34 Stunning Purple Hair Ideas to Elevate You and Your Hair

Updated on November 7, 2023
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    Purple HairPIN

    34 Stunning Purple Hair Ideas to Elevate You and Your Hair

    If you lilac the color purple and have dreamed of translating that passion into your strands, there are many different ways to do it, and we have all the info. There’s an array of purple hair shades and styles to choose from, so we feel pretty certain you’ll find something you’ll like.

    Purple Hair Color

    One thing we love about purple is its versatility. There are countless shades of it, but it also looks good on everyone and every skin complexion. Purple isn’t someone you’d be afraid to introduce to your friends because it works well with others. In other words, purple pairs great with most other colors. Purple hair is a fun, fresh, and unique way to change your look. There are many options, and we wonder if you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

    Purple Hair Color Chart

    Check out this purple hair color chart to see some visuals and better understand what certain purple hair colors look like.

    Zohna Tip

    Download a hair color changing app and upload a selfie to help you see what purple hair might look like on you.

    Pastel Purple Hair

    If you are more of a softer purple shade lover, we 100% recommend checking out this pastel purple hair color. It says purple but with an indoor voice, as it has a soft shading that doesn’t jump out too vibrantly. It’s the perfect combination of natural and vivid colors to create light purple hair.

    Black and Purple Hair

    A great way to incorporate vibrant colors into your hair without going over the top is by combining a semi-natural and more vibrant color. For example, this black and purple hair is the ideal way to subtly include something radical and different without fully committing.

    Blue and Purple Hair

    If you love vibrant colors and making a statement with your hair, sip on this, as this blue and purple hair look will be just your cup of tea. Blue and purple are too colors that pair well with each other, and bringing those two shades onto your luscious locks will give you a bright and striking look.

    Pink and Purple Hair

    Another one of those stand-out color pairs is pink and purple. Pink and purple hair is bound to get you some admiring looks when you are out and about. We suggest going for an ombre effect at your next salon appointment. Start with the dark purple at the roots and blend it into stunning and vibrant pink.

    Red and Purple Hair

    If you are a redhead or are interested in switching your hair color up, try this red and purple hair. What we love about this style is that there are no highlights or ombre effects, but the red and purple are blended seamlessly together to create one tone. This color is close to being a burgundy hair color.

    Violet Hair Color

    When we think of violet hair color, we picture deep shiny plum colored hair. This stunning shade is low-hanging fruit if you want to switch up your look. Going for this hair color will drastically change your appearance by only switching up the color of your hair.

    Silver Purple Hair

    This unreal shade is perfect for those looking to go platinum but with an extra flare. Adding a bit of a purple hue to your silver hair gives it a hint of more character and coloring. If you are worried about going silver and looking greyer than you want, incorporating a bit of purple shading will help diminish that chance.

    Short Purple Hair

    Short Purple HairInstagram@amityloftPIN

    There’s no rule of thumb regarding purple hair and hair length. However, if you want to look cute with your purple strands, we suggest you go for short purple hair.

    Short purple hair is great because it is:

    • Low Maintenance
    • Easy to style
    • Dries faster

    Blonde and Purple Hair

    Blonde and Purple HairInstagram@heartmegPIN

    If you are a blonde looking to add a little twist to your strands, we suggest dappling in a bit of purple. Adding vibrant purple to your hair will immediately give it more dimension, making it fun and different, elevating your blonde to a new level.

    Ombre Purple Hair

    Ombre Purple HairInstagram@inggriyedPIN

    If adding purple to your hair isn’t enough of a change, we suggest incorporating it via the ombre style. Ombre is a seamless transition of color from darker to lighter. It’s a great way to combine different colors, especially for those unable to decide on just one. When combined with vibrant colors like purple, this hair coloring technique can give your hair a striking and unique appearance.

    Green and Purple Hair

    We don’t know about you, but our first thought isn’t how good it would look when we picture green and purple hair. But in reality, it works very well together. There are many different ways you can incorporate both colors into your mane. However, this one here stands out to us most.

