15 Best Green Hair Dye Colors & Products for a Bold New Do

Updated on September 14, 2023
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    Green hairPIN

    15 Best Green Hair Dye Colors & Products for a Bold New Do

    It’s time for a drastic hair change.

    The year is 2023, and unconventional hair colors are all the rave.

    Inspiration from Avril Lavigne, Billie Joe Armstrong, and pop-punk icons of the 2000s may have been why millennials chose to rebel against their mothers in their early teen years and dye their hair- and the shower tub- lime green.

    Now in the early 2020s, green hair is not only a bold and popular color for GenZ but it’s worn by the most fashionable celebrities from New York to Los Angeles.

    Here are just a few celebrities spotted rocking the green hair trend over the last year:

    • Katy Perry
    • Lizzo
    • Billie Eilish
    • Nicki Minaj
    • Hillary Duff
    • Kylie Jenner
    • Chris Brown

    What celebrities and us ordinary people all love about green hair dye is that green hair color looks good on warm, cool, and neutral skin tones. Because green hair dye is comprised of blue, a cool color, and yellow, a warm color. It is a balance of both that compliments every complexion.

    Zohna Tip

    Choose blue-based green hair dye if your complexion is cool and yellow-based green hair dye if your skin is warm.

    Before dying your hair a shade of green, it’s essential to know the green hair dye options.

    There are four primary categories of green hair dye:

    1. Temporary green hair dye
    2. Semi-permanent green hair dye
    3. Permanent green hair dye
    4. Green color toner

    The chart below compares the four primary categories of green hair dye.

    Types of Green Hair Dye Description
    Temporary green hair dye
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 1-3 shampoos
    • No damage to hair
    Semi-permanent green hair dye
    • Penetrates cuticle to deposit color
    • Coats outer layer of hair
    • Washes out in 4 to 6 weeks
    • Mild damage to hair
    Permanent green hair dye
    • Penetrates cortex to deposit color
    • Strips hair of natural pigment
    • Changes natural hair color
    • Gradually fades
    • Damages hair by stripping color
    Green color toner
    • Coats outer layer of the hair with low pigmented color
    • Enhances existing hair color
    • No damage to hair

    Once you’ve decided on the type of green hair dye you wish to purchase, it’s time to check out the green hair dye color. We’ve gathered 15 of the most popular green hair dye ideas and the best product for each one!

    Dark Green Hair Dye

    Are you a lover of dark tresses but in the mood for a splash of color? Dark green hair dye is a color that’s bold and edgy yet elegant and sophisticated.

    Dark green hair dye works best on natural or dyed dark brown hair to give your locks a wash of vivid green color. A slight green tint to dark brown or black hair is a gorgeous way to give your hair a luminous glow.

    Dark green hair colors include:

    Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color offers a highly reputable collection of permanent hair colors. Choose Deep Intense Emerald (Matcha Latte) for permanent dark green hair dye. With over 100 years of experience creating hair dye, Garnier guarantees long-lasting hair color with up to eight weeks of vibrance.

    The easy-to-use hair dye is formulated with color boost technology and enriched with grape seed and avocado oil to nourish hair and deliver intense shine.

    The key product features include:

    • Permanent hair color
    • Cream formula
    • Up to eight weeks of vibrance
    • Color boost technology
    • Enriched with grape seed and avocado oil

    Neon Green Hair Dye

    Get the party started with neon green hair! When you’re in the mood for something ultra-vibrant or on your way to a tight and bright party, florescent green hair dye will make you the life of the party.

    Vibrant hair colors say a person is creative, unique, and confident. While many consider temporary neon green hair dye for a party or special event, semi-permanent neon hair colors are also available. Neon green hair dye may require much maintenance, but it’s worth the attention!

