39 Trending Wavy Hair Men Styles + How to Style

Updated on March 12, 2024
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    Wavy Hair MenPIN

    39 Trending Wavy Hair Men Styles + How to Style

    If you’ve got the motion of the ocean in your mane, this article is for you! We love the look of wavy hair on men and want to help any of those wavy-haired men out there learn the best ways to enhance and embrace their twirls and swirls. Follow us on a journey through all things wavy hair so you can embrace your luscious waves.

    Considerations For Men With Wavy Hair

    Before we dive into the exciting world of wavy hair styling, let’s first explore some important considerations that men with wavy hair should keep in mind, such as those listed in the chart below.

    Considerations For Men With Wavy Hair Description
    Understanding your hair type is crucial While wavy hair falls somewhere between straight and curly, it can lean more towards one end of the spectrum. This means that certain products and techniques might work better for you compared to others.
    It’s essential to pay attention to the length of your hair Wavy hair tends to behave differently at various lengths. What works for long wavy hair may not be suitable for short wavy hair, and vice versa. Longer wavy hair can allow for more versatility in styling, with options like beachy waves or loose curls. On the other hand, shorter wavy hair can be styled in a more structured and defined way, creating a polished and sophisticated look.
    Take into account your face shape Different hairstyles can complement different face shapes, so it’s worth considering this aspect when choosing your wavy hair look. For example, if you have a square face shape, you may want to opt for a style that adds softness and roundness to balance out the angles. On the other hand, if you have a round face shape, you may want to choose a style that adds height and length to create a more elongated appearance.

    By considering these factors – your hair type, length, thickness, and face shape – you can make informed decisions when styling your wavy hair.

    Wavy Vs Curly Hair Men

    Let’s take a moment to differentiate between wavy and curly hair for men. While they may seem similar, wavy and curly hair have distinct characteristics. Wavy hair typically has loose, gentle waves flowing naturally, whereas curly hair forms tight, spring-like curls. Understanding these differences can help you tailor your styling techniques and product choices to achieve your desired look.

    The gentle waves create movement and volume, giving the hair a lively and dynamic look. Many men with wavy hair find that it is versatile and easy to style, allowing them to experiment with different looks.

    On the other hand, curly hair is known for being bold and expressive. The tight curls create an intriguing texture. Curly hair often has a lot of volume and can be prone to frizz, requiring special care and styling techniques. However, when properly maintained, curly hair can be incredibly attractive and exude confidence.

    How To Get Wavy Hair Men

    If you were not blessed with naturally wavy hair but craved those dreamy waves, Zohna is here to help! There are several ways to achieve wavy hair for men, but we have listed one of our favorites below.

    What you’ll need:

    1. Good-quality shampoo and conditioner
    2. Towel
    3. Sea salt spray or texturizing mousse
    4. Wide-tooth comb
    5. Hair ties
    6. Hair spray

    Step #1

    Wash your hair using a good-quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure it’s clean and free from excess oils.

    Step #2

    Gently towel-dry your hair to remove excess water. Avoid vigorous rubbing to prevent frizz.

    Step #3

    Use a styling product designed for creating waves, such as a sea salt spray or texturizing mousse. Apply it evenly through damp hair.

    Step #4

    Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product and detangle your hair. This helps the waves form more naturally.

    Step #5

    Divide your hair into sections and twist them. The smaller the sections, the tighter the waves. Secure the ends with hair ties.

    Step #6

    Allow your hair to air-dry for a more natural look, or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to speed up the process while maintaining the wave pattern.

    Step #7

    Once your hair is almost dry, scrunch it gently with your hands. This adds texture and enhances the wave pattern.

    Step #8

    This step is optional but if you want more defined waves, use a large-barrel curling iron on low heat to touch up specific sections. Wrap the hair around the iron without clamping it.

    Step #9

    Lock in the waves with a light-hold hairspray. Hold the spray about 12 inches away from your head for an even application.

    How To Style Wavy Hair Men

    When it comes to styling wavy hair for men, it’s all about embracing the texture and movement. We have a quick tutorial with some tips for our wavy-haired men out there to help ensure you get the most out of your strands.

    Step #1

    Opt for a haircut that compliments your waves. Popular choices include textured crops, messy quiffs, or longer layered styles.

    Step #2

    Apply a styling product that enhances your waves. Sea salt sprays, texturizing mousses, or light-hold gels can help define and hold the waves.

    Step #3

    Work the styling product through damp (not soaking wet) hair for better absorption and distribution.

    Step #4

    Enhance the natural wave pattern by scrunching your hair with your hands or twirling individual sections around your fingers. This adds texture and definition.

    Step #5

    Allow your hair to air-dry for a more natural look. Alternatively, use a diffuser attachment on a hair dryer to speed up the drying process while maintaining the waves.

    Step #6

    Wavy hair tends to frizz when over-brushed. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle and style, avoiding excessive brushing.

    Step #7

    Depending on your haircut, experiment with parting your hair. A side part or a slightly messy part can add dimension to wavy styles. Embrace the natural messiness of wavy hair. Run your fingers through your hair to create a tousled, effortless look.

