30 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men + How to Style

Updated on February 29, 2024
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    Modern MulletPIN

    30 Modern Mullet Hairstyles for Men + How to Style

    One of my all-time favorite sayings has to be, “Business is in the front, party at the back.”

    It’s a phrase synonymous with the mullet haircut, and that’s what we’re exploring today.

    Well, not just the traditional mullet. We want to take it into the present and show you our favorite 30 modern mullets.

    Bid farewell to outdated mullet clichés because we’re flipping the script on traditional expectations. These styles are here to challenge norms and make your hair the ultimate style statement.

    In this article, we’ll explore 30 modern mullet hairstyles for men this season and give you all the tips you need to style them like a pro.

    What Is a Modern Mullet?

    Before we dive into the exciting array of modern mullet hairstyles, let’s first grasp the essence of this trend. Originating in the ’80s, the traditional mullet featured short front and long back hair. Fast forward to today, and the modern mullet introduces a fresh twist to this timeless style.

    Let’s look at the elements of the modern mullet in this table.

    Feature Description
    Hair Length Short and neatly trimmed at the front, flowing and longer at the back.
    Styling Versatility Offers a balance of contrasting lengths, creating a modern and adaptable look.
    Expression of Style Ideal for men seeking a standout appearance, allowing individuals to express their uniqueness through their hair

    How To Style a Modern Mullet?

    Now that you’re familiar with the essence of a modern mullet, let’s plunge into the exciting realm of styling! Whether you’re into fades, curly locks, or a sleek middle part, we’ve got your back. Here’s a detailed guide on crafting the perfect modern mullet look.

    Step Action
    Cleanse and Prep Start by washing your hair with a top-notch shampoo and conditioner. Pat your hair dry, leaving it damp.
    Apply Styling Products Choose your preferred styling product-pomade, wax, or gel-and apply evenly from root to tip.
    Create the Shape Use a comb for a clean part line if desired. Comb shorter hair forward for volume; tousle longer back hair.
    Lock It In Ensure your modern mullet stays flawless with a light hairspray. Mist evenly for a natural hold.
    Own Your Style Strut into the world with confidence. Embrace the individuality of the modern mullet-rock it with pride!

    Remember, the charm of the modern mullet lies in its effortlessly tousled appearance, so don’t shy away from a bit of messiness!

    Modern Mullet Fade

    Looking for a modern mullet with a touch of sophistication? This modern mullet fade can give you that feeling. It combines the classic mullet shape with a faded back and sides for a polished, modern finish.

    Zohna Tip

    To achieve the modern mullet fade, ask your barber for a gradual fade on the back and sides, starting with a short length at the bottom and gradually blending into longer hair at the top.

    Short Modern Mullet

    If you prefer a more compact, low-maintenance hairstyle, try this modern short mullet. This variation of the mullet is ideal for men with fine or thin hair who want a stylish yet effortless look.

    Modern Curly Mullet

    This hairstyle combines the best of both worlds by celebrating your curls while adding a rebellious flair. To achieve the modern curly mullet, ask your barber to leave some length on top to showcase your curls. The back and sides should be kept shorter to create a contrast. Ensure your barber understands how to work with curly hair, as they will need to shape and layer it accordingly.

    Zohna Tip

    Choose curl-enhancing products such as mousse or cream when styling your modern curly mullet.

    Modern Mullet Straight Hair

    Straight hair can also rock a modern mullet with stylish confidence. The sleekness of straight hair combined with the edginess of a mullet creates a striking look that oozes class.

    To achieve the modern straight hair mullet, ask your barber to maintain a consistent length with a slightly longer back and sides. This will maintain the classic mullet shape while keeping it modern and sleek.

    Zohna Tip

    When styling your modern mullet with straight hair, use a styling product that adds shine and control.

    Modern Textured Mullet

    If you’re a fan of volume, texture, and an overall laid-back vibe, this modern textured mullet is the way to go. This hairstyle adds a touch of rugged, playfulness to the classic mullet shape, creating a look that is effortlessly cool.

    Modern Stylish Mullet

    If you want to take your modern mullet to the next level, consider this modern stylish mullet. This variation focuses on creating a polished, modernized look perfect for formal events or special occasions.

    Modern Permed Mullet

    If you’re feeling adventurous and want to add some extra texture to your modern mullet, check out this modern perm mullet. It amalgamates the timeless charm of the mullet with the playful bounce of a perm, creating a look that is truly unique.

    Modern Mullet Taper

    If you want a modern mullet that seamlessly blends into a fade or taper, this modern mullet taper is the perfect choice. Emphasize the contrast between the neatly trimmed top and the flowing locks at the back to showcase this modern mullet’s unique appeal.

    Modern Mohawk Mullet

    If you’re looking for a modern mullet that truly stands out from the crowd, this modern Mohawk mullet will suit you fantastically. This hairstyle combines the spiky edginess of a Mohawk with the flowing locks of a mullet, creating a look that is equal parts bold and captivating.

    Modern Mullet With Beard

    The combination of a well-groomed mullet and a stylish beard creates a powerful statement that exudes a confident charisma. Keep it neat and well-shaped to complement the clean lines of your mullet.