    Lunar Tides Hair Color
    $12.99 ($3.25 / Ounce)
    10/31/2023 08:50 am GMT

    For extremely bright, neon purple hair dye, try Lunar Tides Hair Color in Neon Lime. Lunar Tides specializes in bright, highly-pigmented semi-permanent hair dye with 43 color options available. The hair colors are easy to use, highly pigmented, and long-lasting and cause no damage to the hair.

    The key product features include:

    • Cruelty-free
    • Vegan formula
    • Semi-permanent dye
    • Vibrant color
    • Long-lasting

    Green Hair Spray – Temporary

    Looking for a quick way to get vibrant green hair that washes out in one shampoo? Green hair spray is ideal for temporary green hair dye that’s easy to use.

    Most of us can recall seeing aerosol cans of unconventional hair colors in the costume section around Halloween or perhaps when looking for a creative outfit at the party supply store.

    Green hair spray isn’t just for costumes. There are plenty of occasions where a quick green hair job can make the party all the more fun!

    Our top favorite places to wear green hair spray are:

    1. Music festivals
    2. Neon theme events
    3. Tight and bright parties
    4. St. Patrick’s Day
    5. Sporting events
    Amscan Party Supplies Hairspray
    $7.39 ($2.46 / Ounce)
    10/31/2023 08:55 am GMT

    Gone are the days of the gooey, clumpy aerosol cans of bright green costume hair spray. Amscan Party Supplies hairsprays are lightweight, offer full-coverage green, and smell good too.

    For a bright, temporary neon green hair color that washes out in one shampoo, try the hairspray in Kiwi Green. The 3oz aerosol can covers hair with a fine-mist hairspray made from quality materials. The refreshing aloe scent will have you smelling great and looking awesome.

    The key product features include:

    • 3oz aerosol can
    • Lightweight hairspray
    • Quality-made product
    • Full-coverage hair color
    • Temporary hair color

    Emerald Green Hair Dye

    Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. If you have an expensive taste, you’ll know these are the four most precious gemstones. Emerald green hair is the most luxurious way to wear green hair color.

    Emerald green hair color is a deep, vibrant shade of green with subtle blue undertones. When under the light, emerald green hair will shine like the precious gemstone it’s named after. It’s a posh and elegant choice for a dark hair color bursting with vivid green hues.

    10/31/2023 09:00 am GMT

    For intense emerald green hair color, try Splat Rebellious Colors in Deep Emerald. The semi-permanent hair color comes with bleach and peroxide to lift the dark pigment from the hair in just 30 minutes.

    Splat green hair dye is a gel-based formula packed with nourishing ingredients like baobab seed oil moisturizers and vitamin-rich quinoa extract.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair color
    • Conditioning gel formula
    • Vivid emerald green color
    • Lasts 4 to 6 weeks
    • Quinoa extract

    Forest Green Hair Dye

    The great outdoors is calling. Forest green hair gives some refreshingly earthy vines. Named after evergreen and pine trees, this deep green color has subtle dark blue undertones.

    Forest green is slightly lighter than hunter green hair color and more of an actual green shade than emerald. It’s ideal for someone who wants a bold color change while keeping dark tresses.

    10/31/2023 08:55 am GMT

    One of the OGs of semi-permanent drugstore hair color is manic panic green hair dye. Manic Panic has been around for decades and is known for its vibrant hair colors.

    Manic Panic Amplified in Enchanted Forest delivers a vibrant forest green hair dye color. The product only guarantees true-to-color results on very light or bleached hair and recommends purchasing a lightning kit to avoid unwanted color.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair dye
    • Vibrant color
    • Lasts six to eight weeks
    • Cruelty-free
    • Vegan formula

    Permanent Green Hair Dye

    Are you ready to commit to an edgy new color? Permanent green hair dye is the longest-lasting way to add vibrant green hues to your hair. It can be hard to come by, but if you find permanent green dye, be aware that you must use weekly green color washes to keep the viridescent colors vibrant.

