28 Beautiful Medium Box Braids to Try

Updated on October 26, 2023
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    28 Beautiful Medium Box Braids to Try

    For the indecisive people, try medium box braids as opposed to small box braids or large box braids. Picking in between can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. Whether you have shoulder-length hair or are craving a stylish change, medium-box braids are a perfect choice.

    With a wide array of options to choose from, you can experiment with various styles and make a bold fashion statement. In this article, we will explore some beautiful medium box braid hairstyles that you can try to enhance your look. So, let’s dive in and get inspired!

    Medium Short Box Braids

    For those who prefer a shorter length, medium short box braids are the way to go. This style offers a chic and edgy look that can easily be dressed up or down. The shorter length not only adds a touch of sophistication but also makes maintenance a breeze. You can opt for a sleek and polished look or experiment with different accessories to add some flair. Whatever you choose, medium short-box braids are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    If you love the look of medium box braids, give medium knotless braids a try.

    Medium Box Braids with Beads

    Want to add a touch of personal uniqueness to your medium box braids? Consider adding some beads for a playful and eye-catching look. From colorful beads to intricate designs, the options are endless. Beads not only add visual interest but also create a pleasant sound as they move. Whether you’re headed to a casual outing or a special event, medium box braids with beads are a fantastic choice to elevate your style.

    When it comes to choosing beads for your medium box braids, you have a wide range of options, such as:

    1. Wood
    2. Plastic
    3. Metal

    Medium Bohemian Box Braids

    If you’re a free-spirited soul who loves bohemian vibes, medium bohemian box braids are the ideal choice for you. This style exudes a carefree and laid-back vibe that is perfect for the summer season. You can let your creativity run wild by accessorizing your braids with feathers, shells, or even flowers. Medium bohemian box braids give you the freedom to express yourself and embrace your inner boho goddess.

    Shoulder Length Medium Box Braids

    Looking for a hairstyle that falls right at your shoulders? Shoulder length medium box braids are a fantastic option for you. This length offers a perfect balance between convenience and style.

    You can effortlessly style your braids, such as:

    Shoulder length medium box braids allow you to explore various styling options without feeling overwhelmed.

    Medium Large Box Braids

    If you’re a fan of volume and drama, medium large box braids are the hairstyle for you. This style adds a bold and statement-making element to your look. The thicker braids create a visual impact that is hard to ignore. You can experiment with different lengths and textures to create a unique and personalized style. Medium large box braids are perfect for those who want to embrace their natural hair and turn heads wherever they go.

    Medium Long Box Braids

    Love the look of long flowing hair? Medium long box braids give you the best of both worlds. This style offers the elegance and grace of long hair combined with the convenience and ease of box braids. You can experiment with different parting patterns, accessorize with beads, or even add some color for a playful touch. Medium long box braids allow you to channel your inner goddess and embrace the beauty of long hair without commitment.

    Medium Blonde Box Braids

    Want to add some sunshine to your look? Medium blonde box braids are the perfect way to brighten up your style. The warm and vibrant tones of blonde can instantly transform your appearance and make you feel like a ray of sunshine. Whether you choose a solid blonde shade or go for highlights, medium blonde box braids are a fantastic choice to add a touch of brightness to your day.

    Darker skin tones can complement a range of blonde shades, but some hues tend to stand out particularly well. In the chart below are some blonde shades that often look stunning on darker skin tones.

    Blonde Shades for Medium Blonde Box Braids Description
    Honey Blonde This warm, golden hue complements dark skin beautifully, creating a natural and sun-kissed look.
    Caramel Blonde The rich, warm tones of caramel can provide a striking contrast against dark skin, giving a radiant and vibrant appearance.
    Bronze Blonde This shade combines elements of brown and blonde, creating a multidimensional look that complements darker skin tones.
    Golden Blonde This shade combines elements of brown and blonde, creating a multidimensional look that complements darker skin tones.
    Auburn Blonde This reddish-brown blonde shade offers a unique and captivating look on darker skin tones, creating a warm and earthy appearance.

    Medium Red Box Braids

    If you’re feeling bold and daring, why not opt for medium red box braids? This fiery and passionate color adds a dramatic flair to your look. Medium red box braids make a bold statement and exude confidence. Whether you choose a vibrant red shade or a deeper burgundy hue, one thing is for sure – medium red box braids command attention and radiate power.

