29 Alluring Dark Blue Hair Styles You’ll Love

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
29 Alluring Dark Blue Hair Styles You’ll LovePIN

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    29 Alluring Dark Blue Hair Styles You’ll Love

    Bold and colorful hair gives excitement to every outfit. Cheerful colors can lift our mood on even the darkest days.

    When it comes to blue hair, only some feel comfortable wearing bright, vibrant colors. It takes a particular type of confidence to wear unconventional colors of hair.

    Dark blue hair offers a more sophisticated option for blue hair due to its closer similarity to dark brown and black. It’s rare, but some people are even born with naturally dark hair with a blueish tinge.

    Since celebrities like Kylie Jenner have demonstrated that dark blue hair can look elegant and attractive, people have taken to social media to search for and show off their unique dark blue hair color ideas.

    The chart below shows the pros and cons of dark blue hair color.

    Pros of Dark Blue Hair Cons of Dark Blue Hair
    • Looks more natural than light blue
    • Easy to achieve on dark hair
    • Fading is less noticeable
    • Can be touched up easily
    • Unnatural hair color
    • Hard to achieve on light hair
    • Do not suit all skin tones
    • Loses vibrancy quickly

    Dark Blue Hair Color Chart

    There are so many variations of dark blue hair color that it’s tough to cover them all. Traditionally, dark blue hair is achieved by adding deep blue undertones to naturally dark hair.

    Modern dark blue hairstyles go beyond traditional dark hair with hints of blue. Dark blue hair is its own subcategory of blue hair, including all kinds of deep blue colors.

    Popular dark blue hair colors include:

    • Midnight blue
    • Charcoal blue
    • Cobalt blue
    • Indigo blue
    • Raven blue

    The chart below provides a visual of popular dark blue hair colors that are commonly used for dark blue hair ideas.

    If dark blue hair has caught your attention, you’ll love these 29 dark blue hair color ideas trending in 2023.

    Midnight Dark Blue Hair

    This dark blue hair color will have you out past midnight! Midnight dark blue hair is a deep shade of dark blue and black tones.

    It’s a bold and dramatic shade for people who love black hair but want a refreshing color change. Midnight blue hair takes a very dark brown or black base and adds deep blue tones to create the look of the midnight sky.

    Ombre Dark Blue Hair

    It’s time to get faded. Ombre dark blue hair offers the most mesmerizing dark blue hair color styles.

    Dark blue ombre hair gradually transitions from dark blue to light blue to create a stunning hair design. If you’re into artistic hair techniques, ombre dark blue hair color offers infinite ways to show your creativity. You can buy hair dye kits like Splat Ombre Ocean to get DIY ombre dark blue hair at home.

    Short Dark Blue Hair

    Dark blue hair looks as stunning on short hair as on long, thick tresses. Short dark blue hair offers the confidence of blue hair color without drawing as much attention as long blue hair. We love the buzzed sides with the fade design to create a unique yet subtle way to wear short dark blue hair.

    Dark Blue Hair Men

    Can dark blue hair be masculine? It sure can! Dark blue hair looks ravishing on men.

    It takes confidence for a man to wear vibrant hair color, but even celebrities like Enrique Iglesias and Joe Jonas can even pull off dark blue hair.

    The top dark blue hair ideas for men include:

    1. Midnight dark blue
    2. Black and dark blue
    3. Metallic dark blue
    4. Dark blue tips

    Black and Dark Blue Hair

    A classic color combo that always looks stunning is black and dark blue. Black and dark blue hair is the perfect look for someone who suits dark hair colors. There are so many ways to achieve dark blue and black hair.

    Black and dark blue hair techniques include:

    • Black and dark blue ombre
    • Dark blue highlights on black hair
    • Black streaks on dark blue hair
    • Black hair with dark blue tips
    • Dark blue peekaboos on black hair

    Dark Blue Hair With Light Blue Highlights

    Go for a dark blue hair design with vibrance; dark blue hair with light blue highlights creates a stunning multi-dimensional effect. Light blue highlights on dark blue hair give the illusion of fuller hair and accentuate curls and wavy hairstyles.

