14 Delicious Chocolate Brown Hair Color Styles

Updated on October 12, 2023
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    14 Delicious Chocolate Brown Hair Color Styles

    Chocolate brown hair is one of those striking shades that never go out of style. Everyone and anyone can wear it, matching all outfits and aesthetics. It’s one of the most versatile colors that can be built upon to create a wide variety of gorgeous shades for your hair.

    These fourteen sexy chocolate brown hair colors will have you drooling and dreaming of that decadent chocolate coloring being on your head forever. This might be your sign to get dying because you’ll probably want to risk it all and go chocolate brown. We promise you won’t regret it.

    What is Chocolate Brown Hair

    To create a yummy chocolate brown hair color, you must mix red and gold pigments with brown. Together they make a mahogany color that, when added to and combined with other pigments, can create various chocolate brown colors. The combination of gold and red builds a deep and rich dye for your hair.

    This hair color is wide-ranging due to its multilayered nature. These pigments are great for absorbing and reflecting light beautifully. When hair colors do this, it helps to give the illusion of thick and voluminous hair, even if you are lacking in that department naturally. Chocolate brown hair coloring is flattering for all men and women of any age or skin tone. With different techniques and styles of pigment layering and richness, your hair will look

    1. Fuller
    2. Shinner
    3. Richer

    These three amigos are what most men and women strive for in their hair goals. Before choosing to switch your hair up and go for a sweeter look, there are benefits helpful to be aware of.

    Benefits of Having Chocolate Brown Hair Definition
    Strand Thickness The contrast between light and dark colors give the illusion of thickness.
    High Gloss and Shine Light-colored hairs absorb light, but dark hair reflects it, resulting in shine.
    High Contrast Dark hair makes features stand out through contrast against your facial features.
    Healthier Look Dark hair camouflages damage and weights down flyaways and split ends.

    Zohna Tip

    Chocolate Brown Hair brings out green, brown, and hazel eyes and looks great with golden and bronzy makeup looks.

    Warm Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    If you’re trying to picture what a warm chocolate brown hair color might look like, think chocolate brown, auburn, honey, and rich mahogany. Those four delicious-looking colors, combined, create a warm chocolate hair color. What makes hair warm isn’t the temperature, although after a good blow-dry session, sure, it can get warm. In terms of color, three pigment groups contribute to creating warmth in your luscious locks, such as

    • Gold/yellow
    • Copper/orange
    • Red

    Apart or together, those three stand-out shades will create depth and invite warmth to your hair.

    Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

    A dark chocolate brown hair color is one of the darkest in the brunette family. It’s sexy, strict, classy, and romantic. A combination of describing words, many ladies and gents out there strive to be. An excellent place to start might be to get yourself a dark chocolate brown hair color.

    Despite its overall darkness, pigments of red and gold will shine through the hair in specific lighting, bringing your strands to life. The depth provided by the deep shading will give the appearance of thicker strands and a fuller head of hair.

    Light Chocolate Brown Hair

    Perhaps you are blonde and want to go a bit darker for winter, or you are brunette and want to lighten up your hair for summer; this light chocolate brown hair color is the perfect middle ground. Bleaching your hair can be a big deal and can cause loads of damage. Instead, choosing a light chocolate brown color can save your hair from severe damage while still providing some light.

    Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

    Whether you’re hoping to return to your roots or switch things up, this medium chocolate brown hair color is probably one of the more popular options. It’s set right in the middle of the brown hair spectrum, meaning it isn’t too dark of a color for blondes to transition to without causing profound change or too dark for the naturally lighter brunettes out there.

    This shade is one of the more popular brown hair colors because of its versatility. It’s not too dark to add highlights and have it look funny, and it’s not too dark to add lowlights and not be able to see them. It’s also the most common natural hair to have. Therefore, if you’re hoping to get away with this being your “natural hair color,” then we’d say that dying it a medium chocolate brown is a good bet.

    Chocolate Brown Hair With Highlights

    The nice thing about going darker with your hair is that adding dimensions without looking a bit funky is not challenging. Chocolate brown hair alone is a great way to add depth and the illusion of density. However, there’s a way to incorporate that even further, and that’s by adding highlights. Many different pigments look fantastic and blend stunningly with chocolate-brown hair, such as

    1. Golden Blonde
    2. Mocha
    3. Rose brown
    4. A couple of shades later than the starting color
    5. Ash brown
    6. Honey blonde

    When incorporated into your hair properly, they enhance it, giving it body and that eye-catching look we all aim for. Please don’t be embarrassed about how long you look at yourself in the mirror after getting them; it happens to the best of us.

