18 Best Fluffy Boy Hair Styles for Men

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    Fluffy Boy HairPIN

    18 Best Fluffy Boy Hair Styles for Men

    We are calling all boys and men! We have a hot new hairstyle trend you’ll want to take a glance at.

    Fluffy boy hair is an ideal hairstyle for those wanting to look and feel their best with minimal effort. You can alter its steps to suit your hair and routines. Don’t be discouraged by the name; fluffy is not frizzy. Continue reading to find this rockin hairstyle’s perks!

    2 Reasons Boys with Fluffy Hair Is A Popular Hairstyle Right Now

    Boys with fluffy hair have become a super popular online trend that many young and older men are taking a liking to. There are a few reasons why this trend is becoming popular, and we can tell you why.

    It’s A Casual Hairstyle That Looks Good

    Not everyone wants to take the time to style their hair, and when that’s the case, you can often tell. This hairstyle, however, looks styled while taking little effort to do so. Therefore, you can look somewhat put together without fully putting yourself together, which is perfect for those in a rush.

    It Can Be Styled In Many Different Ways

    The great thing about fluffy hair is that it can be accomplished in many ways. It works for almost all hair types, making it an accessible and popular hairstyle. Anyone can alter the process to suit their strands better, and they will all end up with a relatively similar look.

    Cute Fluffy Hair Boy

    This cute little boy melts our hearts and rocks the ‘cute fluffy hair boy’ look marvelously. If you need a haircut, ask the barber for a trim that will aid in achieving fluffy hair, you won’t regret it.

    The health of your strands helps make hair fluffy, and since young kids’ hair isn’t damaged from heat or dyes like many adults, a simple trim suited for fluffy hair will make fluffy boy hair within reach. Ask for long layers, and always bring photos for inspiration.

    Fluffy Alt Boy Hair

    To take your hairstyle from regular to alternative, we have two suggestions. The first is hair dye. Adding color to your strands instantly gives them an alt look and feel.

    Second, keep things messy. Styling your hair to look like it wasn’t even styled is the key to achieving the fluffy alt boy hair style. All you have to do is warm up some styling gel in your hands and then scrunch your hair and mess it around.

    Brown Fluffy Hair Boy

    There is no limit to the color range of fluffy boy hair. No matter the shade of your mane, you can sport this style. This ‘brown fluffy hair boy’ look is for all our brown-haired boys. Remember to keep the strands long; the longer they are, the fluffier they will look.

    Zohna Tip

    Add lemon juice to your strands and lay them out in the sun to lighten your hair. This will help to lighten them ever so slightly.

    Long Fluffy Hair Boy

    We suggest curls if you have long hair that needs some fluffing. Having waves or curls in your strands is the ideal way to get some fluff, as they provide bounce, volume, and texture.

    If you have long hair that you want to curl, here is a quick tutorial on how to add heatless curls to your mane:

    1. Right after you get out of the shower, use an old t-shirt or towel and scrunch your hair. It helps to bend over forwards so the hair is hanging down. Using both hands and the towel, scrunch the hair upwards your head.
    2. After you repeat step two a handful of times, rub a curl cream or lightweight styling gel between your hands and repeat the above process without the towel.
    3. Once the hair is saturated in the product, leave it to dry, and it should curl in perfect wavy ringlets.

    Fluffy Emo Boy Hair

    There are two notable things about fluffy emo boy hair that you need to consider. The first is the shade of your hair. Emo hair is typically darker, so if you want to embody the emo life, the darker, the better.

    The second is the length. To get the fluffy emo boy hair look, your strands must be long enough to fall into your face but not too long that you can’t see.

    Blonde Fluffy Hair Boy

    Blonde Fluffy Hair BoyInstagram@timfishrPIN

    The fluffy boy hair look can be done with any hair color. There are no requirements for the shade of your mane to rock fluffy boy hair. If you have blonde hair that you want to fluff up, be our guest. Fluffy blonde hair always looks beachy. Add some sea salt spray to elevate your beachy vibes.

    Fluffy Curly Hair Boy

    If you naturally have curly hair, you’re halfway toward fluffy hair. However, there are a few tricks of the trade that you can incorporate into your style routine to get fluffy hair. If your curls can withstand it without getting frizzy, we suggest brushing out your curls for some extra fluff and volume.

    If you want to elevate your swirls and twirls to make them fluffier, we have a few other suggestions, such as:

    • Dry shampoo
    • Volumizing mousse
    • Volumizing curl cream
    • Diffuser blow dryer

    Short Fluffy Hair Boy

    If your hair is shorter and you want to add some oomph to your mane, we suggest following the basic steps for achieving short fluffy hair listed in the chart under the aesthetic fluffy hair boy category. However, if your hair is too short to use a diffuser, just use a regular blow dryer.

    Fluffy Hair Covering Eyes Boy

    Fluffy hair that covers the eyes gives off emo vibes. If those are the vibes you are going for, perfect. We suggest that you ensure your strands aren’t too long, or you won’t be able to see. There will be a sweet spot where it covers your eyes but still allows you to see. You and your barber should be able to find the spot easily.

