15 Short Fluffy Hair Styles to Rock + DIY Tutorial

Updated on January 16, 2024
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    Short fluffy Hair StylesPIN

    15 Short Fluffy Hair Styles to Rock + DIY Tutorial

    Sometimes, styling short hair, can be a hassle. But have you ever heard of short fluffy hair?

    Consider this hairstyle for the next time you plan to style your hair cause it’s voluminous and funky! If you want to add volume and body to your short hair, you will want to check out these 15 short fluffy hairstyles.

    Continue reading to learn more about the funk and spunk of short fluffy hair!

    Why We Love The Fluffy Short Hair Trend

    We love this fluffy hair trend for three reasons: funky, easy to maintain, and fun to experiment with. Nowadays, everybody’s searching for ways to make their life easier while still maintaining the status quo of looking unique, and short fluffy hair is the perfect way to do that.

    It’s Funky

    The norm for hairstyles is usually to keep things tame. What makes short fluffy hair funky is that it’s not tame at all. The more voluminous and messy your short fluffy hair looks, the better. It’s supposed to look effortlessly fluffy when we both know it isn’t entirely effortless to achieve.

    Easy to Maintain

    The nice thing about fluffy hair is that it’s easy to maintain. It’s not as if you are sitting in a salon chair for hours or spending too much time in front of the mirror. Once it becomes a bit de-fluffed, which it inevitably will as the day goes on, you can just spray in some texture spray to revive it.

    Fun To Experiment With

    There isn’t one exact way to add fluff and volume to your strands. In reality, it seems like there are endless ways that you can add volume to your hair for that fluffy effortless look. Our main suggestion is blow drying with a diffuser and volumizing mousse. However, you can use many other products to give you that fluffy look. Plus, curling your hair with a large barreled curling iron or using a flat iron to flick the ends of the hair out will help give your locks that fluffy look.

    If using a curling iron sounds intriguing, it’s pretty simple. Using a wide barreled curling iron will create large curls in your hair. Giving the strands a good spray of hairspray and some texture spray and then brushing out the curls will give you a stunning fluffy hair look.

    How To Make Short Hair Fluffy

    Many different working parts go into making your hair fluffy. For one, if you have curly or wavy locks, you are much more likely to have fluffy hair than someone with naturally straight hair. But if you are wondering how to get fluffy hair, we want to show you how with a few easy steps.

    Step #1

    The first step to getting fluffy hair starts in the shower. Washing your strands with a volumizing shampoo will help give your hair that much-needed volume.

    Step #2

    Once you are out of the shower, let your hair air dry until it’s at least 70% dry, and then add your products. We suggest a volumizing mousse. This will keep it light and airy while giving it texture and volume. Don’t forget a heat protectant spray.

    Step #3

    Now it’s time to blow dry! Using a diffuser will help give your strands that wave to make them look extra fluffy. But you can use a regular blow dryer as well. Blow drying the hair upside down will also help provide some natural volume. If you have bangs, style them per their type.

    Step #4

    Once the hair is dry, add more products to give it a fluffy look. Dry shampoo is great for giving some extra oomph. You can also use a comb to tease your hair. This will also give it that messy and fluffy look you are searching for.

    Emo Fluffy Short Hair

    Emo Fluffy Short HairInstagram@saniatt_PIN

    Try this emo vibe if you dig the short fluffy hairstyle but want to incorporate another element to give it some oomph. You must have black or dark brown hair to encapsulate the emo fluffy short hair. Otherwise, it won’t look very emo. Doing your makeup in a similar emo fashion will help to give your fluffy short hair emo vibes.

    Short Fluffy Alt Hair

    If you want to appear more alternative, we suggest adding color to your locks. This short fluffy alt hair only looks alternative because of the purple coloring on half the head.

    Other popular alternative color choices are:

    • Green
    • Blue
    • Red
    • pink

    Short Fluffy Hair Girl

    It is important in today’s society to reject harsh gender norms. For example, boys have short hair, and girls have long hair. Women can also sport short hair, hence this ‘short fluffy hair girl‘ style. Short fluffy girl hair looks just as good, if not better, on girls than on guys.

    Short Fluffy Hair Male

    Short Fluffy Hair MaleInstagram@_.sam.sPIN

    This ‘short fluffy hair male’ look is all about the bounce. Fluffy boy hair is the new hot trend among young men.

    If you want to give your hair some volume to give it that fluffy look, there are a few products worth using, such as:

    1. Volumizing moose
    2. Sea salt spray
    3. Texture spray
    4. Thickening lotion
    5. Gel

    Short Fluffy Hair With Bangs

    There are different kinds of bangs, and figuring out which ones suit you and your face shape will ensure you have the best short fluffy hair with bangs.

    There are four main types of bangs, such as:

    If you want to know which bangs suit your face shape and how to style your short fluffy hair with bangs, check out the table below.

    Face Shape Bangs Type How To Style
    Heart-shaped Wispy bangs with long hair Use a round brush underneath the bangs on 75% dry hair. Dry them until they become bouncy.
    Round Side swept bangs Use a medium-sized round brush to blow the ends away from the face, creating a bend in the hair.
    Long shaped Straight across heavy bangs Use a high-quality brush and blow your hair back and forth over the forehead, pointing your blow dryer down.
    Square-shaped Brow-grazing fringe bangs Blow dry your hair as you would normally. Then, flatten the tips of the bangs down toward your face using a flat iron.
    Oval Any of them works! Follow the styling tip for whichever you choose.

