19 Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

Updated on December 13, 2023
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    Mahogany HairPIN

    19 Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love

    It’s worn on the red carpet. It’s a hot topic at every salon. And after seeing countless Pins on your Pinterest feed, you’ve witnessed how this reddish brown hair color is a look that compliments everyone.

    Mahogany is the little black dress of hair color: timeless, elegant, and suitable for every occasion.

    Mahogany hair color is a rich, dimensional color with a dark brown base and red tones, similar to the color of mahogany wood. Much like the timber it’s named after, mahogany hair tends to have a distinct shine and a polished look.

    From lighter shades to vibrant hues to the traditional dark ones, there are variations of mahogany hair color that suit undertones:

    • Cool skin tones: Mahogany with plum undertones
    • Neutral skin tones: Mahogany with plum or red undertones
    • Warm skin tones: Mahogany with red undertones

    Many colorists also suggest when choosing a shade of mahogany, to go with one which compliments your natural hair color.

    Check out the table below for examples of which shades of mahogany hair color go best with your natural hair color.

    Blonde Redhead Brunette
    Auburn Mahogany Mahogany Red Mahogany Dark Red
    Mahogany with Blonde Highlights Copper Mahogany Chocolate Raspberry Cherry Cola
    Cinnamon Mahogany Cherry Mahogany Balayage Dark Mahogany Brown

    Mahogany vs. Burgundy Hair Color

    Scrolling through Pinterest can spark some great debates in hair color. Your internal dialogue might sound like:

    “Is it gingerbread caramel or dark strawberry blonde? That’s not butterscotch, it’s honey brown!”

    So many colors, shades, and variations of hair dye can make determining the difference a challenge. One of the most disputed debates of hair dye is burgundy vs. mahogany hair color.

    Mahogany and burgundy are both shades of reddish-brown. Burgundy hair color has a red base, whereas the base of mahogany hair color is brown. Traditional burgundy hair color is slightly darker than mahogany hair color.

    Due to the numerous variations of each color, it sometimes makes it hard to distinguish what is mahogany and what is burgundy. The most noticeable detail is that burgundy hair colors will have a slight magenta hue compared to mahogany shades.

    Mahogany Hair Color Attributes Burgundy Hair Color Attributes
    • Brown base
    • Named after Mahogany wood
    • No pink undertones
    • Long lasting due to brown base
    • Fades to lighter mahogany
    • Goes with warm and cool highlights
    • Mix of red, brown, and violet tones
    • Red base
    • Named after Burgundy wine
    • Slight pink undertones
    • Fades quicker due to red base

    While burgundy is a beautiful, bold color choice, mahogany is certainly more versatile and has its advantages:

    • Long lasting color
    • Low maintenance
    • Compliments warm and cool skin tones
    • Easier to pair with highlights, balayage, and other hair techniques
    • Less staining
    • Better grey coverage

    Mahogany is an enticing color. With so much potential and versatility, are you excited to decide which shade is for you?

    Auburn Mahogony Hair Color

    Don’t we envy those born with natural auburn hair? It’s that classic medium brown shade with a subtle red-orange tinge. Auburn mahogany hair color infuses auburn color with the intense influence of mahogany’s deep red undertones.

    Copper Mahogany Hair Color

    Refresh dark mahogany hair with the lustrous shine of copper. Copper mahogany hair color weaves scarlet and ginger highlights onto a rich brown base.

    Mahogany Brown Hair Color

    Keep it classy with elegant mahogany brown hair color. Rich tones of mahogany accentuate dark brown hair for a sharp and polished look.

    Chocolate Cherry Mahogany Hair Color

    Indulge in the fusion of rich chocolatey brown and juicy cherry red. Chocolate cherry mahogany hair color takes a deep twist on classic chocolate cherry hair. It’s an opportunity to play with mahogany highlights and balayage techniques.

    Mahogany Dark Auburn Hair Color

    Mahogany Dark Auburn Hair ColorInstagram@munafainPIN

    Take the enticement of dark mahogany hair and blend it with dark ginger snap and copper undertones. Mahogany dark auburn hair features the subtle amber hues present in natural auburn hair.

    Mahogany Dark Red Hair Color

    Posh dark brown gets a radiant red makeover with mahogany dark red hair color. This deep shade of mahogany brings out dark scarlet and ruby red tones for a poised and edgy appeal.

    Dark Mahogany Brown Hair Color

    Rich and intense tones of mahogany accentuate dark brown hair by giving it a subtle red glow. Dark mahogany brown hair color is the perfect shade for those who suit dark hair but love the look of mahogany.

