21 Fiery Copper Balayage Hair Styles to Rock Your Socks Off

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    Copper balayagePIN

    21 Fiery Copper Balayage Hair Styles to Rock Your Socks Off

    Do you have any interest in heating things up? Making things spicy?

    First off, we’re talking about your hair; get your mind out of the gutter…or your belly!

    The color copper in hair has gained traction in the online world. Your favorite celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Zendya have rocked copper hair at some point in the past two years. However, things are starting to heat up, and the copper shade is now also incorporated into balayage hair.

    Copper balayage is an unreal and unique way of including some stunning brassy tones into the hair without dying the entire head. Balayage is a dye technique that seamlessly blends the shade of choice into your strands. Balayage starts lower on the hair shaft, whereas highlights begin close to the roots.

    If you still need to be conceived, check out the list below for all the great qualities of balayage hair:

    • Low maintenance
    • Leaves hair healthier looking than opposed to highlights or dyed full hair
    • Versatile
    • Safe for pregnant women and people with allergies since the dye doesn’t touch your scalp
    • The color is hand-painted onto the hair
    • Color starts mid-shaft and gets denser the further down it goes

    Balayage is a pretty exciting yet practical way to change things up with your hair. It doesn’t take too much time and won’t cause too much damage to the strand’s overall health, which is very important to some.

    If you’re convinced that balayage will be your next hairdo, now we only need to persuade you that copper is the perfect shade. Check out the list below of all copper’s excellent characteristics:

    • Warm toned
    • Can lighten or darken hair
    • Warms up your complexion
    • Easy to maintain the vibrancy
    • Lasts long in hair than other shades due to the red’s large particle size

    Hopefully, now you aren’t only convinced to do balayage, but you are also convinced to do copper balayage. If we have won you over, check out all the types of copper hair you can choose from. Good luck picking one; they are all fantastic.

    Copper Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

    If you want to add some high contrast to your dark locks, we suggest giving copper balayage on dark brown hair a whirl. The dark and copper contrast each other beautifully, adding dimension and depth to your hair. This is great for thinner hair, making it look thicker and fuller.

    If you aren’t into the copper color but like the idea of balayage, give ash brown balayage a try instead to elevate your brown locks.

    Auburn Copper Balayage

    This auburn copper balayage is a beautiful color for those looking to go for a natural look. Auburn copper is a color close to natural redhead hair. Some may even say it is similar to red balayage.

    Bright Copper Balayage

    Some of us like to make statements with our hair. This bright copper balayage is a way to make some noise. It’s vibrant and fun, perfect for people with similar personalities. However, keeping your hair this vibrant can be tricky.

    Some things are worth investing in to keep your hair vibrant, such as:

    1. Color-saving shampoo and conditioner
    2. Heat protectant spray (for styling your hair)
    3. Tomato juice

    You may be thinking, did they accidentally combine their grocery list with a list of hair products? And no, we did not; we actually meant to put tomato juice there. If you have red hair or hair that falls within the umbrella of reddish hair, like bright copper balayage, soak your hair in tomato juice for about two minutes. The juice stains the cuticle and puts pigment back into the hair.

    Dark Hair Copper Balayage

    Dark hair copper balayage is a fantastic way to incorporate spice into your strands subtly. The dark copper blended with the dark hair melted into each other seamlessly. Dying your hair can sometimes be a lot of change and fast. However, choosing a route like this and a color that matches your base better than others will make a huge difference.

    Brown Copper Balayage

    We get that sometimes copper or other unnatural hair colors can look like a lot. If you feel this way, totally understandable. We suggest you try brown copper balayage. It’s still more of a brown balayage with undertones of copper to give it a unique twist.

    This is an excellent place to start if you are interested in copper but are still determining how it will look. If necessary, you can start here and work your way up to a brighter copper.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want to see how copper balayage looks on you but aren't ready to commit, try finding copper hair extensions to put in for a few days; then you'll know for sure.

    Red Copper Balayage

    If you are into the copper trend but feel like the color might be too orange for your complexion, this red copper balayage might be your best bet. The red will help to tone down the copper just the right amount. Make sure you got your tomato juice on hand for this one!

    Copper Balayage on Black Hair

    Black hair is gorgeous, but incorporating dazzling copper balayage can take your strands to the next level. Adding spunk to your hair is always the right idea; it looks great.

    Mahogany Copper Balayage

    Mixing colors to get the right one for your hair is an incredible hack. The mixture of mahogany and copper shades will create this unreal mahogany copper balayage that we know will look stunning on you. This balayage will look gorgeous on all our cool-toned friends out there.

    Rose Gold Copper Balayage

    Rose gold copper balayage is like a muted tone of copper. It’s beautiful for redheads looking to add some lightness to their manes. It also resembles a strawberry blonde balayage, but just a hint more copper.

    Light Copper Balayage

    If you want to go for a light copper balayage, we aren’t going to stop you. In fact, we are going to encourage you. This stunning color looks very close to a blonde balayage or a caramel balayage, but if you look a bit closer, with the proper lighting, you can tell right away that it’s actually a light copper balayage.

    Blonde and Copper Balayage

    Mixing and matching is such a fun game, especially when you’re doing it with colors. Blonde and copper shades look stunning when matched together, and this amazing blonde and copper balayage is all you need.

    Copper Balayage on Light Brown Hair

    Copper balayage can match well with every shade of hair. When done right, it can blend seamlessly, looking almost like it’s your natural color. That said, copper balayage on light brown hair looks phenomenal. They melt together like butter and take the cake for the best copper color pair, in our opinion.