    Permanent green hair dye will change the color of your natural hair but gradually lose its vibrancy over time. Choosing a permanent green hair dye product with high ratings and positive reviews is critical for long-lasting purple color.

    When you want a reputable brand you can trust, go for Loreal green hair dye. The Feira collection’s Tropical Teal is a vibrant shade of rich green-blue for long-lasting color.

    L’Oreal Paris Feria is a line of permanent hair dye products with color booster technology to deliver highly-pigmented and long-lasting color. Each kit includes an aromatic shimmer serum and power shimmer conditioner for healthy-looking hair with a vibrant shine.

    The key product features include:

    • Permanent hair dye
    • Highly-pigmented color
    • Long-lasting
    • Aromatic shimmer serum
    • Power shimmer conditioner

    Lime Green Hair Dye

    Put the lime in the coconut, and drink ’em both up! Nothing like a refreshing lime daiquiri to get in vacation mode! Lime green hair color gives us tropical sunshine vibes!

    Lime green hair color is a bright, vivid yellow-green shade named after the citrus fruit. It’s a fun color for summertime, parties, or just when you want to brighten the day for those around you. Most lime green hair dyes are semi-permanent and require frequent touch-ups, but the maintenance is worth the bright and intense burst of color!

    Lime Crime Unicorn Hair
    $17.00 ($2.51 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 09:11 am GMT

    Try Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in Lime Crime (Lime Green) for intensely bright green hair. Its ultra-pigmented formula transforms hair into a vibrant lime green color. The semi-permanent hair dye offers an easy DIY application for all-over coverage.

    Packed with moisturizing ingredients like fatty acids and vitamins, the product is ultra-conditioning and delivers intense shine. The sugary sweet vanilla citrus scent makes the application as enjoyable as the final results.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair dye
    • Ammonia and peroxide-free
    • PETA and Leaping Bunny certified
    • Fatty acids and vitamins to boost shine
    • Ultra-hydrating formula

    Mint Green Hair Dye

    When you’re ready for a complete new makeover, go for a hair color that’s minty fresh. Mint green hair color is a light shade of pastel green with powdery blue undertones.

    You must bleach your hair before applying mint green hair dye to get true-to-color results. Mint green is a playful color for the festival season or when you’re ready to welcome the long summer days.

    10/31/2023 09:31 am GMT

    For a bright and refreshing mint green hair dye, try ion green hair dye. ion Color Brilliance Permanent Brights in Mint is a bold and vibrant shade of pale bluish-green.

    Expert chemists created the formula in Italy to ensure a permanent hair dye product that delivers long-lasting, fade-resistant color. Its microscopic pigment molecules oxidize slower, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the hair.

    The key product features include:

    • Permanent hair color
    • Highly pigmented formula
    • Cream application
    • Vegan
    • Curelty-free
    • Salon quality mint green hair color

    Light Green Hair Dye

    Get ready for some fun in the sun! Light green hair is perfect for the warmer months. When we have vibrant hair colors, we worry about the vibrancy fading when exposed to the sun, but with light green hair, you get that two-toned, creamy key lime pie color.

    Light green hair colors include mint, seafoam, pale jade, pastel green, or vibrant green hair color with an intentionally faded look.

    Lunar Tides Hair Color
    $17.99 ($4.50 / Ounce)
    10/31/2023 09:15 am GMT

    For bright, light green hair dye with powder blue undertones, try Lunar Tides Hair Color in Beetle Green. Lunar Tides specializes in highly-pigmented, unconventional semi-permanent hair dye colors, including pink and purple hair dye, with 43 options available. The hair colors are easy to use, highly pigmented, long-lasting, and cause no damage to the hair.

    The key product features include:

    • Cruelty-free
    • Vegan formula
    • Semi-permanent dye
    • Vibrant color
    • Long-lasting

    Sage Green Hair Dye

    Sage green hair color is a dull, muted green defined by grey and silver undertones. It’s a light to medium green hair color that’s been blowing up social media feeds over the past year.