    Aesthetic Fluffy Hair Boy

    To us, aesthetic fluffy hair is all about achieving the perfect fluffy hair look perfectly. Check out the chart below to discover how to get fluffy hair. Keep in mind you can alter this tutorial to suit you and your hair type.

    How To Get Fluffy Hair Description
    Prep The key to fluffy hair starts before styling. Ensure you use good quality shampoo and conditioner suited for your hair type. Taking hair supplements and vitamins will also help in hair health and fluffiness.
    Pre-blow drying Using a volumizing mousse will help give your hair the volume you need to get fluffy hair. Always use a heat protectant spray while using heat on your hair.
    Drying The best way to add fluff to your strands is to use a diffuser after the shower. A diffuser is a blow dryer that gives your hair curls and is super easy to use.
    After drying Add some dry texture spray to get that volume and fluffy look. Add a spritz of hairspray to seal in the waves.

    Fluffy White Boy Hair

    Fluffy White Boy HairInstagram@wtftkrisPIN

    Caucasian boys and men typically have thinner and lighter hair than others. That said, fluffy hair is the easiest to achieve on their hair type. The lighter the weight of the hair, the easier it is for it to stay fluffy because it’s not being weighed down.

    Fluffy Black Hair Male

    Fluffy Black Hair MaleInstagram@luistnrPIN

    Fluffy hair looks good on any hair color. Take this fluffy black hair as an example. Fluffy hair doesn’t discriminate on any hair shade and can be done on almost any hair type.

    Fluffy Gamer Boy Hair

    Fluffy Gamer Boy HairInstagram@heykipppPIN

    Channel your inner gamer mode with this fluffy gamer boy hair. Gamers tend to be pale compared to others; therefore, we suggest you go darker with your hair. If you have light skin, the darkness of your strands will make you appear fairer.

    Fluffy Straight Hair Boy

    Suppose you are a boy with straight hair that doesn’t seem to want to hold a curl; that is all good because you can still have fluffy hair without the curl. You may need to add more products than everyone else. Using a flat iron to flick out the ends of your strands can also help add the appearance of texture and fluff.

    Fluffy Wavy Hair Male

    Fluffy Wavy Hair MaleInstagram@_.sam.sPIN

    If you have wavy hair, you’re in luck. Wavy hair is one of the easiest hair types to make fluffy. You only need a diffuser and curl cream to accentuate those twirls and swirls. Add a sea salt spray to help accentuate your wavy, beachy look.

    Messy Fluffy Hair Male

    If you want messy fluffy hair, you’re in the right spot. Once you have followed all the steps to achieve fluffy hair, like blow drying and using certain products, we suggest you rub some hair gel between your palms and go to town on your strands. This will give them that wild and free look you’re searching for.

    Fluffy Skater Boy Hair

    Fluffy Skater Boy HairInstagram@ruehowardPIN

    Skater boy hair, to us, is flat on the top and then flared out on the sides, similar to what it might look like if you were to wear a ballcap. This look can be achieved in a few ways. You can use a flat iron to flick and flare out the edges of your hair. Or you can wear a baseball cap loosely on your head while your hair dries.

    Bleached Fluffy Hair Men

    Bleached Fluffy Hair MenInstagram@modutch85PIN

    If you are tired of your dull natural hair shade, why not switch things up with fluffy bleached hair? Bleaching and fluffing your hair out will give you this cool, unique look no one can compete with.

    Asian Boy With Fluffy Hair

    People of Asian descent typically have thick dark hair. Thick hair can be tricky to make fluffy, but we have a tip for you. If you grow out your strands, it will be easier to make them look fluffy. Plus, getting a good quality strong hairspray will help keep your mane lifted and fluffy for longer.


    • What Haircut Should You Ask For If You Want Fluffy Hair?

      If you book a trip to the salon for fluffy hair, you can do a few things. First, we suggest you bring a few inspirational photos. Pictures that encapsulate what you want your hair to look like are exactly what we’re talking about.

      Another tip we have is to ask for long layers. When styled right, your long layers will look super fluffy.

    • How To Style Fluffy Hair Guys?

      We have you covered if you want to know how to style your fluffy hair. However, remember you might have to alter this tutorial depending on your hair type and length.

      Check out this quick tutorial on how to do fluffy hair (psst! This tutorial also works for fluffy girl hair):

      1. Start with hair about 70% dry and add volumizing mousse, heat protectant spray, and any other product you want.
      2. Blow your hair upside down using a regular blow dryer or, even better, a diffuser if your hair is long enough.
      3. If your hair is short, rub gel between your hands and scrunch your hair up and away from the front of your head. If your hair is long, bend forward upside down and scrunch your hair upwards.

    Keep Calm and Fluff On

    Hopefully, we haven’t spooked you away with all the different beauty words and products. The beauty industry is for everyone, so dig in and enjoy. There are many other style options, and we hope to have convinced you to try one of the fluffy hair looks. On the bright side, you can just wash your hair and try something else if you don’t like it.