11 Simple Ways How to Get Fluffy Hair Step-by-Step + Best Products

Updated on January 16, 2024
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    Fluffy HairPIN

    11 Simple Ways How to Get Fluffy Hair Step-by-Step + Best Products

    Is your hair looking flat, dull, or boring?

    Well, if you answered yes to any of those defeating descriptions of your locks, you are in for a sweet treat. Ever heard of fluffy hair?

    What’s the best thing about it? Well, anyone can sport this hairstyle! Don’t believe us? Check out these short fluffy hair, fluffy boy hair, and fluffy girl hair articles to learn more!

    Not only will your hair look and feel thicker, but it will be irresistibly soft and shiny. Give fluffy hair a whirl, and check out how to get it today!

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

    Don’t mistake frizz for fluff. Frizz is caused by the environment, the degree of your hair’s curl, damage, and the hair fiber’s diameter. Fluff is typically something you create and is more likely to occur on naturally healthy hair. Check out the chart below to discover a few healthy hair habits to ensure your strands can be as fluffy as possible.

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy and Healthy Description
    Use a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase reduces friction resulting in less damage and less frizz.
    Don’t brush your hair while wet. Your hair is at its weakest form when wet. Brushing it can cause damage and breakage, leading to frizz instead of fluff.
    Use hair masks. Weekly hair masks will keep your hair healthy and replenish lost moisture.
    Take hair supplements. Hair supplements are a great way to aid your scalp and strand overall health. Biotin is an excellent vitamin for hair growth, while fish oil is great for shine.
    Use good quality shampoo and conditioner. It might seem like an insignificant step, but using good quality products on your hair is necessary. Most drugstore shampoos and conditioners are filled with chemicals that aren’t aiding in your hair’s overall health. It will also help to find a formula suited to your hair type.

    We have the perfect tutorial for you if you want to get that fluffy hair look you’ve seen all over the internet. This tutorial is a baseline for voluminous hair and will likely need to be altered based on your hair type. To learn more about our tips for your hair type, visit the Tips For Different Hair Types section.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Good quality shampoo and conditioner
    2. A diffuser
    3. Volumizing mousse
    4. Hairspray
    5. Heat protectant spray

    Step #1

    The first step is to get your hair wet. Shower using good quality shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair type.

    Step #2

    Let your hair dry at least 70-60% before adding your volumizing mousse and heat protectant spray.

    Step #3

    Using the diffuser, lighting scrunch your hair up to your head and hold it there for 15 sections before moving on to the next section of hair. You can section off your hair if it makes it easier, but it’s unnecessary. We use the diffuser because it adds curls, giving your hair a flowy bounce, perfect for fluffy hair.

    Step #4

    Once your hair is completely dry, give it a good spray of hair spray. If the mousse doesn’t give enough volume, add some dry texture spray to the roots and ends. Try not to add too much product, as it will weigh the hair down.

    Step #5

    This step is for anyone that doesn’t have super coily or curly hair. Using a comb, lightly brush the hair to give it that fluffy appearance. If it becomes too fluffy or frizzy, add a touch of hair oil to calm things down.

    How To Style Fluffy Hair

    If you already have voluminous hair that needs a bit of fine-tuning, we have your back. Check out the tutorial to discover how to style fluffy hair.

    What you need to style fluffy hair:

    1. Hair oil
    2. Large barreled curling wand
    3. Hair clips
    4. Hair spray
    5. Heat protectant

    Step #1

    We suggest using a curling wand to elevate your fluffy hair more. But first, always make sure you use heat protectant spray.

    Step #2

    Section your hair using the clips, starting at the bottom layer.

    Step #3

    Using the curling wand, grab a one-inch section of hair and loosely wrap it around the barrel away from the face. Hold it for 20 seconds, and then release it. Don’t touch the curled hair; let it cool down in peace, and move on to the next one-inch section.

    Step #4

    Once you finish one level of the hair, give it a good spray of hairspray, let the next layer out of the clips, and repeat step #3. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you’ll likely have more sections.

