18 Best Light Brown Balayage Hair Styles To Lighten Or Darken Your Locks

Updated on December 28, 2023
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    Light Brown BalayagePIN

    18 Best Light Brown Balayage Hair Styles To Lighten Or Darken Your Locks

    Cover all mirrors cause after getting light brown balayage, you won’t be able to resist a glance each chance you get.

    Light brown balayage hair is an attractive way to lighten or darken your locks without fully committing to the light or dark spectrum of hair shades; it sits in the middle of blonde and brunette. It’s not quite dirty blonde balayage but not brown balayage either – the perfect in-between.

    We suggest light brown balayage if you are blonde and want to go a bit darker. If you are a brunette and want to go a bit lighter, you guessed it; we suggest going for light brown balayage.

    Balayage is a type of hair dye technique made to look like the hair dye has been seamlessly blended into your hair.

    Caramel Light Brown Balayage

    Yum! Who doesn’t love delectable sweet caramel? Ever thought of adding that beautiful caramel color to your hair? Caramel light brown balayage is the ideal way to add some of that sweetness to your locks.

    Caramel light brown balayage is a great way to add:

    • The appearance of dimension
    • The appearance of thickness
    • The appearance of texture
    • The appearance of volume

    Light Brown Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

    Do you want to steer away from the dark side and into the light? This light brown balayage on dark brown hair will lighten your mane and complexion.

    Dark Brown to Light Brown Balayage

    If you want to add a gradient effect with your balayage, this is the look you will want to follow. Dark brown to light brown balayage starts slightly darker at the tops of the balayage and then gets somewhat lighter at the bottom.

    Light Brown Balayage Curly Hair

    Got curly hair? No problem! This light brown balayage curly hair look will help to accentuate and highlight those beautiful and luscious curls we all wish we had. If not this color combo, we recommend trying honey brown hair for those swirls and curls.

    Blonde and Light Brown Balayage

    Need help deciding whether to go for blonde or brunette hair? Don’t stress cause with this blonde and light brown balayage, “you get the best of both worlds.” It’s the perfect in-between you won’t want to miss out on.

    Honey Light Brown Balayage

    Aside from honey’s delicious taste, it also has a stunning color; a color that looks even more stunning in your hair than on your toast. Honey light brown balayage is a beautifully warm and inviting hair color; we beg you to try it.

    Light Brown Balayage Straight Hair

    One of the best ways to show off your light brown balayage is by straightening your hair. This way, you can see every single dyed piece laid out together.

    Zohna Tip

    Make sure you inform your stylist of your hair type and how you prefer to style it, as they may lay the balayage differently into strands depending on whether you wear them curly or straight.

    Ash Light Brown Balayage

    This ash light brown balayage hair is a stunning cool-toned hairdo. Similar to ash blonde balayage, but slightly darker in appearance with those hints of brunette.

    Light Brown Balayage Short Hair

    Short hair? No problem! This light brown balayage short hair look is a beautiful way to incorporate texture and dimension into your trimmed locks.

    Light Brown Balayage with Blonde Highlights

    Light brown balayage with blonde highlights is the perfect hairdo for those looking to darken their strands without completely committing to the dark side. We get it; it can be hard to say goodbye completely when you’ve been blonde for a while. Adding some blonde peekaboo highlights will help keep the blonde alive!

    You may be wondering what the differences between balayage and highlights are. There aren’t many differences, but a few distinguishing features set them apart. Check out the table below to find out more.

    Balayage Highlights
    • Starts lower down the hair shaft
    • Blanched, blending, softer look
    • Can be any color
    • Thinner streaks of color
    • Stubble color gradient
    • Starts close to or right at roots
    • Intense lightened look
    • Has to be lighter than the base color
    • Thicker streaks of color
    • No color gradient

    Medium Length Light Brown Balayage Hair

    Medium-length hair is the new ‘it’ haircut that we see everywhere, from city streets to red carpets. Adding some light brown balayage to your medium-length hair will elevate its beauty more, and we’re not sure how you could pass that up!

    Black to Light Brown Balayage

    If you have stunning black hair that you want to give some lightness to, this black to light brown balayage is the perfect hairdo for you.

    Butterscotch Light Brown Balayage

    Tired of your blonde balayage? Switch things up with this butterscotch light brown balayage. The added hints of auburn and red bring your strands to life.

    Light Brown Balayage With Money Piece

    Want to frame your face with your hair? Then gives this light brown balayage with money pieces a try. The light brown will extend up to the front parts of the hair surrounding your face for a beautiful and accentuating appearance.

    Dark Root Light Brown Balayage

    The great thing about balayage is that you don’t have to worry about your roots. The balayage technique allows your roots to grow back without looking a bit worse for wear.

    Asian Light Brown Balayage

    Even though people of Asian descent have hair that is typically beautifully dark, that doesn’t mean we can’t add some light to it with light brown balayage. I mean, come on; look at good it looks!

    Warm Light Brown Balayage

    Calling all warmed-toned peeps! This warm light brown balayage will compliant your complexion so well that you’ll never want to change your hair color again.

    Light Brown Balayage Long Hair

    The longer your hair is, the more color gradient you can add to your locks for a multidimensional appearance you can’t resist.


    • How Much is a Light Brown Balayage?

      There isn’t a set price to add light brown balayage to your luscious locks. Rather there are a few factors that contribute to the price, such as where you are located, the salon and the stylist you choose, and the type of balayage you select.

      However, depending on the above factors, it can cost anywhere from $75 to $300.

    • How Long Does it Last?

      One of the best things about balayage is that it lasts longer than most hair dye techniques, as it is excellent for root growth. Typically, balayage lasts 3-4 months with proper maintenance.

    Come Into The Light And Dark

    All we can say is that we hope you have decided to join the light or dark side and booked your appointment for light brown balayage. We know you won’t regret this one, and it will look fantastic on you, as it does on everyone.