26 Radiant Pink Balayage Hair Styles to Show Off Your Attitude

Updated on December 28, 2023
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    Pink BalayagePIN

    26 Radiant Pink Balayage Hair Styles to Show Off Your Attitude

    “Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too.” – Miley Cyrus.

    If pink is your color, you’ll know everything needs to be pink; pink outfits, pink purses, pink accessories, pink makeup, and pink office supplies. But when it comes to hair, not all of us are bold enough for a solid magenta hairdo.

    Say hello to pink balayage! Hand-painted highlights are a classy way to add subtle pink color to your hair.

    Unlike regular foil highlights, balayage creates a blended look and weaves in color throughout the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair for a beautiful sun-kissed look.

    Pink balayage is popular because it:

    • Blends rosy highlights with the base color
    • Gives hair a pink sunset-kissed effect
    • Creates natural-looking pink highlights
    • Is bespoke on every client
    • Is a classy way to wear pink in your hair

    Pink balayage typically involves three main steps:

    1. Selecting the hair to apply balayage
    2. Hand-painting bleach highlights
    3. Applying pink hair hand-painted highlights over the bleached hair

    Pink Balayage vs Pink Ombré

    You might wonder, “what is pink balayage vs pink ombré, and which will suit me?” While the two techniques sometimes appear similar, key differences exist in the application and colors used to create blonde ombre vs balayage hair.

    The chart below compares pink balayage to pink ombré hair.

    Pink Balayage Pink Ombré
    • Natural or existing hair color base
    • Hand-painted pink highlights from the mid-shaft down
    • Sun-kissed transition from base color to pink
    • Natural or existing hair color roots
    • Two or more shades of pink blended down from the mid-shaft
    • Gradient transition from dark to light pink

    Whether you want pink balayage vs. pink ombre hair boils down to whether you want a more natural way to weave pink into your hair with the balayage technique, or an artistic gradient pattern with ombré.

    When you combine the two techniques, you get a stunning pink ombré balayage. Working chunky balayage highlights into ombré hair creates an even more multi-dimensional effect.

    Now that we’ve got you excited, check out these 26 ideas if you want gorgeous, sunset-kissed pink balayage hair.

    Rose Gold Balayage

    Channel your inner princess, because rose gold symbolizes affluence and wealth. The rosy pink hint on golden blonde hair makes rose gold hair a versatile color that compliments every complexion.

    We love how rose gold balayage adds a touch of metallic pink color to hair for a look that’s sophisticated and suitable for every occasion.

    Zohna Tip

    Be sure to dye your hair at least a week before events or special occasions to give your hair a chance to fade to softer rose gold.

    Dark Hair Rose Gold Balayage

    What’s not to adore about rose gold hair? The soft, pearly pink shade has a luminous golden glow, which goes well with blonde, brunette, redhead, and raven hair. Dark hair rose gold balayage creates a stunning multidimensional contrast to give your deep-colored hair a pearly pink shine.

    Champagne Rose Gold Balayage

    Champagne showers! Pour a glass of bubbly for this refreshing rose gold balayage. Champagne hair color is a pale, frosty blonde with a touch of cool rosy pink. Weave the color together with rose gold hair to get a stunning champagne rose gold balayage.

    Champagne rose gold balayage weaves the frosty cream tones of champagne blonde in pink and gold to get a stunning rosy gold color.

    Light Pink Balayage

    Soft, powdery pink colors provide a sense of peace and serenity. Light pink is also a beautiful color to incorporate into our hair. If you love those sweet colors that remind you of pink frosting and cotton candy, you’ll love light pink balayage.

    Dark Hair Pink Balayage

    We love dark hair for its allure and mystery and its ability to be bold yet reserved. If you want to change your dark locks with a visible, bright, and unconventional color, why not go for pink balayage?

    Dark hair pink balayage creates a stunning multidimensional contrast of bold and vivid colors that’s sure to turn heads! Add a couple of magenta face-framing highlights, and you’ve got radiant pink egirl hair.

    Auburn Rose Gold Balayage

    Auburn is a stunning natural hair color that bridges the gap between reddish brown and ginger hair. The red tones of auburn compliment the pink hues of rose gold to create a smooth transition into auburn rose gold balayage.

    Pastel Pink Balayage

    Pastel colors are whimsical and fun. They’re signature springtime colors and awesome to wear for summer festivals. Try pastel pink balayage if you want to wear playful powdery pink in your hair.

