15 Beautiful Wolf Cut Long Hair Ideas to Make You Howl

Updated on January 31, 2024
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    Wolf cut long hairPIN

    15 Beautiful Wolf Cut Long Hair Ideas to Make You Howl

    Cut my hair? Let me mullet over.

    We’ve undoubtedly heard our fair share of digs at mullets and shags since we were old enough to tease Mum and Dad in their old prom pictures. Or maybe when we saw a photo of Grandma and Grandpa’s unrecognizable 70s flower-power hair.

    But as we know from tights, shoulder tops, leg warmers, bright eyeshadow, fashion, and beauty trends, they come back around.

    Say hello to the wolf cut long hair. It’s a shag-mullet hybrid combining the best of both haircuts. Wolf cuts have become so trendy on social media over the last couple of years they’re their own brand-new look.

    What Is a Long Hair Wolf Cut?

    Simply put, a long hair wolf cut is a fusion between the iconic 1970s shag haircut, and the “business at the front, party at the back” 1980s mullet. It’s a laidback, playful cut that’s low-maintenance and easy to style.

    The chart below compares a long shag haircut vs a long mullet.

    Long Shag Long Mullet
    • Born in the 1970s with a comeback in the 1980s
    • Multiple choppy layers
    • Visible layer at the occipital bone
    • All-over volume
    • Below shoulder-length
    • Born in the 1980s and popular until the early 1990s
    • Shorter layers on top
    • Cascading layers at the back
    • Volume at the crown
    • Short front, mid-back length at the back

    The five key characteristics of a wolf cut long hair are:

    1. Laidback hairstyle
    2. Short layers on top
    3. Choppy layers on the sides
    4. Long layers at the back
    5. Volume at the crown

    Wolf cut long hairstyles are perfect for those with long hair looking to reduce some of the bulk and add choppy layers throughout their hair. Long hair wolf cuts create a drastic change to long hair, as they significantly shorten the front and sides of the hair.

    Wolf cut long hair is trendy because they are:

    • Laid back short hairstyles
    • Low maintenance
    • Suitable for most face shapes
    • A way to add volume to hair
    • Popular on social media

    Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Doja Cat have proudly been rocking their long wolf cut hair.

    If you’re convinced that the long shag-mullet hybrid is a trend you must try, then check out these 15 wolf cut long hair ideas.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair Tutorial

    One may argue that one of the positive things to come from the pandemic and lockdowns was our confidence to follow DIY tutorials, including cutting our hair at home!

    What we love about the long hair wolf cut is that it’s intentionally shaggy and slightly messy; therefore, you don’t need to be perfect when you bring out your sheers!

    You can do all kinds of wolf cut tutorials at home, such as:

    For our example, we will show you how to do a wolf cut long hair with curtain bangs at home.

    You only need haircutting scissors, a hair brush, a tail comb, and some hair elastics.

    Part 1: Cutting Layers

    The first and most important step for a wolf cut long hair is cutting the layers. Long hair wolf cuts are distinguished from other layered haircuts by the specific pattern of the short layers on top and chunky layers through the bottom.

    Step 1

    Put your hair into a high ponytail on top of the forehead.

    Step 2

    Snip about 2 to 4 inches (5.1 to 10.2 centimeters) off with hair-cutting scissors.

    Step 3

    Thin the hair out by point-cutting in an upwards direction.

    Step 4

    Let your hair down and part it down the middle.

    Part 2: Cutting Curtain Bangs

    Bangs are not required, but they are popular for wolf cut long hairstyles. Curtain bangs are a playful and sultry way to cover your eyes partially.

    Step 1

    Section a small triangle of hair above your forehead.

    Step 2

    Direct the left side of the bangs to the right, then cut them diagonally.

    Step 3

    Direct the right side of the bangs to the left, then cut them diagonally.

    Step 4

    Trim your bangs as needed.

    Step 5

    Style the wolf cut with texturizing spray.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair Straight

    Classic wolf cuts are known for their relaxed, low-maintenance, air-dried style. Grab your flat iron for ultra-sleek hair if you want wolf cut long hair that’s polished.

