15 Trending Christmas Hairstyles for the 2024 Holidays

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    15 Trending Christmas Hairstyles for the 2024 Holidays

    Your holiday hair game is getting a major upgrade, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the most fabulous festive trends straight from the North Pole’s chicest elves.

    Picture this: Santa’s elves aren’t just busy making toys; they’ve also been moonlighting as hair stylists, concocting hairstyles that scream “Jingle all the way to the salon!” From tinsel-infused hair that could blind a reindeer with their sparkle to Christmas wreath braids that symbolize eternal life, we’ve got ’em all.

    It’s time to sleigh the holiday hair game with our 15 trending Christmas hairstyles. Rudolph may guide Santa’s sleigh, but these styles will guide you straight to the top of the ‘Nice List’… or maybe the ‘Naughty List’-who cares when your hair looks this fabulous?

    Christmas Wreath Braid

    Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful wreath, right? Well, now you can wear one on your head with stunning wreath braid Christmas hairstyles. Start by creating a Dutch braid that goes all around your head, mimicking the shape of a wreath.

    Then, add festive touches around the head such as:

    • Tiny ornaments
    • Artificial berries or mistletoe branches
    • Green and red ribbons

    Zohna Tip

    Check out our article on Christmas makeup looks to get inspiration for the cosmetic side of your seasonal transformation.

    Glam Holiday Look with Gems

    Looking to infuse some festive glamor into any of your favorite Christmas hairstyles? This dazzling look featuring strategically placed gems is the perfect choice. Begin with a sleek and straight hairstyle as your canvas, then adorn your face with sparkling gems along areas, including your:

    • Eyebrows
    • Lips
    • Upper lash line

    The gems will catch the light, making you shine like a Christmas star. Don’t forget to add some glitter eyeliner for even more sparkle!

    Green Ribbon Accents

    Add a touch of Christmas spirit to any hairstyle by incorporating green ribbon accents. Whether you have a long braid, a ponytail, or even a simple half-up half-down hairstyle, tie a green ribbon around it to instantly transform it into a festive look. You can even get creative and tie the ribbon in a bow or create a unique pattern with multiple ribbons.

    Christmas Tree Hair

    Want to take your Christmas hairstyle to the next level? How about turning your hair into a Christmas tree? This unique and whimsical Christmas hairstyle involves creating a high ponytail or top knot and decorating it with green ribbons and a star. It’s a fun and playful hairstyle that will make you the life of the party. Just be prepared for everyone to ask you how you grew a Christmas tree out of your head!

    Zohna Tip

    Check out Christmas nails and accessories to add festive cheer to your holiday season look!

    Snow in Hair Look

    Snow in Hair LookInstagram@uspaahPIN

    Dreaming of a white Christmas? Bring that dream to life with this snow-in-hair look. Simply spray white or silver temporary hair color or hair spray on your hair to create a frosty and magical effect. You can leave your hair down or style it into a festive updo. Either way, you’ll feel like you just stepped out of a winter wonderland.

    Star Accessories

    If you’re not into elaborate hairstyles but still want to embrace the Christmas spirit, star accessories do the job perfectly. Simply use a star headband or bobby pins throughout your hair, and you’ll instantly feel like a Christmas angel. Whether you have long flowing locks or a short bob, star accessories will add a touch of magic to your holiday look.

    Hair Tinsel

    Looking for a hairstyle that sparkles like freshly fallen snow? Hair tinsel is the answer! This trendy accessory involves attaching thin strands of shiny tinsel to your hair, giving it a glittering, ethereal effect. You can choose tinsel in various colors to match your outfit, including:

    1. Silver
    2. Gold
    3. Bronze

    Zohna Tip

    Pair with glitter nails for an accentuated elegant look that's sure to make you the talk of the next Christmas party.

    Christmas Hair Bows

    Go for a classic Christmas hair bow. Whether you choose a small delicate bow or a big statement one, it’s guaranteed to make your hairstyle festive and fun. You can add the bow to a ponytail, a braid, or even use it to hold an elegant updo in place.

    Bun with Ribbon

    A simple bun can easily be transformed into a Christmas masterpiece with a ribbon. Create a sleek high braided bun on top of your head, and then tie a festive ribbon around it. You can let the ends of the red ribbon hang down for a playful look or create a beautiful, infused look by intertwining them along the braids in the bun.

    Ponytail with Glitter

    Glam up your traditional ponytail by adding a touch of glitter. Start with a high or low ponytail, then apply some hair gel or spray explicitly designed to add glitter. Gently dust the glitter onto your hair, focusing on the base around the ponytail. The result will be a mesmerizing ponytail that shimmers and shines with every move.