    Sage green hair is a relaxed, calming green with laid-back vibes. It’s darker than mint or pastel green with a slight yellow tinge to resemble dried sage leaves.

    Get an all-in-one semi-permanent hair color and nourishing mask with Brad Mondo green hair dye. From the famous YouTuber hairstylist and social media personality Brad Mondo, XMONDO Color in Super Green will nourish hair and deliver vibrant sage green color.

    The product is made with 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and works in just 20 minutes.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair color
    • Cream formula
    • Cruelty-free
    • Hyaluronic acid to retain moisture
    • Hydrolyzed vegetable protein to condition hair
    • Bond Builder technology to restore hair

    Bright Green Hair Dye

    Stand out from the crowd with a fluorescent hair color. Bright green hair color is a bold and vibrant choice for someone who isn’t scared of attention.

    Vivid green hair colors like aurora, neon, lime, and emerald make great bright green hair dye options. Bright green hair requires a lot of work to maintain its vibrancy, but if you’re willing to do green hair washes and bi-weekly touch-up sessions, bright green hair is worth the commitment.

    Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor
    $7.00 ($1.75 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 09:51 am GMT

    Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor in 163 Green Apple is a bright neon green hair dye with a yellowish tinge, like aurora hair color. The product is easily shampooed into hair and colors in just 15 minutes.

    The adore green hair dye formula is ammonia-free and contains all-natural ingredients, leaving hair silky and soft. The hair dye deposits a rich, highly pigmented color and delivers a lustrous shine.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair color
    • Ammonia-free
    • Peroxide-free
    • Easy application
    • Vegan formula

    Olive Green Hair Dye

    Olive us love olive green hair! The warm yellow-green color is a wardrobe staple that compliments all skin tones.

    Olive green is a popular color for clothing, accessories, makeup nails, and hair! It mixes medium green and golden yellow with a slight red undertone. This is the perfect shade of green to bring out your complexion’s natural glow.

    10/31/2023 10:00 am GMT

    From light blonde to dark brown hair, Arctic Fox green hair dye delivers unrivaled vibrant results! Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Iris Green provides a beautiful olive green color on medium to dark brown hair and a vibrant yellow-green on bleached hair and lighter blondes.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair color
    • Conditioning cream formula
    • Highly pigmented color
    • No harsh chemicals
    • Best-selling brand on Amazon

    Pastel Green Hair Dye

    Want green hair color that’s playful and fun? Pastel hair colors are the perfect choice for spring and summer days, festival season, or just when you want hair that’s laidback, casual, and cute.

    Pastel green hair dye is a pale, powdery green shade that requires bleached hair before coloring. It’s an adorable color to compliment pale skin and pop on tanned complexions.

    PulpRiot Semi-Permanent Color
    $14.98 ($3.74 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 10:07 am GMT

    For super light, powdery pastel green hair color, try PulpRiot Semi-Permanent Color in Seaglass. The vegan formula contains high-quality ingredients designed to nourish the hair while depositing color so that the color stays vibrant for longer. Pastel hair colors last up to 25 washes before fading.

    PulpRiot hair dyes can be mixed with other green shades of PulpRiot dye to create your own custom green hair dye color.

    The key product features include:

    • Vegan ingredients
    • Semi-permanent hair dye
    • Cream formula
    • Fade-resistant up to 25 washes
    • Nourishing ingredients

    Seafoam Hair Dye

    Calling all beach babies! If you’re looking for a hair color with some seaside inspiration, look no further than seafoam green hair.

    Seafoam hair dye is a soft blue-green shade, similar to mint green, but darker. It is a light and laidback shade for those who want a casual green hair dye color.

    10/31/2023 10:11 am GMT

    For true-to-color silver purple hair dye, try Manic Panic Creamtone Perfect Pastel in Sea Nymph. The semi-permanent hair color cream delivers seafoam green hair color will a pastel twist. Like most light green hair dyes, your hair should be light blonde or bleached to give accurate color results.

