13 Trending Blue Eyeliner Looks & Products

Updated on September 14, 2023
Tatiana Cooper By Tatiana Cooper
13 Trending Blue Eyeliner Looks & ProductsPIN

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    13 Trending Blue Eyeliner Looks & Products

    Grab your surfboard and head to the beach cause were riding the wave of blue eyeliner all day long!

    When spicing up your makeup routine, blue eyeliner, from navy blue to glitter blue, should be on your radar. Adding a pop of color to your makeup routine will make you look beautiful and give off the impression that you are cool and creative. The color blue represents serenity, stability, inspiration, and wisdom, all great attributes, and who wouldn’t want to give off those vibes?

    Blue Eyeliner Video Tutorial

    Learn three easy ways to apply blue eyeliner in this simple tutorial.

    Best Blue Eyeliner Looks

    If you admire blue eyeliner as much as we do, you’ll probably love these looks. We have carefully selected some of our favorite styles so you can curate the perfect blue eyeliner looks for you.

    Before deciding the shade of blue that you want to use, make sure you choose the right shade for your eye color. Check out the chart below to find out what shade of blue eyeliner best matches your stunning eyes.

    Blue Eyeliner for Brown Eyes Blue Eyeliner for Blue Eyes Blue Eyerline for Hazel Eyes Blue Eyeliner for Green Eyes
    • Bright blue
    • Navy blues
    • Navy blue
    • Pastel blue
    • Electric blue
    • Aquatic blue
    • Teal
    • Electric blue
    • Navy blue
    • Pastel blue

    Light Blue Eyeliner

    Feel the motion of the Caribbean ocean with this light blue eyeliner. The subtle yet distinct flick of a light blue eyeliner opens your eyes and adds a unique touch to your makeup look. If making your eyes appear wider is your main concern, try white eyeliner in the lower waterline.

    Doing something different with your makeup routine can be daunting because you know what works for you and what doesn’t. However, changing the color of your eyeliner to a light blue will change your makeup look without having to change any of your routines.

    Zohna Tip

    Do your eyes first in your makeup routine so you can clean up your eyeliner line if needed without removing any of your foundation etc.

    Blue Eyeliner With Brown Eyes

    Blue eyeliner with brown eyes is the foolproof pair you didn’t know your chocolate eyes needed. Bright blue or navy blue eyeliner is the ideal shade to pair with brown eyes, as the blue of your eyes and the blue of the liner make one another appear richer.

    Navy Blue Eyeliner

    Navy blue eyeliner is the sublime shade for those wanting to swing at difference without causing too much disarray to their usual makeup routine. In dimmer lighting, the navy blue eyeliner will look like regular black liner, but when caught in the light, the flecks of blue will bloom into vision.

    Zohna Tip

    Pair your blue eyeliner with blue mascara to make the blue shine even brighter.

    Dark Blue Eyeliner

    Dark blue eyeliner is similar to black, just a few shades lighter. There won’t be much difference between this shade of eyeliner and black eyeliner; it’s only when you are in the proper lighting that people can see the blue pigment. Carrying the eyeliner around the eyes will also make it easier for the blue to show.

    Electric Blue Eyeliner

    Electric blue eyeliner is perfect for a night out on the town or a festival. It’s fun, neon, and electric, perfect for those outgoing makeup users wanting to express themselves through makeup.

    Cobalt Blue Eyeliner

    Feel bold and fearless with the cobalt blue eyeliner. Not only will you turn heads when you enter the room, but you will also feel like the most confident version of yourself, and what could make you more beautiful than that?

    Royal Blue Eyeliner

    Royal blue eyeliner is a marvelous way to draw attention to the eyes and captivate those charmed by them. We lust over royal blue eyeliner, or any blue eyeliner, on hooded eyes, as a small line can appear like extremely pigmented eyeshadow on the eyelid.

    Bright Blue Eyeliner

    Feel and look flashing and bold with bright blue eyeliner. We envision this stunning bright blue eyeliner on your eyes as you dance to unreal music in the summer heat or enjoy a cocktail near the beach on a much-deserved tropical vacation. If blue isn’t your favorite, but you want a bright liner, try red eyeliner; it will be perfect for matching a tropical sunset.

    Midnight Blue Eyeliner

    Go dark with this midnight blue eyeliner. A messy sweep under the eyes will bring the explosion of enticement you didn’t know you needed. Doing either messy puppy eyeliner or Egril eyeliner with this midnight blue shade would be drop-dead gorgeous. If looks could kill, this midnight blue eyeliner would. Watch your backs, ladies and gentleman.

