26 Fiery Red Hair Color Ideas that Will Turn Heads

Updated on November 9, 2023
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    26 Fiery Red Hair Color Ideas that Will Turn Heads

    There’s something alluring about red hair. From our favorite red-headed heroine to the mystique of the auburn-haired girl next door, red hair can reveal a lot about someone’s character.

    Whether it’s the woman who enters a room in a seductive vermillion dress or the enticing coral hues of the sunset, the color red naturally captures our attention.

    Red hair color ideas are one of social media’s most popular hair color trends. Pulling from all the hues on the red side of the rainbow, red hair trends incorporate fiery orange, pastel purple, rosy pink, and glowing gold to create the most striking hair color designs.

    During your hours spent surfing social media, you may have come across really unique red hair color ideas like:

    • Fall red hair color
    • Red sunset hair
    • Rosewood balayage
    • Cinnamon pumpkin spice hair
    • Strawberry cream ombre

    The combinations and techniques for coloring hair are endless when you play with shades of rouge. We’ve narrowed down the current red hair trends to a list of the top 26 red hair color ideas for 2023.

    Dark Red Hair Color

    Dark red hair color makes a statement; whether it’s the first impression of your bold personality or a glimpse into your mystery, dark red hair colour rarely goes unnoticed. It varies from red, purple, and brown undertones and includes numerous options from deep, cool burgundy tones to rich, warm scarlet reds.

    Cherry Red Hair Color

    Make way for cherry season. This juicy red shade features a vibrant base, bursting with deep red and purple tones. It’s popular because it flatters pale and deep skin tones and makes all eye colors pop! You can go full cherry or opt for cherry highlights. Cherry red highlights on brown hair are a stunning way to add depth and personality to dark hair. Two-tone ombre hair featuring cherry red with blonde creates a beautiful contrast sure to turn heads.

    Red Brown Hair Color

    Red brown hair color covers a full spectrum of hues, from dark chocolate cherry tones to warm chestnut with a tinge of copper. Fair, cool skin tones suit colors with more brown than red, whereas dark, warm skin tones look best with a more red color. You can choose an all-over red-brown color, accentuate brown hair with red highlights, or weave the tones together into a gorgeous red-brown ombre.

    Zohna Tip

    If you're a brunette thinking about experimenting with vibrant shades, applying a subtle red tone to brown hair is a great way to ease into the realm of red hair color.

    Bright Red Hair Color

    We dare you to do it! Bright red hair color compliments many face shapes and hairstyles. Bright copper tones work well if you have fair, peach-colored skin. Vibrant red velvet suits dark and olive complexions.

    Deep Red Hair Color

    Deep red hair color includes all the darker red tones. Think of dark burgundy, deep mahogany, rich red velvet, maroon, and blood red. Achieving these desirable deep shades of red is easiest for natural or existing dark hair.

    Natural Red Hair Color

    Natural red hair color typically falls under the reddish-brown auburn category or the classic natural ginger hair color. Achieving the look of natural red hair is possible if you choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Pale skin can pull off the bright, gingery colors and strawberry blonde. Olive and medium skin tones naturally suit deep auburn shades. Dark complexions flawlessly pull off chocolate browns with a rich red hue.

    Red Wine Hair Color

    What better way to show off your personality than by matching your hair to your drink of choice? For those of us who love a glass of vino, this deep carmine red is inspired by the colors of a classic full-bodied red wine. We will explore the wine-inspired hair colors of specific varietals too!

    Merlot Hair Color

    Semi-sweet, medium-bodied, with big fruity flavours! Inspired by one of the most popular varieties of red wine, merlot hair color is a deep shade of ruby brown with purple undertones. It’s the perfect way to add a bold, elegant touch to brunette hair.

    Crimson Hair Color

    Combining the best of dark and bright, crimson red hair color is a strong deep red with violet and orange undertones. Think of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Crimson red hair is a striking hair color choice, but be prepared for your shower to look like a horror film scene, as the brightness of this tone requires frequent touch-ups.

    Blood Red Bright Red Hair Color

    If you’re vampire obsessed, or you love a rich cranberry hue, blood red bright hair color might be the right shade for you! This dramatic shade combines bright ruby red with deep burgundy and dark brown undertones.

    Dark Ginger Hair Color

    Classic ginger comes over to the dark side! Dark ginger hair color combines tones of orange ginger and brown cinnamon into one spicy hue. No matter your skin tone, there’s a shade of dark ginger for you. The deeper your skin tone, the brighter the shade of ginger you’ll want to go for.

    Light Red Hair Color

    Leaning towards strawberry blonde, light red hair colour, also called red sand, is a softer shade of red hair color. This beachy hue combines dark blonde with rosy reds and looks stunning on cool, light skin tones.

    Ruby Red Hair Color

    Empower your inner princess with this gem-inspired tone. Ruby red hair color is a vibrant and luxe deep red with subtle magenta undertones.

    Zohna Tip

    To give your ruby red hair that gemstone shimmer, apply a red color gloss to enhance the color and shine!

