20 Trending Mid Taper Fade Hair Looks for Men

Updated on January 23, 2024
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    20 Trending Mid Taper Fade Hair Looks for Men

    If you want a safe haircut option that also has some style to it, then you have come to the right place. The mid taper fade haircut is perfect for those looking to look and feel clean around the edges without feeling like no fun.

    If you want to know how your hair can look pulled together but like it’s still living a life of fun and freedom, then keep reading cause you’re in for a treat.

    What Is A Mid Taper Fade Haircut?

    A mid taper fade is a popular haircut where the hair length starts to change between the temples and the ears, gradually getting shorter towards the bottom and ends of the hairline. This hairstyle is popular because it can be done on any hair type and length. It does a great job of cleaning things up and ensuring you and your hairdo look in tip-top shape.

    A fade can be dramatic or subtle and looks stylish on anyone, no matter the hair type or age of the person. It also looks natural and never too over the top, perfect for those in a professional environment.

    How To Do A Mid Taper Fade

    Depending on the mid taper fade you want for your hair, you can do it at home. We don’t necessarily recommend it, but we can’t stop you. Plus, it’s only hair, and it will grow back.

    We won’t leave you high and dry if you’re still reading this and planning to do your mid taper fade yourself. Continue reading to find out how to do a mid taper fade.

    Before we jump into how to do a mid taper fade, you should figure out what style suits your hair type. Check out the table below to see what kinds fit thick or thin hair.

    Mid Taper Fade for Thin Hair Mid Taper Fade for Thick Hair
    • Mid taper fade comb over
    • Mid taper fade short hair
    • Mid taper fade with texture top
    • Mid taper fade long hair
    • Mid taper fade middle part
    • Mid taper fade mullet

    Before cutting the hair, there are three steps to follow:

    1. Purchase professional-grade clippers
    2. Clean the clippers with a spray of rubbing alcohol – even if they are brand new
    3. Oil the blades before using them – it helps prevent nicks, cuts, and razor burns

    Knowing the different guard sizes and how much hair they will trim will also be helpful. Check out the chart below for information on different guard sizes used on your clippers for high taper fades.

    Guard Size For Low Taper Fade Inches MM
    #0.5 1/16″ 1.5mm
    #1 1/8″ 3mm
    #1.5 3/16 4.5mm
    #2 1/4 6mm
    #3 3/8 10mm
    #4 1/2 13mm

    Now that you know all with information worth knowing, it’s time to get trimming.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Professional-grade trimmers
    2. A comb
    3. At least two different guard lengths
    4. A spray bottle (optional)
    5. Hair clips
    6. Scissors
    7. One-blade razor (optional)

    Step #1

    The first step is to ensure the hair is ready to be trimmed. Give your locks a good spray of water to dampen them, or jump in the shower and wash your hair.

    Step #2

    Choosing the correct guard size is crucial to the high taper fade. We suggest picking two to three guard lengths for a high taper fade. Your professional-grade clippers should have come with different-sized guards. The higher the guard number, the longer the hair length will be, so we suggest starting out higher and working your way down.

    Step #3

    Choose where you want your fade to start. A mid taper fade usually begins between the temples and the ears, but if you want a low taper fade, start below the ear, and if you wish to do a high taper fade, begin at the temples.

    Another essential thing to consider before you start is your hair type. A taper fade curly hair look can be different than on someone with straight hair because it will get short as your curly hair dries. Just keep that in mind when you are trimming.

    Step #4

    To be safe, section off the top portion of hair so that you don’t accidentally trim any of that fall into your trimming area. You can use a hair clip to keep it on the top of your head if need be.

    Step #5

    Now that you are all set, it’s time to turn on those clippers. When you use the clippers, move them vertically.

    Step #6

    Move the clippers sideways along your chosen fade line.

    Step #7

    Make sure you use a steady hand and move in small sections to avoid mistakes.

    Step #8

    Once you’ve shaved down the area you want your fade, you will likely want to switch the guard to be a bit lower so you can trim the hair further down a bit shorter for that gradient look. The hair in the fade shouldn’t be all the same length; instead, get shorter gradually from where you started to the bottom of your hair.

    Step #9

    Once you are happy with how short and faded things look, go in for a cleanup with the clippers-over-comb method. Just place the comb in your hair and use the clippers to trim any hair sticking out.

    Step #10

    This step isn’t necessary but will help create cohesion. Trim the top of the hair you clipped up earlier to ensure it’s not too long. High taper fades suit shorter hair, so we recommend a good trim.

    Final Touches

    If you thought you were finished, think again! These final steps aren’t necessary, but they are for our perfectionists out there. This would also be the perfect time to use that one-blade razor and add some designs.

    To ensure everything looks perfect, follow these steps:

    1. Shave the bottom of the hair with a beard trimmer or unguarded clippers for a close shave.
    2. Using the clippers and a guard, blur any visible lines that may remain from when you switched guards.
    3. Remember to clean up the neck area!