    Dark Blue Hair Tips

    Keep your existing hair color and rock dark blue hair. Dark blue hair tips are perfect for someone who wants to show off just a little color.

    Dying just the tips of your hair allows you to trim the color off rather than bleach it out when you’re ready for a change. Dark blue hair tips on platinum and dirty blonde hair are sure to turn heads!

    Half Black Half Dark Blue Hair

    Have you heard about the half-and-half hair trend? You may have seen split hair color ideas popping up on social media.

    Split hair color styles have a visible divide between two hair colors, unlike ombre designs which fade the hair colors together. Half black and half dark blue hair are perfect for someone who wants dark, edgy hair with a unique look.

    Short Royal Dark Blue Hair

    Short bobs always seem to look professional and sophisticated. If you’re looking to change up a short hairstyle with a hint of color, go for short royal blue dark hair.

    Dark Blue Hair With Bangs

    Bangs or no bangs? It’s a great debate. Recently published articles have said bangs may impact your dating profile. After all, bangs create the illusion of an oval, thinner face. If you want a dark blue hairstyle that will get tons of matches, go for dark blue hair with bangs.

    Dark Blue Hair Underneath

    Here’s a great one for die-hard blondies; consider keeping your light hair color and add dark blue hair underneath. Dying the underneath of your hair a bright color makes natural hair colors stand out.

    Dark Blue Hair Highlights

    Not ready for a full-dye job but want a taste of dark blue hair? Add a few dark blue highlights to transform your locks into a new hairstyle! We love the combination of dark blue hair and light blue hair lights together on raven-black hair.

    Brown Dark Blue Hair

    If you can’t part with being a brunette but crave some color, add a little dark blue hair to your do. Milk chocolate brown hair looks stunning with a few tasteful dark indigo-blue highlights.

    Dark Blue Hair Extensions

    Long, thick beautiful hair isn’t easy to achieve. Fortunately, hair extensions are available in almost every color to create the illusion of full hair.

    Temporary halo or clip-in dark blue hair extensions are the perfect way to get full dark blue hair for a night out. For dark blue hair extensions lasting several months, sew-in or tip extensions are best.

    Really Dark Blue Hair

    Some people love an intensely dark shade of blue hair that almost looks black. While midnight blue might be the first choice, if you want a unique shade of really dark blue hair, go for a very dark teal. It’s a very poised look that’s great for elegant and professional wear.

    Faded Dark Blue Hair

    Ombre is a popular technique that involves fading hair from a dark to a light color. Faded dark blue hair transitions from very dark blue hair at the roots to very pale icy blue.

    Dark Blue Hair With Silver Highlights

    Accentuate dark blue hair with silver highlights for a do with luminous shine. Silver highlights on dark hair create a multidimensional, textured look that suits straight and wavy hairstyles.

    Long Dark Blue Hair

    Long, thick hair is an aesthetic trait most girls dream of. While longer hair can be high maintenance and cost more to color, long dark blue hair is undoubtedly a gorgeous hairstyle.

    Follow these tips to grow naturally long hair:

    1. Take a biotin supplement
    2. Add essential oils to your shampoo
    3. Eat enough protein
    4. Take a break from styling tools
    5. Wash hair every other day
    6. Leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes
    7. Drink plenty of water

    Bright Dark Blue Hair

    Does vivid hair color put the biggest smile on your face? Go for a dark and vibrant look with bright dark blue hair. Start with a dark blue base and add lighter, dynamic blue tones to create a stunning deep, bright blue hairstyle.

    Cobalt Dark Blue Hair

    When you’re ready for a vibrant shade of dark blue hair, why not consider cobalt blue? Cobalt dark blue hair is a vivid shade of deep blue, slightly lighter than royal blue. It’s a color that requires a lot of maintenance, but the results are well worth it!

    Zohna Tip

    Keep vivid dark blue hair colors vibrant by using a shampoo color wash for blue hair.

    Indigo Dark Blue Hair

    Purple? Blue? Purple and blue?

