18 Women’s Short Wolf Cut Hairstyles for Spirit Animal Inspiration

Updated on January 1, 2024
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    Short wolf cutPIN

    18 Women’s Short Wolf Cut Hairstyles for Spirit Animal Inspiration

    What’s your spirit animal?

    Are you brave, like a lion?

    Wise, like an owl?

    Free, like an eagle?

    Intelligent, instinctual, and social, like a wolf?

    Channel your spirit animal with a chic new haircut. The short wolf cut is trendy and flattering, with many variations to suit your face shape and personality.

    Wolf haircuts are relaxed, laid-back cuts that are so in style in 2023, along with the casual grunge fashion styles of the late 1980s and 1990s.

    What Is a Short Wolf Cut?

    A short wolf haircut combines the iconic 1970s short shag haircut and the clean at the front, long at the back, short mullet of the 1980s. Wolf cuts are typically done on long hair; a wolf cut long hair vs. short hair is the same hairstyle- short to shoulder-length hair compared to medium to long hair.

    The chart below compares a short shag haircut vs a short mullet.

    Short Shag Short Mullet
    • Born in the 1970s with a comeback in the 19080s
    • Multiple choppy layers
    • Visible layer at the occipital bone
    • All-over volume
    • Shoulder-length
    • Born in the 1980s and popular until the early 1990s
    • Shorter layers on top
    • Cascading layers at the back
    • Volume at the crown
    • Neck-length

    The five key characteristics of a short wolf hair cut are:

    1. Laidback hairstyle
    2. Short layers on top
    3. Choppy layers on the sides
    4. Long layers at the back
    5. Volume at the crown

    Short wolf cuts are perfect for those with shorter bobs and shoulder-length hair looking to experiment with choppy layers. If you have long hair and are looking for a drastic change in style and length, a short wolf cut can give your appearance an entirely new look with or without changing the color.

    People love short wolf cuts because they are:

    • Laid back short hairstyles
    • Low maintenance
    • Suitable for most face shapes
    • A way to add volume to hair
    • Popular on social media
    • Trendy amongst celebrities

    Have you decided on this hot new short shag-mullet hybrid is a trend you must try out? We’ve got 18 of the most popular short wolf cut ideas for inspiration!

    Short Wolf Cut With Bangs

    One of the most popular wolf cuts we see is a short wolf cut with bangs. Wolf cuts are typically characterized by their short, messy bangs; however, they aren’t exclusively hairstyles with bangs or face-framing fringes.

    You can get creative with the style of bangs you want with your short wolf cut.

    Short wolf cut with bangs include:

    Short Wolf Cut with Blunt Bangs

    A short wolf cut with bangs is perfect for those who want to add the illusion of volume around their face. Bangs are also great for hiding skin imperfections around the forehead. People with mature skin, like short wolf cuts with blunt bangs to create a more youthful appearance that’s forgiving of the dramatic creases that appear above the brows.

    Short Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

    Short Wolf Cut With Curtain BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    What was once made trendy by classic Hollywood actresses in the 1960s and 70s has made a huge comeback in recent years. Curtain bangs are those face-framing bangs swept to each side like open drapes.

    They’re known as the flirtatious and sultry way to wear bangs, as you can hide behind them yet still see your eyes. If you want a seductive appeal to your shag, go for a short wolf cut with curtain bangs.

    Short Curly Wolf Cut

    Shirley Temple goes rocker chick. That’s what a short curly wolf cut reminds us of. If you have naturally tight curls, a wolf haircut may not show visibly textured layers like on straight or relaxed hair, but it has some epic volume. We love short shags and mullets that give curly hair an edgy vibe.

    Wolf Cut Short Straight Hair

    Go for a wolf do that’s short and ultra-sleek: wolf cut short straight hair. Wolf cuts are typically left wavy or relaxed to give that low-maintenance vibe, but if you have the time to straighten your hair, shag, and mullet-inspired haircuts, look super chic. There’s nothing like a flawlessly flat-ironed short straight bob wolf cut that says perfection.

    Very Short Wolf Cut

    Like super short haircuts but wanna channel your spirit animal? Go for a do that’s short and stylish. Also known as a pixie wolf cut, short wolf cuts add tons of character to extra-short hairstyles. Very short wolf cuts are extra choppy and texturized, so style with pomade to show off the layers.

    Zohna Tip

    Ask your hairstylist for some balayage highlights to give your short wolf cut extra dimension.