    Black and Blue Eyeliner

    Lone blue eyeliner on the eyes can be too bold for some of us. Pairing black and blue eyeliner softens the vibrancy of the blue while creating an unbeatably smoldering eyeliner look that is both classic and exclusive.

    Glitter Blue Eyeliner

    Glitter blue eyeliner is the dazzling product you had no clue you were missing. Gleam bright with this eyeliner when you pair it with a beautiful blue dress or outfit. Nothing will make you want to dance on tables and let loose more than this glitter blue eyeliner.

    Neon Blue Eyeliner

    Create something beautiful with this neon blue eyeliner. Carrying the eyeliner to your lower waterline will assist in accomplishing the appearance of cohesion and symmetry. One of the most impactful conditions of beauty is symmetry; therefore, we suggest highlighting yours by embracing this makeup trick.

    Pairing purple eyeliner with this neon blue would be a perfect makeup look for a festival or summer party, trust us!

    Bottom Blue Eyeliner

    Make your eyes pop with this bottom blue eyeliner trick. The thing we love most about makeup is that it’s practically lawless. Therefore, eyeliner can be used in whichever way you see fit. Using eyeshadow to create the look of eyeliner is the perfect mirage.

    Blue Eyeliner Products We Love

    Now that we have won you over with the different blue eyeliner styles, it’s time to sink your teeth into the blue eyeliner products we love so that you, too, can fall for their beauty.

    NYX Blue Eyeliner

    09/26/2023 04:41 pm GMT

    NYX Epic Wear liquid eyeliner in the shade Sapphire is the impeccable intense and highly pigmented bright blue shade that dreams are made of. Once you read the key features of this sensational product, you’ll feel like your dreaming. We’ll pinch you, don’t worry.

    Key product features:

    • Matte
    • Flexible and precise brush tip
    • Waterproof
    • Smudge-proof
    • Transfer proof
    • Cruelty-free

    Blue Eyeliner Pencil

    09/26/2023 04:45 pm GMT

    If you are a pencil eyeliner kinda gal, then you are in luck because we have the blue eyeliner pencil recommendation that will rock your socks off. This blue eyeliner pencil by Wet n Wild in Blue Sapphire Ice will turn you wild for this product’s smooth and bold formula. This matte formula is a game changer for those who like a quick and effortless application.

    Key product features:

    • Sheer coverage formula
    • Hydrating
    • Brightening
    • SPF protection
    • Evens skin tone
    • Conceals and primes
    • Not tested on animals

    Blue Eyeliner Waterline

    09/26/2023 04:45 pm GMT

    The bread is in the pudding with this blue eyeliner for your waterline. When using eyeliner in your waterline, the best formulas are pencil eyeliners or, even better, pencil and gel eyeliners in one. This Julep When Pencil Met Gel eyeliner pencil is the perfect waterline liner.

    Key product features:

    • Budge-proof
    • Safe for waterlines
    • Saturated color payoff
    • Glides on smoothly

    Gaga Haus Dark Blue Eyeliner

    Whether you are a Lady Gaga lover, you will fall head over heels for this Eye-Dentify Gel Pencil Eyeliner in the shade Creep. This shade is a generous deep dark blue, ideal for those wanting to switch things up only a tad.

    Key product features:

    • Creamy
    • Water-proof
    • Long-wearing
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Smoky

    Blue Eyeliner Gel

    This NYX eyeliner pencil is the perfect blue gel eyeliner. Gel eyeliner is great for makeup looks that are bold and distinct. This gorgeous Deep Blue shade will 100% help make the eyes pop.

    Key product features:

    • Retractable eyeliner
    • Intense pigment
    • Smudge-proof
    • Smooth formula
    • Cruelty-free

    Blue Eyeliner Maybelline

    Maybelline cosmetics is the OG trustworthy cosmetic brand. Therefore, we suggest their TattooStudio Sharpenable Gel Pencil in the shade Striking Navy. This shade and formula will be the perfect blue eyeliner for those wanting to tackle the navy blue eyeliner style.

    Key product formulas:

    • Waterproof
    • It lasts for 36 hours
    • No smudging
    • No fading

    Wet N Wild Blue Eyeliner

    09/26/2023 05:10 pm GMT

    If you like experimenting with intricate designs and shapes with your eyeliner, this Wet n Wild MegaLiner Liquid Eyeliner is your product. The liquid formula and precision tip will create distinct, sharp lines ideal for creative makeup users.