    For DIY pastel pink balayage at home, use L’Oreal Paris Feria Smokey Pastels in Smokey Pink.

    Pink Balayage on Blonde Hair

    “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” – Elle Woods, Legally Blonde.

    Though we have nothing against the color orange like Elle Woods, we must agree that pink and blonde hair go together like Barbie and Ken. The bright, whimsical color pink naturally compliments the personality of a bubbly blonde. There are so many options for pink and blonde balayage it’s hard to choose one!

    Pink balayage on blonde hair ideas include:

    • Peachy pink and butter blonde
    • Pastel pink and platinum blonde
    • Magenta and golden blonde
    • Pink lemonade and champagne blonde

    Pink Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

    Pink and blonde may go together like Barbie and Ken, but have you seen the chemistry between pink and dark brown hair? Hot pink shades like magenta and fuchsia pop against shades like dark chocolate brown, or opt for an orange or red balayage with pink undertones for a vibrant fruit bunch balayage.

    Brown to Pink Balayage

    Brown to Pink BalayageInstagram@laurenaiPIN

    Did someone say, chocolate covered strawberries and cream? Brown to pink balayage reminds us of a rich chocolatey lava cake with a strawberry cream center; yum!

    Rather than opt for regular balayage, ask your colorist for brown pink ombre balayage for a smooth transition between the neutral and vibrant colors.

    Bright Pink Balayage

    Get the party started! Bright pink colors like fuchsia and magenta say you’re the life of the party. You can go with hot pink peekaboo hair for something subtle or go all out with full two-toned bright pink balayage.

    Try out bright pink balayage before you commit to the color; temporary hair wax like Volluck Hair Coloring Material in Pink; was offers easy application and vibrant color for DIY pink balayage at home.

    Rose Gold Balayage Short Hair

    What do we love the most about pink balayage hair? It’s a technique that looks good on every hairstyle and every length! We love the cute, casual, yet elegant, sophisticated look of full rose gold balayage short hair. Partial Rose gold balayage adds a beautiful accent to bobs, pixie cuts, and short choppy layers.

    Light Brown Rose Gold Balayage

    Light brown hair colors like honey and sandy brown are modest choices for beautiful hair; not too bold, not too vibrant, natural-looking hair colors. If you love your light brunette locks but are in need of a little change, go for a tasteful light brown rose gold balayage to add elegance to your tresses.

    Hot Pink Balayage

    Hey there, hot stuff! If you’re a confidence queen who loves to wear vibrant colored hair, then turn up the heat with hot pink balayage. Hot pink is a bold, highly-pigmented medium pink shade of magenta with bright red undertones.

    We absolutely love Manic Panic for semi-permanent hot pink balayage. Try out one of their hot pink colors:

    • Cotton Candy
    • Cleo Rose
    • Hot Hot
    • Electric Pink Pussycat
    • Pretty Flamingo

    Dusty Pink Balayage

    Dusty pink is the cool-toned sister of warm rose gold. We love dusty pink for its ashy undertones like grey and violet and its soft appeal like pastel pink. You’ll love dusty pink balayage if you have a cool complexion or like faded pink hair.

    Dark Pink Balayage

    Dark Pink BalayageInstagram@qiaohairPIN

    Dare to go over to the dark side of pink hair. Dark pink hair colors are highly pigmented, deep shades of reddish pink like raspberry and rich fuchsia.

    Try a dark pink balayage if you have black or dark brown hair and want a deep pink color to compliment your do. Creativity points go to the dark pink balayage that transitions into powdery pink tips.

    Pink Balayage Short Hair

    Calling all guys and girls with short hair. Pink balayage looks amazing on pixies, bobs, and men’s hair. Pink can be a feminine color, but it also looks stunning on masculine features. We love the long hair undercut with a champagne blonde and pink lemonade balayage for men.

    Pink Balayage Curly Hair

    Nothing gives your hair bounce like tight voluptuous curls. Though the hand-painted highlights may be hard to see in detail, the balayage technique accentuates curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair or like to curl your hair, try a bold rosy color like pink balayage curly hair.

    Pink Balayage Straight Hair

    It’s time to straighten things out and change your hairdo. Pink balayage accentuates wavy hair and gives it a lot of bounce, but it looks just as amazing on straight hair. If you want to give your hair a makeover of multidimensional vibrance, try pink balayage straight hair.

    Blonde Rose Gold Balayage

    Okay, Princess.

