37 Best Updos for Short Hair + How To Do

Updated on February 24, 2024
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    37 Best Updos for Short Hair + How To Do

    If you have short hair and you hear the word updos, you probably shy away or completely zone out. But, we urge you now to start listening because contrary to popular belief, people with short hair can also do updos! Before you get too excited, we want to go through a rundown of all your updo hairstyle options. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all the different updos for short hair.

    How To Do an Updo with Short Hair

    Let’s start off with the basics – how to create fabulous updos with your short tresses. Don’t let the length limit your creativity. Before we get into the tutorial, we’ll let you in on a little secret – the key to a successful updo lies in strategic pins, braids, and twists.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Texturizing spray or mousse
    2. Comb or teasing brush
    3. Hair tie
    4. Bobby pins
    5. Hairspray

    Step #1

    Start with clean and dry hair. If your hair is too slippery, you can add some texturizing spray or mousse to give it a grip.

    Step #2

    Take a section of hair from the crown of your head. This will be the top part of your updo.

    Step #3

    Use a comb or teasing brush to gently tease the hair at the crown. This adds volume to the updo.

    Step #4

    Gather the teased hair into a small ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. This will be the base of your updo.

    Step #5

    Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the hairband to create a small bun.

    Step #6

    Use bobby pins to secure the twisted bun in place. Make sure to hide the ends of the hair under the bun.

    Step #7

    Style the front section of your hair as desired. You can leave it down for a more relaxed look or pin it back for a neater appearance.

    Step #8

    Secure any loose strands with bobby pins and adjust the shape of the bun until you’re satisfied with the overall look.

    Step #9

    Finish the updo by spraying a light-hold hairspray to set the style in place.

    Short Hair Updos Easy Look

    No time to fuss over elaborate hairstyles? Fear not, because easy updos are here to save the day! A messy waterfall braid is the epitome of effortlessness when it comes to short hair updos. Simply gather your locks at the side of the head and braid it around the back towards the other side of the head. It may sound complicated, but it’s really not because the messier the braid, the better.

    Short Hair Updos For Wedding

    If you’re a bride or a wedding guest with short hair, you might be wondering if a wedding updo is even possible. Well, wonder no more! Our favorite wedding updo is actually a low bun. Simply create a low bun at the nape of your neck using bobby pins and hair ties. Consider accessorizing to add some more glamor to your special day.

    There are a few other wedding updos for short hair you can try, such as:

    1. Twisted Bun
    2. Faux Hawk Updo
    3. Low Chignon

    Messy Updo For Short Hair

    Effortlessly undone looks are all the rage these days, take our word for it, and short hair is no exception. Tackle the messy updo trend by intentionally tousling your locks.

    The best products to help create that messy look without actually having dirty hair are:

    Zohna Tip

    Messy hair looks are always better on dirty hair. So if you want to go for a messy hairstyle, try doing it on day three of four hair.

    Short Locs Updo Styles

    Calling all locs lovers! Who says you can’t rock a breathtaking updo with short dreadlocks? Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories like beads and hair jewelry to further elevate your updo. With short locs updo styles, you can confidently celebrate your natural hair.

    Short Curly Hair Updos

    Curly hair is often associated with voluminous down hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock an updo with your luscious curls! Learn to love your natural texture and create stunning updos that highlight your curls’ beauty. Our favorite look for short curly hair updos is a low twisted bun with a face-framing bang hanging down.

    If you don’t have naturally curly hair, there are ways you can temporarily change that. Check out the table below to learn more.

    Ways To Get Short Curly Hair Updos Description
    Curling Iron Use a curling iron to create defined curls. Choose the barrel size based on the desired curl type – smaller barrels for tighter curls and larger barrels for loose waves.
    Flat Iron Waves Use a flat iron to create waves by twisting small sections of hair around the iron. This method produces beachy waves or loose curls.
    Hot Rollers Apply hot rollers to dry hair and allow them to set. This classic method can create voluminous curls with lasting results.
    Curling Wand A curling wand is similar to a curling iron but without a clamp. It’s versatile for creating various curl sizes and textures.

