Faux Locs Guide: How to Do, Top Styles & More

Updated on January 18, 2024
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    Faux Locs Guide: How to Do, Top Styles & More

    If you’re looking to spruce up your hairstyle for the new year, adding some faux locs might be just what you need. Faux locs have been trending for a few years, and it looks like they’ll stay in style for a while. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about faux locs, from what they are to how to care for them. Get ready to slay your hair game in 2023 with these tips and tricks.

    What Is Faux Locs Hair

    Faux locs are a popular protective hairstyle that imitates natural dreadlocks or locs without a permanent commitment. This hairstyle has been around for a while and is loved by many for its versatility and low maintenance.

    Creating faux locs involves wrapping or braiding hair extensions around your natural hair, creating a temporary style that lasts for several weeks. This style is perfect for those who want the look of dreadlocks without the commitment of having to grow them out.

    One of the great things about faux locs is that they come in various lengths and textures. Choose the length that suits you best, whether you want short, medium, or long locs.

    There are three different types of faux locs you can choose from, such as:

    • Synthetic
    • Human hair
    • Yarn extensions

    The installation process for faux locs takes a couple of hours, but the results are worth it! Once the extensions are in place, you can style your hair in various ways, from simple updos to elaborate braids.

    Another benefit of faux locs is that they are a protective style, which means that they help to protect your natural hair from damage. Keeping your hair tucked away can prevent breakage and promote healthy hair growth.

    A few things that can cause hair damage are:

    1. Aggressive brushing
    2. Sleeping on wet hair
    3. Styling your hair in tight, pulled-back styles
    4. Heat styling
    5. Hair dyeing

    Overall, faux locs are a great way to experiment with a new hairstyle without the commitment of a permanent change. They are versatile, low maintenance, and can be styled in various ways. If you’re looking for a new protective style, faux locs may be just what you need!

    Popular Faux Locs Hairstyles

    Are you tired of the same old hairstyles and looking for something new and exciting? Faux locs might just be the answer! These versatile and low-maintenance hairstyles have been gaining popularity in recent years and for a good reason. Not only do they look great, but they also protect your natural hair from damage.

    What are some popular faux locs hairstyles for 2023? Let’s take a closer look.

    Goddess Faux Locs

    If you want to feel and look like the goddess that you are, check out these goddess faux locs. You can style your locs however you want, but we only have one suggestion; incorporate a goddess-like element.

    Try adding gold hair bangles to your faux locs. This will give your strands that goddess look and appeal for minimal effort.

    Crochet Faux Locs

    Crochet faux locs is a method of application. It’s similar to crocheting, which is where it gets the name. For this process, a crochet hook will be very useful and helpful to attach the natural braided hair through the faux locs hoop.

    Short Faux Locs

    Short Faux LocsInstagram@poeismPIN

    The great thing about faux locks is that they can be whatever length you want them to be. If you want them extra long, they can do that. If you want them to be shorter, they can do that also.

    These short faux locs are the perfect way to elevate your hair. They don’t need to be super long or complex, but a short addition to your strands will give them some length.

    Long Faux Locs

    If you have naturally shorter hair that won’t grow out but you’ve always dreamed of having long hair, then long faux locs will do the trick. Adding longer locs to your strands will give you perfect, long faux locs. The longer your locs are, the more styles you can do with them.

    Blonde Faux Locs

    Whether you have brown, black, or blonde hair, there’s no limit on the hair color that can sport faux locs. Blonde faux locs are a great example. These blonde locs look super cool braided, and the mixture of brown, blonde, and braids gives the hair dimension and contrast.

    Red Faux Locs

    The color red symbolizes many things, such as love, passion, and joy. Red is a great shade, especially when incorporated into your strands. These red faux locs are the perfect example of how fantastic red can look in the hair.

    The red coloring helps to add shine and glossiness to your hair. This style and color combo is what hair dreams are made of.