    Key product formulas:

    • Highly pigmented
    • Quick drying
    • Easy to control
    • Flexible brush
    • Cruelty-free

    NYX Sunrise Blue Eyeliner

    NYX once again has a fantastic formula that we love and recommend. This Slide On Pencil in Sunrise Blue gives off the most pigmented blue shade you could ever desire.

    Key product features:

    • Waterproof
    • Precise application
    • Easy to sharpen
    • Cruelty-free

    How to Wear Blue Eyeliner

    The gift of makeup is getting to wear it and apply it however you want in ways that make you look and feel your best. Our favorite way to wear blue eyeliner is in the winged eyeliner style. If you want to learn to apply blue-winged eyeliner, peep at the step-by-step guide below.

    What you need to apply the perfect blue eyeliner:

    1. Eye primer
    2. Concealer
    3. A bronzing eyeshadow shade for your skin tone
    4. Blue eyeliner
    5. Q-tip

    Step #1

    The first step to doing any makeup is ensuring a primed base. Priming your skin will help any makeup product glide on easily and stay longer.

    Step #2

    As a second layer to eliminate any veins under the eyelid skin and ensure a flawless base, apply a layer of concealer.

    Step #3

    To help set the concealer and give some color and definition back to your eyelids, apply that bronzing shade to your crease or all over your lid. It doesn’t have to be very dark, but a few shades darker than your skin tone will work.

    Step #4

    Start by taking your blue eyeliner and lining your upper lashline. Try to be as steady and precise as possible, but no eyeliner is perfect, so don’t worry if your wings look more like siblings than twins.

    Step #5

    When drawing your wing, following the angle of your outer lashes when your eyes are open can be useful. This will help create the most natural-looking wing as it follows the shape of your eyes.

    Step #6

    Draw a straight line from the tip of the line you drew in step #7 to the middle of your eyelid connected with the lash line. Draw this new line above the first line you created.

    Step #7

    Fill in the wing you drew in the last two steps.

    Step #8

    Your wing may look a bit wonky, but this is why a Q-tip is your best friend. Q-tips can be great for helping to clean up around the edges and sharpen your wing. You can also go back in with your concealer and a flat-tip brush to help carve out the edges of the wing.

    Blue Eyeliner Tips

    Learning to use eyeliner can be tricky, especially when it’s a bold color like blue. Check out the chart below to discover a few of our favorite tips for using a blue eyeliner.

    Blue Eyeliner Tips Description
    Use contrasting colors When using a bold eyeliner shade like blue, you likely want the liner to be the star of the show. Therefore, we suggest contrasting colors for eyeshadow, such as charcoal grey, gold, or brown tones.
    Use a brush Sometimes, the tips that liquid or pencil liners come with don’t provide enough precision. Using a well-made makeup brush and dipping it or coating it in blue eyeliner can help create sharper lines.
    Use Concealer Apply concealer over your entire eyelid before using blue eyeliner will help ensure the liner stays longer, applies easier, and stands out more. You can also use it to clean up the rough edges of your wing.


    • What Eye Shadow Goes with Blue Eyeliner?

      Blue eyeliner looks great with white and silver eyeshadow. The shades complement each other beautifully and bring out each color’s most favorable attributes. You can also use contrasting eyeshadow colors, such as charcoal grey, gold, or brown tones if you want the blue to pop.

    • Who Should Wear Blue Eyeliner?

      Anyone and everyone can wear blue eyeliner! There are zero rules when it comes to makeup. That said, blue eyes do look best with blue eyeliner. The blue of the liner helps to bring to life the blue aspects of your eyes.

    • What To Wear Blue Eyeliner With?

      We suggest wearing something blue if you want to wear a bold blue wing for a night out on the town. The blue of your outfit and your eyeliners will look fantastic together.

      If you are more interested in the kinds of makeup to wear with blue eyeliner, we suggest:

      1. Eye primer
      2. Concealer
      3. Eyeshadow

      Those are the three that we 100% recommend pairing; however, if you’re going full glam, don’t forget your other face products.

    Ride the Blue Wave

    Blue eyeliner can be as bold and striking as you want. It can also be as tame and nonchalant as you want. Don’t be scared of adding a little color to your makeup look; you’ll look and feel as confident as ever. Plus, if you wear eyeliner often, all your doing is switching out the color. You can stick with the style as much as you like.