    Mid Taper Fade Curly Hair

    Mid Taper Fade Curly HairInstagram@hendrawfaPIN

    If you have curls, swirls, and twirls that need to be on their best behavior and can’t take their nonsense anymore, give a mid taper fade haircut a try. A quick trip to the salon will trim your curls into shape to help clean up those edges and tame things out. If a mid taper fade is too high, try a low taper fade curly hair look instead.

    Plus, a mid taper fade will help rid you of some of those curls for more breathing room while accentuating the ones you still got.

    Mid Taper Fade Black Male

    Mid Taper Fade Black MaleInstagram@topzycutPIN

    People of black descent typically have beautiful thick hair. Whether you choose to style your strands or leave them be, we don’t judge. However, if you need to start styling or switch up your style methods, we suggest a mid taper fade for those thick strands.

    If you want to know how to take care of black hair so your mid taper fade can look as good as possible, try a few tips and tricks:

    1. Use a hot oil treatment twice a month for moisture and elasticity.
    2. Use caution when using relaxers.
    3. Use a ceramic comb or irons to press your hair.
    4. Ensure that your braids, weaves, or cornrows aren’t too tight – if it hurts getting them done, it likely means there will be some damage.

    Mid Taper Fade Long Hair

    If you have long strands that need a little tidying up around the edges, this mid taper fade long hair look will be right up your alley. Shaving the sides will help structure your long hair and keep it at bay.

    Mid Taper Fade Straight Hair

    You heard it here! You can do the mid taper fade on any hair type, including straight hair.

    The mid taper fade straight hair look is perfect for straight-haired folks looking to add funk to their locks. Straight hair can get boring and flat, but a mid taper fade will bring it back to life with a quick trip to the salon chair or bathroom mirror.

    Mid Taper Fade Comb Over

    If you have thinning hair, this mid taper fade comb over will help hide the balding bits and add some life back to your strands. The comb-over part of the look is where you comb your hair to the back or side, showing no visible part or a side part.

    The top of the head is where most hair thinning is; having a middle part would only make your hair look thinner.

    Mid Taper Fade Designs

    An unrated component to mid taper fades is getting little designs trimmed into your hair. The designs can be whatever you want, at the expense of your or your barber’s skills with clippers. Fade designs are great for those that love attention and being unique.

    Since coming up with little designs to get temporarily snipped into the side of your head can be tricky, we have compiled a few of our top favorite mid taper fade designs.


    This is one of the more basic mid taper fade designs, but sometimes less is more. The little squiggly line accentuates the faded area while accentuating the longer hair at the top of your head.

    We suggest incorporating a line into your eyebrow for a cool eyebrow slit if you want to elevate things further.


    Wings are another excellent option for adding a design to your hair. They are very intricate and will take lots of skill and patience; however, it may be worth it. These designs are great for religious people to pay respect and represent their guardian angels.


    If you are all about flower power, this design will be perfect for adding to your mid taper fade. This is also a great example that a mid taper fade can be done on any hair type or length and works for everyone, not just men.


    Perhaps it’s Halloween season, or maybe you just like looking spooky all the time, but adding a skeleton to your mid taper fade is a great way to achieve the spook factor.

    To achieve a design this intricate, you or your barber will have to use a few necessary tools, such as:

    • A professional-grade razor
    • Multiple razor guards
    • One-blade precision razor
    • A hair stencil



    If you like the look of lines drawn into your mid taper fade, but it’s too simple, try adding a wave to it. Adding wave-like lines can create a funky look without being too over the top.

    Mid Taper Fade Short Hair

    Whether you have long hair, medium hair, or short hair, you can get a mid taper fade; that’s what’s so remarkable about this haircut, how versatile it can be. You can really apply it to any length or hair type.

    A mid taper fade short hair look is nothing special. All you are doing is adding some texture to your short hair and shortening it more in some areas.

    Mid Taper Fade With Textured Top

    If you want to add some dimension and texture to your locks, this mid taper fade with textured top haircut will be what you’re looking for. We suggest this haircut for people with either thicker or thinner hair. It can be an excellent tool for thinning out hair for thick-haired people. For thin-haired people, it’s perfect because it adds the appearance of thicker hair.

    Adding texture to the top layers of hair above the fade for both thin and thick hair will add the appearance of:

    • Texture
    • Movement
    • Volume

    Mid Taper Fade Edgar Cut

    This haircut full of attitude is a great way to incorporate a new hairdo into your strands. The Edgar cut is a short, sharp trim that looks similar to a bowl cut but has a fade.

    If you feel confident you can pull this hairdo off, by all means, go for it.

    Mid Taper Fade Wavy Hair

    If you have strands wavy and groovy like the ocean, incorporating a mid taper fade to clean things up will be just perfect for helping keep the waters calm.

    Zohna Tip

    You can define your wavy locks for a bit more definition by using a curl cream after the shower.

    Low Mid Taper Cut

    If a low taper fade nor a mid taper fade are doing the trick, how about this low mid taper cut? It’s right between a low taper fade and a mid taper fade. It’s a great middle-ground for those who want a significant haircut but avoid making too much change.

    Mid Taper Fade Crop Top

    A mid tape fade crop top haircut is a mid taper fade accompanied by a short, almost buzzed, upper top of the hair. If you’re worried about your hair looking consistent, trimming the tops of the hair relatively short will make everything look more pulled together.