    If none of those sounded good to you, there are no-heat methods you can also try, such as:

    1. Twist Braids
    2. Bantu Knots
    3. Flexi Rods
    4. Straw Curls
    5. Sock Bun Curls
    6. Pin Curls

    Or there are other ways if none of those sound good either, and these ones are over night:

    • Sleep in Braids
    • Pineapple Technique

    Casual Short Hair Updos

    If you are one of those people who need to have their hair up for most of the day, this casual short hair updo will hopefully be your new go to. All it is is a low-side bun. It adds volume at the back of the head and allows you to play around with face-framing pieces in the front if that’s your thing. If not, just simply bobby-pin them back, hiding them in the volume at the back of your head.

    If you are curious about adding volume to your updos, we have a few tricks for you to try that might be able to help. Check out the chart below to learn more.

    How To Add Volume to Updos For Short Hair Description
    Crimp the roots The usual go for adding volume is cripping, but that can be hard on your strands. Instead, use a crimping iron at the base of your strands for some added volume and texture. Start by crimping the hair from the roots to about four inches down and that should do the trick.
    Use buildable products Going for lightweight products that you can build with helps to get just the right amount of product for your hair type and weight. Some products can be too heavy, but this way you can customize it to your own needs.
    Curl the entire head Even though you might be putting your hair up, curling it will help to give it volume and body even when it’s tied up.

    Short Sisterlocks Updo Styles

    If you’ve tried the beauty of sisterlocks, you know how versatile this hairstyle can be. While typically worn down, sisterlocks can also be styled into stunning updos. The intricate patterns and unique texture of your sisterlocks create updos that showcase their good looks.

    Half Updo For Short Hair

    Want the best of both worlds? A half updo for short hair is the perfect compromise. You can achieve this look by leaving the bottom half of your hair down and styling the top half into an updo. Our favorite way to incorporate the top half’s updo is a braid. It’s easy to do but still looks intricate and intriguing.

    There are a few different braiding choices we think you should play around with for this half updo for short hair look, such as:

    Simple Updos For Short Hair

    We all never have as much time as we want in the mornings to get ready… Waking up is hard! But, we wanted to show you this simple updos for a short hair look that will be great for getting the hair up and away from the face during those short get-ready times in the morning. A simple low ponytail with hair braided in front of the elastic band to hide it is perfect and ideal for a quick look that is still stunning.

    Updos For Short Bobbed Hair

    If you have short hair, you know how annoying it can be when you put your hair up, but the front pieces keep falling into your face. Well, this little half up half down look is perfect for that. You can still have most of your hair down and flowing, but simply tying the top half up and into a bun on the crown of the head can help keep those pesky face-framing pieces out of your face.

    Zohna Tip

    Since you are a bit limited with a bob in terms of hairstyles, our favorite way to elevate things is to add fun hair accessories.

    Updos For Short Thin Hair

    If you struggle with thin hair, this updo might be your saving grace. Tying the hair back at the nape of the neck and securing it with a fun accessory is a great way to boost confidence in your hair. Updos for short, thin hair can add volume and texture to your locks, creating the illusion of fuller hair.

    Formal Updos For Short Hair

    When it comes to formal occasions, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style just because you have short hair. Formal updos for short hair can be really elegant and beautiful, just like you. We love the look of braiding your hair behind and around your head. It adds dimension and will definitely catch you some attention.

    Updos For Short Layered Hair

    Layered hair adds movement and dimension to any hairstyle, including updos. Updos for short layered hair is a great way to create visually stunning looks by highlighting your layers. These updos beautifully showcase your hair’s natural texture and shape, from a twisted chignon to an elegantly pinned half-up style.