    Caramel Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    Who doesn’t love chocolate caramel? It’s smooth, creamy, and delectable. What if we told you we were referring to hair color and not the sweet candy everyone loves? Caramel chocolate brown hair color is a rich and warm hue that looks so inviting there may be a few lingering fingers wanting to have a feel.

    This stunning subtle sun-kissed shade of a medium brown color with hints of amber and gold gives it that shine and warm characteristics. If you love the warmth and bright coloring in blonde hair but don’t want to risk bleaching, this color might fit your desires like a glove.

    Best Chocolate Brown Hair Dye

    L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Triple Care Hair Color

    If the sound of the dark chocolate brown hair color was music to your ears, head over to amazon and grab this L ‘Oreal Paris permanent hair color in dark chocolate brown. This product is ideal because it protects hair even up to eight weeks after dying it and has a combination of

    • Ceramide
    • Pro-keratine
    • Glycerin

    These three ingredients are ideal for creating rich color and revitalized hair. The kit comes with not only the dye but glycerin shampoo to help rinse the remints of the color and cleanse the scalp.

    Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Permanent Hair Color Cream

    This Schwarzkopf keratin color cream is a chocolate cake lover’s dream, as it has a stunning intense cocoa color. This rich and sexy shade will bring striking intensity to your locks while emanating a deep glow. The color’s depth and shine will give your strands the illusion of being thicker. This formula also guarantees 80% less breakage and 100% grey coverage.

    Wella Color Fresh Masks

    10/31/2023 01:01 pm GMT

    If you are not set on going the chocolate brown hair dye route or changing your color at all, for that matter, this Wella color mask is a great alternative. Without dying your hair, the mask will freshen up your look by giving you those chocolatey brown hints you want.

    This formula is only temporary and washes away after a few showers. However, that’s perfect if you want to take the chocolate brown hair color for a spin without the commitment. Since it is a hair mask and a coloring agent, it nourishes your hair and brings it back to life.

    Zohna Tip

    After dying, always use a moisturizing hair mask to help combat the potential damage.

    Chocolate Brown Hair With Chunky Blonde Highlights

    Depending on how you want your hair to look, the size and width of your highlights can be whatever you want. Some people go the thinner route, where they blend seamlessly and aren’t as abrasive. However, some people like them to be broader and chunky. Each to their own.

    If done correctly and with the right coloring, chocolate brown hair with chunky blonde highlights can look amazing. Including face framing highlighted pieces would brighten the face, accentuating the hair’s color and facial features while constructing dimension.

    Milk Chocolate Hair Color

    Milk chocolate hair color is a silky and smooth pigment that adds shine and the appearance of volume to your enviable strands. This super low-maintenance coloralters the appearance of your hair to look natural and healthy, even if it isn’t. The deep chocolatey details radiate great energy, perfect for someone looking to stand out while also fitting in.

    Cocoa Hair Color

    If you have ever baked with cocoa powder or demolished a chocolatey cake (guilty), you can probably picture how stunning this shade would look as a hair color. This rich pigment will not only bring delightful intensity and a deep glow to your strands but will also transform them to give the illusion of a thick and fuller mane.

    If you want to take it a step further and truly get the real deal, it is possible to dye your hair with actual cocoa powder. Dying your hair can be harsh and cause damage. Using a natural ingredient like cocoa powder to do the job will limit the possibility of depleting the health of your hair. Not to mention, it’s also super simple to do.

    What you’ll need:

    • 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder
    • 2 cups hair conditioner
    • A hair tie
    • Dark towel or old shirt

    Zohna Tip

    You can also add in ground coffee to help deepen the color.

    All it takes to achieve a cocoa hair color is three easy steps:

    1. Mix the conditioner and cocoa powder into a smooth texture.
    2. Apply the mixture to damp, clean hair massaging its roots to tips (ensure no excess water is in your hair).
    3. Let sit for 1 hour and then rinse off.

    If you choose the all-natural route, it’s essential to remember that the pigment won’t be as striking or long-lasting as doing it with hair dye. But if you are entirely against the chemicals and processing, give this a try.

    Cocoa Brown Warm Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    Choosing between colors can be challenging at times. Perhaps one speaks to you more, but you know the other will complement your features better. To that, we say get crafty with it! Try mixing different colors to see what beautiful pigments you can create. For example, cocoa warm chocolate brown hair is a mix of warm chocolate brown hair and cocoa hair color.

