32 Trending Mens Crew Cut Hairstyles + How to Style

Updated on February 11, 2024
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    32 Trending Mens Crew Cut Hairstyles + How to Style

    Life’s too short to have boring hair.

    This statement rings true for both men and women. You may be thinking, “How do I spice things up a bit?”

    Well, we have the answer for you.

    The crew cut!

    You may wonder if the crew cut could be the secret to handsomeness. Spoiler alert: it’s not, but it can certainly make you feel like the Brad Pitt of the barbershop.

    In this article, we will explore 32 different crew cut hairstyles that are currently trending, along with tips on how to style them effortlessly. So, whether you’re going for a messy look or a more classic vibe, we’ve got you covered!

    What Is A Crew Cut?

    Before we delve into the myriad of styles, let’s clarify the distinctions between a crew cut and a buzz cut. While both involve trimming the hair short, a crew cut is recognized by slightly longer hair on top, accompanied by shorter sides and back, resulting in a neat, tapered appearance suitable for various face shapes and hair types.

    Conversely, a buzz cut uniformly shears the hair very short across the entire head, yielding a more uniform and less styled look.

    Crew Cut Vs Buzz Cut

    Here’s a table breaking down the features of each hair cut.

    Feature Crew Cut Buzz Cut
    Characteristics Longer hair on top with shorter sides and back Uniformly short hair all over the head
    History Originated in the early 20th century, popularized by college rowing teams Linked to military and athletes for a clean aesthetic
    Tapered Sides and Back Gradual shortening towards the neckline Uniform length achieved with clippers
    Styling Versatility Various styling options, such as forward, spiked up, or slicked back Minimal styling, a clean and minimalist aesthetic
    Face Shapes Complements round, square, oval, and heart-shaped faces Universally adaptable, minimal impact on face shape
    Maintenance Requires some styling, offers styling versatility Low-maintenance, minimal styling and upkeep

    How To Style A Crew Cut

    Styling a crew cut is surprisingly simple and requires minimal effort.

    Follow these steps to achieve the desired look:

    1. Start with clean, dry hair.
    2. Apply a small amount of styling product to your hands and evenly distribute it through your hair.
    3. Use a comb or your fingers to create the desired shape and style. You can comb the hair forward, upward, to the side, or even leave it slightly messy for a textured look.
    4. Finish off with a hairspray or styling gel to ensure the hairstyle holds throughout the day.

    Messy Crew Cut

    This messy crew cut adds a touch of ruggedness to the classic style. You can achieve a casual, effortless vibe by intentionally tousling the hair to create a slightly disheveled look. This style works particularly well for those who prefer an appearance that’s:

    • Relaxed
    • Tousled
    • Laid-back

    Crew Cut Fade

    This crew cut fade takes the traditional style to the next level by incorporating a fade on the sides and back. It showcases a gradual transition from longer hair on top to shorter hair on the sides creating a modern, edgy look. Whether you opt for a high fade, mid fade, or low fade, this style adds dimension and texture to your overall haircut.

    Crew Cut No Fade

    If you prefer a more uniform, classic look, this crew cut without a fade might be the right choice for you. This style maintains the same length all around, giving a clean, neat appearance. Perfect for lads who appreciate simplicity and timeless style.

    Long Crew Cut

    Great for those who want to keep some length on top while still sporting a crew cut, this long crew cut offers versatility and a unique twist. You can experiment with different lengths and textures, allowing for various styling options.

    Short Crew Cut

    For a more concise, structured look, this short crew cut is a fantastic choice. With minimal maintenance required, this style offers ease and sophistication. Ideal for those who prefer low-maintenance grooming routines or have a busy lifestyle.

    Military Crew Cut Fade

    Modeled after the classic crew cut, the military crew cut fade is a popular choice among men in the armed forces. This style features a skin fade on the sides and back, providing a sharp, professional appearance. It’s a practical and stylish option for formal and casual settings.

    Side Swept Crew Cut

    If you want to add a touch of pizzazz to your crew cut, consider this side part variation. This style involves combing the hair to one side, creating a sleek, suave look that’ll bring refinement to your look.

    Receding Hairline Crew Cut

    For those with receding hairlines, a crew cut can be a great solution. Keeping the hair short and neatly trimmed can draw attention away from the hairline and create a more balanced appearance.

    Zohna Tip

    Don't forget to use some styling gel or pomade to style your hair the way you like it.

    Classic Crew Cut

    This classic crew cut is a tried-and-true choice that never goes out of fashion. With its skin fade and timeless appeal, this style is suitable for any occasion. It’s versatile and can be customized to suit different face shapes and personal preferences.

    Asian Crew Cut

    The Asian crew cut takes inspiration from Asian hairstyles, incorporating a modern twist on the traditional crew cut. This style often features a faded or undercut design on the sides and back, with slightly longer hair on top.

    Textured Crew Cut

    Textured Crew CutInstagram@mosh.lkPIN

    If you’re a fan of a more tousled, textured look, this crew cut will make you smile. By adding texture to your hair, you can create a dynamic, eye-catching style. This look works particularly well for those with thick hair as it allows for more manipulation and creativity.

    Zohna Tip

    If you like this hairstyle, check out our articles on pompadour and quiff hairstyles for men.

    Tapered Crew Cut

    The tapered crew cut adds a subtle twist to the traditional style by incorporating a taper fade on the sides and back. This gradual transition from longer to shorter hair adds depth and character to the haircut.

    Low Fade Crew Cut

    The low fade crew cut offers a more subtle, understated look than its high fade counterpart. With the fade starting lower on the sides and back, this style gives a clean, polished appearance while maintaining a sense of minimalism.