    Step #5

    Once you have finished each level, add some hair oil to your palms, warm it up by rubbing it between your hands, and then run your fingers through your hair. Don’t add too much. The thicker your hair, the more you’ll need. This will help ensure you don’t get frizzy.

    Step #6

    Using a wide tooth comb, give your hair a gentle brush. This will loosen the curls a bit and elevate your fluffy strands.

    Tips For Different Hair Types

    If you want fluffy hair, you need two crucial things for any hair type: a volumizing product and a blow dryer. The issues come to play when you have a specific hair type that needs some working around to get lasting fluffy hair. No worries; we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

    If you don’t know your hair type, check out this chart to help determine your hair type to better style your fluffy hair.

    Hair Types Sub types Description
    Type 1: Straight hair 1A: stick straight

    1B: straight with more volume

    1C: straight but with visible SS-waves and body waves

    • Sheen
    • Resistant to damage
    • Extremely hard to style
    • Most oily
    Type 2: Wavy hair 2A: loose s-waves

    2B: short distinct S-waves

    2C: sharp s-waves with few spiral curls

    • Between straight and curly
    • More likely to become frizzy
    • Can be easy to style
    Type 3: Curly hair 3A: big loose spirals

    3B: bouncy ringlets

    3C: corkscrew curls

    • Looks like “s” or “z”
    • Usually voluminous
    • Climate dependent
    • Easily becomes frizzy and damaged
    • Proper care required to maintain health and curl
    Type 4: Coiled hair 4A: tight coiled S-curls

    4B: z pattern coils

    4C: z-patterned kinked curls

    • Fragile and high density
    • Shrinks when wet
    • Fewer cuticle layers than other hair types
    • More susceptible to damage

    How To Get Fluffy Hair Guys

    If you’re a male and want to add some fluff to your locks, there are a few things we can suggest. The first thing is the cut. You want to ensure your hair isn’t too short; it should be decently long at the top. If you want to taper the sides, go for it, but keep the top layers longer.

    Another vital aspect is products. Finding and using volumizing products suited to your hair type will get you the best results.

    Zohna Tip

    Focus the air near the roots and sweep it upwards when blow drying. Blow drying upside down will also help to add some volume.

    How To Make Straight Hair Fluffy

    If you have straight hair, it can be challenging to get some poof and volume. But we have a few tricks up our sleeves that might help.

    Here at Zohna, we want to be honest with you, so the thicker your straight hair, the harder it will be to get and maintain fluffy hair. Our best suggestion for straight hair, regardless of thickness, is to tease it. Back combing your strands will help to give your hair that needed volume. Don’t forget other volumizing products as well.

    How To Get Fluffy 90s Hair

    The 90s hair is all about the volume, the shine, and the effortless look. We have the perfect tutorial on how to get fluffy 90s hair that we want to share with you.

    What you’ll need:

    • Blow drier
    • Round brush
    • Hair rollers
    • Volumizing products
    • Hair oil

    Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to transport back to the 90s:

    1. Start with wet hair; add your volumizing products and heat-protectant spray.
    2. Section your hair and start with the bottom level.
    3. Blow dry your hair away from your face using a round brush. Wrap your hair around the brush away from the face and direct the heat onto the brush.
    4. Place a hair roller into the mane section by section once dry. Place the roller overtop the strand of hair at the bottom and roll inwards towards your head.
    5. Repeat all those steps and leave the rollers in for at least 15 minutes. The longer, the better.
    6. Once it’s time to take them out, carefully pull them out and twist the hair away from the face once the roller gets to the end.
    7. Add texture spray to your roots, hair spray to hold everything in place, and oil for shine.

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy And Soft

    Making your hair fluffy is all about volume and texture. Using the proper blow-drying technique and products will help to give you the fluff you desire.

    But if you are also focused on soft strands, we have a few tips to help:

    • Hair oils: helps to give your hair that much-needed shine and softness by replenishing lost moisture.
    • Hair mask: using a hair mask once a week will replenish moisture in your strands and help them to feel soft and shiny.
    • Shampoo and conditioner: using proper shampoo and conditioner, not from the drugstore, will ensure your hair stays healthy, making it soft.
    • Heat protectant: always use a heat protectant whenever you use heat on your hair. This will protect your strands, ensuring they stay soft and silky.