    Mid Taper Fade Middle Part

    Get out of the way, side part! Here comes the middle part!

    The side part is dead, and the middle part is here to stay. Part your hair in the middle and pair it with a simple yet effective mid taper fade for a great new look.

    The middle part will do wonders for your appearance because they:

    • Complement the symmetry of your face
    • Elongate your face
    • Soften features

    Mid Taper Fade Afro

    If you’re rocking an afro but need to structure it, this mid taper fade afro look will be the perfect candidate for the job. Any curled hair can have a mind of its own sometimes, and using hair curl creams and gels can’t always do everything we want them to. The mid taper fade will help to give your afro that sharp, clean look while staying true to its traditional form.

    Mid Taper Fade Mullet

    Mullets don’t always need to look like long greasy tails. Instead, if appropriately trimmed, they can look charming and stylish. If you want a nice-looking mullet incorporating a mid taper fade will help to give it some much-needed structure.

    Mid Taper Fade Slick Backmid Taper Fade Buzz Cut

    Mid Taper Fade Slick Backmid Taper Fade Buzz CutInstagram@shuaclipzPIN

    Sometimes, having a mid taper fade paired with long hair on top isn’t exactly what you want for your hairstyle, and that’s fine. A mid taper fade looks excellent with a buzz cut. The gradient appearance from the buzz on your head down to the shorter fade makes everything look like all one big fade.

    Mid Taper Fade White Male

    Men of caucasian descent typically have wavy or straight hair. The good news for them, and every other ethnicity, is that the mid taper fade can be used on any hair type! There are no limits to the mid taper fade and who can wear it. As long as you have enough hair, you can get one.

    Mid Taper Fade Blow Out

    With specific haircuts, there is constant styling needed for the best results. A mid taper fade is not one of those haircuts; however, a blowout might be required depending on the top of your head.

    If you decide to blow out your mid taper fade, there are vital factors worth knowing. Check out the chart below to find out how to achieve a mid taper fade blowout look.

    How to Achieve a Mid Taper Fade Blow Out Description
    Finding the right tools Ensuring you have the proper equipment before blow drying is half the process.

    You might need a few things:

    1. A quality blow dryer
    2. Volumizing mousse
    3. Heat protectant
    4. A round brush (depending on hair length)
    5. Hair clips (depending on hair length)
    6. Finishing oil
    7. A comb
    Hair prep We suggest waiting till the hair is 80% dried to prevent any damage, as your hair is the weakest when wet. Add your volumizing moose and heat protectant, and use a comb to help evenly distribute it through the strands. If your hair is significantly longer, use the clips to section it, leaving the bottom layer unclipped.
    Blow dry! Now it’s time to blow dry. If your hair is long, you can use a round brush to help smooth your strands and give them a natural curl. If you clipped your hair up, slowly let small sections down one at a time.
    Finishing Once everything is dry, use a finishing oil to help prevent frizz that may have come from the heat or the brush. The oil will help the hair look smooth and shiny and keep it healthy.

    Mid Taper Fade Dreads

    If your dreadlocks are getting a bit heavy, there’s a way to loosen the load. Getting rid of some of the dreads and replacing them with a mid taper fade will not only look fantastic with the remaining dreads but will feel like a load lifted.

    Shaving down the sides will also help accentuate the remaining dreads, making them the focal point, perfect if you love your dreadlocks.

    Mid Taper Fade With Beard

    Mid Taper Fade With BeardInstagram@azeecutsPIN

    There are two options for the mid taper fade with beard look. First, you can keep your sideburns, ending the fade right at the top of the ear. This makes for a distinct look, keeping the beard a focal point. Second, you can continue the fade into your beard, creating cohesion between the hair on your head and your facial hair.

    Either option looks great, and there is no wrong or correct answer; there are a few things you can consider, such as:

    • How thick or thin your beard is
    • Do you plan to keep your beard for long
    • If you want your beard to stand out or blend in


    • How Much Is A Mid Taper Fade?

      There isn’t a set price for a mid taper fade.

      However, a few factors worth considering will make the price different, such as:

      1. Where you live
      2. The barber you choose
      3. The salon you choose
      4. The city you live
    • Low Taper Fade Vs Mid Taper Fade

      There isn’t much difference between a low taper fade and a mid taper fade. The only difference is where they start. A low taper fade starts below the ear and only trims a little hair. A mid taper fade begins just above the ears, between the temples and the ears.

    • How To Ask For A Mid Taper Fade

      Your barber should know what you mean when you ask for a mid taper fade. However, if you want to be precise, ask them for a faded buzz cut that starts in between the ears and the temples getting gradually short towards the bottom of the hair.

      Bringing a picture of your wants is always a good idea, so there is more room for communication and clarity.

    Fade it Out Or Get Out!

    You may be intrigued now about a mid taper fade. We sure are! Whether you plan to call your barber or get in front of your bathroom mirror, we wish you luck, and just know it will look good. There are so many mid taper fade styles to choose from that we feel one for you is in here somewhere.