19 Trending Silver Balayage Hair Styles to Shine Like a Diamond

Updated on December 28, 2023
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    19 Trending Silver Balayage Hair Styles to Shine Like a Diamond

    Who doesn’t have a soft spot for shiny things? Sparkling diamonds, polished jewelry, a big silver ring that makes us say, “I do?

    There’s something special about metallic shine that can easily win our hearts and our hair!

    Welcome to the revolution of the silver hair color. The metallic shades are all the rage! Whether it’s shiny copper balayage, shimmery rose gold, ashy platinum blonde, or vibrant chrome colors like pink and blue; the metallic shades put a futurist twist on modern hair colors.

    We can’t stop pinning this stunning silver balayage trend on our boards!

    Tracing back to Fashion Week in 2009, where smokey hair made its way down the runway for designers Giles Deacon, Proenza Schouler, and Rodarte, we now know where and why the silver and grey hair trend took off in the 2020s.

    Unlike regular foil highlights, balayage creates a blended look and weaves in color throughout the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair for a beautiful sun-kissed look.

    Silver balayage is popular because it:

    • Blends metallic highlights with the base color
    • Gives hair a sun-kissed chrome effect
    • Creates natural-looking silver highlights
    • Is bespoke on every client
    • Blends natural greys in a stylish way

    Silver Balayage vs Silver Highlights

    For decades, women have been dying their hair to cover up their greys or using foil highlights to blend their naturally silver roots in with their base color. Traditional foil highlights and balayage were used to add lighter colors to transition the appearance of the grey to the base color.

    With the increasingly popular silver hair trend, colorists use foil and balayage not to blend in the grey and silver hair but as the primary highlight colors.

    Silver balayage is a highlighting technique, as it colors select areas of the hair in grey, smokey and metallic tones.

    Silver balayage colors include:

    • Metallic silver
    • Grey
    • Ash
    • Smoke
    • Charcoal
    • Steel
    • Pewter

    Balayage is not the same as traditional highlights, and there are key differences in their application and results.

    The chart below compares silver balayage to silver highlights.

    Silver Balayage Silver Highlights
    • Natural or existing base color
    • Silver tones swept onto the mid-shaft to ends
    • Densley colored silver ends
    • Hand-painted
    • Natural or existing base color
    • Silver highlights from the roots to end
    • All over thin highlights
    • Applied with aluminum foil

    Silver balayage involves three main steps:

    1. Selecting the hair to apply balayage
    2. Hand-painting bleach highlights onto the selected hair
    3. Applying blonde hair color all over or hand-painting colored highlights to the bleached hair

    Enough talking, let’s see some pictures! We’ve combined 19 silver balayage hair ideas to make you shine in 2023!

    Grey Balayage

    Grey hair is no longer just for those of us who want to embrace age gracefully. In fact, grey hair is one of the hottest hair colors for 2023.

    People love the smoky, metallic tones of silvery grey hair and how they highlight your facial features. For a multidimensional, cosmic look, go for two-toned grey balayage like silver and charcoal.

    Silver Grey Balayage

    Silver Grey BalayageInstagram@pcxhairPIN

    While the terms silver and grey hair color after often used interchangeably, silver hair color is much more pigmented and shiny than grey. When you combine the two shades, you get a stunning multidimensional blend of pewter colors. Silver grey balayage is a mix of metallic steel, dusty charcoal, and icy blonde tones.

    Zohna Tip

    It's easy to get the wrong color when going for silver or grey balayage. Be sure to specify whether you want a vibrant silver with a lustrous shine or softer grey with muted tones.

    Ash Grey Balayage

    If you haven’t heard, ash balayage is one of the hottest hair trends for 2023. Ash blonde and ash brown balayage blend the best of both ash and natural hair colors, but the shade we love in particular is ash grey balayage.

    Regular ash hair is cool-toned with violet, blue and green undertones. It’s a blue-grey color that is considered a pigment that refers to hair’s character rather than how dark or light it is. Ash grey is a neutral shade of pewter with smokey tones. Rather than lean towards blonde or brown, it accentuates metallic steel hues.

