27 Trending French Crop Haircuts for Men + How to Style

Updated on February 16, 2024
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    27 Trending French Crop Haircuts for Men + How to Style

    It’s time for a change and the perfect way to do that is to get a fresh new hairdo. We recommend the French crop as a brand new way to change up your looks and have all the ladies swooning. I’m sure we had you at”ladies swooning” so let’s not postpone this any longer and get into all things French crop.

    What Is a French Crop Haircut?

    The French Crop haircut is a low-maintenance option for men. It features short sides and back, with slightly longer hair on top. The hair on top is typically cut into a textured, cropped style. This creates a neat look that is easy to style and also maintain. The French Crop is often paired with a fade or undercut for added contrast. One of the key features of the French Crop is its short sides and back, ensuring that it remains low-maintenance.

    Caesar Cut Vs French Crop

    Although the French Crop and Caesar Cut may seem similar at first glance, there are some key differences between the two haircuts that you might want to know. Please check out the table below to identify the key differences.

    Caesar Cut French Cut
    • Shorter length around the edges, with a horizontal fringe cut straight across the forehead.
    • Achieved by trimming the hair to a uniform length of about one to two inches over the head.
    • The fringe is cut horizontally, just above the eyebrows, creating a distinct and classic look.
    • French Crop has longer hair on top and a more textured, layered look.
    • More versatility in terms of styling options.
    • Characterized by longer hair on top, usually around two to three inches long, which can be styled in various ways.
    • The sides and back are tapered or faded, creating a clean and polished appearance.
    • The French Crop often incorporates textured layers, adding depth and dimension to the overall look.

    How To Style a French Crop

    Styling a French Crop is relatively simple and requires minimal effort but there is always room for making your haircut look the best, and we have a few tips to help you achieve that.

    What you’ll need:

    • Wax or pomade
    • Comb
    • Blow dryer
    • Light mist hairspray

    Step #1

    Start by towel drying your hair after a shower.

    Step #2

    Apply a small amount of styling product, such as pomade or wax, to your fingertips. Work the product through your hair, focusing on the top and front sections.

    Step #3

    Using your fingers or a comb, gently manipulate your hair to achieve the desired texture and volume. Feel the strands between your fingertips as you lift and separate, creating dimension and movement.

    Step #4

    For those wanting a more defined and styled look, the blow dryer will become your trusted ally. With a brush in hand, guide the strands into place, while using the blow dryer to direct the hair into place.

    Step #5

    A light mist of hairspray is all it takes to lock in your style, providing a shield against the elements so that it stays all day.

    French Crop Fade

    One of the best hairstyles of the French crop is the French crop fade. Pairing the fade and the French crop together is a match made in heaven. The taper fade starts high on the sides and gradually blends into longer hair on top. This contrast in length adds dimension and visual interest to the overall haircut.

    You have a few different fade options, and we’ve listed them in the table below.

    French Crop Fade Options Description
    Low Fade A low fade is a haircut style where the hair gradually shortens as it approaches the neckline. The fade typically starts around the ear level or slightly above it. The transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter hair on the sides and back is subtle. It can be blended smoothly or have a bit of a taper, depending on personal preference.
    Mid Fade A mid fade involves a fade that starts around the temple area, creating a medium level of contrast between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides and back. The mid fade provides a balance between the low fade and high fade styles. It offers a clean appearance while still maintaining some hair length around the temples. This style is versatile and suits various hair types and face shapes.
    High Fade A high fade is a haircut where the hair is tapered or faded very close to the crown of the head. The fade begins well above the temples, creating a more dramatic contrast between the longer hair on top and the short sides and back. High fades provide a clean and sharp appearance. This style accentuates the contrast between the longer and shorter sections of hair.

    Textured French Crop

    Textured French CropInstagram@alan_beakPIN

    If you want to add some texture and dimensions to your locs, the textured French crop is a great way to do so.

    This style involves adding texture and movement to the hair on top by pairing layers with specific hair products, such as:

    • Sea salt spray
    • Texturizing powder
    • Volumizing mousse

    By adding these products and using your fingers to scrunch the hair, you can create a messy and effortless appearance. The textured French Crop is ideal for those who prefer a laid-back and tousled look.

    Long French Crop

    If keeping your hair long on top is an important element of your hairstyle, then the long French crop is the ideal style. This style works well for those who want to maintain a bit of versatility in their hairstyle so that you can style your hair in different ways like the slicked-back style or a tousled look. The long French Crop is an excellent choice for individuals with thick or coarse hair; the extra length adds weight and helps control the hair’s natural texture.

    French Crop Low Fade

    A French Crop with a low fade is a pairing you had no idea you needed. The fade starts at the temple and gradually tapers down to the neckline, getting shorter the lower you go down. This creates a clean look perfect for both professional and casual settings. The French Crop low fade is a popular choice for men who want a well-groomed haircut that is easy to maintain.

