21 Trending Frontal Ponytail Styles

Updated on January 22, 2024
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    21 Trending Frontal Ponytail Styles

    In a world where hairdos have more twists and turns than a Netflix thriller, one rebellious hairstyle has literally emerged to flip tradition on its head.

    The frontal ponytail has hairstylists scratching their heads and the rest of us wondering if our foreheads have suddenly become the new runway.

    Picture this: you wake up, tousle your hair, and decide it’s time to change. But not just any change – you feel boldly audacious like your scalp is ready to take center stage.

    Unlike your run-of-the-mill hairstyles, the frontal ponytail is a trendsetting maverick. It takes the flexibility of lace frontals to a whole new level, allowing you to experiment with various looks, from center parts to side parts. But here’s the kicker – it proudly declares, “I’ll wear my ponytail however I darn well please!”

    This article explores what a frontal ponytail is, how to achieve the look, and 21 styles to inspire your next hair transformation. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a clear understanding of the frontal ponytail and can share your favorite hairstyle with your friends.

    What Is a Frontal Ponytail?

    Embark on a journey into frontal ponytails, where hair innovation meets boundless style. Before we delve into the details, let’s demystify the essence of frontal ponytails. This avant-garde hairstyle incorporates a “frontal” hairpiece strategically positioned at the hairline to achieve a seamless and natural look, unlocking a world of versatile ponytail possibilities.

    Now, let’s break down the essential aspects of frontal ponytails in the table below:

    Feature Description
    Definition A hairstyle featuring a frontal hairpiece at the hairline, enhancing the overall style and creating a natural-looking hairline.
    Versatility Allows for a myriad of ponytail looks, from elegant updos to playful half-up half-down styles, maintaining a seamless and natural appearance.
    Popularity Surge Frontal ponytails have gained traction due to their transformative ability, enabling experimentation with textures, lengths, and colors without the permanent commitment.
    Occasion Flexibility Suitable for various occasions, ranging from sleek and polished formal events to casual and relaxed outings, offering adaptable styling options.
    Hair Loss Solution Provides a solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, as the frontal hair piece conceals the hairline, creating the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

    Zohna Tip

    A frontal ponytail requires securing to prevent shifting or slipping, along with regular washing and conditioning for both frontal and natural hair to ensure longevity and vibrancy.

    How To Do A Frontal Ponytail

    Ready to try out a frontal ponytail for yourself? Follow these step-by-step instructions to achieve the perfect look:

    1. Prepare Your Natural Hair: Ensure it’s clean, dry, and free from styling products. Use a gentle shampoo and thoroughly dry your hair. Eliminate residue with a clarifying shampoo for a clean base.
    2. Choose a Matching Frontal: Select a frontal that matches your natural hair color and texture. Ensure a seamless blend for a natural and cohesive look. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist for guidance.
    3. Place and Secure the Frontal: Position the frontal at the hairline, ensuring comfort and coverage. Use adhesive or bobby pins for secure placement. Follow manufacturer instructions if using adhesive.
    4. Create the Ponytail: Gather the remaining hair into a ponytail using a comb or fingers. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. Choose the position (back, side, or high on the crown) based on your desired style.
    5. Polish the Ponytail: Smooth out flyaways with a brush or edge control gel. Tame stubborn flyaways or baby hairs with a small amount of product. Avoid weighing down the hair by using a light touch.
    6. Add Personal Touches with Accessories: Consider enhancing the look with ribbons, hair clips, or decorative hair pins. Experiment with different accessories to suit your style and personality. Make your frontal ponytail uniquely personalized.

    Now that you know the basics, let’s explore some of the hottest frontal ponytail styles in detail:

    Frontal Ponytail With Bang

    The frontal ponytail with bangs is the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication. This style features a frontal at the hairline, creating a seamless hairline, and adds bangs to frame the face. Whether you prefer blunt bangs or wispy ones, you’ll be happy you tried this frontal ponytail with bangs.

    Zohna Tip

    Pair it with a sleek outfit for a formal event or dress it down with a casual ensemble for a chic everyday look.

    Lace Frontal Ponytail

    For a natural, realistic look, the lace frontal ponytail is a must-try. The lace frontal seamlessly blends with your natural hairline, creating an undetectable hairline. This style allows you to experiment with various ponytail heights and textures, giving you the freedom to express your unique style.