    Short Japanese Wolf Cut With Bangs

    There seems to be a lot of debate on whether the new mullet-shag hybrid originated in Korea or Japan.

    The original wolf cuts from each country are similar, but a Japanese wolf cut has three distinct characteristics:

    1. Straight hair
    2. Cheek-length sides
    3. Asymmetrical fringe

    A short Japanese wolf cut with bangs is an adorable way to add a Japanese street style flare to your hairdo!

    Wolf Cut Wavy Hair Short

    Wolf Cut Wavy Hair ShortInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Did someone says 1920s flapper girl? When you search ‘wolf cut wavy hair short,’ the women remind us of that!

    Though a short wolf cut is not the same as the ‘Castle Bob’ flapper girl hair, the short, wavy layers have that same ultra-feminine appeal. Wispy, feathered bangs look amazing with short wavy wolf cut hair.

    Shaggy Wolf Cut Short

    Go for a short wolf cut that’s ultra-carefree. Shaggy wolf cut short hairstyles offer that intentional bedhead look that’s easy to maintain.

    Short shaggy wolf cuts have longer layers than other short wolf cut styles. The best thing about shaggy haircuts is that they suit casual outfits and look surprisingly elegant when you’re dressed up.

    Short Layered Wolf Cut

    Layers, layers, layers. Layers is a hair trend that comes and goes like lip gloss and leggings when it comes to fashion and beauty trends.

    Layers are beneficial because they:

    • Remove weight and bulk
    • Add volume
    • Texturize your hair
    • Create shape and dimension
    • Allow movement through the hair
    • Compliment certain facial features

    If you want a look with lots of volume and dimension, ask your hairstylist for a short wolf cut with layers.

    Short Fluffy Wolf Cut

    Let’s skip the styling tools and the fuss! A short fluffy wolf cut is perfect for those wanting to rock the carefree shaggy hair look. Go for a short wolf cut with lots of layers throughout and texture around the crown for an effortlessly short fluffy wolf cut. Add a lightweight hairspray, like a weightless oil mist, to keep your intentional fluff all day long!

    Short Wolf Cut Mullet

    Is it a shag? Is it a mullet? Is it a wolf cut?

    Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably when people ask for a wolf cut mullet. A short mullet wolf cut is similar to other short wolf cut styles but emphasizes the volume at the crown of the head.

    Short wolf cut mullet hairstyles are perfect for those with square face shapes or defined jawlines who wish to focus on keeping the volume of their hair away from their chin.

    Korean Wolf Cut Short

    ‘K-Pop’, short for Korean popular music, is not just a trendy style of music but an entire fashion genre. Originating in South Korea, the music and fashions of the K-Pop icons have become increasingly popular in North America and Western cultures.

    Many argue that the modern wolf cult originated from K-Pop fashion on the streets of Seoul. The Korean wolf cult short hairstyle is similar but slightly different from what we know as the classic short wolf cut.

    The chart below compares a short Korean wolf cut to a short classic wolf cut.

    Koren Wolf Cut Short Classic Wolf Cut Short
    • Heavy layers at the crown
    • Short layers at the sides
    • Thin, wavy layers at the back
    • Short, choppy layers on top
    • Long, choppy layers at the sides
    • Thick, long layers at the back

    Black Short Wolf Cut

    Black Short Wolf CutInstagram@tac_nuvPIN

    Nothing says sophisticated short hair like a ‘little black wolf cut’. Consider a black short wolf cut if you’re into darker hair colors. Black hair can be edgy or elegant, depending on the haircut and how you style it. Wear it messy when you want a casual short wolf cut, and clean if you’re feeling a look that’s a little more poised.

    Blonde Wolf Cut Short

    Be a blonde bombshell and rock a wolf cut? Blonde wolf cut short hairstyles add a carefree, edgy appeal to the classic doll-colored hair. Remember freaking out when your little brother decided to give your Barbies mullet haircuts? Well, that is now some super stylish hair!

    Wolf Hush Cut Short Hair

    Hush now. Let us tell you about the cleanest and most sophisticated style of wolf cut for short hair. A ‘wolf hush cut short hair‘ style is a shorter, cropped style of wolf cut with a neat appearance.

    Hush cuts have wispier, prettier wings on the sides and are more polished in appearance. The wolf hush cut on short hair neatens the appearance of a shaggy wolf cut to get sophisticated, layered short hair.