    Mahogany Red Hair Color

    Brown sugar, red wine, brandy, and fruit. Sangria-inspired mahogany red hair color is that perfect balance of vibrance and poise. Playing more on the red tones than brown, if you’re a die-hard redhead, you’ll love this mahogany color!

    Mahogany Hair Color With Highlights

    Accenture mahogany hair with warm gold, copper or amber highlights to add depth to your do. Mahogany hair color with highlights offers endless possibilities, as there are so many colors that compliment the dark red hue.

    Chocolate Raspberry Cherry Cola Hair Color

    Indulge in a chocolate truffle with a sweet fruity center. Chocolate raspberry cherry cola hair color layers vibrant raspberry and dark cherry cola red on a rich chocolatey base for a refreshing twist on mahogany hair color.

    Ombre Mahogany Hair Color

    Fade away into your love for intoxicating ombre hair. Ombre mahogany hair color starts with dark mahogany roots and gradually lightens into your choice of one or more radiant red or vibrant copper colors. You can also do reverse ombre mahogany hair color by transitioning a lighter color into deep mahogany tips.

    Zohna Tip

    To make ombre hair less maintenance, choose a color for your roots that matches or blends in with your existing color.

    Mahogany Hair Color with Blonde Highlights

    Luminous light blonde highlights on a red mahogany base create a stunning multilayered effect. Ashy and platinum blonde streaks are the perfect way to contrast the reddish-brown color.

    Cherry Mahogany Balayage

    Refresh mahogany hair with a juicy berry-inspired balayage. Cherry mahogany balayage artistically paints crimson red onto a base of brandy brown.

    Caramel Chocolate Golden Brown Mahogany Hair Color

    Milk chocolate blended with creamy caramel is a delicious treat for mahogany hair. Caramel chocolate golden brown mahogany hair color adds gold and amber undertones to a dark red-brown base creating a magnificent aurous glow.

    Mahogany Brown Plum Hair Color

    The warm spices and toasted sugar of a traditional sugar plum candy inspire this scrumptious hair color. Mahogany brown plum hair color features a dark mahogany base layered with rich violet hues for a juicy plum color. The purple-blue undertones make this a great mahogany hair color for those with pale skin or cool undertones.

    Mahogany Wine Hair Color

    Cheers to a glass of mahogany wine hair color! If you love red and mulled wine hair color trends, but want to stay a brunette, this hair color is for you! An espresso base takes a vibrant twist by layering subtle deep red, violet, and copper tones into a stunning balayage.

    Mahogany Violet Hair Color

    Representing royalty, luxury, and ambition, violet is undeniably a statement hair color. Mahogany violet hair color ignites the classic red-brown base by adding dynamic purple color.

    Mahogany Raspberry Hair Color

    Don’t be so sour! Classic Raspberry hair color starts with a vibrant magenta base with red and violet tones throughout. Mahogany raspberry hair color keeps the brunette base of mahogany hair, and layers red, magenta, and purple tones to create a zealous raspberry color. All the vibrant red and pink colors really pop on warm skin tones.

    Cinnamon Mahogany Hair Color

    Cinnamon Mahogany Hair ColorInstagram@v_attriPIN

    Sugar and spice and all things nice! That’s what cinnamon hair is made of. Cinnamon hair is a hot color trend combing chestnut brown with gingery tones. Cinnamon mahogany hair color is a medium shade of mahogany brown with crimson and copper babylights.

    Mahogany Brown Hair Color Chart

    If you’re looking for a standard mahogany brown hair color chart, you might be out of luck. Brands of hair dye have different ways of naming and categorizing their specific shades of mahogany hair color.

    Fortunately, it is quite simple to break down mahogany hair color.

    We’ve organized the most popular mahogany hair color trends into three categories based on their undertones:

    1. Mahogany with primary red undertones
    2. Mahogany with primary violet undertones
    3. Mahogany with primary brown undertones

    Check out the table below to see how we imagine these pairings coming together!

    Hair Colors Light to Dark Red Violet Brown
    Light Copper Mahogany Mahogany Violet Cinnamon Mahogany
    Medium Mahogany Red Mahogany Brown Plum Auburn Mahogany
    Dark Mahogany Dark Red Mahogany Wine Dark Mahogany Brown

    How To Make Mahogany Hair Color

    Mahogany hair color, in a nutshell, is a brown base with red undertones. Classic mahogany hair is dark brown with crimson and ruby red undertones. Some variations of mahogany incorporate violet hues.