    Butterfly Faux Locs

    Butterfly Faux LocsInstagram@noonie_doPIN

    Butterfly faux locs are very similar to regular faux locs, minus a few key factors. Both are achieved through the crotchet method, where strands of hair are looped into a braid with a crochet needle and loosely attached to a braided strand of hair.

    However, the key difference is that butterfly locs aren’t braided. The natural hair is braided, and then fake coiled sections of fake hair are attached and wrapped around the braid. This style is a bit more messy and beachy looking compared to the braids.

    Distressed Faux Locs

    If you want to go for a distressed faux locs look, then we highly recommend the butterfly locs. This will give your strands that messy distressed look that is effortlessly looking.

    If you want it to be extra distressed, you can wrap the fake locs slightly looser and then use the crochet hook to pull out random strands slightly along the hair shaft.

    Soft Faux Locs

    Soft faux locs are another name for butterfly locs. These locs have a softer finish, less tension, and lighter weight.

    Soft faux locs are generally softer, which gives them more movement when first installed, making them easier to style. This is the right choice for anyone wanting to limit their use of hot tools to give your natural texture a break.

    There are many ways you can care for your soft locs so they last as long as possible, such as:

    1. Wearing a silk scarf or bonnet to bed
    2. Keeping hair hydrated
    3. Wearing a shower cap
    4. Take special care when shampooing to prevent friction

    Jumbo Faux Locs

    Jumbo faux locs are like any of the other ones; they’re just larger. If you like the looks of the larger-sized locs, all you have to do is loop on extra strands. To fill a full head, it typically takes 4-6 packs of locs, but if you want it to be larger and more luscious, you can incorporate a few more packs.

    Bob Short Faux Locs

    If you want to add some thickness to your strands but still want them on the short size, check out this bob short faux locs look! We love how the faux locs frame the face and add volume and texture without making your strands look too poofy.

    Bohemian Faux Locs

    If you want to go for a bohemian faux locs style, this look will be for you! It’s easy and simple; we suggest incorporating some fun jewels and trinkets into the faux locs. This will give them that bohemian beach vibe.

    Marley Faux Locs

    Marley braid hair is a type of store-bought hair used to create faux locs styles. This hair is made of a synthetic fiber called kanekalon.

    Marley faux locs are a type of fake hair and a certain style named after reggae music legend Bob Marley. These infamous faux locs are created by intertwining your natural strands with the kinky Marley braiding hair extensions. Twisting the hair together will therefore give you the Marley twist.

    Small Faux Locs

    Small Faux LocsInstagram@nij.locdnPIN

    If you want small faux locs, the answer is simple! Just use small sections of natural hair and fewer fake strands. This will keep the braids, twists, or soft locs smaller and thinner, giving you the small locs look.

    Ginger Faux Locs

    If you have ginger hair, don’t worry; there are faux locs in plenty of colors and shades to match your strands or to not match your strands. Purchasing faux locs that are a completely different shade than your natural hair is a fun way to change your hair color without fully committing to the dyeing process.

    Ginger faux locs could be a fun way to play around with color and see what you would like as a ginger!

    Burgundy Faux Locs

    Be bold and try a new and fun color like these burgundy faux locs. Nothing screams change like completely changing your hair color, and you can easily do that for 4-6 weeks with faux locs.

    This burgundy shade is deep and alluring. We love the vibrancy it brings and how well it complements darker skin tones.

    Ombre Faux Locs

    If you can’t decide what shade you want your locs to be, check out these ombre faux locs for a three in one deal! You can have three different shades on your strands with this ombre style.

    If you don’t know what ombre is, it’s a color gradient from one shade into another. It’s a great way to incorporate shades into your strands to add dimension and texture.

    Pink Faux Locs

    If summer is peaking its head around the corner, it might be time to shift gears from your darker hair shade and try these pink faux locks. They are bright, bold, and fun, to say the least! Plus, pink symbolizes youth, playfulness, and good health! Three great things to represent if you ask us.

