22 Lovable Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Updated on December 26, 2023
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    22 Lovable Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

    Short hair can be incredibly sexy, especially with gorgeous hair color. It helps that plenty of options are available if you’re looking to cut off those extra inches from your hair.

    Maybe you’ll go for a bob or a lob, a longer variation of the classic bob haircut. Or perhaps you’ll surprise yourself and rock a multi-colored stylish pixie cut, joining celebrities like Halle Barry, who effortlessly pulled off the hairstyle with panache.

    In terms of hair color ideas for short hair, you can experiment with many styles, such as a gorgeous ombre shade or strategically-placed highlights that accentuate your best features. Feeling foxy? Try a mermaid hairstyle for a look that’s undeniably edgy and alluring. Or go for a fiery red color and up your style quotient.

    Searching for more unique hair color ideas for short hair? Refer to the list below for inspirational ideas that’ll motivate you to book that salon appointment as soon as possible.

    Sunset Hair Color


    If you’re looking for something trendy, you’re in luck. Sunset hair colors are gorgeous hues made up of several shades, such as orange, pink, blue, purple, or red. The style is exactly what it sounds like – the colors are meant to remind you of a breathtaking sunset.

    The sunset hair color for short hair is worth a shot if you don’t mind getting adventurous while experimenting with hair color ideas for short hair. The sunset hair color will look especially striking on someone with a lob hairstyle.

    If you decide to pick this option, you can choose from tons of styles, such as:

    • A mix of pink and orange shades
    • A vibrant style from root to tip with multiple shades like purple, pink, orange, and yellow
    • A hypnotizing style featuring purple and pink colors

    Highlights Hair Color for Short Hair

    Highlights are a great way to make short hair look more voluminous. You can easily add some dimension to your hair with a liberal sprinkling of highlights.

    If you’re going for a brunette look, consider adding delicious caramel highlights to your tresses to make the shades pop. You can replicate this stunning style with other shades if you like or try peekaboo highlights for a subtle but stylish makeover.

    Zohna Tip

    Get some beachy waves to make your highlights look extra stunning on a special occasion.

    Ombre Hair Color Short Hair

    While you’re looking for hair color ideas for short hair, don’t forget to consider the ombre shade. This is an excellent pick if you don’t want to stick to a monochromatic style and play around with a couple of shades.

    Take inspiration from this style – it starts with a dark brown at the roots and slowly lightens to an ashy shade for a stunning, chic look. The ombre hair color for short hair is an excellent choice for someone with sleek, straight hair.

    If you want your ombre hair color to last longer, try washing your hair less frequently.

    Hold on a second. Does an ombre shade feel slightly intimidating to you? Or is it something you’d like to try because you love the style? Check out our list of pros and cons for more insights on this mysterious, sensual shade.

    Pros of Trying an Ombre Shade on Short Hair Cons of Trying an Ombre Shade on Short Hair
    You only need to get your hair partially dyed if you prefer that option You may have to bleach some parts of your hair, which can be a damaging process
    Ombre is a fantastic way to get more volume May not be ideal for those with fine, straight hair and can make hair look flat
    You don’t need to keep going to the salon for touch-ups Needs to be done by a colorist because a bad ombre job can look like you need to refresh your hair color

    An ombre look might be exactly what you need if you’re feeling uninspired by your hair color and need something new for your beautiful short hair. Just keep the pros and cons in mind before booking your salon appointment.

    Fall Hair Color for Short Hair

    Fall Hair Color for Short HairInstagram@cosmosavPIN

    It’s hard to argue with the fact that fall is a dreamy time of the year. Temperatures decrease as the trees start to shed leaves that are a delightful mix of yellow, orange, and other shades. Ever wondered what it would be like if you replicated similar colors on your tresses?

    As you can probably tell, fall hair color ideas for short hair can be extra creative (no kidding.) Take inspiration from this warm hair shade filled with different tones that blend effortlessly for a surreal and straight-up gorgeous look. This pixie haircut is totally rocking fall hair colors, eh?

    Short Hair Chocolate Cherry Color

    Feeling inspired to dig deeper and find gorgeous hair color ideas for short hair that feel irresistible? Here’s another stunning pick: the chocolate cherry shade for short hair. This shade is a beautiful combination of chocolate brown and red hues.

    You’ll likely notice that this enchanting hair color looks different when you’re out and about under the sun versus when you’re relaxing at home. Its red tones will be more pronounced when exposed to sunlight, while the color will look like a deep shade of brown indoors.

    Still trying to make up your mind?

