32 Best Short Mullet Hairstyles for Men + How to Style

Updated on February 9, 2024
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    32 Best Short Mullet Hairstyles for Men + How to Style

    If there’s one hairstyle that has seen a resurgence in recent years and refuses to go out of style, it’s the mullet.

    Yes, you read that right – the mullet. Once the epitome of ’80s fashion, the mullet has made a comeback, with a modern twist.

    Picture this: you, strolling into the office like a corporate superhero with your polished front, ready to tackle spreadsheets and dominate presentations. Then, come 5 PM, it’s transformation time! Unleash the untamed beast at the back of your head, and suddenly you’re the life of the after-work soirée.

    Today, we’re here to talk about the 32 best short mullet hairstyles for men this season and give tips on rocking the style.

    How To Start A Mullet With Short Hair

    So, you’re itching to sport a mullet with short hair? Worry not! Initiating a mullet with short hair is entirely feasible. The key lies in allowing the hair on the top and sides to grow out a bit while maintaining a shorter length at the back. This creates that timeless mullet shape.

    Embrace the gradual transition and exercise patience – after all, great things take time!

    Now, let’s delve into two styles perfect for short hair.

    Mullet Style Description
    Business in the Front, Party in the Back Neatly trimmed front and sides, with a longer back for the signature mullet look. Versatile and suitable for various occasions.
    Modern Mullet Edgy and contemporary, featuring shorter layers on top and longer layers at the back. A bold choice that adds a rebellious touch to your appearance.
    Retro Mullet Embraces the vintage charm with a nod to the ’80s, featuring feathered layers and a pronounced crown.
    Punk-inspired Mullet A daring style with a spiked or Mohawk-inspired top, combined with a shorter back for a punk-rock vibe.
    Classic Mullet Fade A blend of short sides, a well-defined fade, and a longer back, offering a polished yet trendy aesthetic.
    Shaggy Mullet Effortlessly tousled with layers throughout, striking a balance between casual and chic.

    How To Style Men’s Short Mullet

    Are you prepared to embrace a bold and trendy hairstyle? Look no further than the men’s short mullet! This edgy and versatile haircut is making a comeback, and we’re here to guide you on how to style it like a pro.

    Follow these steps to achieve the perfect look:

    Step Instructions
    Prep Wash and condition your hair with products that add volume and texture. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for extra oomph, containing ingredients like sea salt or collagen for added body and texture.
    Blow-dry Lift the roots to create volume using a round brush. Direct the airflow from your blow dryer towards the roots for natural-looking volume.
    Apply Use a small amount of styling product on your fingertips. Run them through the longer sections of your mullet, shaping and texturizing. Choose a product that suits your hair type-matte paste or clay for a messy, textured mullet, or pomade or wax for a sleeker style.
    Style Use a comb or your fingers to tousle and style the top of your hair, creating a textured look. This step is crucial for achieving that effortlessly cool mullet vibe. Experiment with different styles until you find the one that suits you best.
    Finish Spray a light hairspray to hold your mullet in place all day. Choose a hairspray with a flexible hold to keep your mullet looking fresh and styled without feeling stiff. Hold the can about 12 inches away and mist evenly over your hair for a long-lasting hold.

    Mini Mullet

    Mini MulletInstagram@mjdidthatPIN

    This mini mullet is a shorter take on the classic mullet hairstyle. It’s perfect for men who want to dip their toes into the mullet trend without going full-on retro. The back is slightly longer than the sides, creating a subtle mullet effect.

    This style is versatile and works well for most hair types, including:

    • Curly
    • Wavy
    • Straight

    Short Shaggy Mullet

    The short shaggy mullet combines the messy texture of a shag haircut with the edginess of a mullet. It’s all about the layers in this hairstyle. The top and sides feature choppy layers, while the back is kept shorter for that signature mullet shape.

    Mullet Fade Short

    Mullet Fade ShortInstagram@bessihairPIN

    If you’re looking for a modern twist on the traditional mullet, consider this mullet fade. This style blends the longer hair on top and at the back with a fade on the sides. The result? A clean, tapered look that still maintains the mullet’s unique character.

    Modern Short Mullet

    The short modern mullet takes inspiration from the classic mullet but adds a contemporary touch. The length of the back is kept relatively short, creating a streamlined appearance. This style works well for guys who want a mullet but with a cleaner, more refined feel.

    Short Mohawk Mullet

    The short Mohawk mullet is for the bold and daring. It combines a Mohawk’s rebelliousness with a mullet’s undeniable coolness. The sides are shaved or cut very short, while the hair on top and at the back is left longer.

    Short Curly Hair Mullet

    If you have naturally curly hair, this short curly hair mullet will be right up your alley. Embrace your curls and let them take center stage. Keep the back and sides shorter to create the mullet shape while allowing the curls on top to shine.

    Zohna Tip

    To enhance the natural texture of your curly hair and maintain the health of your curls, consider using a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

    Short Mullet Straight Hair

    Straight hair can look exceptionally sleek and stylish in a short mullet. The back is neatly trimmed, while the hair on top and at the front is styled with precision. This haircut is perfect for lads who prefer a more polished look while still rocking the mullet trend.

    Short Top Mullet

    The short top mullet is an alternative take on the classic mullet. Instead of having longer hair all around, the focus is a shorter top section. This style is all about volume and texture at the back of the head while the top remains clean and sleek.