    2 Frontal Ponytail

    If you’re looking to make a bold statement, these two frontal ponytails are the way to go. This hairdo features two frontals placed strategically close to the hairline to create a voluminous, eye-catching effect. Whether you choose to rock sleek and straight hair or opt for bouncy curls, this style is sure to grab attention.

    Blonde Frontal Ponytail

    Blondes have more fun, and the blonde frontal ponytail is no exception. Whether you’re a natural blonde or experimenting with a new hue, this style is sure to flatter your features and brighten up your look. To match your complexion and personal style, choose from blonde shades including:

    • Platinum
    • Honey
    • Golden

    360 Frontal Ponytail

    Boasting a 360-degree frontal that envelops the entire hairline, this style creates a flawless and natural appearance. Whether strutting down the red carpet or enjoying a laid-back brunch with friends, this ponytail ensures you feel like a genuine star.

    Much like its counterpart, the 360 lace wig, this innovative hairstyle introduces lace all around the perimeter. The result? A wig that can effortlessly be styled into a high ponytail or updo.

    Side Part Frontal Ponytail

    Side Part Frontal PonytailInstagram@hairbyq_PIN

    Add a touch of elegant flair to your hairstyle with this side part frontal ponytail. This style features a deep side part, creating a soft, romantic look. The frontal at the hairline enhances the natural hairline, while the side part adds a feminine touch.

    Frontal Braided Ponytail

    Combine the sophistication of a frontal with the edginess of braids with the frontal braided ponytail. This style allows you to experiment with various braiding techniques, such as Dutch braids, cornrows, or fishtail braids, and incorporate them into your ponytail, even if you don’t have long hair. The frontal adds a seamless finish, ensuring a polished, chic appearance.

    Frontal Ponytail Bun

    If you’re craving a sleek, polished look, this frontal ponytail bun has got you covered. It combines a bun’s timeless elegance with a ponytail’s versatility. The frontal at the hairline creates a smooth and natural-looking hairline, while the two bun adds sophisticated glamor. Let’s not forget the beautiful long bangs that frame the face.

    Middle Part Frontal Ponytail

    Add a touch of symmetry and balance to your hairstyle with the middle part frontal ponytail. Featuring a middle part that divides the hair evenly, this style creates a harmonious, polished look that is hard to beat. The middle part adds a trendy, modern touch with the assistance of the frontal ponytail, giving you a dashing and elegant appearance.

    Low Frontal Ponytail

    If you prefer a more relaxed, casual look, this low frontal ponytail could fulfill those desires. This style features a ponytail positioned low on the nape of the neck, creating a laid-back and effortless vibe. Perfect for a day at the beach, running errands, or whenever you want to embrace your natural beauty.

    Red Frontal Ponytail

    Red Frontal PonytailInstagram@bk_braidsPIN

    Ready to make a bold statement? IThe red frontal ponytail is guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go.

    It’ll make you feel like a true fashion icon, whether you opt for a:

    • Fiery crimson
    • Deep burgundy
    • Chili pepper red

    Zohna Tip

    Pair it with a monochrome outfit or let it be the focal point of your look.

    Frontal High Ponytail

    Elevate your style to new dimensions with the frontal high ponytail. This classic, timeless look is perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to glamorous events. Combine it with statement earrings, diamond hair clips, a braid side piece, and a neutral shade of lipstick to complete the look.

    Frontal Sleek Ponytail

    If you’re a fan of refined, polished hairstyles, the frontal sleek ponytail should be your go-to. This style features a sleek, smooth ponytail that exudes elegant sophistication. Whether attending a business meeting or a formal event, this style will make you feel like a true boss babe.

    Frontal Ponytail Half Up Half Down

    Looking for a versatile hairstyle that combines the best of both worlds? The frontal ponytail half up half down comes to the rescue. We love how it allows you to showcase the length and beauty of your hair while adding the polished elegance of a frontal ponytail.

    Frontal Ponytail With Curly Hair

    If you want to add some bounce and texture to your frontal ponytail, try incorporating curly hair into the mix. Curly ponytails have always been associated with effortless beauty and natural charm. It adds a touch of whimsy and femininity to any hairstyle, and when combined with a frontal ponytail and tight braids along the scalp, the result is stunningly gorgeous.