    Go for the chocolate cherry color if you have:

    • Warm skin undertones
    • A preference for darker hair colors

    Short Fire Hair Color

    This one goes out to anyone who loves fiery shades of red, such as copper hair color and auburn hair . If you’ve been flummoxed so far while browsing hair color ideas for short hair, this bright shade might be precisely what you need. A popular hair color for short hair, the fire hair color is a mix of different shades such as red, yellow, and orange.

    You can customize your shade if you’d like to do things differently. We’re happy to report that multiple variations of this color exist, and you can choose the shade that appeals to you the most.

    If you’ve always dreamed of being a redhead but wondered what’s the best way to flaunt the shade that’s pretty tough to maintain, we’re here to help. Take a look at some of our tips in the table below.

    Solution Description
    Arrange your salon visits in advance Talk to your stylist and plan your monthly touch-ups
    Use the right products for your new color Be disciplined about only using color-safe products to stop your color from fading
    Change your haircare routine Resist the temptation to wash your hair every day and switch to shampooing your tresses a couple of times a week for long-lasting results

    While red hair definitely needs extra care, the results are well worth it, especially for those lusting after fiery shades.

    Pixie Haircut Color Idea

    Ah, it’s impossible to talk about short hairstyles without taking a closer look at the evergreen pixie haircut. This look never goes out of style. The pixie haircut can look super flattering with multiple hair colors.

    For example, you can rock a long pixie cut with a lavender brown shade. This color is unlike any other and will earn you many compliments from your loved ones. Want to make a strong impression with an unconventional choice? Try a ravishing gray shade for an incredibly stylish look.

    If you decide to color your hair gray, remember to:

    1. Be prepared to bleach your hair to achieve your desired shade – the only exception is if your hair color is already light blonde
    2. Spend a lot of time and money at the salon during the coloring process (but it’s worth it if you love the look)
    3. Get touch-ups at a salon every six weeks

    Multi Color Short Hair

    We feel your pain if you’re finding it tricky to pick one color. Know that you don’t need to compromise. Tons of hair color ideas for short hair exist, and you should feel free to experiment to your heart’s content.

    Consider saying yes to multi color short hair, a beautiful combination of varied shades that make you look magnificent and unique.

    Purple Sunset Hair Color

    Want to find a look that’s too cool for school? You should give purple hair color a shot. It’ll make your hair look instantly more vibrant and is perfect for a dramatic makeover (if that’s what you want.)

    That said, we agree that there are numerous gorgeous hair color ideas for short hair, and finding a style that matches your aesthetic can be confusing. But we believe in you – go forth and make us proud.

    If you’re opting for a vibrant color like purple, don’t forget to:

    1. Limit the number of times you wash your hair. Use dry shampoo if needed.
    2. Include sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner in your haircare arsenal.
    3. Ask your stylist for advice on making your purple hair color last longer.

    Short Blue Hair Color

    With the right haircut, blue hair can look really stylish (and cool, obviously.) If you love vibrant shades and don’t shy away from them, we highly recommend playing around with a lovely shade of blue that’ll remind you of the ocean.

    Hair color ideas for short hair don’t need to feel limited. A vibrant, eye-catching shade like blue can look fabulous on short hair.

    Zohna Tip

    If you don't want to make a long-term commitment, try dyeing your locks with semi-permanent blue hair dye.

    Short Hair with Color Streaks

    If you’ve never colored your hair before and want a subtle and undeniably stylish style, short hair with color streaks may be right up your alley.

    Let’s be honest here. It’s fun to add some color to your hair without feeling like you’re going overboard. Plus, you can explore a shade that you’ve never tried before.

    Short hair with color streaks may be a perfect fit for you if you are:

    • New to the world of hair dye
    • Looking to transform your style without making a drastic change
    • Curious about vibrant hair colors and want to experiment

    Mermaid Hair Color for Short Hair

    This shade is not for the faint of heart. Say hello to mermaid hair color for short hair, a hypnotizing combination of different colors that’ll stop you in your tracks.

    The best part about this option is that it’s not limited to a handful of colors and can include multiple hues like purple, pink, green, and even neon. You probably didn’t see this one coming when you started eyeing hair color ideas for short hair, huh?

    Chocolate Brown Short Hair Color

    An elegant choice, chocolate brown is a shade that’s pretty and understated at the same time. It can make your locks look lovely in a jiffy (and who doesn’t want that?)

    If you have brown eyes, light green, or hazel eyes, you’ll be happy to know that this color will look incredibly gorgeous on you. Warm chocolate brown hair color for short hair is a classic choice that can be very flattering.

    Jet Black Short Hair Color

    This bold and exciting shade can work for you if you have pale skin and want to sport a hair color that highlights your features.