    Red Hair Color With Highlights

    Red Hair Color With HighlightsInstagram@houdeeniPIN

    Illuminate your rouge locks by pairing red hair color with highlights. Red hair looks multidimensional when paired with golden blonde or copper highlights. You can kick it up a creative notch and blend in rose gold or caramel blonde for a unique look.

    Black Red Hair Color

    Edgy meets elegance. Red and black together is a daring and poised color combination. Black-red hair color has endless possibilities, from two-tone dreadlocks to a fierce black-red ombré.

    Warm Red Hair Color


    Subtly introduce red hair by choosing a warm red hair color. Strawberry blonde, golden copper, and warm cinnamon shades allow you to transition from a blonde or light brunette into a gorgeous redhead.

    Mulled Wine Hair Color

    Warm up for the winter with a hot cup of mulled wine and hair to match it! Named after the warm red wine, infused with cloves and cinnamon spices, mulled wine hair color combines the richness of deep espresso and dark berry tones into a subtle ombré.

    Blonde And Red Hair Color

    Who says you can’t be a blonde bombshell and a ravishing redhead? Blonde and red hair color offers endless potential. Ash-blonde fading into a dark strawberry blonde red pops on pale skin tones. Copper hair color with gold highlights gives dark skin a beautiful glow.

    This color combination can have gorgeous results when done professionally, but if done at home, could turn out like ketchup and mustard.

    Red Ombre Hair Color

    From the French word ‘shaded’, ombré hair describes a technique where hair gradually transforms from a darker base to a lighter shade, creating a beautiful sun-kissed effect. Red ombré hair color can be achieved by transitioning lighter gold tones into an orangey red or rich red tones into bright browns. You can also go for a two-toned red ombré hair color if you’re torn between two shades of fire!

    Scarlet Red Hair Color

    For a timeless look that could pass for natural, you’ll love scarlet red hair color. This deep shade of red has subtle orange undertones. It’s bright and classy without being brassy!

    Fire Red Hair Color

    She’s a smoke show! Prepare for a wave of compliments when you dye your hair with a fire-red hair color. Fire red compliments wavy and curly hair in particular, as the luminous undertones really accentuate spirals!

    Honey Red Hair Color

    Oh honey, honey! This trendy shade blends light ginger, golden blonde, and strawberry rose into honey red hair color. Honey red is customizable to suit every complexion. If you’re fair, you’ll want to incorporate more rosy tones. Olive skin, lean towards the dark blonde side of this shade. Tanned skin, play with the brighter hues!

    Rose Red Hair Color

    Cheers with a glass of refreshing rosé! This floral-inspired hair color trend offers a sophisticated way to rock pink hair. Rose-red hair color is a beautiful way to incorporate the soft shades of rosy pink into your locks.

    Red Caramel Hair Color

    Satisfy your sugar cravings! Caramel hair incorporates blonde and brown tones into one scrumptious-looking hair color. Red caramel hair color infuses this delicious look with vibrant red undertones.

    Poison Ivy

    Poison IvyInstagram@cammquinPIN

    Named after the seductive DC Comics character, poison ivy hair color is a trend blowing up social media. This deep, vibrant shade of red looks pops on both pale and dark skin tones.

    Blue Red Hair Color

    Contrasting warm red with cool blue, blue red hair color offers endless possibilities with this bold hair combination. You can divide your hair into deep red and bright blue sections or transition the colors to meet with a vibrant shade of violet.

    With so many gorgeous shades of ravishing red to choose from, narrowing it down to one, two, or even three options is certainly tough!

    Here are the steps we recommend for how to choose red hair color:

    1. Figure out your skin tone: cool, warm, or neutral
    2. Pick a shade or shades which complement your complexion
    3. Select a style: full coverage, highlights, ombre, tips, peekaboos
    4. Decide permanent or semi-permanent
    5. Determine if you need to bleach before the application
    6. Book an appointment with your stylist, or dare to do it at home!
    Fair Olive Tan Dark
    • Copper
    • Crisom
    • Ginger
    • Chestnut
    • Chocolate Red
    • Auburn
    • Cherry Cola
    • Raspberry
    • Fire Red
    • Plum
    • Mahogany
    • Burgundy

    Red Hair Color Dye

    Regardless of whether you’re leaving it to the professionals or braving the job at home, when choosing red hair color dye it is important to have an understanding of how to read hair color numbers and letters. It comes in handy if you come across a shade and are unsure if it will suit your complexion and undertone.

    You’ll notice each hair color is marked with a letter and number combination. For example:

    • 8RC – Light Blonde Red Copper
    • 5RV – Light Brown Red Violet
    • 4RR – Brown Really Red

    While different brands may name their hair color dyes differently, the same basic hair color number and lettering rules apply.

    Keep this in mind when you’re trying to understand how to read hair dye color numbers:

    • 10 – Lightest Blonde
    • 9 – Very light blonde
    • 8 – Light blonde
    • 7 – Blonde
    • 6 – Dark Blonde
    • 5 – Ligh