    Short Wolf Cut for Round Face

    Short Wolf Cut for Round FaceInstagram@hirohairPIN

    What we love about the short wolf cut is there is a layering trick for every face shape! If you have a round face shape or chubby cheeks, add shorter layers to add volume, creating the illusion of a more oval face shape.

    Short layers at the crown are a key feature of the classic mullet, so bring pictures of mullet wolf cuts to your stylist for a short wolf cut for round faces!

    Short Wolf Cut Without Bangs

    Believe it or not, bangs are so in style right now, and most short wolf cuts have them. If you want a unique short wolf cut, opt for long bangs that are swept off your face, like a texturized bob without bangs. A short wolf cut without bangs is a great way to show off your facial features.

    How to Style a Short Wolf Cut

    We love the low-maintenance appeal of a short wolf cut. You can roll out of bed, and your hair will look exactly as it’s intended. However, there are a few styling considerations and tips to make your desired short wolf cut style hold all day.

    There are four main considerations when styling a short wolf cut:

    1. Blow-drying
    2. Bang
    3. Texture
    4. Hairspray

    The chart below provides an overview of the stylish considerations and tips for short wolf cuts.

    Styling Consideration Tips
    • Air dry until 80% dry
    • Use a diffuser to finish blow-drying
    • Use wax on straight and wavy hair
    • Use anti-frizz mouse on curly hair
    • Apply a lightweight hairspray to hold the appearance
    • Avoid over-saturating the roots

    How to Do a Wolf Cut on Short Hair at Home

    The pandemic, quarantining, and the stay-at-home orders sure were unpleasant times; but some positive things came from 2020, like our confidence to cut our hair at home!

    What we love about the wolf cut is that it’s intentionally messy; therefore, you don’t need to be perfect when you bring out your sheers!

    You can do all kinds of wolf cuts at home such as:

    For our example, we will show you how to do a wolf cut with bangs on short hair at home.

    You only need haircutting scissors, a hair brush, a tail comb, and some hair elastics.

    Step 1

    Make sure your hair is completely dry. Brush your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no knots. If you have curly or frizzy hair, you might want to flat iron your hair before attempting the short wolf cut.

    Step 2

    Use your tail comb to section the hair into two ponytails. Draw a line from the front of your ear diagonally back to the crown of your head on each side. Take the hair at the front and tie it forward with a hair elastic.

    Step 3

    Comb the back section of hair and tie it up in a hair elastic.

    Step 4

    Keeping your front ponytail tied, pull the ponytail out in front of you to eye level. Use your scissors to cut soft snips into the ponytail and cut it off, leaving about an inch of hair tied in the elastic.

    Step 5

    Take your back ponytail and retie it, so you have a high ponytail on top of your hair. The higher the ponytail, the shorter the cut will be.

    Step 6

    Following the same soft snipping technique as the front ponytail, cut your back ponytail off, leaving an inch of hair tied in the ponytail.

    Step 7

    Let your hair down out of the hair elastics and brush through. If your hair isn’t short enough, you can use the lines of your new short wolf cut and trim them to the desired length.

    Step 8

    Brush your bangs forward and trim them just above your eyebrows.


    • Will a Short Wolf Cut Suit Me?

      If you’re wondering if a short wolf cut will suit you, the most important thing is, are you comfortable with short hair? If you don’t like short hairstyles, opt for a wolf cut long hairstyle. Wolf cuts can look good on every face shape; the only difference is where to add layers to add or subtract volume.

    • How to Style a Short Wolf Cut?

      Your BFF for styling a short wolf cut is pomade! Pomade is a greasy, waxy, water-based styling product used to style and hold hair. It’s perfect for playing with the textures of short wolf haircuts. Allow your hair to half air dry before blowdrying a short wolf cut, then use a palm-sized amount of pomade to do the rest.

    • Where Does the Wolf Cut Originate From?

      Inspired by the 1970s shag haircut and the 1980s mullet, the new wolf cut originated in Korea and Japan. While it’s debatable which country can hold the wolf cut title, many say that Korean K-Pop stars and fashion icons first made the haircut popular on social media.

    Channel Your Spirit Animal With a Short Wolf Cut

    Intelligent. Instinctual. Social. Go for a haircut that channels your spirit animal.

    The short wolf cut is the perfect layered hairstyle to change your appearance and show a new side of you.