    Short Hair Braids Updo

    The half-up, half-down hairstyle is very common. But if you want to make it a bit more interesting, we have a tip! Try going for the half up half down look, but braid the top layer of hair instead of just tying a bun or ponytail.

    Short Fine Hair Updos

    Don’t let fine hair hold you back from rocking amazing updos. Updos for short fine hair can add volume and dimension, creating the illusion of thicker and fuller locks. Consider teasing your hair at the crown and creating a voluminous updo that will instantly give you a boost in confidence in your hair.

    Alternatively, play around with texture and curls to create a visually stunning updo that enhances your fine hair’s natural beauty.

    DIY Updo For Short Hair

    Who doesn’t love a good do-it-yourself project? DIY updos for short hair allow you to get creative with your hairstyles without breaking the bank. A great way to get started on your DIY updo journey is to try and recreate one of the beautiful styles we’ve shared with you so far.

    Short Hair Updos For Black Hair

    Short Hair Updos For Black HairInstagram@tach.jPIN

    If you have black hair, you know how stunningly beautiful it can be. One of our favorite ways to show off the beauty of dark locs is an updo. We suggest tying your hair into a bun at the crown of your head and pulling out the front framing pieces to accentuate your beautiful features. Beware that if you have short hair, doing a bun on the crown of the head will result in hair falling out at the nape of the neck. This is where black bobby pins will be your best friend.

    Partial Updos For Short Hair

    Sometimes you want your hair up, but you also want it down. Well, the partial updos for short hair is going to be your best friend for your indecisive people. That is because you only use a small fraction of your hair to create a braid wrapping around your head while leaving the rest of your beautiful locs down and flowing.

    Easy Summer Updo For Short Hair

    During the scorching summer months, having your hair off your face and neck is a refreshingly cool option. Easy summer updos for short hair can save the day. We suggest a simple and easy bun to keep you looking cute but also keep you cool. You can use a regular hair tie or have fun with it and go for a colorful scrunchie.

    Twisted Updos For Short Hair

    Twist your strands inward for this stunning twisted updos for short hair. We love the look of a braid updo so large it looks like your hair is turning inwards. Twisted updos are a fantastic way to add texture and dimension to your short hair.

    Fancy Updo For Short Hair

    Do it all with this fancy updo for short hair, Go for a wispy bun and a braid to show off your stunning strands. Don’t forget to pull out some of the face-framing layers to help accentuate your beauty. For a look like this, you are going to want to invest in some sturdy bobby pins.

    Very Short Hair Updos

    Think you can’t create an updo with very short hair? Think again! Pixie-cut updos are all the rage right now, and for good reason. One trendy option is the twisted crown updo. Take small sections of hair near your hairline, twist them away from your face, and secure them with bobby pins at the back of your head. This gives the illusion of a crown.

    Low Updo For Short Hair

    One of the most common updos for short hair has to be a low updo. This entails a small bun at the nape of the neck. If you have enough hair, we suggest doing a twisted bun for a visually striking effect that’ll make your friends jealous.

    Zohna Tip

    We wanna let you in on a little secret - with short hair, the low updos work best as you'll need fewer bobby pins.

    Prom Updo For Short Hair

    Prom Updo For Short HairInstagram@kellgracePIN

    When we think of prom, we automatically think of an updo. Therefore, we highly suggest going for an updo for your special day. Our favorite updos are the ones that are visually intriguing, and for us, this double braid is certainly that.

    Updo For Short Thick Hair

    Sometimes, if your hair is too thick, it can be hard to imagine an updo working for you. But, we’re here to tell you, your updo prayers have been answered. We love this messy updo look for thick hair. It takes lots of bobby pins, creative vision, and lots of hairspray.

    Short Dread Updo Style

    If you like the look of having your hair braided but also loose – we suggest this short dread updo style. It consists of braiding around the scalp but leaving your natural hair free at the top in a little bun. It’s fun and creative, plus it works well as a protective hairstyle.