    Modern Mullet Wavy Hair

    Men with naturally wavy hair, listen up. This modern mullet is a perfect way to showcase your texture and embrace your waves. It combines the carefree nature of wavy hair with the boldness of a mullet, creating a look that’s:

    1. Effortlessly cool
    2. Sophisticated
    3. Daring

    Modern Mullet Middle Part

    You have to try this modern mullet with a middle part if you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your hairdo. This hairstyle takes the classic mullet shape and mixes it with a neatly defined middle part, creating a look that’s:

    • Sleek
    • Refined
    • Distinct

    Modern Mullet Asian

    If you’re of Asian descent, you may be wondering how the modern mullet can work for you. The good news is that this modern Asian mullet is a highly versatile hairstyle that suits various hair types and ethnicities, including Asian hair.

    When styling your modern mullet with Asian hair, use a lightweight styling product to add texture and hold. Asian hair tends to be thicker and straighter, so a product that adds volume and definition is perfect.

    Modern Blonde Mullet

    If you’re a fan of blonde hair and want to make a statement with your modern mullet, give this variation a go. This hairstyle combines the boldness of a mullet with the striking color of blonde hair, creating a powerful look that is bound to turn heads.

    Low Taper Modern Mullet

    Want a modern mullet that seamlessly blends into a low taper, this low taper modern mullet will do the trick. With the structured shape of a mullet and a gradual, subtle taper, your hairstyle will be the talk of the next office party.

    Modern Mullet With Side Taper

    Feeling to add a touch of asymmetrical edginess to your modern mullet, give this modern mullet with a side taper a shot. The classic mullet shape with a stylish side taper creates a look that is uniquely captivating.

    Messy Modern Mullet

    Got an itch for a more relaxed, effortlessly cool look? This messy modern mullet gets the job done. It embraces the natural texture and movement of your hair, creating a messy yet intentional look that oozes coolness.

    Modern Mullet No Fade

    Are you one of those lads who prefer a more uniform, consistent look? This modern mullet with no fade will make you smile. This hairstyle keeps the length consistent from top to bottom, creating a sleek, streamlined appearance that is both stylishly modern.

    Burst Fade Modern Mullet

    Let’s go bang – literally! This modern burst fade mullet combines the clean, precise lines of a burst fade with the rebellious shape of a mullet. The sides and back are expertly faded, creating a gradual transition from the longer top.

    Modern Shaggy Mullet

    If you’re a free spirit who loves a laid-back vibe, this modern shag mullet is your go-to choice. This hairstyle embraces a more untamed look, with layers and texture creating an appearance that’s:

    1. Natural
    2. Effortless
    3. Unique

    The top section is left longer and tousled to showcase your adventurous side while maintaining an undeniable charm.

    Modern Hockey Mullet

    Are you a hockey enthusiast looking to feel like a NHL star? This modern hockey mullet is for you! This bold hairstyle captures the essence of the sport with its full-bodied volume and rugged charm.

    Modern Faux Hawk Mullet

    For gentlemen who crave a perfect combination of punk and sophistication, this modern faux hawk mullet is the answer. It takes the signature boldness of a faux hawk and pairs it with the rebellious appeal of a mullet. The sides are slightly shorter, gradually blending into a longer midsection that can be styled into a daring faux hawk.

    Mexican Modern Mullet

    Mexican Modern MulletInstagram@sdsoul_PIN

    ¡Ay, caramba! Get ready to infuse your mullet with some spicy Latin flair! This Mexican modern mullet adds a touch of Aztec charm and vibrancy to the classic cut. This unique take features short sides and a back that is partially faded, allowing the top section to take center stage.

    Fluffy Modern Mullet

    If you have naturally thick, voluminous hair, the fluffy modern mullet could be the style sanctum for you. By embracing your locks’ fullness, this haircut celebrates your hair’s vitality and playfully combines it with the boldness of a mullet.

    Modern Mullet With Hat

    Looking to level up your hat game? The modern mullet with a hat is the perfect combination of fashion-forward style and laid-back coolness. This hairstyle embraces the versatility of the mullet while adding an extra accessory that enhances your overall look.

    Modern Mullet Flow

    Flow it, bro! The modern mullet flow brings a touch of surfer coolness to this iconic haircut. With its longer strands cascading down the neck, this style captures the essence of laid-back beach vibes.

    Modern Mullet Thick Hair

    Got thick hair? Embrace it with this modern mullet for thick hair! This hairstyle takes advantage of your luscious locks and adds a touch of daring to your everyday look. The extra volume creates a dynamic effect that demands attention.

    Subtle Modern Mullet

    For men who prefer a more understated approach to the mullet trend, this subtle modern mullet is a sophisticated choice. This variation minimizes the contrast between the top and sides, creating a gradual blend that caters to a more refined aesthetic.

    Modern Mini Mullet

    If you’re not fully ready to embrace the full-length mullet but still want to dabble in the trend, this modern mini mullet is the perfect starting point. This charming haircut takes a subtle approach by keeping the back and sides shorter while maintaining a sleek, manageable look.

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