    Zohna Tip

    To enhance the sleekness of the top, consider using a lightweight styling product, such as a styling cream or gel, to control flyaways and keep the hair in place.

    Short Punk Mullet

    For men who like to push boundaries and welcome their inner rebel, this short punk mullet is a fantastic choice. This hairstyle combines the edginess of a punk-inspired cut with the vintage vibe of a mullet.

    Mullet Wolf Cut Short Hair

    The wolf cut, inspired by the K-Pop world, is a playful, trendy style that complements the short mullet perfectly. It adds layers and volume to your hair while maintaining the essential mullet shape.

    Very Short Mullet

    For men who love the mullet aesthetic but prefer a more conservative approach, this very short mullet is an excellent choice. This style keeps the back extremely short, almost like a regular haircut, while still incorporating the mullet’s distinctive shape.

    Zohna Tip

    Regular visits to the barber are essential to keep the back extremely short and well-defined.

    Short Fluffy Mullet

    This short fluffy mullet is all about embracing volume and texture. It adds layers and tousled texture to your hair, creating a full, playful look. Keep the back shorter than the top and allow your hair to naturally fluff up.

    Short Asian Mullet

    This short Asian mullet fuses Eastern and Western influences to create a uniquely fashionable hairstyle. It combines the clean lines of a traditional Asian haircut with the mullet’s distinctive length at the back. This style works well with straight hair and is a nod to the mullet’s global popularity.

    Short Baseball Mullet

    The short baseball mullet is a sporty and trendy hairstyle that combines elements of the classic mullet with a baseball player’s aesthetic. Keep the sides and back slightly shorter, and let the hair on top grow out.

    80s Short Mullet

    For those who love all things ’80s, this short ’80s mullet is the epitome of retro cool. Embrace the iconic style with a shorter twist. Keep the back relatively short while the hair on top and at the sides is styled with volume and texture in the true spirit of the ’80s.

    Short Wavy Mullet

    If you have naturally wavy hair, this short wavy mullet is an excellent choice for you. The back is kept shorter, while the waves on top and at the sides create a unique texture. Don’t forget to add some cool hair designs to spruce up the look!

    Short Messy Mullet

    For men who prefer an undone, effortless look, this short messy mullet is the answer. This style is all about relaxed and tousled vibes. Keep the back shorter and allow the hair on top to be messy and textured.

    Short Mullet Perm

    If you want to add extra volume and texture to your short mullet, consider getting a perm. The perm will give your hair a uniquely stylish look, enhancing the mullet’s inherent coolness.

    Short Blonde Mullet

    The short blonde mullet can be adapted to various occasions and settings. For a casual day out, you can simply tousle your hair with your fingers and let it fall naturally. This will give you a carefree and laid-back vibe, perfect for a weekend brunch or a stroll in the park.

    Short Side Mullet

    Next up, we have the short side mullet, a versatile option that suits a variety of face shapes and hair types. This hairstyle features shorter sides and a longer, more voluminous top, giving it a twist that’s:

    1. Stylish
    2. Contemporary
    3. Distinct

    Taper Short Mullet

    The taper short mullet offers a refined and polished take on this iconic hairstyle. This variation features a gradual fade on the sides, seamlessly blending into a longer, styled top. The taper short mullet strikes the perfect balance between modern style and classic elegance, making it an excellent choice for men who want to make a subtle statement.

    Short Textured Mullet

    If you prefer a more rugged, textured appearance, look no further than this short textured mullet. This hairstyle combines the edginess of the mullet with the natural charm of textured hair, resulting in a look that is both effortlessly cool and effortlessly stylish.

    Short Layered Mullet

    For men looking for a fresh, modern take on the traditional mullet, this short layered mullet hits the nail on the head. This stylish variation features layered sections throughout, adding depth and dimension to your hair.

    Burst Fade Short Mullet


    The short burst fade mullet combines the distinctive burst fade on the sides with the classic mullet shape, resulting in a uniquely eye-catching hairstyle. This bold choice is perfect for men who love to push boundaries and make a statement with their hair.

    Wavy Short Mullet

    For men with naturally wavy or curly hair, the wavy short mullet offers a stylish and low-maintenance option that embraces your natural texture. This hairstyle allows you to showcase your curls while maintaining an appearance that’s:

    1. Sleek
    2. Sophisticated
    3. Sexy

    Short Mexican Mullet

    The short Mexican mullet is a bold and vivacious hairstyle that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. It features a distinctive fade on the sides, combined with longer hair on top that can be styled in various ways.

    Short Mullet Shaved Sides

    If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is as bold as it is stylish, this short mullet shaved sides will do the trick. This daring variation features shaved or closely cropped sides, creating a stark contrast with the longer, styled top.

    Short Middle Part Mullet

    The short middle part mullet offers a uniquely retro-inspired twist on this versatile hairstyle. This variation features a middle parting on the longer top section, adding a touch of vintage charm to your look.

    Short Spiky Mullet

    For men who love a daring, edgy look, the short spiky mullet is the ultimate choice. This hairstyle combines the rebelliousness of spiky hair with the timeless charm of the mullet, resulting in a look that is bold and attention-grabbing.

    Short Choppy Mullet

    The short choppy mullet is a trendy and modern choice for men who want to make a statement with their hair. This variation features chopp