    Blonde Grey Balayage

    Once upon a time, natural blondies would shed tears when their golden locks started to turn grey. Welcome to a new era of trendy grey hair!

    Blonde grey balayage is a blend of cool-toned blondes like platinum or ash, blended with silvery steel tones. Cool blonde colors compliment grey hair, but you can dare to be different and opt for a warm blonde grey balayage too.

    Platinum Silver Balayage

    Platinum hair aka platinum blonde, is the lightest shade of blonde on the hair level spectrum. It’s that classic ‘blonde bombshell’ hair color worn by many iconic women over the decades, like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Pamela Anderson.

    Platinum blonde is reduced to most of its color pigment while keeping a slightly pale blonde color, unlike bleach blonde hair, which is stripped of all color pigment. Platinum is a cool-toned blonde making it the perfect match for silver highlights. If you want an ultra-light two-toned icy hairstyle, go for platinum silver balayage.

    Black and Silver Balayage

    You can’t go wrong with black and silver balayage. Silver highlights complement black hair like metallic jewelry with a little black dress.

    Silver balayage on black hair is undoubtedly one of the most popular dark hair silver balayage trends. Silvery grey hues weave with jet black to create a bold, elegant, versatile appeal for every occasion.

    Brown Hair Grey Balayage

    Brunettes have it easy when it comes to highlights. There are many options for brown balayage, whether it’s icy blonde, caramel brown, or metallic silver.

    Try brown hair grey balayage if you want to embrace the elegance and poise of the silver hair trend. We recommend adding cool-toned brown colors like ash brown balayage into your hair to compliment the metallic and pewter tones of grey balayage.

    Light Grey Balayage

    Do you like soft, pale grey shades like pearl, ice, and platinum silver? If so, you’ll love light grey balayage. These powdery pastel shades of grey hair provide a multidimensional look to neutral-colored hair, from buttery blondes to espresso brown.

    Try out light grey balayage before you commit to the color; temporary hair wax like Volluck Hair Coloring Material in Silver Grey offers easy application and vibrant color for DIY light grey balayage at home.

    Dark Grey Balayage

    Come on over to the dark side of silver balayage. Some of us suit those deep pewter tones. Dark grey balayage blends metallic silver, charcoal, and steel colors in multidimensional highlights. It’s a stunning idea for silver balayage on dark hair.

    Grey Balayage Short Hair

    What’s not to love about balayage highlights? They give a multidimensional look to all hairstyles and lengths. People with pixie cuts, bobs, and choppy layers love grey balayage short hair. It’s perfect for those embracing age naturally and people who like the look of silver fox hair.

    Blonde Silver Balayage


    Blondies just tend to look good in silver! Did you know that people with naturally fair skin and features have cool complexions and suit silver jewelry over gold?

    While silver complements every hair color, we love the chemistry of blonde silver balayage. Buttery blondes look good with soft metallic tones, whereas ash blondes look stunning with charcoal grey.

    Silver Balayage Straight Hair

    Time to straighten out your perfect silver balayage. If you like to wear sleek, flat-ironed hair, you’ll love the look of silver balayage straight hair. Loose wavy strands undoubtedly accentuate silver balayage highlights, but the hand-painted technique looks stunning on straight hairstyles.

    Silver Balayage Curly Hair

    Baby, you’re a firework!

    Silver spirals are a call for celebration. They remind us of fireworks or silver streamers. We adore silver balayage curly hair; the metallic tones accentuate spirals for show-stopping luminous hair!

    Grey Balayage Ombre

    Balayage or ombre? That seems to be the question keeping us up at night before our appointment at the hair salon. While the choice between hand-painted balayage highlights or a gradient ombre transition between colors may or may not be difficult, we can combine them!

