21 Beautiful Dark Brown Balayage Hair Styles To Switch Over To The Dark Side

Updated on December 28, 2023
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    Dark Brown HairPIN

    21 Beautiful Dark Brown Balayage Hair Styles To Switch Over To The Dark Side

    Wanna take a ride on the dark side?

    Go dark with this dark brown balayage hairdo that we know you’ll love. Not only will you look dark and mysterious, but you will feel confident and sexy, guaranteed.

    What makes this look so special is how the hair dye is integrated into your strands. Balayage is a type of hair dye technique made to look like the hair dye has been seamlessly blended into your hair. Balayage on dark hair is a beautiful display of the balayage technique.

    If you want to join us on the dark side, continue reading as we have compiled a list of 21 different dark brown balayage looks.

    Caramel Dark Brown Balayage

    If a dark caramel color sounds as beautiful to you as it does to us, you are in for a treat. This caramel dark brown balayage is a sweet surprise of rich dark brown and caramel coloring weaved through your strands for an excellent balayage hairdo.

    Dark Brown Balayage Short Hair

    Balayage doesn’t discriminate with hair length or type. This unique hair technique works with any hair length to accentuate and give some love to your strands. This dark brown balayage short hair look is just as cute as it is lovely.

    Dark Brown Balayage Straight Hair

    One of the best things about hair is getting to style it. If you get dark brown balayage and want to show off your stylist’s artwork on your strands, give your hair a quick straighten. Straightening the hair allows for better visibility of the beautiful sweeping technique.

    Zohna Tip

    Whenever you use a hot tool on your hair, it's crucial to use a heat protectant to ensure it doesn't get damaged over time.

    Chocolate Dark Brown Balayage

    Love chocolate so much that you want to incorporate its luxurious coloring into your strands? Perfect because this unreal and rich chocolate dark brown balayage will be just your cup of tea to add some dimension to your locks. You can never go wrong with a chocolate brown hair color.

    Dark Brown Balayage Curly Hair

    Dark brown balayage interweaved into the swirls and curls of your naturally generous curly hair will look insane. Adding dark brown balayage will help accentuate and highlight those spirals and twirls.

    Blonde And Dark Brown Balayage

    If you are having trouble deciding between blonde and brown balayage, look no further cause we have the perfect middle ground. This blonde and dark brown balayage mixes the show hair colors for this beautiful hairdo.

    Black Hair Dark Brown Balayage

    Black Hair Dark Brown BalayageInstagram@hairbyroyPIN

    The beautiful thing about black hair dark brown age is that the dark brown is blended so seamlessly into your dark strands that it can be hard to tell the difference unless you are in specific lighting. You could even go for a mocha hair color or mahogany hair color if you want the brown balayage to stay out a bit more.

    Dark Brown Balayage with Bangs

    Take this vision to the salon! We beg you not to turn your bathroom sink into your hair studio and cut your bangs; it never goes well. The stubble color change from the top to the bottom makes this look so stunning.

    Honey Dark Brown Balayage Hair

    Honey dark brown balayage hair is a yummy brown shade with hints of honey’s glowing and warm attributes. This shade is beautiful; you can’t go wrong.

    Ash Dark Brown Balayage

    Ash dark brown balayage is that ideal hair color for the cool-toned peeps searching for a new hairdo. This dark brown balayage is compiled with ashy and silvery tones to give a sexy and smokey appearance you can’t resist.

    Dark Brown Balayage Hair Extensions

    We get it; sometimes, dyeing your hair can be a huge commitment when you aren’t sure how it will look with your complexion and facial features. That’s why we suggest getting dark brown balayage hair extensions to play around with and see how it looks with zero commitment.

    Medium Length Black Dark Brown Balayage

    Got medium-length hair? Perfect, because medium-length black dark brown balayage will look unreal on you, and you are halfway there; all you have to do is dye your hair.

    Dark Brown Balayage with Caramel Highlights

    Dark brown balayage with caramel highlights is a fantastic way to get darker while remaining light. The caramel highlights will keep your hair from looking too dark brown without making you look blonde.

    If you’re wondering about the difference between balayage and highlights, check out the table below for clarification because, no, they aren’t the same thing.

    Balayage Highlights
    • Starts lower down the hair shaft
    • Blanched, blending, softer look
    • Can be any color
    • Thinner streaks of color
    • Stubble color gradient
    • Starts close to or right at roots
    • Intense lightened look
    • Has to be lighter than the base color
    • Thicker streaks of color
    • No color gradient

    Combining the balayage and caramel highlights will help create the appearance of the following:

    • Dimension
    • Thickness
    • Texture
    • Volume

    Latte Dark Brown Balayage with Money Pieces

    There is more than one way to accentuate your facial features other than makeup. Money pieces are great at highlighting your features; all it takes is dyeing the two face framing layers hair pieces. We suggest trying out latte dark brown balayage with money pieces to make your facial features pop.

    Dark Brown Balayage Long Hair

    Dark Brown Balayage Long HairInstagram@salonvimPIN

    Everyone wants long hair, so if you got it, flaunt it! This dark brown balayage long hair look is divine and eye-catching.

    Dark Brown Balayage Bob

    Want to add some spunk to your bob? A dark brown balayage bob will be show-stoppingly stunning, and we’re here for it.

    Red And Dark Brown Balayage

    If just dark brown balayage isn’t enough for your wild spirit, try incorporating some red hues into the brown. The red will accentuate and deepen the dark brown giving it a rich and expensive appearance.

    Dark Brown Balayage Asian

    People of Asian descent typically have beautiful thick, and dark hair. However, sometimes it can be fun to add some balayage to dark hair to lighten things but just a tad.

    Subtle Dark Brown Balayage

    This subtle dark brown balayage hair solidifies the phrase that sometimes less is more! The incorporation of a slightly lighter color at the ends of the hair brings her locks to life subtly.

    Cool Dark Brown Balayage

    If you are one of the cool-toned people looking for a new hairdo, this cool dark brown balayage may tickle your fancy. Unsure what other dark brown balayage will look best with your complexion?

    These dark brown balayage that best suit cool-toned complexions are:

    1. Cool dark brown
    2. Ash dark brown
    3. Black hair dark brown balayage

    Natural Dark Brown Balayage

    The trick to having natural dark brown balayage is choosing a shade not too far from your natural base color and making sure it blends as seamlessly as possible.


    • What Shampoo Do You Use for a Dark Brown Balayage?

      The best shampoo to use for dark brown balayage is blue shampoo. This product will help maintain the brown shades in the balayage, keeping the color long-lasting and the hair looking and feeling healthy.

    • How Much do They Cost?

      There isn’t a set price to add dark brown balayage to your luscious locks. Instead, a few factors contribute to the price, such as where you are located, the salon and the stylist you choose, and the type of balayage you select.

      However, depending on the above factors, it can cost anywhere from $75 to $300.

    Welcome to the Dark Side

    If you have gotten to this point and are confident you have switched to the dark side, welcome. Now all that’s left for you is to hit the salon and make it official. No matter which style you choose, subtle dark brown balayage, latte dark brown balayage with money pieces, or any others mentioned above, we’re confident it would look fantastic on you!