24 Amazing Purple Balayage Hair Styles + How to DIY For Some Purple Power

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    Purple balayagePIN

    24 Amazing Purple Balayage Hair Styles + How to DIY For Some Purple Power

    If you clicked on this article, you are probably someone who likes to have fun, and purple balayage hair is just how you can do that. Dyeing your hair a fun and flirty color like purple isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a bold and stylistic choice that screams, “I’m fun, cool, and unique,” which is a fantastic way to be.

    Instead of using foil as you would for highlights, the balayage technique consists of sweeping the hair dye into your strands for an unbeatable, effortless, blended look.

    Check out the list of pointers on why you should 100% get purple balayage at your next hair appointment:

    • Low maintenance
    • Leaves hair healthier looking than opposed to highlights or dyed full hair
    • Versatile
    • Safe for pregnant women and people with allergies since the dye doesn’t touch your scalp
    • The color is hand-painted onto the hair
    • Color starts mid-shaft and gets denser the further down it goes

    Wanna be as happy as that girl seeing her purple hair for the first time? Then keep reading!

    Lavender Purple Balayage

    The benefits of lavender go way beyond just its smell; it’s also a beautiful shade to take inspiration from for your hair color. This lavender purple balayage look adds some soft hues of lavender to the ends of your hair for a subtle yet dramatic look. What can we say? We love his lavender hair.

    Dark Purple Balayage

    This dark purple hair color is the ideal shade for dark purple balayage. The shade’s slight ashy and cool-toned nature makes the hair unique from all the other purple balayage.

    Purple Balayage on Black Hair

    Calling all dark-haired beauties! This dark purple balayage will elevate your strands for a unique yet subtle incorporation of purple to add depth and dimension. We love this color combination because they blend so seamlessly together.

    Purple Balayage on Brown Hair

    This purple balayage on brown hair reminds us of pretty plum hair. Purple balayage looks fresh and fun when incorporated into brown hair, elevating it to new levels of beauty.

    Purple Balayage on Light Brown Hair

    Purple Balayage on Light Brown HairInstagram@shermiinnPIN

    This stunning dusty purple balayage on light brown hair will 100% get compliments. The blend of the light brown of your natural hair coloring and the purple make for an unbeatable pair. We warn you now once you go purple, you’ll never go back!

    If you have caramel balayage already, it might be fun to incorporate some purple balayage into your light brown hair.

    Black and Purple Balayage

    Black and purple are two colors that get each other, complementing one another to a T. If you are all about compliments, then this black and purple balayage will be right up your alley. The black and purple also complement each other; the black makes the purple stand out, and the purple helps to deepen the black.

    Light Purple Balayage

    You can never go wrong with adding a bit of color to your hair. It’s fun, fresh, and lively, perfect for the summer. If it’s your first time dying your hair a colorful shade, we suggest going for a color similar to this one. Light purple balayage will gently incorporate color into your locks without changing them too much.

    Purple Balayage Short Hair

    Purple balayage short hair is a great way to add style to your trimmed locks. The great thing about balayage is that it works fantastic on any hair length. If you have short hair, give it a whirl, you might find purple balayage adds something extra to your short hair.

    Red Purple Balayage

    If straight-up purple balayage is to… purple, we suggest adding hues of another color with the purple. Red purple balayage is an excellent example of two shades coming together to create a beautiful color perfect for balayage.

    Subtle Purple Balayage

    We get it. Adding a bright unnatural color to your hair is a big commitment. However, doing it subtly can be a great way to have your cake and eat it without going over the top.

    There are a few things you should ask your stylist when you go to the salon for subtle purple balayage, such as:

    1. A color with a close depth to your natural color
    2. Keep the color closer to the bottom ends of your hair
    3. Dye smaller strands of hair

    Purple Balayage on Blonde Hair

    Purple balayage is excellent for elevating any natural hair color. In fact, it’s easier for blondes to add some purple balayage to their strands because of the lightness of their hair. If you are blonde wanting to add some purple, you’re already one step ahead of the brunettes.

    Blue and Purple Balayage

    Blue and purple are another color pair that always surprises us, especially in the hair. The color still, at first glance, looks purple, but if you look a little harder, you will see the stunning blue undertones peeking through. Blue and purple balayage will look unreal on those dark-haired beauties with cool-toned complexions.

    Not into purple? Then forget about it and just go for blue balayage!

    Purple Balayage on Dark Hair

    Even though we say that purple balayage looks great on every hair color, which it does, it looks best on dark hair. This purple balayage on dark hair helps to make the purple look rich and profound, perfect for those looking to stand out.

    Brunette Purple Balayage

    Here is another example of purple balayage on brunette hair. What we like most about this inspiration pick is the ombre color gradient; the purple starts lighter and gets darker towards the ends. Brunette purple balayage is always an excellent way to go.

    Purple Balayage Curly Hair

    This purple balayage curly hair look is a fantastic way for our curly-haired friends to accentuate and highlight the beauty of their hair’s natural swirls. Balayage isn’t just for the wavy and straight-haired people of the world. To be precise, it can look great on any hair type!

    Purple Balayage Bob

    Bob hair cuts are super cool, and adding purple balayage will make them even more so. When you have a bob, your hair is pretty short, and there is a limitation to what you can do with it. Adding purple balayage will help to add some spunk to your stands.

    Purple Balayage Ombre

    Ombre hair is a coloring technique that gradually transitions from darker color at the roots to a lighter one at the ends. This unreal purple balayage ombre look encapsulates that traditional ombre style. Combining ombre and balayage techniques will get you this super cool gradient look in your hair.

    Lilac Purple Balayage

    Lilica purple balayage is a cool-toned dusty pale purple shade. It’s very funky looking, which we love, giving you a unique look.