    Jet black hair color is one of the most interesting hair color ideas for short hair because it’s an intense style that can easily switch up your entire look. This shade gets a big thumbs-up if you’re going for a classy and sophisticated style.

    Zohna Tip

    To keep your black hair color vibrant, always use cool water to wash your hair.

    Ginger Caramel Hair Color for Short Hair

    Want to try a hair color that sounds simply delectable? Ginger caramel hair color is the right pick. This shade is a beautiful mix of red, brown, and blonde.

    Ginger caramel hair is especially worth trying during fall but is versatile for all seasons. Also, this shade is worth checking out if you need a color that adds warmth and depth to your tresses.

    Platinum Blonde Short Hair Color

    Opting for a platinum blonde hair color is the perfect way to make a stylish statement. And don’t worry – this color can work for different skin tones if you work with your colorist to find the perfect shade.

    Several celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani and Rita Ora, have experimented with this hair color. This might be what you need if you’re looking to create a signature look for short hair.

    Note that this color requires special care, and you'll have to be disciplined about your salon visits for touch-ups.

    Gorgeous Pink Short Hair Color

    Pink is a vibrant and beautiful shade that can be a fantastic way to switch up your hair color. And don’t fret – you can pull off a gorgeous pink hair color with short hair.

    If you’ve tried several color options in the past and are ready for a bold and vibrant choice, give this one a whirl. We promise that the final results won’t disappoint!

    Zohna Tip

    Want a subtle and gorgeous shade? Try bubblegum pink hair - it's undoubtedly a funky hair color for short hair.

    Ash Blonde Hair Color for Short Hair

    Ash blonde hair is another stylish pick. It’s a popular hair color for short hair that can switch up your look. If you’re torn between different hair color ideas for short hair and are partial to blonde shades, consider trying the trendy ash blonde hair color.

    Make sure to work with your stylist to plan your transition, especially if you’re going to bleach your strands to achieve the right shade.

    Mushroom Blonde Short Hair Color

    A sleek, smooth mushroom blonde style can easily set you apart from the crowd. It’s a great way to look chic and glamorous at the same time.

    In case you’re wondering what mushroom blonde is, it’s a shade between blonde and light brown shades. This is an excellent option if your hair color is light brown and you want to add blonde shades to your tresses.

    Rose Gold Short Hair Color

    Rose gold is another stylish option that’s worth looking into. You can try several variations, such as getting a few highlights, a balayage, or getting your hair colored from root to tip if you feel ready.

    While checking out color ideas for short hair, consider a shade that works for your everyday style. For instance, if you’re comfortable rocking a lob with hints of rose gold shades, don’t hesitate to go down that road. Need another idea? Rose gold strawberry blonde hair color is another promising option that will leave you impressed with the results.

    Green Hair Color for Short Hair

    Need another bold and sexy option to add to your list of prospective hair color ideas for short hair? We have one for you. Green hair color is so refreshing that you’ll marvel at the results for weeks.

    This color works well for different hair types and textures, such as curly, wavy, and straight. If it’s too much to try at once, look for a temporary hair dye with the same shade.

    Strawberry Blonde Short Hair Color

    Strawberry blonde is a gorgeous shade that has won over many celebrities. Your list of hair color ideas for short hair is incomplete without a shade as flattering as strawberry blonde.

    For a little variety, feel free to try variations, such as adding highlights (or lowlights).


    • How to Color Short Hair?

      Doing your research before you dye your hair is a good idea. Check the instructions on the box and watch tutorial videos if needed.

      When dyeing short hair by yourself, ensure you have all the tools you need to color your hair. such as:

      • A hair coloring kit
      • Gloves
      • Wet wipes to remove stains quickly
      • An old shirt that you can wear during the coloring process
      • Hair clips and a comb (if you need to divide your hair into different sections while coloring your hair)

      Also, if it feels too intimidating, don’t hesitate to head to a salon to get your hair colored. This is especially recommended if you’re looking to achieve a complex style.

    • What Hair Color Looks Best on Short Hair?

      This is totally subjective and comes down to your personal preferences. You can pick from vibrant shades, classic shades, blended hair colors, highlights, and plenty of other hair color ideas for short hair.

    • Where to Put Color Streaks in Short Hair?

      This job is best left to a professional colorist. This is because an experienced professional can make customized recommendations based on your personal style, base color, and preferences.

    Ready to Shake Things Up?

    There are plenty of fascinating hair color ideas for short hair that can revamp your style quotient and make you feel more confident. While picking the right color, ask a professional stylist or your best friend for advice and suggestions on how to proceed. And once you’ve decided, enjoy your short, sweet, and sassy new hair color!