    Crew Cut High Fade

    For a more dramatic, attention-grabbing look, the high fade crew cut is a sure-fire winner. The fade starts higher on the sides and back, creating a bold and striking contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides.

    Modern Crew Cut

    The modern crew cut incorporates contemporary elements, making it a trendy, fashion-conscious choice. It often involves experimenting with different hair lengths, textures, and styling techniques, like this Edgar cut-inspired fringe.

    Medium Crew Cut

    If you’re looking for a balance between short and long, this medium crew cut is an excellent choice. This style offers versatile flexibility, allowing you to style your hair in various ways. Whether you prefer a polished, sleek appearance or a more tousled and carefree vibe, the medium crew cut has got you covered.

    Mid Fade Crew Cut

    Mid Fade Crew CutInstagram@b.gutierPIN

    The mid fade crew cut strikes the perfect balance between high and low fades. With the fade starting midway up the sides and back, this style creates a well-blended look. It’s a popular choice for those men who appreciate clean lines and a defined appearance.

    Crew Cut With Beard

    To complement your crew cut, consider growing out a beard. Combining a crew cut with a well-groomed beard adds depth and masculinity to the overall look. Whether it’s a short stubble or a full beard, this style combination secures the win in our books.

    French Crew Cut

    The French crew cut offers a stylish twist to the conventional look, featuring slightly longer hair on top, tapered sides, and a seamlessly blended fade. This sophisticated and effortlessly cool hairstyle originates from the streets of Paris, gaining popularity for its unique and refined charm.

    Let’s look at a few features of the style.

    Feature Description
    Cut Style Slightly longer top, tapered sides, seamlessly blended fade
    Origin Paris, known for its fashion-forward streets
    Popularity Gained traction among men seeking a unique and refined hairstyle
    Versatility Well-suited for both formal and casual occasions
    Styling Products Matte pomade or wax recommended for achieving desired texture and volume
    Styling Technique Apply product to slightly damp hair, distributing evenly; shape locks for a relaxed appearance
    Outfit Compatibility Complements various outfits; particularly striking with a tailored suit
    Overall Look Dapper, modern, and sophisticated ensemble
    Styling Recommendation Tousle and shape hair for a casual yet refined finish
    Fashion Statement Versatile and fashionable choice with European charm and effortless coolness

    Curly Crew Cut

    Curly Crew CutInstagram@alan_beakPIN

    If you’re blessed with natural curls, this curly crew cut is the perfect way to showcase your texture while keeping your hair manageable. This hairstyle features a slightly longer top and short sides, with the curls left untouched for a relaxed, carefree look.

    Flat Top Crew Cut

    For men who like a bold, statement-making haircut, this flat top crew cut is the way to go. This iconic style features a dramatically squared-off top that is cut to be flat, creating a sharp, dramatic look. The sides are usually shaved or buzzed short to add contrast.

    Zohna Tip

    Use a comb to create a perfectly defined flat top, adding some hairspray for extra hold.

    Crew Cut Skin Fade

    This haircut features a gradual fade on the sides and back, starting from the skin and tapering up to the short hair on top. The result is a sleek, polished look that adds an extra level of sophistication to your classic crew cut.

    Blonde Crew Cut

    Blondes have more fun, right? Well, they definitely turn heads with a blonde crew cut! This hairstyle adds a modern, trendy twist to the classic crew cut by bleaching the hair blonde. Whether you opt for a platinum shade or a more natural sandy blonde, this look is sure to make a statement that’s:

    • Distinct
    • Bold
    • Daring

    Crew Cut Mullet

    Get ready to party in the front and business in the back with this crew cut mullet. This hairstyle combines a crew cut’s sleekness with a mullet’s rebelliousness. The top section of hair is cut short and neatly styled, while the back is left longer for a rocker-inspired mullet look.

    Crew Cut Comb Over

    The crew cut comb over is a refined, polished hairstyle that is perfect for both the office and a night out. It features a longer top section of hair that is combed over to one side, creating an appearance that’s:

    • Sleek
    • Sophisticated
    • Stylish

    Crew Cut Round Face

    If you have a round face shape, the crew cut is a fantastic choice that will help create the illusion of a more angular, chiseled jawline. This crew cut for round faces maintains a short length all around, adding:

    1. Sharpness
    2. Definition
    3. Class

    Crew Cut Mohawk

    Unleash your inner rebel with this crew cut mohawk. This bold, edgy hairstyle combines the crew cut’s clean and refined nature with a mohawk (or faux hawks) daring, unconventional flair. The sides are buzzed short or shaved, while the top section is left longer and styled upwards to create a striking mohawk shape.

    Crew Cut Straight Hair

    Crew Cut Straight HairInstagram@savdivaPIN

    If you have straight hair, the crew cut is an excellent choice to give you a polished look. This hairstyle features a short length all around, with a slightly longer top section for added versatility and styling options.

    Spiky Crew Cut

    Add some texture and attitude to your crew cut with a spiky style. This hairstyle takes the clean and structured crew cut and adds a playful and edgy twist by spiking the top section of hair with styling gel.

    Wavy Crew Cut

    Wavy Crew CutInstagram@xbigwesxPIN

    If you have wavy hair, you’re in luck because the crew cut looks amazing with your natural texture. This style features a short top section of hair that allows your waves to shine through, while the sides are skin faded to offer an appearance that’s:

    1. Clean
    2. Refined
    3. Distinct

    Black Crew Cut

    The crew cut is a versatile, timeless hairstyle that looks fantastic on men of all ethnicities, including black men. With short length all around and the top section slightly longer for added styling versatility, you’ll rock this style with confidence.

    Crew Cut Undercut