    This color layering effect will give the hair:

    1. More dimension
    2. Fuller appearance
    3. The appearance of more volume

    Brown and Purple Hair

    What we like most about this brown and purple hair combination is its seamlessness. At first glance, it might not look like there is any purple, but once you take a closer look, the purple brilliance will shine through. Sometimes more is less, and we argue that case in this purple hair.

    Galaxy Blue and Purple Hair

    Yes, it’s possible to have hair that looks similar to what the galaxy might look like in its most vibrant state. All it takes is the ideal blend of blue and purple. However, adding shine is critical in replicating that galaxy look.

    There are two different hair glosses that add shine, such as:

    1. Clear gloss: a treatment that adds and enhances brilliance to either colored or not-colored hair.
    2. Color gloss: adds shine and refreshes or changes your hair’s color hue to prevent and work against dullness.

    Indigo Hair Color

    Indigo hair color is a sweet mix between blue and purple. It sits closer to blue on the color wheel, but in certain lights, this hair color’s purple tones shine through. We recommend this hair shade if you have more of a cool skin undertone.

    Mermaid Silver Purple Hair

    Mermaid silver purple hair is a color combination of blue, purple, and silver. This encapsulates what we picture a mermaid’s hair color to look like. The shades are all soft and slightly muted. This purple hairstyle gives off a fun but tamed energy which can be excellent compared to a more vibrant and loud style.

    Blue Purple

    Blue and purple undoubtedly are colors for that look great together. Have you ever thought about combining them to create one color? This purple hair shade is jaw-dropping, vibrant, electric, loud, and eye-catching, five descriptive words anyone dying their hair this bright wants to be described as.

    Purple Hair Highlights

    One of the more stubble ways to incorporate color into the hair is by doing it through highlights. Highlights are strands of hair bleached and then dyed or toned a different color than the rest of your head. Dying your whole head of hair a vibrant color like purple can be a big commitment; therefore, starting small with highlights is an ideal way to find out if you like it and if it suits you.

    Plum Purple

    Plum purple hair looks precisely as it sounds. This beautiful and deep shade gives purple hair a good name. What we like about this shade is that it’s a perfect combination of purple and red that brings your hair to life. This plum hair color also looks pretty close to being a natural color. These two shades will blend seamlessly into a natural brown. Therefore, this color is calling all brunettes out there.

    Platinum Purple Hair

    Platinum hair is one of those colors you don’t see very often, but it looks unique and outstanding when you do. If you are thinking about going the furthest blonde you can get, aka platinum, we urge you to add some purple hues. Adding purple shading will give it the appearance of more body. However, we encourage you to be careful when bleaching your hair to be platinum. Bleach is very harsh and can cause damage to your strands.

    Before you head to the salon, here is a chart of tips to keep in mind when bleaching your hair:

    Tips For Platinum Purple Hair Information
    Tip 1: Don’t bleach your entire head platinum on your first visit. We recommend a few sessions to get your hair platinum blonde. That way, your hair will have more time to recover between bleaching and won’t look or feel super damaged.
    Tip 2: Get a moisturizing treatment at the salon. When the stylist washes out the bleach and tones it, ask them to use one of their high-grade moisturizing masks. This will help to replenish a bit of the lost moisture.
    Tip 3: Purchase a moisturizing mask to use before the shower. Even after leaving the salon, you should care for your hair. After bleaching, your hair will likely become dry and brittle. A moisturizing mask before you shower a few times a week will help replenish and add moisture and shine.
    Tip 4: Purchase a hair oil for your strands. There are two ways you can use hair oil. First, you can use a small amount on dry hair to help tame frizz and dryness. Second, you can apply a generous amount of oil all over your head to help replenish moisture.

    Purple Hair Mask

    There are many different masks targeting various hair concerns. However, a purple hair mask is best suited for people with blonde or purple hair.