    Pink Frontal Ponytail

    Why not try a pink frontal ponytail? This vibrant and eye-catching color will instantly make you the center of attention. The color pink is often associated with these three things:

    1. Femininity
    2. Playfulness
    3. Confidence

    By embracing this shade, you are not only making a fashion statement but also expressing your love for the color!

    Deep Wave Frontal Ponytail

    If you’re a fan of textured hairstyles, then a deep wave frontal ponytail is perfect for you. This style adds depth and dimension to your ponytail, giving it a more voluminous, glamorous look. Deep waves cascade down the back, creating a mesmerizing naturally wavy effect that catches everyone’s attention.

    Frontal Updo Ponytail

    Looking for a more sophisticated, elegant vibe? The frontal updo ponytail is just what you need. This style combines an updo’s sleekness with a ponytail’s chicness, creating a timeless, polished look. To achieve this style, start by sectioning off the top half of your hair and securing it with a hair tie. Then, twist the remaining loose hair into a bun or a chignon near the top of the head.

    Long Frontal Ponytail

    If you’re a fan of longer hairstyles, then the long frontal ponytail is perfect. This style lets you embrace your inner Rapunzel and rock a luxurious, flowing ponytail. To achieve this look, start by attaching a long frontal ponytail extension. Then, gather all your hair into a high or low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can braid the ponytail into large braids for a dramatic yet charming effect that’ll make you feel like a superstar!

    Frontal Ponytail Over Dreads

    For all you dreadlock enthusiasts, we haven’t forgotten about you! This frontal ponytail over dreads style perfectly combines the elegance of a ponytail with the uniqueness of dreadlocks. It allows you to showcase your dreadlocks while adding a touch of glamor and versatility to your overall look.

    Burgundy Frontal Ponytail

    If you want to add a touch of richness and warmth to your hairstyle, then we think a burgundy frontal ponytail should do the trick. This deep and sultry color will instantly make your ponytail stand out, especially with the elegantly braided length of the hair.

    Before you dive into elevated hairstyles, it’s natural to have questions. How long can you expect your frontal ponytail to last, and what essentials are required for a flawless look? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive FAQ guide that addresses everything from maintenance to styling.


    • How Long Does a Frontal Ponytail Last?

      The duration of a frontal ponytail depends on various factors such as the quality of the extensions, maintenance, and individual hair care routines. With proper care and regular maintenance, a frontal ponytail can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

    • What Do You Need for a Frontal Ponytail?

      To achieve a frontal ponytail, you will need a few key items. These include a frontal ponytail extension, a hair tie, bobby pins (if necessary), and styling tools such as a comb and hair straightener/curler.

    • How Much Does a Frontal Ponytail Cost?

      The cost of a frontal ponytail can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the extensions, the brand, and where you purchase them from. On average, frontal ponytail extensions can range from $50 to $200.

    • Can I Wash My Frontal Ponytail?

      Yes, you can wash your frontal ponytail. However, it’s important to follow the care instructions provided with the extensions to ensure their longevity. Avoid using harsh products and be gentle when washing and detangling to minimize any potential damage to the hair.

    • Can I Style My Frontal Ponytail?

      Absolutely! Just like natural hair, you can style your frontal ponytail in various ways. From sleek and straight to voluminous curls, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to use heat-protectant products and avoid excessive heat to maintain the quality of the extensions.

    • How Do I Secure My Frontal Ponytail?

      To secure your frontal ponytail, start by gathering your natural hair into a ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Then, attach the frontal ponytail extension to the base of your natural ponytail, ensuring it is securely fastened. You can also use bobby pins to secure any loose hair or ensure a snug fit.

    • Can I Sleep With a Frontal Ponytail?

      It is not recommended to sleep with a frontal ponytail as it can cause damage to the extensions and your natural hair. It’s best to remove the ponytail before going to bed and store it properly to maintain its quality.

    • Can I Exercise With a Frontal Ponytail?

      Yes, you can exercise with a frontal ponytail. However, it’s important to secure your hair properly to prevent any discomfort or damage during physical activity. Make sure to use hair ties and bobby pins as needed for a secure fit.

    Ponytail Game Strong

    There you have it – 21 trendy frontal ponytail styles to inspire your next hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a chic and polished look or want to make a bold statement with vibrant colors, there’s a style for every occasion. So, gather your hair ties, extensions, and styling tools, and let your creativity shine through. Get ready to rock a fabulous frontal ponytail that will leave everyone amazed!