    There are a few red shades that compliment darker skin tones, such as:

    • Light Cinnamon
    • Chili Red
    • Ruby Red
    • Cherry Cola

    Medium Box Braids with Curly Ends

    Medium Box Braids with Curly EndsInstagram@k.s.dhairPIN

    Looking for a way to add some bounce and texture to your medium box braids? Consider opting for medium box braids with curly ends. This style adds a playful and whimsical touch to your braids, giving them a unique and dynamic look. You can choose to add loose curls or tight coils at the ends of your braids for a fun and flirty vibe. Medium box braids with curly ends are sure to make a statement and showcase your individuality.

    Medium Goddess Box Braids

    Want to feel like a goddess? Look no further than medium goddess box braids. This style incorporates various braiding techniques to create intricate and mesmerizing patterns. From stunning crown braids to goddess-inspired updos, the possibilities are endless. Medium goddess box braids allow you to unleash your inner diva and make a grand entrance wherever you go.

    To add to the goddess appeal try adding a few accessories, such as:

    • Gold beads
    • Gold cuffs
    • Gold tinsel

    Small Medium Box Braids

    If you prefer a more intricate and detailed look, small medium box braids are the way to go. This style requires precision and skill, resulting in a breathtaking and intricate hairstyle. The smaller braids allow for more versatility in styling and give your hair a unique and captivating texture. With small medium box braids, you can be assured that your hairstyle will be nothing short of extraordinary.

    Zohna Tip

    If texture is something you want, try using a few key products, such as volumizing mousse, texture spray, or dry shampoo.

    Braided Crown with Medium Box Braids

    Feel like royalty with a beautiful braided crown that exudes elegance with your medium box braids. This regal style is perfect for weddings, proms, or any special occasion where you want to feel like a princess. The braided crown can be worn with loose hair or incorporated into an updo for a more polished look.

    Medium Jumbo Box Braids

    Love the look of big and bold braids? Medium jumbo box braids are here to make a statement. This style adds volume and drama to your look in an effortless manner. The larger braids create a striking visual impact and give you a bold and confident appearance. Whether you choose a classic black or experiment with vibrant colors, medium jumbo box braids are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    Medium Triangle Box Braids

    If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching hairstyle, medium triangle box braids are a perfect choice. This style incorporates triangle-shaped partings, creating a geometric and trendy look. The distinctive shape adds visual interest and gives your hairstyle a modern and fashionable edge. With medium triangle box braids, you can embrace your individuality and showcase your bold sense of style.

    Medium Box Braids with Color

    Want to add some vibrant and playful colors to your medium box braids? Consider opting for medium box braids with color. From bold blues to pretty pinks, you can choose from a wide range of hues to add some personality to your hairstyle. Whether you go for highlights or fully colored braids, medium box braids with color allow you to express your creativity and make a bold fashion statement.

    There are a couple of colors we suggest trying with medium box braids with color, such as:

    1. Electric blue
    2. Violet purple
    3. Bold pinks
    4. Bright reds

    Medium Black and Blonde Box Braids

    Looking to create a striking contrast in your hairstyle? Medium black and blonde box braids are a fantastic choice. The combination of black and blonde creates a captivating and mesmerizing look. Whether you choose a subtle ombre effect or opt for chunky highlights, medium black and blonde box braids offer a unique visual appeal that is hard to resist.

    Medium Burgundy Box Braids

    Medium Burgundy Box BraidsInstagram@ice.hairPIN

    For those who love rich and deep hues, medium burgundy box braids are a dream come true. This stunning shade adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look. Medium burgundy box braids exude confidence and make a bold statement. Whether you go for a monochromatic look or add some highlights, medium burgundy box braids are the perfect choice for those who are not afraid to stand out.

    Medium Box Braids Parting Pattern

    The parting pattern of your box braids can completely transform your look. Experimenting with different parting patterns, such as a middle part, side part, or zigzag part, allows you to create unique and personalized styles. Whether you want to enhance your facial features or add visual interest to your hairstyle, the medium box braids parting pattern provides endless options to showcase your creativity.

    Side Swept Braids

    Side Swept BraidsInstagram@momoshairPIN

    Channel your inner diva with these elegant and graceful side-swept medium box braids. This style exudes femininity and sophistication, perfect for those who want to feel like a queen. The side-swept braids can be worn loose or secured with a decorative hair accessory for an extra touch of glamour.

