20 Mocha Hair Color Styles That Look Delicious

Updated on December 13, 2023
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    20 Mocha Hair Color Styles That Look Delicious

    Brown hair looks great on everyone, and there’s no denying that. However, with so many different brown options, including various shades of mocha hair color, it can get overwhelming.

    Let us help you in choosing what mocha color is right up your alley to bring you the confidence in your hair that you deserve. We predict you’re going to be as addicted to this hair color as you are to your morning cup of joe!

    What Is Mocha Hair Color?

    Mocha hair color involves a rich medium to deep brown that can be interwoven with either highlights or lowlights. Mocha hair is a popular color due to its neutral nature, meaning it can be either cool or warm-toned. Due to its tone versatility, mocha hair can be altered to suit any skin undertone to ensure it’s best done for your complexion.

    Here are the tones most notable characteristics, as outlined in the table below.

    Cool-Toned Hair Characteristics Warm-Toned Hair Characteristics
    Silvery toned Reflects light resulting in shine
    Matte finish Gives the appearance of thick and full hair
    Can cancel out redness in cool-toned skin Adds energy and vibrancy to hair and complexion

    Before you continue to the different mocha hair color options, knowing which shades look best with either cool, neutral or warm undertones can help narrow down your decision.

    If that image seems confusing because you aren’t sure what skin undertone you have, there are a few at-home tests to figure out which you might be.

    Tests Cool Toned Warm Toned Neutral Toned
    Vein Test Bluish or purple veins Greenish veins Blueish green veins
    Jewelry Test Silver, white platinum, and white gold complement cool tones Yellow gold, rose gold, copper, and brass complement warm tones. Silver and gold compliments neutral tones
    Eye Color Blue, green, grey, and pale brown Hazel, rich brown, amber Cool eye colors with warm accents

    Mocha Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

    You might be thinking, “what’s the difference between mocha dark chocolate brown hair and regular dark brown?” The answer is simple: mocha brown is a more rich dark shade, whereas the familiar dark brown is more muted and has less dimension.

    Mocha Chocolate Brown Hair Color

    Mocha chocolate brown hair color is a blend of chocolate and mocha coloring. The former is a mix of red, gold, and brown. Mixed with mocha, it creates a delicious, abundant color with lots of dimension and body.

    Mocha Brown Hair

    Mocha brown hair is an elegant coloring without many rules. By that, we mean this shade is more of a blanket term, as you can have warm-toned, cool-toned, or neutral-toned mocha brown hair. You can add lowlight and highlights, caramels or reds, to mocha brown hair. Brown hair stems from many colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the brunette and mocha families.

    Dark Mocha Brown Hair

    A dark mocha brown hair color sits on the darker side of the color spectrum. But to create depth in mocha hair, like this picture, we suggest adding strands of lowlights and brown highlights to get this stunning dark but rich shade.

    Hazelnut Mocha Hair Color

    To achieve a hazelnut mocha hair color, you need a gorgeous brown mocha base interlaced with golden, caramel, and red tones. This color is a natural sunkissed shade perfect for those who roll out of bed, only need to brush their teeth and hair, and are good to go. If you are one of those people, we envy you.

    Zohna Tip

    Gold and caramel tones will help give your hair a healthy-looking shine.

    Light Mocha Hair Color

    Light Mocha Hair ColorInstagram@chezjalalPIN

    For some of us, the lighter coloring looks best for our complexion. If that’s you, this light mocha hair color will be your best friend. All it takes is a healthy amount of honey-colored highlights interwoven into that mocha brown base.

    Caramel Mocha Hair Color

    Caramel mocha hair color is a creamy blend of blonde and light brown tones integrated with that lovely mocha coloring we love.

    Caramel mocha hair color is a sunkissed style that provides:

    1. Depth
    2. Dimension

    This caramel mocha hair color is ideal for those who love that natural sunkissed beach vibe and want to channel that energy into their hair. We don’t know about you, but now we’re craving some caramel mochas right about now.

    Chocolate Mocha Hair Color

    Chocolate mocha hair color is a blend of chocolate and mocha coloring. Chocolate is a mix of red, gold, and brown, creating a sweet shade that, when mixed with mocha, makes a delicious, abundant color with lots of dimension and body.

    Straight Mocha Color Hair

    If you play with your curly hair and daydream about having straight mocha colored hair, we have the answer for you. Curly hair is beautiful, but it’s only human to wish to switch things up occasionally and to want what we don’t have.