    Step #8

    Steer clear of heavy styling products that may weigh down your waves. Opt for lightweight options to maintain movement and volume.

    Wavy Long Hair Men

    If you are into long hair, look for men, good on ya. We love seeing men with unconventional looks. Plus, you can never go wrong with beautiful long locs, girl or guy. To keep your long wavy hair looking its best, regular trims are essential to prevent split ends. Additionally, invest in a quality conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and reduce frizz. Plus, the best part about long hair is all the different styles you can try.

    Wavy Curly Hair Men

    The best of both worlds – curly and wavy! The key is to strike a balance between taming the curls and embracing the waves. Use a leave-in conditioner or curl cream to hydrate and define your curls without weighing them down. A diffuser attachment on your hairdryer can also be a game-changer, as it helps disperse the airflow and minimizes frizz.

    Medium Length Wavy Hair Men

    The medium-length hair has become super popular among men in recent years, and if you are one of the guys that hopped on the trend, you are going to like this look. The medium-length wavy hair men’s style is perfect for adding texture and intrigue to your mane.

    You have a few options for styling this look, such as:

    1. Applying a small amount of texturizing spray or mousse to damp hair and scrunching it with your fingers.
    2. Another option is the slicked-back look, which adds a touch of sophistication. Use a lightweight pomade or wax to comb your medium-length wavy hair back for a slick appearance.

    Wavy Hair Fade

    We all know that wavy and curly hair can oftentimes have a mind of its own. But, there are ways you can keep things at bay, such as the wavy hair fade. By fading out the sides, you can help to tame the mane and keep things looking a bit more fresh and crisp.

    You have three options when it comes to fades, such as:

    Messy Wavy Hair Male

    Hair (and life) are oftentimes plain old messy. So, why not lean into that instead of constantly trying to combat it by going for this messy wavy-haired male style? Using a matte paste or clay to add texture and tousle your hair with your fingers, will instantly give you a messy look that’s so effortless you won’t even really consider it “styling your hair.”

    Wavy Hair Perm Men

    Since men don’t always know that much about hair or beauty, we figured you likely don’t know what a perm is. But, don’t stress, Zohna is here to hold your hand and explain it to you. A perm is a chemical treatment that creates long-lasting curls or waves in your hair. Consult with a professional hair stylist to determine the best type of perm for your wavy hair, as different techniques can create different results. Keep in mind that perms require regular maintenance and special care to keep your hair healthy and the waves intact, but it’s definitely worth it.

    If the idea of a perm is really interesting to you, you might want to know about the pros and cons. So, here is a little table laying that out for you, take a peek!

    Pros Of A Wavy Hair Perm For Men Cons Of A Wavy Hair Perm For Men
    • Texture and Volume
    • Low Maintenance
    • Versatility
    • Long-Lasting Style
    • Modern Styles
    • Chemical Damage
    • Maintenance and Upkeep
    • Time-Consuming Process
    • Initial Smell
    • Risk of Over Processing
    • Style Commitment

    Burst Fade Wavy Hair

    Burst Fade Wavy HairInstagram@chilljoshPIN

    The burst fade is a haircut that blends seamlessly with wavy hair. This edgy hairstyle features a taper fade that starts low on the sides and gradually fades into longer wavy hair on top. The burst fade is great at highlighting the texture and movement of your waves if that’s what you are into.

    Wavy Hair Middle Part Male

    Wavy Hair Middle Part MaleInstagram@raycexPIN

    If you like your face, you’ll like this look. The middle part draws attention to your facial features and creates a balanced and symmetrical appearance. To style your wavy hair with a middle part, use a wide-tooth comb to create a clean and precise parting. Apply a lightweight styling cream to add moisture and control any frizz. Yes, it’s that easy!

    Wavy Slick Back Hair

    Sometimes, the thought of having hair in your face can be sensory overload. But we’re here to ask the real hard-hitting questions – have you ever thought of slicking your hair back? To avoid sensory overload and strands poking you in the eyes, the wavy slick back hair is here for you. Simply apply a strong-hold pomade or gel to your damp hair and comb it back with a fine-tooth comb.

    Short Wavy Hair Men

    Short hair doesn’t mean sacrificing style when you have wavy hair. Keep the sides and back of your hair short for a neat appearance while leaving some length on top to showcase your waves. Style your short wavy hair with a matte paste or wax for texture and hold. A quiff or a textured crop are excellent short hairstyles that work particularly well with wavy hair; just saying.

    Zohna Tip

    If you want to maintain and up keep your short hair we recommend a trim every three to six weeks.

    Thick Wavy Hair Men

    If you’re blessed with thick wavy hair, consider yourself lucky. Thick wavy hair adds volume and dimension to any hairstyle. However, managing thick wavy hair can be a challenge. Opt for layered haircuts to reduce bulkiness and enhance the natural movement of your waves. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner or curl cream to keep your thick wavy hair hydrated and manageable. With the right care and styling, your thick waves will become your best asset.