    Messy French Crop

    We all can’t be put together all the time, but instead of disliking that part of yourself, just lean into it. The messy French crop is perfect for that because it’ll help you embrace the messiness. This style involves intentionally tousling the hair to create a messy and textured appearance. Use a small amount of styling product and your fingers to create a controlled chaos on top of your head.

    Modern French Crop

    Make things modern with a cool and unique French crop haircut. The key to modernizing things is to cut a cool design into the fade on the side of the head, like sharp lines, shaved designs, or asymmetrical cuts. The modern French Crop is great because it allows for more creativity and experimentation.

    French Crop Mullet

    Everyone knows what a mullet is, but have you ever heard of a French crop mullet? This unconventional combination is all about a short and cropped top combined with longer hair at the back. The French crop mullet is not for those who like to play it safe with their hair. But, if you like having fun with your hair, this is the look for you.

    Short French Crop

    If you want a short cut, but want to give it a unique twist, the short French crop is here to help. This no-fuss haircut features a clean and clipped appearance, with the hair on top cut short and styled to create a polished look. The short French Crop requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for those who want a stylish haircut without spending too much time on styling.

    French Crop Curly Hair

    If your curls have a mind of their own and need a bit of taming, we’d like to introduce you to the French crop curly hair style. The key to this look is to fall back in love with your natural curls and allow them to shine. Opt for a shorter length on top to control the volume, and use a curl-enhancing product to define your curls.

    Asian French Crop

    The Asian French Crop is a popular hairstyle among Asian men. It combines the clean and structured look of the French Crop with Asian hair textures. The Asian French Crop often involves adding texture and volume to the hair on top.. This haircut is suitable for individuals with straight or slightly wavy hair and offers a fresh take on the classic French Crop.

    Mid Fade French Crop

    If you like the mid fade, you’ll love this mid fade French crop. It’s a balanced variation that adds depth and dimension to the haircut, what more could you want? The fade starts halfway up the sides and back, creating a smooth transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides.

    Drop Fade French Crop

    Drop your old haircut and try out this drop fade French crop. The drop fade starts at the temple and curves down towards the neckline. This fade style adds the perfect sprinkle of drama and visual interest to the French Crop, making it a popular choice for those who want to stand out and be known as the dude with the cool cut.

    French Crop Undercut

    French Crop UndercutInstagram@jek.ryPIN

    Pairing the French crop with the undercut is the new ideal haircut you have to check out. The undercut involves shaving or trimming the hair on the sides and back very short, creating a distinct contrast with the longer hair on top. The French Crop undercut is a great choice for those who want a haircut with a bit of attitude.

    French Crop Burst Fade

    Burst into the hot new hair scene with the French crop burst fade. The burst fade French Crop features a rounded shape at the temple, resembling a sunburst or explosion. This is the ideal haircut for those who want people to take a second look at their strands and shower them with compliments.

    French Crop Straight Hair

    In case you were wondering, straight hair is ideal for achieving a clean French Crop look. The hair on top can be easily styled into a neat style, perfect for those who like a little structure in their style. To enhance the straightness and shine of your hair, use a light styling product and a comb to smooth things out.

    Zohna Tip

    If you don't naturally have straight hair you can obviously use a straightener. But, don't forget heat protectant when you do, your strands will thank you.

    Skin Fade French Crop

    The skin fade French Crop involves shaving the hair on the sides and back extremely short. This creates a seamless and smooth transition from the skin to the slightly longer hair on top. The skin fade adds an element of contrast to the French Crop, making it a popular choice for those who want a striking haircut.

    French Crop High Fade

    If you want an uber clean looking and eye-catching look, the French crop high fade style is here to help.

    This attention-grabbing variation starts high on the sides and back, leaving a longer section of hair on the top.

    French Crop Middle Part

    French Crop Middle PartInstagram@bakha2505PIN

    The great thing about the French crop is its versatility, aka that it can work with any part. The French crop middle part is a super trendy and attractive haircut for men to try out. All you need to do is create a middle part with your French crop. This look offers a modern twist on the traditional French Crop, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel.

    French Crop With Beard

    If you’re a fan of facial hair, then the French Crop With Beard is the perfect combination for you. This look combines a well-groomed French Crop with a carefully maintained beard, creating a rugged yet attractive image. The contrast between the short, cropped hair and the fuller beard adds depth and character to your overall appearance.

    French Crop Fringe

    The French Crop Fringe adds a twist to the typical French Crop you see, incorporating a trendy fringe that adds texture and volume to your hair. This variation is ideal for those with thicker hair who want to add some movement and dimension to their style. Your barber will trim the sides and back of your hair short, while leaving the top slightly longer to create the fringe. This technique allows for a seamless blend between the shorter sides and the longer top.

