both glamorous and adorable, especially in this luscious brown shade.

    Zohna Tip

    Add accessories or playful colors to your locs for a charming look.

    Black Butterfly Locs Long

    Black butterfly locs are a foolproof choice for a classic, timeless look. Black is a versatile color that complements any skin tone, allowing your long hair to shine without distractions.

    Here are some style tips to consider:

    • Keep it simple and elegant with black butterfly locs.
    • Experiment with different hairstyles to showcase the beauty of your locs.
    • Add accessories to enhance your overall look further.

    Incorporating black butterfly locs into your style provides an ageless aesthetic and unmatched versatility.

    Long Pink Butterfly Locs

    Add a touch of feminine whimsy to your long hair with pink butterfly locs. Pink is a playful, vibrant color that adds a fun, youthful twist to any hairstyle. Check out these girly-girl long pink butterfly locs and suck up all the inspiration you need!

    Blue Butterfly Locs Long

    Make a striking, ethereal statement with blue butterfly locs. Blue symbolizes peace and serenity, giving your long hair a calm, tranquil vibe. This set of blue butterfly locs reminds us of an under-the-sea vibe with their aqua coloring and crystal crown for added authenticism.

    Long Thick Butterfly Locs

    If you have thick hair, embrace your natural volume and opt for long, thick butterfly locs. These locs enhance the hair’s thickness and create a bold, voluminous hairstyle with wonderfully curly ends!

    Long Brown Butterfly Locs

    For a warm, earthy, and organic look, choose long brown butterfly locs. Brown is a versatile, flattering color that adds a touch of natural elegance to your long hair and can be combined with other shades of the same color for added flair.

    Long Skinny Butterfly Locs

    Sleek, chic, long, skinny butterfly locs provide a refined, polished appearance. These locs are thinner and create a hairstyle that oozes tailored sophistication while remaining distinct, with half of every loc being dyed a light brown shade.

    Messy Butterfly Locs Long

    Messy butterfly locs long hair offers a uniquely chic and effortlessly stylish look. These loose, long locs provide a beautifully disheveled appearance, adding a natural charm to the hair and overall look. Perfect for those who crave a trendy, relaxed style with a hint of elegance.


    • What Are Butterfly Locs Long, and How Are They Different From Traditional Locs?

      Long Butterfly locs hairstyles are a stylish variation of traditional locs. They feature a distinct butterfly-shaped parting pattern, giving your hair a unique and eye-catching look while retaining the benefits of locs, such as low maintenance and longevity.

    • How Long Does It Take To Install Butterfly Locs on Long Hair, and Do They Require a Lot of Upkeep?

      The installation time varies depending on your hair’s length and the stylist’s expertise, but it can take several hours to complete. Butterfly Locs Long are relatively low-maintenance compared to other styles, requiring occasional retightening and care to keep them looking their best.

    • How Can I Maintain and Care For My Long Butterfly Locs Long to Ensure They Look Their Best?

      Proper maintenance includes routine retightening sessions to keep the locs tidy. Additionally, it would be best to moisturize your scalp and the locs to prevent dryness and breakage. Regularly covering your locs when swimming or sleeping can also help preserve their appearance and integrity.

    Unfold Your Wings and Fly

    With these 21 beautiful butterfly locs long hair inspiration ideas, you will find the perfect style to suit your taste and personality. Whether you prefer bold colors, delicate textures, or timeless classics, butterfly locs offer endless options for expressing your unique style. So go ahead and embrace the beauty and versatility of butterfly locs, and let your long hair become a work of art.