    Grey balayage ombre transitions dark greys like charcoal into pale silvery shades like platinum while layering hand-painted grey balayage highlights for an ultra-blended effect. This technique is perfect for those embracing age gracefully who want an intentional look to their grey hair.

    Lavender Grey Balayage

    Lavender Grey BalayageInstagram@chris0712PIN

    Lavender hair color is blowing up the social feeds in 2023! People love the pearly pastel shade of light purple and how it compliments all shades of hair, from light blonde to jet black and even grey.

    For a smokey purple-silver hybrid that will get compliments, go for lavender grey balayage. Add a few lavender money pieces for a softer take on the classic egirl hair.

    Brunette Silver Balayage

    Brunettes can pull it all off; elegant and sophisticated, cute and casual, whimsical and fun. Regarding balayage highlights, no color won’t work with brown hair.

    Brunette silver balayage is one of our favorites because there are so many variations. Caramel browns go with dusty metallic silver and gold, whereas ash brown pairs nicely with platinum silver.

    Smokey Grey Balayage

    This look is smokin’ hot!

    Smokey hair color is a fusion of saturated grey and blue underfunded. It’s a much more muted grey, unlike vibrant shades such as gunmetal silver or steel. We love smokey grey balayage for its subtle way of swooping soft and dusty greys into the base color.

    For DIY smokey grey balayage at home, we recommend L’Oreal Paris Feria in Smokey Silver.

    Charcoal Balayage

    We love silver balayage because there’s a shade suited for everyone. You’re perfect for charcoal balayage if your personality is dark and mysterious.

    Charcoal hair color is equal parts silver and black, with subtle blue undertones. It’s the perfect silver balayage to blend subtle pewter tones into black or deep-colored hair.

    Silver Rose Balayage

    If you love pink and red balayage colors like rose gold and strawberry blonde hair, you’ll be happy to know there’s a silver balayage just for you!

    Silver rose balayage is a rare yet beautiful blend of metallic silver and rose gold hair color. It blends pearly whites and pale silver tones with rosy pink balayage highlights. You can go for a full silver rose balayage or ask your colorist to blend silver and tones balayage into cool-toned neutral hair like ash brown or blonde.


    • How to Tone the Blue Out of Grey Balayage?

      Like blonde balayage tends to turn brassy, the blue and green undertones become more visible when silver and grey balayage start to fade. Use a pastel orange or red shampoo to tone the blue out of the grey balayage. You may add a few drops of orange food coloring to your regular conditioner.

    • How to Keep Up With Silver Balayage?

      According to experts at John Freida, there are several things you can do to keep up with silver balayage:

      • Use a color-correcting shampoo: purple for brassy tones or orange for blue tones
      • Apply heat protection spray before using hot styling tools
      • Deep-condition your hair once a week
      • Use an anti-brass conditioner
      • Shampoo hair every other day
      • Apply a silver-grey toner once a week
    • What is the Best Shampoo for Grey Balayage?

      Experts at L’oreal recommend Matrix So Silver Shampoo and Color Obsessed Conditioner. Shampoo and conditioners designed for silver and grey hair will help maintain color vibrancy and keep hair from turning unwanted colors. Use an anti-brass conditioner if you engage in sun exposure or swimming activities, where your hair is more likely to turn brassy.

    • How Much Does it Cost?

      The price of silver balayage varies depending on several factors:

      • Type of salon (luxury, boutique, standard)
      • Location
      • Hair length
      • Number of treatments required
      • Partial or full balayage

      According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the average price of a balayage service in the USA is $175 in suburban areas and $250 in cities. Silver balayage is more expensive than foil silver highlights due to the time-consuming hand-painting process.

    Shine Bright Like a Diamond With Silver Balayage

    It’s natural to have a soft spot for shiny things. Sparkling diamonds, polished jewelry, or a big silver ring that makes us say “I do!” can melt our hearts.

    If you’re intrigued by and attracted to metallic shine in your tresses, step into the revolution of silver hair. Metallic shades and silver balayage are the hottest trends of 2023!