20 Ethereal Goddess Box Braids Hairstyles

Updated on October 26, 2023
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    20 Ethereal Goddess Box Braids Hairstyles

    Have you ever felt something coming over you that made you feel like you’re some Greek mythological goddess? Would you like to experience that again?

    Well, ladies, there’s a solution: goddess box braids.

    Whether you want to protect your natural hair or switch up your look, goddess box braids are the perfect solution.

    This article explores the trendiest goddess box braid hairstyles, taking the beauty world by storm. From bohemian vibes to mermaid magic, there’s a style to suit every taste.

    Goddess Bohemian Box Braids

    This style is perfect for those who want a carefree, boho-inspired look with long, luscious, highlighted curls.

    With their natural texture and free-flowing movement, these braids are a true embodiment of Bohemian beauty. Whether you’re headed to a music festival or want to showcase your inner earthchild, the goddess Bohemian box braids are a must-try.

    Creating the Goddess Bohemian Box Braids is a labor of love.

    It involves two intricate, necessary, and time-consuming steps:

    1. Sectioning your hair into small
    2. Equal parts and braiding each section from the root to the tip

    Of course, if you would like a similar style to our pick, only knot the hair at the root, leaving curly hair between your box braids. This further heightens the boho effect without spending too much time on your hair.

    Knotless Goddess Box Braids

    If you want braids but don’t want to experience the discomfort of installing them, why not check out knotless braids?

    A modern take on this would be these beautiful knotless goddess box braids.

    Unlike traditional box braids, this style eliminates the use of knots at the base of the braids, creating a look that’s more:

    • Seamless
    • Natural
    • Smooth

    Zohna Tip

    Before getting knotless braids, you must have a clear grasp of your hair's porosity. Remember that fine hair may not be the best match for larger box braids, primarily because of the weight they carry. Excessive weight can result in hair being yanked straight from the scalp.

    The absence of knots also means less tension on your scalp, making this style an excellent option for those with sensitive skin or who prefer a more comfortable hairstyle. You’ll love this versatile style that matches whatever attire you wear, be it comfy sleepwear, athletic apparel, or your fanciest dress.

    Goddess Box Braids with Curls

    For those who want to add a touch of femininity to their look, opting for goddess box braids with curls is the way to go.

    This style combines the beauty of box braids with soft, long, cascading curls. The contrast between the thick braids and the voluminous curls creates a stunning and eye-catching effect.

    Whether you have naturally curly hair or want to experiment with braid extensions, goddess box braids with curls help you achieve a truly bold and beautiful look.

    Jumbo Goddess Box Braids

    Jumbo box braids are the final evolution in the thickness of this braided hairstyle.

    These larger-than-life jumbo goddess box braids make a powerful impact, especially with their curly light brown ends.

    Goddess jumbo box braids’ size adds drama and extra depth to your overall look while maintaining a voluminous appearance that goes with any outfit.

    Medium Goddess Box Braids

    If you prefer a more subtle and versatile look, medium goddess box braids are the way to go. This style strikes the perfect balance between length and manageability.

    Flowing from the shoulders down to the stomach, this elegant style is adorned with beads mid-way and near the scalp.

    Medium goddess box braids are easy to maintain and because of their length offer multiple style possibilities, including:

    • Wearing them down
    • In a ponytail
    • Styled into an updo

    Whatever you decide, medium goddess box braids give you an effortlessly chic look that can be easily dressed up or down.

    Goddess Box Braids Crochet

    For those who want to achieve the look of goddess box braids without sitting for hours in the salon, goddess box braids crochet is the ultimate time-saving solution.

    This technique involves attaching pre-braided extensions to your hair using a crochet hook, resulting in a seamless, beautiful finish.

    You can try out this crochet style with short to medium curls at some roots and tips for a face-framing effect that oozes elegance.

    Crochet goddess box braids are an excellent option for those who want to experiment with:

    1. Curl styles
    2. Braid lengths
    3. Colors

    Rock out this hairstyle with brightly painted nails to create a contrasting effect that sets your style apart.

    Small Goddess Box Braids

    For a more intricate, delicate, and detailed look, small goddess box braids are a perfect choice. These small box braids are a light brown hue with long, luscious curls starting in the midsection and moving right to the tips.

    Consider the following two advantages of small goddess box braids:

    1. Lightweight and Comfortable: Small braids are lighter and more comfortable for extended periods, making them an excellent choice for everyday style.
    2. Unique and Eye-Catching: The intricate nature of small goddess box braids adds a distinctive element to your overall appearance.

    Whether you opt for waist-length braids or a shorter bob, small goddess box braids will add a unique aesthetic to your appearance.

    Be prepared for compliments to come flying in when your friends see this style on you!

    Large Goddess Box Braids

    We have large goddess box braids on the other end of the spectrum.

    Large box braids come in third place in the size category of this marvelous hairstyle.

    The dark, larger braids create a voluminous, striking effect that will turn heads. Reaching down the hips, these large goddess braids allow you to express yourself with creative curls at various lengths.

    Curly Goddess Box Braids

    Ever wonder what you get by combining two popular hair textures: curls and braids?

    Well, curly goddess box braids, of course.

    This style features long, full-of-volume curls covering most of the head. It has a few fully braided strands between the curls, while the naturally curly hair accentuates your beauty and natural hair texture.

    It’s a style perfect for those who want to welcome their natural curls while adding a twist of braided elegance.

    Short Goddess Box Braids

    Who said Goddess Box Braids are only for long hair?

    Short goddess box braids defy traditional hair length norms and offer a striking, playful look that fits any face shape.