    Following those tips will keep your locks healthy, soft, and silky. Hair can quickly feel coarse due to product build-up. But, if you follow those tips, you’ll likely need fewer products, leading to softer fluffy hair.

    How To Get Fluffy Curly Hair

    Curly hair can often have a mind of its own; therefore, using products to help structure it will get you perfect swirls and twirls. Purchasing and using a curling mousse and a lightweight styling gel will ensure your curls stay in place and give you the most voluptuous fluffy hair money can buy! Using these products while the hair is still wet before using the diffuser is a recipe for perfection.

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Girl

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy GirlInstagram@rainianaPIN

    If you are looking for a fluffy hair girl look but don’t want to use heat on your beautiful strands, our best suggestion would be to use rollers without the heat. If left in long enough, they will still curl the hair.

    How to Get Fluffy Emo Hair

    How to Get Fluffy Emo HairInstagram@wtftkrisPIN

    If you want emo fluffy hair, it’s the same as any other regular fluffy hair tutorial, except one thing is different. Hair color! To get the emo fluffy hair look, you must have darker hair. If you have fluffy blonde hair, it won’t look emo.

    How To Make Hair Fluffy And Bouncy

    The best trick we suggest for fluffy and bouncy hair is using rollers. Bouncy hair comes from lightweight volume. Adding many products to get fluffy hair can quickly weigh down your strands, making them anything but bouncy.

    We suggest purchasing heat rollers that warm up before you place them in your hair. It’s similar to a curling iron but easier. For a double whammy, you can also use them after you curl your hair with a wand. Once it’s time for the rollers to come out, spray with lightweight hairspray and give your strands a good brushing. The brushing will help to make them look looser and fluffy!

    How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Naturally

    If you want to make your hair naturally poofy without having to blow dry or add heaps of products, it starts with your hair health. Eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, and using good quality shampoo and conditioner will make a difference in your hair. Then, you will have a better chance of naturally getting voluminous, fluffy hair.

    How To Make Thin Hair Fluffy

    The thinner the hair, the easier it is to make it appear fluffy. It can be problematic if you have thicker hair because the strands will fall and lose their fluff.

    That said, we suggest using good quality and extra volumizing hair products. The more volume you add to your hair, the more fluffy it will appear. However, ensure you don’t overload your fine hair, as many products can be problematic and damaging.

    How To Get Fluffy Wavy Hair

    A hair waver is the best trick to getting fluffy wavy hair.

    Start using a volumizing mousse and blow dry your hair until it completely dries. Then section off your strands and use the waver. It’s like a curler and flat iron in one, perfect for effortlessly beachy waves. Then add hair spray and give your mane a good brush, and you’ll have the perfect fluffy wavy hair. It’s that easy!


    • How To Stop Hair Going Fluffy After Washing It

      Using cold water when washing your hair will help prevent it from getting fluffy and frizzy. It’s also essential to use suitable products for your hair type. Oils are also a fantastic way to keep the frizz and fluff at bay once your hair is dry.

    • How to Get Fluffy Hair Without Heat

      Choosing a heatless curl method is the best way to get fluffy hair. Or you can use dry shampoos and tease your strands. This will give you the volume you want for a fluffy mane.

    • How To Keep Hair Fluffy

      The only way to keep your hair fluffy is to use a good hairspray and care for your hair’s overall health. Hairspray is excellent at keeping your strands locked and loaded. But it can’t hold everything forever; therefore, treating your hair properly will allow it to naturally hold curls better, be shinier, and have more natural volume.

    The Fluff Is A Must

    You heard it here; the fluff is a must! Fluffy hair is all the rage to add voluptuous goodness to your otherwise dull and lackluster strands. When your hair looks and feels good, so do you. That’s a fact! So why wait any longer to feel your best and get fluffing!