    Drop Fade Wavy Hair

    Drop off the deep end with the drop fade wavy hair. Just kidding, with this hairstyle, you’ll be far from rock bottom. The drop fade creates a smooth yet blunt transition from the longer wavy hair on top to the shorter hair on the sides and back. The fade can start at various heights, creating different effects.

    Wavy Hair Mullet Male

    You might be thinking, “wavy hair and a mullet, that seems crazy!” But actually wavy hair works best with a mullet aaas it helps to give it a bit more body and shape. For wavy hair, this allows the waves to cascade down the back, creating an eye-catching look. Style your wavy hair with a lightweight styling product to enhance the texture and ensure the waves flow naturally.

    Asian Wavy Hair Male

    Asian wavy hair is characterized by its thickness. This hair type is perfect for creating voluminous and textured hairstyles. Embrace your Asian wavy hair by opting for a shaggy layered cut. This style adds movement and dimension to your waves.

    Wavy Comb Over

    Yes, you read that right… comb over, it’s making a comeback! The wavy comb over is a classic and dare we say, trendy hairstyle. Combining the clean side part and the wavy texture creates a refined and distinguished appearance. To achieve the wavy comb over, apply a medium-hold pomade or gel to your damp hair and comb it back and to the side.

    Wavy Black Hair Male

    Black wavy hair is always a sight for sore eyes. To accentuate the waves in your black hair, opt for a short or medium-length cut that showcases your natural texture. Use a hydrating curl cream or leave-in conditioner specifically designed for black hair to keep your waves moisturized and minimize frizz.

    Wavy Mohawk

    The wavy mohawk is a perfect blend of edgy and stylish. By shaving the sides of your head and leaving a strip of wavy hair on top, you’ll create a bold and daring look that will for sure have people intrigued by not only your hair but by you.

    Zohna Tip

    Make sure you match up your hair type to your gel products for styling. For example, if you have thicker hair you'll want a heavier hold gel as opposed to a light weight gel.

    Wolf Cut Men Wavy Hair

    Wolf Cut Men Wavy HairInstagram@d2m_hairPIN

    If you’re hunting for a carefree vibe, the wolf cut is the perfect choice. This tousled and disheveled hairstyle gives off an effortlessly cool mood that screams, “I woke up like this.” Just like a wolf’s fur, the wolf cut is all about embracing the natural texture and movement of your hair. It’s all about blunt edges and fringe.

    Blonde Wavy Hair Male

    Blonde Wavy Hair MaleInstagram@gregmaniaPIN

    Who said blondes have more fun? Well, they might be onto something. If you’re blessed with wavy hair and are looking to switch up your style, going blonde might be the answer. Whether you opt for a full head of blonde locks or subtle highlights, your wavy hair will be transformed into a sun-kissed masterpiece.

    Zohna Tip

    It might sound girly, but grow up and use a hair mask once a week if you are color-treating your hair. It will help restore the lost moisture from dying it.

    Korean Wavy Hair Male

    Inspired by K-pop stars and Korean actors, this hairstyle is all about embracing your natural waves and enhancing them to create a soft look. One popular Korean wavy hairstyle is the curtain bangs paired with tousled waves.

    Wavy Fluffy Hair Men

    Wavy Fluffy Hair MenInstagram@_.sam.sPIN

    For those blessed with thick, voluminous wavy hair, the wavy fluffy hair look is a match made in heaven. This hairstyle celebrates the natural texture and body of your hair, giving you a full and luscious appearance. The key to rocking this hairstyle is embracing the volume and texture. Avoid heavy styling products that weigh your hair down and instead opt for lightweight mousses or sea salt sprays that enhance your natural waves.

    Layered Wavy Hair Men

    Adding layers to your waves is a great way to really lean into the beauty of your natural texture. Layers will add movement and dimension to your wavy hair. By incorporating layers into your haircut, you’ll create a sense of depth and texture that will take your hairstyle to a whole new level.

    Fine Wavy Hair Men

    Think your fine wavy hair is limiting your hairstyle options? Think again! With the right haircut and styling techniques, you can transform your fine wavy hair. Opt for a shorter hairstyle with textured layers to add volume and movement to your hair. By choosing a more structured look, you can create the illusion of thicker hair and enhance your natural waves.

    Zohna Tip

    If you have thin hair, don't be afraid to use volumizing hair products. Our favorite is volumizing mousse which is activated when you use it on wet hair that you blow dry. Blow drying isn't just for the ladies, gentlemen.

    Wavy Brown Hair Male

    Brown hair may be the most common hair color, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! If you’re rocking wavy brown hair, you have the perfect canvas to experiment with different styles and looks. You can try a bedhead look or something slicked back.

    Undercut Wavy Hair Male

    By shaving the sides and back of your head and leaving the length on top, you’ll create an interesting contrast. From pompadours to quiffs, the undercut wavy hairstyle can be styled in countless ways. This look is all about clean and bold edges.

    Skin Fade Wavy Hair

    Is low maintenance something you strive for in your hair goals? Well, look no further because your goals are soon to be achieved. The skin fade wavy hair is the perfect carefree and low-maintenance hairstyle. This haircut involves gradually fading the hair from the sides and back, creating a smooth and seamless transition.

    Slightly Wavy Hair Male