    This style focuses on short, dark brown braids with curls an inch or two from the root. It’s a great hairstyle similar to bob box braids, except with the addition of nearly full-length curls to bring more volume out of your hair.

    Ombre Goddess Box Braids

    For those who want to add a touch of color and dimension to their hair, ombre goddess box braids are a perfect choice.

    This style combines the beauty of the ombre coloring technique with box braids. It focuses on twisting the two colors together, leaving the ends curly and much lighter. The gradual transition from black to golden, lightish blonde makes this hairstyle suit olive to brown skin complexions.

    Goddess Box Braids Bob

    If you’re a fan of chic and trendy hairstyles, then goddess box braids bob is a must-try. This style offers a fresh take on the classic bob haircut, combining it with the elegance of goddess box braids.

    The result is a fashionable look that is both timeless and modern.

    Here are a few reasons we love the bob goddess box braids:

    • A fusion of classic bob and Goddess Box Braids.
    • A stylish and contemporary hairdo.
    • Versatile options for sleek or textured looks.
    • Adds a touch of sophistication to your style.

    Whether you opt for a sleek and polished bob or a more textured and tousled look, the goddess box braids bob will add a touch of sophistication to your overall style.

    Try it and elevate your hairstyle game with this trendy choice.

    Long Goddess Box Braids

    For those who love long hair’s classic and timeless beauty, long goddess box braids are an immaculate selection.

    This style showcases a lengthy, dramatic look that reaches significantly past the waist and is a lovely brown hue.

    Even though these log goddess braids look stylish when loose, they can be combined with other hairdos due to their extra length.

    Big Goddess Box Braids

    Big Goddess Box BraidsInstagram@lb.braidsPIN

    Making a bold statement is a fantastic way to build confidence in your style.

    Big goddess box braids can help you make this a reality.

    This hairdo consists of larger-size braids that add volume and depth while highlighting the intricate knots in a beautiful light brown. With two bantu knots at the top of the head and the rest of your hair loose, you can create a traditional yet modern look.

    Whether you choose a single color or experiment with fun and vibrant hues, Big goddess box braids will make you feel like the queen that you are.

    Goddess Box Braids Short

    Some of us know what it’s like to have short hair, and others don’t. If you are a lady who does, you know that you can choose from different types of hairstyles.

    One is the low-maintenance and stylish short goddess box braids.

    This style hangs a few inches over the shoulders with cute twisty bits of loose hair on the end of each braid. Short goddess braids are trending now because of the minimal effort required to upkeep this style and its light, easy-wearing nature.

    Brown Goddess Box Braids

    For those who prefer more natural, subtle medium braids with curls, brown goddess box braids are a charming option.

    Let’s look at a few reasons you should consider brown goddess box braids.

    Consideration Description
    Versatile Color Options Shades range from light caramel to rich chocolate.
    Complements Various Skin Tones and Textures Suits a wide range of skin tones and hair textures.
    Effortlessly Chic Enhances your natural beauty with a subtle, elegant look.

    The warm, earthy tones add an organic feeling to this hairstyle, and the lighter-colored curls at the ends make them stand out.

    Goddess Box Braids Natural Hair

    Do you have naturally curly hair that you want to protect and keep looking fabulous?

    Goddess box braids could be the answer.

    This style uses the hair’s natural texture and length to create beautifully woven braids with lovely, thick curls at the ends.

    Irrespective of if you have wavy, coily, straight, or curly hair, natural goddess box braids can help you take advantage of your natural beauty.

    Mermaid Goddess Box Braids

    Mermaid Goddess Box BraidsInstagram@trapnessPIN

    In this set of mermaid goddess box braids, there’s a shade similar to a red tide mixed with a dark natural brown. These two colors contrast against each other amazingly, creating a vibrant effect that is bound to turn some heads.

    One of the fun things about mermaid goddess box braids is that they can be worn long, medium, or short and combined with accessories like shells to further the oceanic experience.

    Blue Goddess Box Braids

    Blue goddess box braids are something special.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, why not give them a try?

    Dyed with two shades of blue extending well past the waist, these blue goddess box braids allow you to make a colorful statement. The eye-catching contrast between the blues and the addition of a few cuffs and rings makes this a hairdo perfect for someone who loves being bold.


    • How Long Do Goddess Box Braids Last?

      On average, goddess box braids can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how well you care for them and your natural hair growth. It’s essential to follow a proper hair care routine to ensure the longevity of your braids.

    • Are Goddess Box Braids Suitable for All Hair Types?

      Absolutely! Goddess box braids can be adapted to suit various hair types and textures. Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or oily hair, there is a style that will work for you.

    • How Long Does It Take To Get Goddess Box Braids Installed?

      The duration of the installation process will vary depending on the complexity of the chosen style and the expertise of the hairstylist. On average, it can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to get goddess box braids installed.

    • How Can I Maintain My Goddess Box Braids?

      Maintaining your goddess box braids is relatively simple. Keep your scalp clean and moisturized, use a satin scarf or bonnet to protect your braids while sleeping, and avoid excessive pulling or tugging on the braids.

    • Can I Swim With Goddess Box Braids?

      Yes, you can swim with goddess box braids. However, it’s essential to take precautions to prevent excessive tangling and damage. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your braids with clean water after swimming and use a swimming cap for added protection.

    Embrace This Celestial Style

    Now that you’re armed with the trendiest goddess box braids hairstyles and all the information you need, it’s time to unleash your inner goddess and confidently rock your braids.

    Whether you choose a bohemian-inspired or prefer a more bold and edgy style, goddess box braids are a surefire way to elevate your overall look and feel like a true trendsetter.