    Together the two shades create a heavenly shade with warmth added by either chocolate brown, auburn, honey, rich mahogany pigments, and cocoa browns intensity. Mixing and matching can result in stunning shades such as this, so why not try it?

    Hot Chocolate Hair Color

    If you have ever had a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or to help warm up after hitting the slopes, you may have noticed little flecks of shimmering gold and honey brown floating in your heavenly beverage. A hot chocolate hair color is very similar, with a rich mocha base interlaced with light mocha highlights interweaving through your strands.

    This shade is typically best for people with already chocolatey brown hair, as all you need to do is add those warm mocha and/or honey-colored highlights to give it the hot chocolate effect. It will look very fitting over the winter months as you sit looking pretty with your new hair, sipping on your hot chocolate.

    Dark Chocolate Blonde Hair Color

    When it comes to this dark chocolate blonde hair color, it’s pretty simple. It starts with a rich and luxurious dark brown base with notes of blonde highlights woven through. This color is also referred to as bronde, a mix between blonde and brunette. It depends on how light you want to go, but typically a dark chocolate blonde color is a bit heavier on the brown side, with a little tint of blonde peeking through.

    Depending on the choice of blonde highlights, they should shimmer and glisten just the right amount to make you shine when the light catches them.

    Chocolate Caramel Golden Brown Hair Color

    Chocolate Caramel Golden Brown Hair ColorInstagram@kir.hairPIN

    This warm, buttery caramel-toned color will leave you star-struck. The glossy and smooth appearance is almost unbeatable. This chocolate caramel golden brown hair color is what we’d imagine goldilocks would have if she were a brunette.

    It’s an unmatched mix between golden blonde and chocolate brown that’s so warm you’ll radiate light and approachability whenever you decide to mingle and hit the city streets.  Even though this color is a bit more blonde, the seductive brown undertones give a seamless color appearance.

    Light Warm Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    Similar to a warm chocolate brown hair color with its gold/yellow, copper/orange, and red tones that give it warmth, this light warm chocolate brown hair color gives the same, just more golden. If your natural hair is on the lighter side, but you want a sweet taste of this chocolate brown hair, this shade will suit you and your hair’s needs.

    Adding some lowlights or highlights, depending on how dark your hair is, and some warm undertones will create a stunning light color scheme. The different layers of color provide warmth, depth, and dimension, which is crucial when dying your hair.

    Choosing the Right Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    When deciding which chocolate brown hair color suits you, it’s best to choose one that compliments your complexion so you get the most out of your color. Brown pigments look good on everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to dig deeper and figure out what shades pair best with your skin’s undertone.

    Cool Tone Warm Tone
    Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Warm Chocolate Brown Hair
    Cocoa Hair Color Caramel Chocolate Brown
    Medium Chocolate Brown Hair Chocolate Caramel Golden Brown Hair

    We understand that time is of the essence, so to help you decide, here are some side-by-side images and descriptions of the most popular chocolate brown hair colors to help you choose quickly.

    Hair Color Summary Description
    Warm Chocolate Brown Hair A deep rich brown color compiled with gold/yellow, copper/orange, and red creates depth and warmth, stunning for any season.
    Dark Chocolate Brown Hair  

    This color is the darkest brown in the brunette family, with hints of red and gold that give life to your strands.

    Light Chocolate Brown Hair This popular brown hair color has different shades of medium brown interwoven.
    Medium Chocolate Brown The most popular brown hair color at the moment with different shades of medium brown interwoven together.
    Chocolate Brown Hair With Highlights Yummy chocolate brown hair with highlights gives the hair depth and dimension.
    Caramel Chocolate Brown Hair Color A subtle sun-kissed shade compiled of medium brown coloring with hints of amber and gold, giving it that shine and warm characteristics.


    • "How to Get Chocolate Brown Hair?"

      It begins by picking which color is best suited for you. Once you have chosen, either head to the salon and ask your stylist to transform your locks into a stunning chocolate shade or do it yourself at home, there are many great at-home dye kits available online and in stores.

    • "What Level is Chocolate Brown Hair?"

      Chocolate brown hair sits at levels 4 and 5 (Level 4 is dark brown, and level 5 is light brown).

      So depending on which chocolate brown hair color you choose, it will sit somewhere in that range.

    Parting Ways

    Our time has come to part ways, but hopefully, we’ve left you feeling informed about chocolate brown coloring. No matter what hair color option you choose, we have a gut feeling it will look unreal on you. Once you go brown, you’ll always come back around. It’s a cycle that never ends, and you’ll never want to return to your roots, whatever they may be. Head over to this article for chestnut hair color ideas!