    If you can’t decide between dark purple and blue hair, go for indigo hair. Indigo was one of the original seven rainbow colors between blue and violet. For indigo dark blue hair, start with a deep blue base and violet and royal blue undertones.

    Charcoal Blue Hair

    Smoky grey-blue hair is perfect for those who want a serious look with a hint of color. Charcoal dark blue hair takes black or ash brown hair color and adds dark grey and deep blue tones. It’s perfect for giving a wash of dark blue hair to a plain dark hair color.

    Raven Dark Blue Hair

    Let your dark side shine through with raven dark blue hair. This deep shade of brown, almost black, is bursting with metallic blue and dark emerald green tones. It’s perfect for those who want dark hair with a vibrant glow.

    Merman Dark Blue Hair

    There’s a whole new trend blowing up dark blue hair for men; have you heard of merman dark blue hair?

    Men are dying their hair and sometimes their beards in vibrant shades of aquamarine, green and blue, inspired by the colors of the ocean and a merman’s tail. Start with a dark blue base and add lighter turquoise tones for merman dark blue hair.

    Dark Blue Mermaid Hair

    If you love dark blue hair and ocean inspiration, dark blue mermaid hair is for you! Adding powdery blue and aquamarine highlights to a dark blue base creates a stunning mermaid’s tale design.

    Denim Dark Blue Hair

    Denim hair color combines dusty blue greys like charcoal blue and metallic blue shades to give a softer, vivid color resembling denim jeans. Denim dark blue hair takes a dark blue base and layers metallic blue and silvery-blue highlights. It’s great to tone down dark hair with a dusty blue color.

    Dark Blue Fairy Hair

    Fairy hair is characterized by adding turquoise color into an ombre design reminiscent of a blue-haired fairy. Dark blue fairy hair applies vivid turquoise and cobalt blue colors to a dark base to create a multicolored ombre or balayage effect.

    Dark Blue Peekaboo Hair

    Peekaboo hair is an adorable way to add tiny hints of vibrant color to natural hair shades. Peekaboo highlights add single strips of color under the top layer of hair. Change up brunette and mocha hair color by adding dark blue peekaboo hair.

    Dark Blue Roots

    There are so many ways to get creative with dark blue hair dye. Try dark blue roots with a lighter hair color. This mesmerizing hairstyle gradually transforms dark cobalt hair into aquamarine and powder blue.

    Dark Blue Hair Dye

    Dark blue hair color comes in various temporary and permanent dyes.

    The dark blue hair dye types are:

    1. Temporary dye
    2. Semi-permanent dye
    3. Permanent dye
    4. Color toner

    The chart below compares the key differences in dark blue hair color dye.

    Type of Dark Blue Hair Dye Description
    Temporary dye
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 2-3 shampoos
    • No damage to hair
    Semi-permanent dye
    • Penetrates cuticle to deposit color
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 4 to 6 weeks
    • Mild damage to hair
    Permanent dye
    • Penetrates cortex to deposit color
    • Strips hair of natural pigment
    • Changes natural hair color
    • Gradually fades
    • Damages hair by stripping color
    Color toner
    • Coats outer layer of the hair with low pigmented color
    • Enhances existing hair color
    • No damage to hair


    • What Does Dark Blue Hair Fade to?

      Dark blue hair will eventually fade to a lighter shade of blue or green. If you start with natural or existing dark hair and add dark blue hair dye, your color will fade back to brown with a dull blue tinge.

    • How Long Does Dark Blue Hair Last?

      Dark blue hair will fade after several shampoos depending on several factors:

      • How hot the water is
      • How long you stay in the shower
      • The chemicals in the shampoo

      Most dark blue hair dye will fade in four to ten washes. The blue pigment will remain in your hair for up to six weeks if you use semi-permanent dye. The dark color will stay with the permanent dye but gradually lose the blue pigment.

    Final Thoughts

    Come on over to the dark side of blue hair! Dark blue hair color offers an elegant and sophisticated way to wear blue hair. Start with a few dark blue highlights, or go all-over vivid dark blue for a whole new you!