14 Top Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Styles for Men for a Fresh Look

Updated on November 6, 2023
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    14 Top Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Styles for Men for a Fresh Look

    Grab your mop and bucket cause we gotta get cleaning!

    Just kidding, sorta. If you have curly hair that needs a bit of cleaning up around the edges, this low taper fade curly hair look will do just the job, and no, you don’t need that mop and bucket to achieve it.

    What Is A Curly Low Taper Fade?

    A curly low taper fade is simply a low taper fade done on someone with curly hair. If you don’t know what a low taper fade is, it’s a haircut where the hair length begins to change below the ears, fading out the edges of the hair.

    The fade refers to taking the hair from long to shorter in exciting and stylish ways. A fade can either be dramatic or subtle, depending on the type you get. A taper cut is about a natural-looking decrease in the length of your strands to keep everything looking tidy.

    There are a few other types of taper fades, such as:

    1. Skin fade
    2. Mid taper fade
    3. High taper fade

    This haircut is popular for people with curly hair because it can help tame and clean up the edges of your hairline. Curly hair can quickly get out of control, mainly when grown out long; therefore, you can look sharp and clean by giving it a clean-up with this haircut.

    Things To Consider Before Getting Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Description
    Consider your hair curls and length Depending on the tightness of your curls your barber may want to take your taper fade shorter or keep it longer.
    Bring photos It’s always a great idea to bring pictures of other low taper fades on curly hair that you like to show your barber so they can see what you want.
    Hair thickness Thicker hair is best suited to a low taper fade and other fade styles. However, if you have thin hair, you are more limited to the types of fade that will suit you.
    Head shape Choosing a fade that works best for your head shape is essential. The higher your fade, the more head will show. A low taper fade might suit you best if you have a larger head.

    Blowout Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

    A blowout low taper fade curly hair look is simply a low taper fade cut with a blowout to help tame those curls. If you have wavey hair, this look will be best for you to help create smoothness with your waves by running the blow dryer with a diffuser head over the damp strands.

    Zohna Tip

    When using hot tools such as a blow dryer, use a heat protectant in your hair to prevent any damage.

    Hispanic Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

    People of Hispanic descent typically have wavey locks. Whether you are Hispanic and have wavy hair or not Hispanic but have wavy hair, this look will suit you. The low taper fade helps accentuate the places on the top of your head. For this look, you need to shave down the bottom exterior of the hair to a length that won’t curl.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Black

    People of Black descent often have beautiful thick, dark, often curly or coily hair. If you have hair like this, you might want to trim the edges to accentuate the beauty of your strand’s swirls and twirls. Keeping the outer areas around your hairline short will help to highlight the beauty of your dark coils and curls.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair White

    People of caucasian descent usually have either wavy or curly hair. To clean up your edges and accentuate your waves or curls, give your locks a cool faded gradient look by adding a low taper fade.

    Mohawk Low Taper Fade Curly Hair

    If you have thicker hair, you can easily make it look like you have a mohawk without the copious amount of gel and time to get those spikes. By fading down the sides, you can accentuate the thickness of the strands on the top of your head, giving it the allusion of a thicker mohawk. Your stylist will likely have to do a few other snips to give you the Mohawk look.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Kids

    If your kid wants an excellent clean-up around the edges of their curly hair, the low taper fade curly hair look is great to help make their hair look a bit nicer. Kids don’t often style their hair; therefore, a low taper fade will help keep it look put together without having to style their strands.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Afro

    This look will be your cup of tea if you have thick black curly afro hair. You likely want to highlight your luscious dark curls and their volume, and you can do that by adding a low taper fade.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Long

    Don’t fret if you have long curly hair; you can still do a low taper fade. The fade may be less prominent with longer curls as your curls fall over it. However, the fade will help keep everything looking crisp and clean.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Short

    If you want to show off your low taper fade, accompany it by shortening your curly hair. The fade will accentuate your curls, and the shorter the hair, the more visible your fade will be. It’s a win-win situation.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair With Beard

    If you have curly hair that needs some cleaning around the edges, we suggest incorporating your beard into that cleaning process. By that, we mean not just fading out your hairline but also your sideburns that connect your hairline and beard.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Mullet

    We recommend adding a low taper fade if you want to make your mullet even cooler. The fade will accentuate that glorious haircut. Many people have dappled in the mullet haircut; adding a fade can make your hair stand out.

    Low Taper Fade Line Designs Curly Hair

    Low Taper Fade Line Designs Curly HairInstagram@jericutsPIN

    We highly suggest incorporating line designs into the fade if you’re thinking about getting a low taper fade but don’t feel it looks unique enough. This one looks super cool but also helps to draw attention to the low taper fade.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Side Burn

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Side BurnInstagram@jericutsPIN

    If you have super curly hair, including your sideburns, it might not be the worst idea to get a low taper fade in that area. You can tame the curl and create clean lines by fading out your sideburns.

    Low Taper Fade Curly Hair With Design

    If you have curly hair and want to clean up the edges, a low taper fade is your match. However, you can take it further by getting your barber to shave in fun designs. We don’t recommend doing this at home if you aren’t a professional; it takes practice.

    If you ask your barber to shave a design into your hair, there are a couple of tools they may use, such as:

    • An electric razor
    • Razor
    • Scissors
    • Hair stencil


    • How Much Does a Low Taper Fade For Curly Hair Cost?

      A low taper fade for curly hair costs the same as any other hair type. That said, there isn’t a set price for a low taper fade for curly hair. However, a few factors go into the price, such as the barber you choose, the city you live in, and the type of fade you want.

    • How Often Do You Need to Maintain This Cut?

      If you want your fade to be super fresh looking, we suggest getting the fade done every 1-2 weeks. This will keep it clean and fresh looking. But you can wait a few weeks longer if you need, and it should look manageable.

    • Is Low Taper Fade for Curly Hair Popular?

      Since curly hair can sometimes have a mind of its own, a low taper fade to clean up around the edges to help it look crisp and clean is a popular hairstyle choice.

    • How To Do a Low Taper Fade For Curly Hair?

      Before you start trimming, we suggest washing your hair to it’s easier and more pliable to move around. The most crucial step is choosing the right clippers – you should have two different clipper lengths – adjusting electric clippers is the best tool for achieving a fade.

      1. Ensure things will turn out even by giving the head a quick trim at the top of your head.
      2. Use a mid-numbered guard on your razor; start just below the tip of the ear, and trim off the area you want to be shorter. Hold the clippers vertically and move slowly in sweeping motions.
      3. Once you’ve covered the area you wish to trim, it’s time to move to the next guard. Try moving down a size or two and begin the same motions below the place where the first trim starts.
      4. Once you hit a length you like, go back to the higher-numbered guard and run it over the areas where the different hair lengths met to help smooth it out.
      5. To be extra precise, use a razor around the edges.

    Fade Those Curls

    We have come to the end of all things low taper fade curly hair. If you have curly hair and want to clean your edges or switch things up, this haircut is just what you were looking for. No matter your hair type, curly or not, you can get a low taper fade; that’s what makes this haircut so popular and versatile.