    Caramel Copper Balayage

    Take a peek at this caramel copper balayage if you want to go for something a little less brassy and a bit more blonde. It’s the perfect mix between warm blonde and copper. If you are a dirty blonde, you are already halfway there.

    Copper Balayage with Dark Roots

    Hate going to the salon for root touch-ups? Why not embrace your roots from the start? Copper balayage with dark roots is a great way to avoid the hassle of root growth. You can eliminate the problem by embracing the color of your roots and compiling with the copper balayage.

    Copper Balayage Short Hair

    Just as copper hair can look good paired with nearly any hair base color, it looks great paired with any hair length. Copper balayage short hair is a fantastic way to spruce up your short and cute strands.

    Cinnamon Copper Balayage

    A yummy cinnamon copper balayage is the perfect brown color. The copper will help warm up the brown even more and give it a pop of vibrancy.

    Copper Balayage Curly Hair

    Copper balayage curly hair accentuates and brings attention to your beautiful curls. Here at Zohna, we’re all about embracing your natural hair type. If you are reading this and don’t know your hair type, we got you.

    Here are the three different hair types:

    • Type 1: straight hair
    • Type 2: wavy/ curly hair
    • Type 3: coily hair

    Honey Copper Balayage

    If you’re trying to picture what honey copper balayage could look like, think of the warm and luscious color of honey intermixed with the brassy color of copper. Stunning right?

    Combining the honey color with the copper helps to give it a beautiful, lightened tone that is hard to resist.

    Copper Balayage with Money Piece

    The main difference between balayage and highlights is that the latter begins closer to the top of the head. Copper balayage with money pieces incorporates balayage and highlights at the face-framing pieces of hair.

    Dying the front pieces of hair can:

    1. Frame the face
    2. Accentuates face features
    3. Softens face features

    Golden Copper Balayage

    Gold copper balayage is a warm and sunkissed look that looks unreal during the summer months. This balayage will look best on the warm-toned peeps, as it perfectly complements your complexion.

    Copper Balayage Ombre

    Ombre is a hair dye technique that creates a gradient of different colors, typically starting darkest and fading into the lightest. Copper balayage ombre is a great set of colors to try and do an ombre with, as the different shades of it all look fantastic.

    How to do Copper Balayage

    If you have decided that going to the salon isn’t work for you, we first want to start by wishing you luck. Doing copper balayage at home will be a challenging task, but we want to help you the best we can by providing you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to do copper balayage.

    What tools you’ll need and why:

    Tools For How to Do Purple Balayage Why You Use Them
    Hair Bye Brush Using a hair dye brush instead of your hands will help to saturate the hair. Plus, getting that sweeping motion with your fingers is more difficult. This product is a must!
    Hair Dye Bowl We suggest a tint mixing bowl, as opposed to any regular bowl, because of the lip that sticks off it. This lip will allow you to wipe any excess product off your tint brush, which is essential for the balayage technique.
    Hair Clips This might seem minor, but hair clips will be essential. Clipping the sections of the hair, you aren’t working on at the moment will allow you to properly execute that sweeping motion without other strands getting in the way.

    Step #1

    Once you have selected the copper box dye you think suits your vision best, follow the instructions and mix the product into your tint mixing bowl.

    Step #2

    Using your hair clips, pin the hair into sections, starting at the bottom layer of hair and working up to the top layer.

    Step #3

    Dip your tint brush into the dye mix and wipe the excess on the lip of the bowl, so the brush isn’t packed with bleach. You want to use less product at the top section of hair. Grab a U-shaped section of hair that isn’t too dense.

    Step #4

    Angle your brush vertically as you work at the top of the u-shaped section of hair. Sweep the brush over the hair in downward strokes. As you get closer to the bottom of the hair strand, you can turn the brush horizontally to get more coverage. The top of the strand should have some natural hair showing and some bleached hair, while the bottom should be fully covered in bleach.

    Step #5

    Once you have coated the hair in bleach, leave the product on the recommended time on the box and wash it out.

    Step #6

    Once the bleach has done its job and lifted the natural pigment from the hair and it’s been washed out, it’s time to tone and get that copper color. Follow the box instructions to a T to ensure the best results.

    Once you have completed all these steps and the steps on your box dye, wash your hair, style it how you like, and tada – you have copper balayage.


    • How Much Does a Copper Balayage Cost?

      Copper balayage costs around $150 to $200, but a few factors can change that, such as:

      • Location – city or suburb
      • Partial or full balayage
      • The time it takes
      • The salon you go to
      • The stylist you choose
    • How Long Does it Last?

      You can make your copper balayage last up to 4 months with proper care. Just ensure you are using suitable shampoo and conditioner and avoiding things that can cause the color to fade.

    • Is it Difficult To Maintain a Copper Balayage?

      Nope, not at all. As long as you keep up with proper maintenance and avoid things that can cause the pigment to fade faster, you shouldn’t have an issue maintaining it. However, you will have to get touch-ups eventually if you want to stick to the balayage.

    • What Skin Tone Suits a Copper Balayage?

      Anyone and everyone can dye their hair with copper balayage, and we are sure it would look unreal. However, as the rule goes, you should dye your hair color with the same undertones as your skin. Therefore, if you are warm-toned, a copper shade will suit you better than a cool-toned person because it’s warm.

    Cop(per) Ya Later!

    If you have chosen to go with balayage hair, copper hair, or hopefully both, we have a sneaky suspicion you will love it. Going for a bold color like copper can make you feel confident in your skin and hair – something we all should strive for.