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair dye
    • Vibrant color
    • Cream formula
    • 15% of profits donated to charity
    • Cruelty-free

    Juniper Green Hair Dye

    Named after the vibrant blue-green juniper berry, juniper green hair color (also known as peacock green hair color) is a vivid shade of green with cyan blue undertones.

    It resembles emerald green but contains more noticeable blue hues than green. It’s a luminous hair color for those who love a mane with lots of shine. When you’re torn between vivid deep blue hair and bright dark green, juniper green hair dye meets you right in between!

    02/18/2024 12:07 am GMT

    Our top pick for juniper green hair dye has to be Joico green hair dye. Joico hair color products are not sold on most online retail platforms, but you can find them online and in Walmart stores.

    Joico Color Intensity in Peakcock Green is a vibrant shade of blueish-green and the perfect juniper hair color. Its ultra-pigmented formula delivers rich color and long-lasting results. The semi-permanent hair dye is enriched with nourishing kukui oil and quadramine complex to give it that smooth, lustrous bright shine!

    The key product features include:

    • Semi-permanent hair dye
    • Enriched with kukui oil and quadramine complex
    • Hydrating formula
    • Vibrant, high-shine color
    • Fade-resistant for approximately 15 washes

    What to Consider Before Dying Hair Green?

    Dying your hair green can be a big commitment. Green hair dye products can leave a mild green tinge on your hair for months, so it’s essential to know the product you purchase and read the reviews first.

    The chart below shows the pros and cons of green hair dye.

    Pros of Green Hair Dye Cons of Green Hair Dye
    • Compliments all skin tones
    • Mix of cool and warm colors
    • Bold and edgy hair color
    • Easy to DIY at home
    • Lots of temporary options
    • Fades quickly
    • High maintenance
    • Attracts a lot of attention
    • May require bleaching
    • Not many permanent options


    • How to Remove Green Hair Dye?

      So you’ve colored your hair green, and instead of a sexy emerald green like a princess, you turned out like a bright green goblin? No problem!

      There are several quick and effective ways to stop green hair dye from your hair, such as:

      1. Wash, rinse, and repeat several times with clarifying shampoo.
      2. Use a hair color remover product.
      3. Soak in a tub filled with bath salts.
      4. Mix dish soap into your shampoo.
      5. Use a red shampoo and conditioner.
    • How Long Does Green Hair Dye Last?

      Semi-permanent green hair dye lasts up to six weeks while washing hair every other day. The vibrancy of the green color will start to fade within a week or two. Permanent green hair dye will deposit permanent color on your hair that will fade to a lighter shade of brown-green after four to six weeks.

    • How to Get Green Hair Dye Off Skin?

      Getting green dye off the skin is easy with the right solution and a little elbow grease. Green hair dye will eventually wash off your skin with warm water and shampoo in the shower.

      If you need an immediate solution, consider the following household products to get green hair dye off your skin:

      • Rubbing alcohol
      • Antibacterial soap and water
      • Olive oil
      • Toothpaste
      • Dishpan and baking soda

      Remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly after using any product mentioned above, except olive oil, which can be left on the skin for up to eight hours.

    • Where to Buy Green Hair Dye?

      These days we don’t have to wait until Halloween for green, blue, purple, and other unconventional hair colors to become available at our local drugstore. Stores like Walmart, Walgreens, other pharmacies, and department stores carry popular green hair dye colors. You can also browse online retail platforms like Amazon for great deals on green hair dye.

    Go Green or Go Home!

    Green hair dye is no longer a color for Halloween costumes or teenagers looking for rebellious hair colors. Green hair color is popular for celebrities and regular people, with options ranging from bold and bright to serious and sophisticated. No matter your skin tone or style, there is a shade of green hair dye perfect for you.