    ‘Wolf cut long hair straight’ is a style you’re likelier to have at the start of the night before humidity hits your tresses and gives those layers a poofy bounce.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair No Bangs

    In the words of Beyoncé, “If you got it, flaunt it.” If you love the shape of your face, go ahead and show it off!

    People like bangs to cover up their foreheads and make their faces appear more slender. If you’re fortunate to have flawless skin and a slim face, you may want to opt for a wolf cut long hair no bangs.

    Wolf Cut Long Curly Hair

    Back in the 1980s, mullets were the in-style hair-do along with perms and voluminous curls. Curly-haired mullets were the ultimate combination of the two, ready for a good-old fashioned 80s dance-off.

    Wolf cut long curly hairstyles are the modern take on the curly mullet. Curls don’t show the layers much as straight and relaxed hair, but wolf cut curly styles have voluptuous bounce.

    Korean Wolf Cut Long Hair

    There seems to be some debate regarding where the modern wolf cut originated in the early 2020s. Some say the Japanese wolf cut emerged from the Japanese street style, whereas others argue that the Korean wolf cut first became popular among K-Pop idols.

    Both the Japanese and Korean long hair wolf cuts are very similar to the classic wolf cut long hair we see in Western culture. There are, however, slight differences in what makes each cut unique.

    The three defining characteristics of the Japanese, Korean, and classic wolf cut long hair are:

    1. Layers at the crown
    2. Layers at the sides
    3. Layers at the back

    The chart below compares the Japanese and Korean to the Classic wolf cut long hair.

    Japanese Wolf Cut Long Hair Korean Wolf Cut Long Hair Classic Wolf Cut Long Hair
    • Straight layers at the crown
    • Cheek-length layers at the sides
    • Flipped up layers at the back
    • Heavy layers at the crown
    • Tapered layers at the sides
    • Thin, wavy layers at the back
    • Short, choppy layers on top
    • Long, choppy layers at the sides
    • Thick, long layers at the back

    Wolf Cut Long Wavy Hair

    Wolf Cut Long Wavy HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Edgy wolf cut meets beachy vibes. If you want a feminine way to soften your shag, go for a wolf cut long wavy hairstyle. Most long wolf cuts have a low-maintenance, air-dried look, but if you add intentional loose curls, you get beautiful layers of beach waves.

    Long Hair Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

    Long Hair Wolf Cut With Curtain BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    One of the most popular wolf cuts we see is a long hair wolf cut with bangs.

    Long hair wolf cuts with bangs include:

    • Blunt bangs
    • Feathered bangs
    • Side-swept bangs
    • Micro bangs
    • Curtain bangs

    Curtain bangs are those face-framing bangs swept to each side like open drapes. They’re known as a flirtatious and sultry way to wear bangs, as you can hide behind them yet still see your eyes. If you want to seductive appeal to your shag, go for a long hair wolf cut with curtain bangs.

    Wolf Cut Layers Long Hair

    We can’t get enough of layered haircuts! Layers are a great way to add volume and dimension to your hair. Wolf cuts are known for their distinct short layers on top and chunky layers at the bottom. If you want a style that’s texturized, ask your stylist for “wolf cut layers long hair”.

    Wolf Cut Mullet Long Hair

    So you want a wolf cut, but do you like the look of a classic long hair mullet? No problem! You can opt for a wolf cut mullet long hairstyle to give you extra volume at the crown.

    People love long wolf cut mullets because they:

    • Look clean at the front
    • Allow length at the back
    • Decrease weight at the roots of the hair
    • Give an edgy makeover to long hair

    Wolf Cut Long Brown Hair

    Brunettes are always looking to change up their hair. Whether it be some ash blonde highlights, caramel balayage, or a trendy new haircut, brunettes are the most adventurous when it comes to hair!

    If you want a drastic way to change up long brunette hair without altering your color, go for a wolf cut with long brown hair.

    Zohna Tip

    Add blonde highlights to your wolf cut long brown hair to give your layers a multidimensional look.