    Pink and Purple Balayage

    Pink and purple are ride-or-die colors. When incorporated into your luscious locks via the balayage technique, they are unbeatable – just look at that inspiration photo!

    To ensure both colors stay vibrant for longer, there are a couple of things worth knowing, such as:

    • Keep the hair out of the sun
    • Use color-saving shampoo and conditioner
    • Limit hair washes
    • Stay away from chlorine
    • Limit the use of hot tools

    Pastel Purple Balayage

    Pastel purple is a warm-toned yet slightly dusty and muted shade of purple. Pastel purple balayage is a gorgeous hue of purple to add to your strands. We highly recommend this to anyone who wants a subtle incorporation of color without being too overpowering.

    Ash Purple Balayage

    All the cool-toned girlies, this one is for you!

    If you have cool-toned skin and want to dapple in some purple balayage but worry about the warm tones looking funny with your cool complexion, fret no longer! This ash purple balayage is the answer to all your cool prayers.

    Are you unsure if you are cool-toned? Check out the list below to determine if ash purple hair will suit you:

    • Naturally pale
    • Rosy cheeks
    • Veins under the skin have a blue tint
    • Skin looks best with silver jewelry

    If none of these characteristics are compatible with your skin tone, then you may be warm or neutral toned. If that’s the case, we suggest giving a warmer purple balayage shade or a cameral balayage a try.

    Purple Balayage on Grey Hair

    Grey hair is no longer just a sign of aging. Instead, it’s a shade of hair that people appreciate for its beauty. Adding purple balayage will help deconstruct the stigma and narrative around grey hair being unattractive and a sign of being old, demonstrating its beauty.

    Smokey Purple Balayage

    Smokey Purple BalayageInstagram@pravanaPIN

    If you’re trying to picture what a smokey purple balayage could look like, it’s this. This image is the perfect example of cool-toned smokey hair that looks fantastic on our cool-toned friends. Don’t worry, warm-toned peeps; it will look great on you too!

    Partial Balayage Purple

    The difference between partial and full balayage is moderate. Partial balayage means less color is incorporated into the hair. Whereas full balayage is more noticeable and in your face.

    Partial balayage purple is an excellent example of minimal coloring added to the hair while still being perfectly apparent.

    How to Do Purple Balayage

    If you decide to do anything with your hair, whether adding some purple balayage, getting a trim, or going bleach blonde, we highly suggest going to a salon or a professional you know. Seeing someone who knows how to work with the hair properly will help lower the risks of it not being how you envisioned it.

    However, we understand that only some can afford or have access to a nearby salon. That’s why we have compiled a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to do purple balayage to turn your bathroom into a salon for a couple of hours and dye your hair.

    What tools you’ll need and why:

    Tools For How to Do Purple Balayage Why You Use Them
    Hair Bye Brush Using a hair dye brush instead of your hands will help to saturate the hair. Plus, getting that sweeping motion with your fingers is more complicated. This product is a must!
    Hair Dye Bowl We suggest a tint mixing bowl, as opposed to any regular bowl, because of the lip that sticks off it. This lip will allow you to wipe any excess product off your tint brush, which is essential for the balayage technique.
    Hair Clips This might seem minor, but hair clips will be crucial. Clipping the sections of the hair, you aren’t working on at the moment will allow you to properly execute that sweeping motion without other strands getting in the way.

    Step #1

    Once you have selected the purple box dye you think suits your vision best, follow the instructions and mix the product into your tint mixing bowl.

    Step #2

    Using your hair clips, pin the hair into sections, starting at the bottom layer of hair and working up to the top layer.

    Step #3

    Dip your tint brush into the dye mix and wipe the excess on the lip of the bowl, so the brush isn’t packed with bleach. You want to use less product at the top section of hair. Grab a U-shaped section of hair that isn’t too dense.

    Step #4

    Angle your brush vertically as you work at the top of the u-shaped section of hair. Sweep the brush over the hair in downward strokes. As you get closer to the bottom of the hair strand, you can turn the brush horizontally to get more coverage. The top of the strand should have some natural hair showing and some bleached hair, while the bottom should be nearly all covered in bleach.

    Step #5

    Once you have coated the hair in bleach, leave the product on the recommended time on the box and wash it out.

    Step #6

    Once the bleach has done its job and lifted the natural pigment from the hair and it’s been washed out, it’s time to tone and get that purple color. Follow the box instructions to a T to ensure the best results.

    Once you have completed all these steps and the steps on your box dye, wash your hair, style it how you like, and tada – you have purple balayage.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want to see how purple balayage looks on you but aren't ready to commit, try finding purple hair extensions to put in for a few days; then you'll know for sure.


    • How Long Does Purple Balayage Last?

      Your purple balayage can last up to 4 months with proper care. Ensuring that you are using suitable shampoo and conditioner and avoiding things that can cause the color to fade will help maintain it for longer.

    • How Much Does It Cost?

      Purple balayage costs around $150 to $200, but a few factors can change that, such as:

      • Location – city or suburb
      • Partial or full balayage
      • The time it takes
      • The salon you go to
      • The stylist you choose
    • Can You Do Purple Balayage With Bleach?

      If you have dark hair, it doesn’t matter if you can use bleach to get purple balayage, but how much. If you have dark hair, aka the hair that isn’t bleach blonde, you will likely have to use bleach to help lift the hair’s natural pigment.

      Lifting the hair’s natural pigment allows the purple dye to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and be more pigmented. If you already have blonde hair, you might not need to bleach it, but it depends on the shade and vibrancy of purple you aim for.

    Purple Power!

    There’s no right or wrong answer on which of the 23 different purple balayage hairstyles is the right choice. All of them are great; it depends on your time and budget. Don’t worry; you’ll find the one that works best for you in no time.