    Updos For Short Straight Hair

    Straight hair can sometimes feel a bit flat, but with the right updo, you can add volume and texture to your look. One sleek and stylish option is the twisted side updo. Take small sections of hair from one side of your head and braid them towards the back. Secure with bobby pins, then give your hair a tousled look by gently pulling on the braid.

    Short Hair Bun Updos

    There’s no denying the appeal of a classic bun. While it may seem difficult to achieve with short hair, there are plenty of bun updos that work beautifully for shorter locks. One option is the knot bun. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it into a tight bun. This creates an effortless look we’re sure you’ll be repeating time and time again.

    Everyday Updo For Short Hair

    Want to switch up your everyday look? An everyday updo for short hair is just what you need. One simple option is the tousled updo. Start by applying texturizing spray to your hair, then loosely gather it into a low bun. Allow a few loose strands to fall naturally to create a relaxed, effortless look. This updo is perfect for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends.

    French Twist Updo Short Hair

    The French twist is typically associated with longer hair, but it can be adapted for short hair as well. Start by teasing the crown of your head to create volume, then gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Twist it upwards, securing it with bobby pins as you go. This creates an intruding yet relaxed look.

    Flat Twist Updo Short Hair

    Flat twists are a great way to create a unique updo for short hair. One option is the flat twist nape updo. Start by parting your hair down the middle, then create two flat twists on each side. Bring the twists to the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins, creating a crown-like effect. Make sure to pull some strands out so that they fall down around the face.

    Vintage Updo For Short Hair

    Channel your inner retro diva with a vintage-inspired updo for short hair. One classic option is the pin curl updo. Start by creating pin curls all over your head, then brush them out to create soft waves. Gather your hair around the crown of your head, securing it with bobby pins. This vintage-inspired updo is perfect for themed parties or when you want to add a touch of old Hollywood glamor to your look.

    Romantic Updo For Short Hair

    Add a little romance to your hair with this stunning romantic updo for short hair. Our favorite dreamy option is a low bun secured with fake flowers. We suggest you curl your whole head to give you a wispy look to match the vibes of the flowers.

    Side Updo For Short Hair

    Pull it all to the side! If you want to add a touch of glamor to your short hair, a side updo is a fantastic option. One elegant option is the side-swept updo. Sweep all your hair to one side and twist it into a low bun. Secure with bobby pins, allowing a few loose strands to frame your face. This style looks complicated, but it’s anything but; give it a try; you’ll be surprised at how easy it was to achieve.

    Two Strand Twist Updo On Short Hair

    If you are into protective hairstyles, this is the one for you. Add cornrows to your hair, making thick twisted braids. Ensure you leave some that hang down around the face. This won’t only protect your hair, but it will give you a visually striking look.

    Faux Hawk Updo Short Hair

    A Faux hawk updo might sound funny, but it looks anything but. Doing your hair up in the basic structure of what a mohawk would look like is actually a great way to incorporate an updo style that adds volume and visual intrigue. It’s easy to do with bobby pins and looks great with added accessories like pearls or gems.


    • Can I Create An Updo With Short Hair?

      Absolutely! There are plenty of updo options for short hair. From twisted updos to sleek buns, you can achieve a variety of stunning styles with shorter locks.

    • How Do I Keep My Updo In Place?

      Use plenty of bobby pins and hairspray to keep your updo in place. Bobby pins will help secure your hair, while hairspray will provide extra hold and keep everything in place throughout the day or night.

    • Can I Add Accessories To My Updo?

      Absolutely! Adding accessories like decorative bobby pins, headbands, or flowers can take your updo to the next level. Experiment with different accessories to find the perfect finishing touch for your updo.

    Final Thoughts

    You made it to the end. How do you feel? Do you feel like you have so much more room to play around with your short hair? Cause we sure do! Hopefully, there was something here that struck you and you are inspired to play around with all the different types of updos for short hair that you can try.