    Natural Faux Locs

    Natural Faux LocsInstagram@nij.locdnPIN

    The most natural-looking way to add faux locs is the braid-in method. That said, it does take a bit longer than the crochet method. To get natural faux locs, choose a color that matches your natural hair most accurately. This will help give the appearance of natural-looking faux locs.

    Brown Faux Locs

    Brown faux locs are the most natural looking. They match most hair colors and are easy to style. For example, if you have pink faux locs, you may have a harder time choosing an outfit that matches your hair’s color than you would if you had brown locs.

    Honey Blonde Faux Locs

    These beautiful honey blonde faux locs are what heaven is made of! The rich warm coloring is gorgeous when paired with a warm and darker skin color. The warmth of the locs will instantly warm up your complexion. We recommend this hair color in the summer to give you that summer goddess look.

    Blue Faux Locs

    Dare to do something different by getting blue faux locs. This hair is 100% a statement, but it looks unique and fun at the same time. These locs would be perfect for a festival or cool summer party.

    Zohna Tip

    If you spend all day in the sun with your faux locs, chances are you will have some root exposure. If you want to protect the skin on your scalp from the sun, use a powder sunscreen on the exposed skin.

    Large Faux Locs

    If Rihanna is wearing large faux locs, it’s your sign their cool and that you should get them. Some people prefer their locs to be thicker looking; if you are one of those people, these large faux locs are for you.

    Messy Faux Locs

    Messy faux locs are the perfect loc for summer. They give off that beachy vibe that everyone wishes they had all day, every day, even if they got nowhere near the beach and open water.

    Half-Up, Half-Down Styles

    If you’re looking for a practical and stylish style, half-up, half-down faux locs might be just what you need. This style lets you show off your beautiful locs while keeping them out of your face.

    You can experiment with different variations of this style, such as a braided half-up, half-down

    look or a twisted half-up, half-down look.

    Braided Faux Locs

    If you want to add extra dimension to your faux locs, try braiding them. You can experiment with various braid patterns, such as a classic three-strand braid, a fishtail braid, or a Dutch braid. Braided faux locs can give your hair a unique, intricate look that will turn heads.

    Sleek Ponytail or Bun

    If you’re looking for a more professional look, a sleek ponytail or bun might be just what you need. This style is perfect for the workplace or any formal occasion. To achieve this look, simply gather your locs into a high ponytail or bun and secure it with an elastic band. You can also add some edge control to smooth down any flyaways.

    Accessorize Your Locs

    If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add accessories to your faux locs? Cowrie shells, beads, and colorful thread are just a few examples of the many accessories you can use to elevate your look. You can also experiment with different colors of locs to achieve a trendy ombre effect or stick to a classic all-black look.

    How to Safely Install Faux Locs

    Faux locs are a great protective style that can give you the look of natural locs without commitment. If you opt for a DIY faux locs installation, follow some tips to ensure you do it correctly and safely.

    1. Clean and Moisturize Your Hair: Before starting the installation process, it’s essential to ensure that your natural hair is clean and moisturized. This step will help prevent breakage and damage to your hair. Start by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup. Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to add moisture to your hair.
    2. Divide Your Hair into Sections: Divide it into sections once your hair is clean and moisturized. The number of sections will depend on the thickness of your hair and the size of the faux locs you want to create. Use small rubber bands or hair clips to secure each section of hair so it’s easier to work with.
    3. Braid the Hair Extensions Tightly: Braid your hair extensions tightly around each section of natural hair. Use a crochet hook to pull stray hairs into the locs for a more natural look. Be gentle with your hair and avoid pulling too tightly, as this can cause breakage or damage to your natural hair. Keep each loc section neat and even to give you a consistent style.
    4. Consider Going to a Professional Stylist: If installation seems too complicated or overwhelming, consider going to a professional stylist who can do it for you and ensure the best results. A professional stylist will have the experience and knowledge to create the perfect faux locs for you without causing any damage to your natural hair.

    Following these tips, you can safely install faux locs and enjoy a beautiful, protective style that lasts for weeks.

    The Pros and Cons of Faux Locs