    Blonde French Crop

    Blonde French CropInstagram@qubomnlPIN

    Just as you can pair the French crop with any hair type, thick, thin and anything in between, you can also pair it with any hair color. By bleaching your hair blonde, you can add a touch of edginess to your overall look. Before opting for the Blonde French Crop, it’s essential to consider whether this hairstyle will suit your skin tone. Consulting with your hairstylist or barber is crucial to ensure that the blonde shade complements your complexion.

    Bleaching your hair can be hard on it, so we have a few tips for keeping it healthy, such as:

    1. Use a sulfate-free shampoo
    2. Deep conditioning treatments
    3. Leave-in conditioner
    4. Limit heat styling
    5. Avoid over-washing

    French Crop Wavy Hair

    For those blessed with naturally wavy hair we have two things to say. First, we are super jealous. Second, the French Crop Wavy Hair is a match made in heaven. This variation leans into the idea of embracing your hair’s natural texture. Your barber will trim the sides and back short to accentuate the wavy texture of your hair. The top will be left slightly longer to create volume and movement.

    Zohna Tip

    To accentuate your waves, use a basic old towel or t-shirt bund over forwards and scrunch your hair up towards the scalp. This will create perfect waves.

    Disconnected French Crop

    The Disconnected French Crop is an edgy variation that features a dramatic disconnect between the short cropped hair and the longer top, creating a sharp and distinctive look. Carefully create a clear line of demarcation between the short sides and back and the longer top.

    French Crop Thin Hair

    Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock a fantastic hairstyle. The French Crop Thin Hair is specifically designed to add volume and texture to your thin locks, giving the illusion of thicker hair, perfect for you thin haired guys out there. Adding layers and volumizing products will also help to create the illusion of thicker hair.

    Zohna Tip

    If you have thin hair, make sure you choose lightweight styling products or else the product will weigh your hair down and make it greasy.

    French Crop Pompadour

    If you’re a fan of classic hairstyles with a modern twist, the French Crop Pompadour is for you. This variation combines the clean and sleek lines of the French Crop with the timeless look of the pompadour on top of the head. Trim the sides and back short, leaving the top slightly longer. Then style the top into a pompadour, using a comb and some hair product to achieve the desired height and shape.

    Spiky French Crop

    If you wanna create some spunk in your hair, the spiky French crop is perfect for you. Your barber will trim the sides and back short, while leaving the top slightly longer and styling it into spikes using a hair product with strong hold.


    • How To Ask For A French Crop?

      When it comes to getting the perfect French Crop, communication is key. To ensure that you get the desired results, it’s important to effectively communicate your wishes to your barber.

      Here are a few tips on how to ask for a French Crop:

      1. Bring pictures: Visual aids are always helpful when trying to convey a specific style. Bring pictures of the French Crop you have in mind to show your barber.
      2. Use descriptive language: Be as descriptive as possible when explaining the style you want. Use words like “short on the sides and back,” “slightly longer on top,” or “textured.”
      3. Listen to your barber: Your barber is a professional and has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in achieving the best French Crop for your face shape and hair type. Listen to their suggestions and trust their judgment.
      4. Ask for maintenance tips: To keep your French Crop looking its best, ask your barber for maintenance tips and product recommendations. They can provide valuable advice on how to style and care for your new haircut.
    • What Face Shape Does A French Crop Suit?

      One of the great things about the French Crop is that it suits a wide range of face shapes. Whether you have an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, there’s a French Crop variation that can enhance your features.

    • How Long Does A French Crop Haircut Last?

      The longevity of a French Crop haircut depends on several factors, including the speed at which your hair grows, how well you maintain your haircut, and the frequency of trims. On average, a French Crop can last anywhere from two to six weeks. However, it’s important to note that to maintain the style and shape of your French Crop, regular trims every few weeks are recommended.

    • How To Texture A French Crop?

      Texturing a French Crop is an excellent way to add depth and dimension to your haircut.

      Here are a few techniques to achieve the desired texture:

      • Razoring: Your barber can use a razor to gently thin out the hair, creating a textured effect. This technique is particularly useful for those with thick hair.
      • Point Cutting: Point cutting involves using the tips of the scissors to create small cuts in the hair, adding texture and movement.
      • Styling Products: Using the right styling products can also help achieve the desired texture. Texturizing sprays, waxes, and pomades can add dimension and definition to your French Crop.

    Don’t Be A Flop and Go For The French Crop

    The French Crop is a trendy haircut that can completely transform your look. With the right guidance from your barber and some inspiration from the various styles mentioned in this article, you’ll be on your way to rocking the perfect French Crop haircut in no time!