    A purple hair mask is excellent for many reasons, such as:

    • Maintaining health and appearance of hair
    • Maintaining color
    • Strengthening strands
    • Adding shine
    • Softening the hair

    Each purple hair mask differs from the next; however, some on the market target all five of those concerns, while others target just a few. A purple hair mask will help to maintain color and restore the purple.

    Bright Purple

    For this purple hair, the saying, ‘go big or go home,’ fits perfectly. If you’re going to go purple, why not go all out and get it as bright as possible? This bright purple hair screams fun and will show off your bright and lively personality. However, the more vibrant, the more aftercare there will be, so invest in good hair masks and hair oils.

    Deep Purple

    The words we would use to describe deep purple hair color are rich, sophisticated, beautiful, and, if it wasn’t obvious, deep. This color is underrated in the hair world, and we recommend you try it. Even though it’s not a natural hair color, it looks close to it.

    Ash Purple Hair

    Ash Purple HairInstagram@skabosPIN

    Ash purple hair is a drop-dead gorgeous color without being too in your face. The light and cool coloring paired with purple hues bring some oomph to your strands. Ash-colored hair is usually on the cool side. Therefore, we recommend getting this stunning color if you are more fair-toned and cool-skin-toned.

    Purple Hair Extensions

    Dying your hair is a commitment. It takes time, money, and patience, virtues not all of us have. We understand that, so we recommend trying purple hair extensions. These can be great for those who aren’t 100% sure that purple hair will suit us. Using fake hair extensions gives you a natural feel for what it might look like when and if you fully commit.

    There are four hair extension types to choose from, such as:

    Purple Hair Extension Types Descriptions
    Tape-in One-and-a-half-inch sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue to the hair
    Clip-in Slight pressure-sensitive clips that make easy installation onto the natural hair
    Bonded Tiny strands of human hair are bonded with a heated keratin protein that melts so that the extensions are affixed to the natural hair
    Halo Hair Extensions This new form of hair extension doesn’t attach to the natural hair and sits around the head with an invisible wire

    Burgundy Purple Hair

    If you are thinking about turning yourself into a redhead, think again. How about shifting to a burgundy head? Burgundy purple hair is the perfect concoction of red and purple hues to create a stunning shade similar to plum colored hair.

    Half Black Half Purple Hair

    For all the indecisive people reading this, we have the perfect hairstyle to calm your anxiety of having to choose. Instead of having to choose one color, you can choose two. This half-black, half-purple hair is the ideal compromise, plus it looks fantastic.


    Lavender hair color is perfect for someone seeking to switch their hair color to be more fun

    without being too vibrant. Lavender is a purple color that has a more muted appearance. It suits cool-toned people best, but we don’t discourage our warm-toned friends from giving it a try.

    Midnight Purple

    Midnight purple is a super dark and deep purple shade that looks stunning. This color is so dark that only in certain lights will the beautiful undertones of purple come out to play. The nice thing about switching to a darker color is that it isn’t hard on your hair as opposed to bleaching it. However, once you decide to go darker, it will be harder to change your mind and return to being lighter.

    Orange and Purple

    This vibrant orange and purple hair is one way to get someone’s attention. Be prepared because people will be eyeing your stunning new hair. You are bound to light up a room with this unreal color combination.

    Neon Purple Hair

    Neon is almost always in style, so why not make it permanent? Dying your hair a neon color is a fun way to express yourself and show off ur fun and flirty attitude.

    White and Purple Hair

    If you want to make the purple color in your hair stand out, you can dye the rest of your hair white. White and purple hair color is a stunning combination, as the white allows the purple to stand out. We suggest giving it a go in the winter because it will totally match the chilly vibes.

    Lilac Purple Hair

    Lilac purple hair is similar to lavender coloring but has a deeper purple hue. This shade is the perfect in-between for muted and vibrant purple hair. We suggest going for this one if you don’t like the paleness of lavender or the vibrant purples.

    Brown to Purple Hair