    If you’re a blonde who wants to channel her inner royal, you’ll adore blonde rose gold balayage. We love how the warm buttery blonde tones accentuate the shimmery golden pink hue in rose gold for a metallic look that shines like gold.

    Chestnut Auburn Rose Gold Balayage

    People love chestnut, auburn, and copper balayage, because of their authentic reddish brown hues. Chestnut and auburn are milk chocolatey reddish-brown colors that can pass for your natural hair color. They’re the perfect colors to blend with a metallic shade like rose gold to balance neutral and vibrant hair.

    Chestnut auburn rose gold balayage is sometimes referred to as Neapolitan hair, after the trio of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

    Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

    It’s okay to be modest and humble. Try subtle rose gold balayage if you love pink hair but want something simple and subtle. Rose gold is the perfect color to blend into the underneath of your hair for a tasteful partial balayage. The pink and blonde tones weave into blonde, red, and brunette hair for a natural-looking transition.

    Brunette Pink Balayage

    Brunette Pink BalayageInstagram@fgdollsPIN

    Chocolate and strawberries are a mouthwatering treat for your tastebuds. But they also make for an ultra-satisfying treat of inspiration for hair color.

    Brunette pink balayage blends rich chocolatey-colored hair with bright pink strawberry fondant for sweet and delicious hair. For a gorgeous brunette pink balayage, weave your rich brown tresses in with strawberry blonde hair color.

    Blush Pink Balayage

    Mascara. Check.

    Lipstick. Check.

    Bronzer. Check.

    Blush. Double check!

    Who can resist the gorgeous powdery color of blush pink? It’s a super feminine color that goes well with every outfit for every occasion. Weave this soft shade of pale pink into your tresses for a multidimensional blush pink balayage.

    Rose Gold Balayage Fade

    Let’s get faded!

    Some of us hate when our vibrant pink balayage starts to fade, while others rock the faded hair trend. An intentionally faded hair color does have its advantages, as you don’t need to worry about maintaining vibrant hair.

    One of the most glamorous faded pink hair colors is a rose gold balayage fade. Go for dark root and fade into lighter blonde and pale pink for a low-maintenance pink balayage that’s super trendy.

    Blue and Pink Balayage

    Cotton candy colors blue and pink never go out of style. If you love vibrant hair colors and can decide on one, opt for a dreamy blue and pink balayage.

    We love a trio of pastel blue, pink, and purple balayage for a blend of whimsical hues that are perfect for casual wear and hot colors for summer festivals!


    • How to do Pink Balayage?

      Do you want to try out DIY pink balayage at home? At first, DIY balayage may seem intimidating, but the process is fairly simple and can be done in under an hour. Remember, balayage highlights are supposed to look abstract and unique to every person, so the application is much more forgiving than traditional foil highlights.

      Here is what you will need for DIY pink balayage:

      • Bowl
      • Hair dye brush
      • Bleach powder
      • Developer
      • Semi-permanent pink hair dye
      1. Separate your hair into four quadrants. Part hair down the middle from your nose to the nape of your neck. Split each half into two behind the ear. Clip each section up.
      2. Mix the bleach powder and developer in your bowl.
      3. Start with the lower right quadrants. Take one-inch sections of hair and hand-paint the bleach mixture in `back-and-forth sweeping motions with your hair dye brush.
      4. Repeat this step with one-inch sections, leaving one-inch sections untouched in between.
      5. Once you have finished with the lower right quadrant, repeat the process on the lower left.
      6. Allow the bleach to remain on your hair for 30 minutes. Wash and blow dry your hair.
      7. Repeat the same hand-painting technique over the bleached hair with your pink hair dye, according to the instructions on the box.
      8. Wash your hair, blow dry, and style.
      9. Put on your favorite party dress and hit the town!
    • How Long Does Balayage Last?

      Balayage highlights will last the same amount of time, regardless of whether you’re doing pink, blonde, or balayage on dark. While your pink balayage color might fade and lose its vibrancy, balayage will last three to four months without requiring touch-ups at the salon. Keep pink balayage vibrant by doing monthly pink dye touch-ups.

    Life is Pretty in Pink Balayage

    So, in the words of Miley Cyrus, “Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too.” Well, pink balayage isn’t just balayagege. It’s an attitude for your hair!

    Pink is a pretty color, and when pink is ‘our color,’ we want everything rose, fuchsia, and magenta. Thanks to pink balayage, we have a tasteful way to wear it in our hair too!