    Voluminous Braids

    If you have long hair and want a hairstyle that screams Christmas, go for these voluminous braids. Make sure to create volume by gently pulling on the sides of the braid, whether you choose a:

    1. Traditional three-strand braid
    2. Fishtail braid
    3. Dutch braid

    Halfsie with Christmas Accessories

    A half-up half-down hairstyle is a classic choice that suits any occasion, but for Christmas, let’s add some pizzazz with Christmas accessories. Attach a gingerbread man, mini bow bundles, or even tiny candy canes to the top part of your hair, and secure them with bobby pins or small hair elastics.

    Holiday Hair Twist

    Add an elegant twist to your holiday hairstyle with a simple hair twist. Let your naturally curly hair hang freely, then create a twist using both sides to make a low ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hairband and twist some loose hair around it to hide it from sight.

    Short Hair Christmas Hairstyle

    If you have short hair, there’s no need to fret-Christmas hairstyles are not reserved for long locks alone! Short hair can be just as festive and fabulous. Embrace the holiday spirit by exploring styles that accentuate your pixie cut or bob. From playful accessories to textured looks, there are plenty of ways to infuse the magic of Christmas into your short hair.

    Let’s explore some stylish and festive short hairstyles perfect for the holiday season.

    Style Description
    Festive Accessories Add a touch of holiday spirit to your pixie cut or bob with tiny Santa hats or sparkly hair pins. These accessories instantly bring a festive vibe to your look.
    Tousled and Textured Experiment with texturizing products to create a tousled and textured appearance. This adds a playful and festive touch to your short hair, giving it a dynamic and carefree look.
    Elegant Side Swept Sweep your short hair to one side for an elegant and chic appearance. You can use a decorative hairpin or clip to secure it, adding a subtle festive element to your stylish look.
    Glittery Pixie Cut Infuse some holiday glamor into your pixie cut by using a touch of glitter hairspray. This adds a sparkling effect, making your short hair shine and stand out during Christmas celebrations.
    Braided Bob If you have a bob haircut, consider adding small braids for a charming and festive twist. These braids can be adorned with tiny ornaments or ribbons to enhance the holiday spirit.
    Statement Hairpiece Opt for a statement hairpiece like a festive headband or a decorative hair clip. This instantly elevates your short hairstyle, making it a standout feature in your Christmas look.

    Christmas Hairstyle for Long Hair

    Long hair offers endless possibilities for Christmas hairstyles. Consider trying a cascading waterfall braid, a twisted updo, or even rocking your loose natural waves. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add mistletoe hair accessories for that extra festive feel!

    In this FAQ section, we’re here to address your queries and guide you through the intricacies of creating festive looks that will turn heads during the holiday season. We’ve covered you, from time considerations and adapting styles for different hair types to casual wear and glitter removal tips.


    • How Long Do These Hairstyles Take To Create?

      The time required depends on the complexity of the hairstyle and your hair length and texture. Some styles, like a simple ponytail with glitter, can be done in minutes, while elaborate updos may take longer. Practicing the hairstyle before the event is always a good idea to ensure you’re comfortable and happy with the results.

    • What Should I Do if I Have Thin or Short Hair?

      Don’t worry! Many hairstyles can be adapted to suit different hair types and lengths. Consider using volumizing products or hair extensions for thin hair to create the desired effect. With short hair, focus on embracing accessories and playing with texture to make your hairstyle stand out.

    • Can I Wear These Hairstyles for Casual Occasions?

      Absolutely! While these hairstyles are perfect for holiday parties, they can also be worn casually. Choose simpler hairstyles like hair bows or star accessories for a more laid-back look. They’ll add a festive touch to your everyday style without feeling overdone.

    • How Do I Remove Glitter From My Hair?

      Removing glitter can be a bit tricky, but there are a few techniques you can try. One option is gently brushing your hair with a soft-bristle brush to dislodge the glitter. Another method is to rinse your hair with water, ensuring not to use too much force. If all else fails, you can use a clarifying shampoo to remove any remaining glitter.

    • Can I Combine Multiple Hairstyles Together?

      Of course! Feel free to mix and match different elements from these hairstyles to create your own unique look. You can combine the Christmas wreath braid with star accessories or add ribbon accents to a bun with glitter – the choice is yours. Get creative and have fun experimenting with different combinations!

    Christmas Cheer Is Here

    With these 15 trending Christmas hairstyles, you’ll be the belle of the ball this holiday season. Whether you prefer a subtle accent or a head-turning masterpiece, there’s a hairstyle for everyone. So get inspired, let your creativity flow, and unleash your inner Christmas spirit through your fabulous hair. ‘Tis the season to be stylish!