    If you want to achieve mahogany hair color, consider taking the following steps:

    1. Book an appointment with a hair color specialist; they are the experts, after all!
    2. Try an at-home box dye labeled a shade of ‘Mahogany’, ‘Auburn’, or ‘Cinnamon’
    3. Add copper, scarlet, or deep red highlights to dark brown hair
    4. Use a red hair color toner on brown hair
    5. Use a brown hair color toner on red hair

    Top 5 Mahogany Hair Color Products

    We’ve compiled a list of mahogany shades from the best-selling hair dye brands available online for you to try at home!

    Wella Mahogany Hair Color

    Wella Color Tango Hair Color
    $8.15 ($4.08 / Ounce)
    10/31/2023 07:22 pm GMT

    Wella Colorcharm Permanent Gel Hair Color offers a convenient way to achieve permanent, natural-looking dark blonde red mahogany hair color.

    Its creamy gel formula is easy to apply and takes just 30 minutes to color for full-grey coverage, and true-to-tone color, as well as:

    • Color Ignite Technology promises smooth application, and stunning shine
    • Conditioning formula leaves hair undamaged
    • Long lasting and fade-resistant
    • Predictable hair color results

    Feria Mahogany Hair Color

    10/31/2023 08:17 pm GMT

    L’Oreal Paris Feria offers a collection of bold, edgy shades, including mahogany and auburn brown. Each color kit includes an aromatic shimmer serum, conditioning developer cream, and a power shimmering conditioner to ensure long-lasting color.

    Mahogany colors from the Feria collection include

    • Red Velvet (Intense Deep Auburn)
    • Crushed Garnet (Rich Mahogany)
    • Brilliant Bordeaux (Auburn Brown)
    • Cherry Crush (Intense Medium Auburn)

    L’Oreal Mahogany Hair Color

    10/31/2023 07:42 pm GMT

    Fall in love with the colors of the L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference mahogany collection. The Superior Preference hair color offers up to eight weeks of fade-resistant color and radiance. Each kit includes a color-optimizing cream, color gel, and a color & shine conditioner with camelina oil.

    The Superior Preference mahogany collection includes

    • 4M Dark Mahogany Brown
    • 4SM Dark Soft Mahogany Brown

    Dark and Lovely Hair Color

    SoftSheen-Carson Hair Color
    $11.96 ($5.98 / Count)
    10/31/2023 07:36 pm GMT

    For those with coarser hair, the Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant collection offers beautiful shades of auburn, mahogany, and cinnamon. The number one recommended brand for women of color delivers a formula specifically designed to transform dark, thick hair into light and radiant colors.

    Mahogany shades offered by Dark and Lovely Fade Resistant:

    • Rich Auburn 374
    • Brown Cinnamon 391
    • Crimson Moon 362

    Four Reasons Color Mask Mahogany Toning Treatment

    Four Reasons Toning Treatment
    $28.00 ($4.14 / Fl Oz)
    10/31/2023 07:30 pm GMT

    Change dark brown hair into a beautiful mahogany color by applying Four Reasons Color Mask Mahogany Hair Toning Treatment. The nourishing vegan formula contains plant-based proteins and amino acids for soft and shiny hair. It delivers semi-permanent hair pigment to change brown hair to a rich mahogany color.

    Red and Mahogany shades offered by Four Reasons Hair Toning Treatments include:

    • Mahogany
    • Red
    • Red Copper
    • Copper


    • How To Get Mahogany Hair Color Out?

      Did you dye your hair mahogany and decide it doesn’t suit you? That’s too bad. Remember that bright tones fade fast, especially by frequent washing with hot water. In just a few showers, a vibrant mahogany color that attracts too much attention could change into the perfect subtle red hue.

      If you want to get mahogany hair color out quickly, here are a few things you can do:

      • Buy an at-home hair color remover product
      • Dye your hair two shades darker or lighter of a solid brown tone
      • Apply a dark brown hair color toner
      • Try a DIY at home hair color removing technique
      • Neutralize the red tones by washing your hair with green shampoo
    • Why Is Mahogany Hair Color Hard To Find?

      Mahogany hair color might be hard to find because different hair dye brands have their own unique name for their mahogany shades. At the hair salon, mahogany hair color usually falls under the medium to dark brown ‘red brown’ colors.

    Mahogany: The Little Black Dress of Hair Color

    Who doesn’t love mahogany hair color? This classy, timeless hair color pairs with your entire wardrobe, from business, to casual to elegant attire. So pull out your sexiest dress, slip on your heels, and get dolled up because your new mahogany hair color deserves a night out!