    Here are a few ways to get temporary straight hair after dying it a rich medium to deep brown:

    Mochaccino Hair Color

    Simply put, mochaccino hair color is just another name for mocha hair or a way to sound fancy when trying to show off your new hair color to your friends. Therefore, mochaccino hair color is a rich, medium brown shade that has added dimension through the use of highlights and lowlights.

    Mocha Hair Color With Highlights

    Mocha Hair Color With HighlightsInstagram@iruma916PIN

    If you decide that a lighter mocha hair would be most fitting, we support you and your decision. All you need to do is increase the volume and lightness of your highlights. The shade choice of your highlight is totally up to you and your stylist, but typically they are on the blonder side of the hair color spectrum.

    Zohna Tip

    Be careful when adding highlights to your strands because to get them, you have to add bleach to your hair, which can be very damaging.

    Light Mocha Brown Hair Color

    If adding highlights to your mocha brown locks isn’t making it light enough, you can always opt-out for a lighter shade of mocha. Typically mocha hair is darker, but nothing stops you from asking your hair stylist to lighten it up a shade or two. It still counts as mocha in our books.

    Mocha Blonde Hair

    Mocha blonde hair isn’t technically blonde. It’s more of a dirty blonde or light brown color with a red tint. However, hair coloring is subjective, so if mocha blonde hair means blonde hair with mocha lowlights in it, then that’s what mocha blonde hair can be.

    Mocha Ash Brown Hair Color

    We know what mocha hair looks like, but what about ash?

    Ash hair color has a few notable characteristics, including:

    • Cool toned
    • It doesn’t contain reds tones
    • It doesn’t include orange tones
    • Silvery in appearance

    Therefore, mocha ash brown hair color is your usual rich mocha, but just on the cooler, more silvery side, slightly resembling the color of ash. This makes it excellent for cool-toned skin.

    Mocha Brown Hair With Highlights

    To make it easy on us all, mocha brown hair with highlights is precisely as it sounds. All you need is that deep mocha brown shade as your base with highlights (either cool or warm-toned) seamlessly interwoven into your luscious strands.

    Mocha Expresso Brown Hair

    Instead of “how low can you go,” think “how dark can you go” when referring to mocha expresso brown hair. This mocha hair color is the deepest shade of brown you can go, but with an interwoven hint of lighter brown swirling through your hair.

    Adore Mocha Hair Color

    10/31/2023 07:42 pm GMT

    Admore hair color is a semi-permanent hair dye brand with a stunning mocha color. This product is everything you should be looking for in a hair dye. Since this shade is semi-permanent, it’s perfect if you are unsure if you want to dye your hair permanently.

    What else to know about this item:

    1. It’s a 4-ounce bottle
    2. Leaves hair with a soft feel
    3. No alcohol, peroxide, or ammonia

    Medium Mocha Brown Hair Color

    A medium mocha brown hair color sits right between the spectrum of dark and light mocha. It has interlacing brown colors with red and caramel pigments giving it the appearance of dimension and depth.

    Mocha Violet Hair Color

    Mocha violet hair color is undoubtedly the funkiest of them all. This coloring is a perfect mix between rich mocha and dark violet, giving your strands a total makeover with a hue of purple that shines when caught in the light.

    Warm Mocha Hair Color

    Warm mocha hair color is a dark brown with warm coloring that comes from reds and caramels. This color is best suited for those with neutral or warm-toned complexions.


    • Who Sells Mocha Hair Dye?

      Many known name hair dye brands sell mocha hair dye, such as L’Oreal, Garnier, Clairol, and Revlon. It’s more important to pick a brand based on the color they offer vs. the brands themselves.

    • How To Turn Reddish Brown Hair Mocha?

      Red pigment is a bit trickier as the pigment molecules are larger than other colors making it stay in your hair longer. However, it’s possible to cover up, plus some mocha shades have red pigments.

      If you get a darker mocha hair color dye and leave it on for the longest recommended time, it should cover up that red as much as possible.

    • How Many Choices Of Mocha Hair Dye Are There?

      It’s nearly impossible for us to know every single one available on the market. However, there are many great brands and shades to choose from to achieve the best results.

    • How To Make Mocha Hair Color?

      Mocha hair color is a rich dark brown shade that sometimes has lowlights or highlights woven into it. You need a level 4 or 5 hair dye to make a mocha hair color. It depends on which of the twenty options you choose, as you might need to add lighter, redder, warmer, or cooler tones to your locks.

    Mocha Statement

    If you are also craving a mocha, we’re sorry, but we’re not sorry that you’re about to have a sexy stunning head of hair after going with one of these 20 mocha hair colors. Head over to this article for chestnut hair color inspirations!