    Medium Feed in Box Braids

    If you’re looking for a way to add some intricacy and depth to your medium box braids, consider opting for feed-in braids. This technique involves adding smaller sections of hair to your braids as you go along, creating a seamless and intricate look. Medium feed-in box braids offer a unique and visually appealing hairstyle that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.

    Medium Crochet Box Braids

    Looking for a hassle-free and time-saving hairstyle? Medium crochet box braids are here to save the day. This technique involves crocheting pre-braided extensions onto your natural hair, resulting in a flawless and effortlessly beautiful style. Medium crochet box braids not only save you hours in the salon but also offer a natural and seamless look that is hard to distinguish from traditional braids.

    Medium Box Braids in a Bun

    When it comes to versatility, medium box braids in a bun are a winner. This style allows you to easily transition from a casual day look to an elegant evening look. You can effortlessly gather your braids into a bun, adding sophistication and style to your outfit. Medium box braids in a bun offer a classic and timeless hairstyle that is suitable for any occasion.

    Top Knot Medium Box Braids

    Combine comfort and style with a trendy top knot adorned with medium box braids. This effortless and chic hairstyle is perfect for those days when you want to keep your hair off your face but still look fashionable. The braided detail adds a touch of bohemian flair to a classic top knot, making it a versatile choice for any casual or semi-formal event.

    Medium Butt Length Box Braids

    Check out these breathtaking medium butt length box braids. With medium butt length box braids, you’ll have plenty of room to experiment with different hairstyles and accessories. From elegant updos to sassy half-up, half-down looks, there’s no limit to your creativity.

    Medium Traditional Box Braids

    If you’re seeking a classic and timeless look, medium traditional box braids are the way to go. These braids have been making waves for decades and continue to be a favorite among braids enthusiasts. With medium traditional box braids, you’ll be embracing culturally significant hairstyles while looking incredibly fashionable.

    Medium Bob Box Braids

    For those who want a chic and trendy vibe, medium bob box braids are the perfect choice. This style combines the elegance of a bob haircut with the intricacy of box braids. The result? A stunning hairstyle that’s both sophisticated and eye-catching.

    Braided Bangs

    Frame your face with medium box braided bangs for a unique and stylish touch. This edgy and fashion-forward hairstyle is perfect for those who want to make a statement. The braided bangs add texture and visual interest to your look, creating a bold and confident appearance.


    • How Many Braids Are in Medium Box Braids?

      The number of braids in medium box braids varies depending on the thickness and desired look. On average, you can expect anywhere from 40 to 80 braids. However, remember that quality is more important than quantity. So, focus on finding a skilled braider who can create neat and perfectly shaped braids that suit your style.

      When it comes to medium box braids, the number of braids can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the hairstyle. With fewer braids, you can achieve a chunkier and more voluminous appearance, while more braids will result in a sleeker and more intricate style. It’s essential to communicate your preferences with your braider to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome.

    • How Long Do Medium Box Braids Take?

      The duration of the braiding process for medium box braids can range from 4 to 8 hours, depending on various factors such as the size of the braids, the experience of the braider, and your hair’s texture. It’s essential to allocate enough time for the process to ensure the best results. So, bring along some snacks, a good book, or a Netflix series to keep you entertained during this exciting transformation.

    • How Many Packs of Hair for Medium Box Braids?

      The number of packs of hair required for medium box braids depends on the length and thickness of your natural hair as well as the size and length of the desired box braids. On average, you may need around 4 to 6 packs of hair. However, it’s always best to consult with your braider, as they are experienced in estimating the amount of hair needed for your specific style.

    • How Much Do Medium Box Braids Cost?

      The cost of medium box braids can vary depending on several factors, including your location, the salon or braider you choose, and the complexity of the style. On average, you can expect to pay between $150 to $300 for medium box braids. Keep in mind that skilled braiders who deliver exceptional results may charge higher prices, but the investment is definitely worth it for a flawless and long-lasting hairstyle.

    Medium Box Braids Galore

    So, there you have it-everything you need to know about trending medium box braids. Whether you opt for the butt-length drama, embrace the classic traditional look, or go chic with a stylish bob, these braids will enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Don’t forget to try out our modern box braid styles for some extra flair. Get ready to slay, and let your braids do the talking!