    Wolf Cut Long Blonde Hair

    Wolf Cut Long Blonde HairInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Long blonde hair never loses its sexy appeal. Iconic blonde bombshells like Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé show us that every complexion suits a shade of blonde hair. If you want to be a blondie with a bit of an edge, go for a wolf cut long blonde hair.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair Side Part

    If you thought side parts were outdated, better refresh your feed. Side parts have been popping up all over the red carpet and fancy Hollywood events in 2022 and 2023. Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have ensured the side-swept look remains alive and well.

    While the trend seemed to fade in the mid-2010s in favor of a center part, the sultry side part remains a timeless classic. Add unique volume to your shaggy do by going for a wolf cut long hair side part.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair Pink

    Life is pretty in pink and edgy with a long hair wolf cut! Channel your femininity and your rebellious side with a pink long hair wolf cut.

    Classic wolf cuts tend to be on dark, mousy, or natural-colored hair to go with the low-maintenance vibe; washing your hair with a vibrant color adds a unique approach to a long or short wolf cut.

    Wolf Cut Long Hair with Feathered Bangs

    Wolf Cut Long Hair with Feathered BangsInstagram@hirohairPIN

    Wolf cuts of a feather flock together. If you want a chic alternative to a wolf cut with heavy bangs, get a wolf cut long hair with feathered bangs.

    Unlike blunt or curtain bangs, feathered bangs are very wispy and textured and sometimes flick out and to the sides. They’re perfect if you want a long hair wolf cut that isn’t too thick and heavy above the eyes.

    Wolf Cut Long Black Hair

    Want the edgiest way to wear a long wolf cut? Opt for a wolf cut long black hair. Black hair has long time been associated with the rebellious hairdos of punk and alternative rock fashion.

    Wear your edgy hair with rock-inspired jewelry like choker necklaces and stud bracelets for a 90s grunge appeal.

    Wolf Hush Cut Long Hair

    Hush now. Let us tell you about the cleanest and most sophisticated wolf cut long hair style. A ‘wolf hush cut long hair‘ style is a long, cropped wolf cut with a neat appearance.

    Hush cuts have wispier, prettier wings on the sides and are more polished in appearance. The wolf hush cut on long hair neatens the appearance of a long shaggy wolf cut to get a sophisticated, layered long hairstyle.


    • How to Style a Wolf Cut Long Hair?

      Wolf cut long hair is a pretty low-maintenance haircut intended to give off that ‘bed-head’ vibe. If you want to perfect your shaggy style, follow a few styling tips.

      There are four primary considerations when styling a long hair wolf cut:

      1. Blow-drying
      2. Bangs
      3. Texture
      4. Hairspray

      Allow your hair to air-dry until it’s slightly damp, then diffuse it with a blow-dryer upside down. Style your bangs to the side for round face shapes or with a center part for square jawlines. Use pomade, a greasy, waxy, water-based styling product to style and hold hair. Finish with a light hairspray to maintain your intended look all day.

    • Will a Long Hair Wolf Cut Suit Me?

      The best thing about the long hair wolf cut is that it can be customized to flatter every face shape. Layers are your best friend when it comes to softening or filling out particular face shapes and jawlines.

      Follow these recommendations for wolf cut long hair for your face shape:

      • Round: Short layers on top to add volume and create the appearance of an oval face.
      • Square: Wispy layers around the chin and neck soften the jawline.
      • Heart: Chunky, fuller layers around the chin and neck fill out the face.
      • Oval: Any type of layer works for an oval-face wolf cut long hair.

      The other things you should consider before chopping your wolfy do are:

      1. Do you like layers or long, single-length hair?
      2. Do you feel you suit edgy beauty and fashion?
      3. Do you like hair that gets a lot of attention?

      If you answered layers and yes to both questions, you will 100% suit a long hair wolf cut!

    Howl for a Brand New Hair Cut

    The wolf cut long hair is undoubtedly very different from haircuts we’ve had growing up. Long hair wolf cuts are a drastic way to give yourself a makeover without dying your hair a new color.

    If you’re ready for a change, with a hairstyle that’s hot and trendy, then howl loud and proud for a wolf cut long hair!