    Remember to use a volumizing mouse or similar products when styling your bangs to ensure you get the fluffy hair look. What makes short fluffy hair fluffy is what you are putting in it. Unless you are blessed with fluffy hair, you will have to fake it to make it. Using products that give you volume will help.

    Plus, just taking good care of your hair generally will help. Using good quality products in the shower will make a huge difference in how your strands look and feel. There are tons of harmful chemicals in drugstore shampoos and conditioners, so try your best to stay clear of them if you can. Regular hair masks are also a great way to keep your locks healthy.

    Fluffy Short Hair Covering Eyes

    It’s important not to have hair that completely covers the eyes. We do want you to be able to see! But, getting bangs a bit longer than normal that sit just below the browbone will give you a nice covering over the eyes while still allowing you to see.

    Short Fluffy Black Hair

    Short Fluffy Black HairInstagram@nxnditaPIN

    Short fluffy hair can be done on any hair color. But if you want short fluffy black hair, that’s cool too. Plus, it will give you an edgy vibe, like emo short fluffy hair.

    Short Hair Styles With Round Face Fluffy

    Sometimes styling short hair can be tricky, but it all boils down to the cut and how you style it. Check out the chart below for three of our favorite short hairstyles for round faces and how to give them some fluff.

    Short Hair Styles With Round Face Description
    Long layers with blunt ends Incorporate long layers to provide the hair with a bouncy, fluffy style. This will take the weight out of the end to give the hair a voluminous and fluffy look.
    Bob with side swept bangs Bangs are cut and swept to the side to help elongate the face.
    Textured lob Texture can alter the roundness of the face, so adding some curls to your fluffy lob will be perfect.

    Fluffy Hair With Bangs Short

    Feel free to go short with the bangs. This ‘fluffy hair with bangs short’ style is ideal for those with thicker strands. The short bangs will help to frame the face and give it a more chiseled appearance.

    Short Fluffy Hair Tomboy

    No matter your hairstyle, going shorter will always look a bit tomboy-ish. There’s nothing wrong with looking like a tomboy; in fact, we think it’s cool and suggest embracing it with this ‘short fluffy hair tomboy’ style.

    Cute Short Fluffy Hair

    To get cute short fluffy hair, we suggest adding some color. A pop of your favorite color will give your short fluffy hair that charming look.

    Adding little hair clips is a great way to elevate your cute short hair even more if you want to make things even cuter. Tossing one of your favorite hair clips into your hair before going out is also really practical to keep your hair out of your face. Short hair can be annoying sometimes if it is very short and you can’t put it up, but hair clips will save the day.

    Mullet Short Fluffy Hair

    Mullet Short Fluffy HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    We think a mullet would be ideal if you want to place a unique twist on the short fluffy hair. A mullet will add a cool and fun vibe to your locks. Plus, it will be easier to maintain and style. And just look at how cool it looks; how could you resist?

    Colored Bangs Short Fluffy Hair

    Colored Bangs Short Fluffy HairInstagram@chikauralPIN

    Colored bangs on short fluffy hair are the perfect way to incorporate color into your strands in a fun and different way. Plus, keeping the dye only at the front sections of your hair means less damage to the rest of your locks from the bleach.

    The color will also help to frame the face and bring attention to your eyes.

    Zohna Tip

    Using a moisturizing hair mask if you bleach your hair will help replenish lost moisture and keep your hair from looking fried.

    Short Fluffy Hair With Taper Fade

    Clean up the edges with a taper fade if you want short fluffy hair but not the maintenance. A taper fade is a gradient of hair length that keeps the edges of your hairline short, therefore looking crisp and clean.

    You can choose from three types of taper fades: low taper fade, mid taper fade, and high taper fade. Each looks great with short fluffy hair, but keep in mind that the higher the fade, the less fluff.

    Short Fluffy Hair With Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are a trendy and cute way to frame the face. The front pieces of hair are trimmed and then swept towards the back of the head, giving a curtain appearance. We think that this bang style pairs perfectly with short fluffy hair.


    • How To Cut Your Hair Short And Fluffy

      If you want to cut your hair short, we recommend going to the hairdresser. However, giving your already short hair a quick trim to clean up the edges is a great idea and will save you a trip to the salon. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to cut your hair short and fluffy.

      1. Separate hair into three sections
      2. Cut your hair horizontally 1.3m longer than the desired length
      3. Make vertical cuts along the ends so they don’t look blunt
      4. Trim the left and right sections
      5. Add layers for more dimension
    • How To Keep And Maintain Short Fluffy Hair

      Getting regular trims every 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, will help keep everything looking clean, short, and fluffy. When clean, your hair looks fluffier, so washing and styling it regularly will keep it nice and volumized.

    • How To Style Short Fluffy Hair

      It depends on the hairstyle and hair type you have. However, we suggest using volumizing mousse and sprays to help get your hair nice and fluffy. Blow-drying your locks and continuously brushing them will also keep them looking fluffy.

    Cuff The Fluff

    If you love the look of short fluffy hair as much as we do, it’s time to cuff the fluff and make it yours! With all the different types of short fluffy hair, we hope you have found one you like.