18 Cute E-Girl Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    18 Cute E-Girl Makeup Looks You Can Do Yourself

    EGirl makeup is a fun and unique trend that recently surfaced online to give individuals an outlet to play with makeup and self-expression. The great thing about makeup is there are no rules. You can use whatever products in whatever fun and creative ways you think to use them. EGirl makeup typically combines emo and punk rocker vibes creating the perfect statement look.

    There aren’t any rules to eGirl makeup except for the few things that make this makeup distinct from others, such as:

    1. Funky winged eyeliner
    2. Lots of blush
    3. Fake freckles
    4. Lots of highlighter
    5. Fun designs

    There’s no need to incorporate each of these steps into your look. However, if you want to achieve eGirl makeup, you should use at least one. You can choose from many different eGirl makeup looks to create your perfect look.

    How to do E-Girl Makeup Video

    Grunge eGirl Makeup

    If you like things a bit darker, try this grunge eGirl makeup during your following makeup routine. To add a bit of darkness to the makeup look, we suggest adding some dark eyeshadow to deepen your creases. This will also darken the eyes and your overall appearance, giving you that grunge look.

    Edgy eGirl Makeup

    One of the distinguishing features of eGirl makeup is the drawn-on bottom lashes. To elevate your makeup look and give it an added touch of edginess, we suggest going all out on those bottom lashes. For some extra drama, you can add a darker eyeshadow in the corner of the eyes, fanning out towards the rest of the lids.

    Cute eGirl Makeup

    Just because eGirl makeup is typically pretty heavy on the amount of product used doesn’t mean it can’t be cute.

    There are three makeup hacks worth considering to add some cuteness to your look, such as:

    • Nose counter
    • Nose and tear duct highlight
    • Eye contacts

    By adding a distinct nose counter, you are slimming its appearance. No one needs to slim their nose, but this will help give the illusion of a button nose, which is pretty darn cute. The added highlight on the inner corners and the nose will help bring the face to life. Eye contacts are optional, as is everything else; however, they will help give you those doe eyes. We also recommend similar contact lenses to achieve a Douyin makeup look.

    Pink eGirl Makeup

    This pink eGirl makeup screams pretty in pink! The added pink hearts take this makeup look to the next level, perfect for festivals, cosplay, or events like Comicon. Whether you think pink is your color or want to give this color scheme a shot, we believe it will look fantastic on anyone that tries it.

    Zohna Tip

    When using a bright-colored eyeshadow, it can be helpful to use different shades of the same color to help build up the pigment and make the colors pop.

    Aesthetic eGirl makeup

    Everyone loves to look at aesthetically pleasing things, and when it comes to eGirl makeup, this look fits that bill fantastically. The perfectly placed freckles and the cohesion between the turquoise eyeshadow and turquoise streak of hair make this look aesthetically pleasing.

    Simple eGirl makeup

    If time isn’t on your side, there is a simple way to achieve an eGirl makeup look quick. We suggest you follow the four basic principles of what makes an eGirl look: eyeliner, blush, freckles, and highlighter. Adding those four products to your makeup routine, with a little extra emphasis on each, you can achieve this simple eGirl makeup.

    eGirl Makeup Eyeliner

    One of the main factors of eGirl makeup is winged eyeliner. That said, we suggest having fun with how you can incorporate it into your makeup. Check out the chart below of different egirl eyeliner looks you can attempt.

    eGirl Makeup Eyeliner Description
    Puppy Dog Eyeliner Thick winged eyeliner that connects the wing to the bottom lashes and the top.
    Bat Wing Eyeliner Instead of a simple wing eyeliner, you can create multiple wings that connect, creating a bat wing shape
    Siren Eyeliner Looks like regular cat eyeliner, but connect the wing to your tear duct by doing a thin line along the upper lashline and then filling your inner corner with eyeliner creating a sharp tip facing towards the nose
    Thick Winged Eyeliner Instead of doing a dark eyeshadow look, thicken your wings to cover most of your eyelid
    White Eyeliner If you are doing a bold eyeshadow color for your makeup and want to make it pop, we suggest switching your black liner for a white one

    Adorable eGirl Makeup

    Adorable eGirl MakeupInstagram@c0w.m1lkPIN

    If you watch anime, you likely already know this one. For those who don’t, adding cat ears to your look is paying homage to a female kemonomimi character. In anime, this is a female with feline characteristics on a human body. Even though this technically isn’t a part of the makeup routine, we suggest adding these fun and fuzzy ears to your look. This will tie everything together and help you achieve that adorable eGirl makeup.

    Easy eGirl Makeup

    For easy eGirl makeup, we suggest going all out with eyeliner and not worrying about the rest. One of the main distinguishing features of eGirl makeup is eyeliner. This eyeliner is easy to do and will take minimal effort while giving you that eGirl aesthetic.

    Natural eGirl Makeup

    Natural and eGirl Makeup is an oxymoron. However, never say never, as we have the perfect alternative for you. To achieve eGirl makeup while still looking natural, we suggest leaving the eyes bare but using a heavy hand with the blush. This will give you that rosy eGirl look while keeping its relativity natural appearance.

    Blue eGirl Makeup

    Blue eGirl MakeupInstagram@svndrvkPIN

    Aside from pink, blue is a great color to add to your eGirl makeup repertoire. The addition of blue eyeshadow in this girl’s look makes a statement and helps to make those eyes pop. This look kind of reminds us of unicorn makeup.

    There are a few ways we suggest trying to incorporate blue into your look:

    • Blue eyeliner
    • Blue eyeshadow
    • Blue contacts
    • Blue lipstick
    • Blue highlighter

    Green eGirl Makeup

    Another fantastic color to add to your eGirl Makeup is green. You can mimic this look or incorporate green into your makeup via smaller doses, like through eyeshadow or an inner corner pop of green highlight.

    Purple eGirl Makeup

    When doing eGirl Makeup, don’t be afraid to take your eyeshadow past the eyes. Extending it further will create a stunning blended look of cohesion all over the face. Purple is a great shade to do this because it’s similar to the color of blush but just slightly different, giving you a unique look without being too over the top.

    Goth eGirl Makeup

    The fun thing about eGirl Makeup is that really getting into the character of the makeup extends past the face and into your hair and clothes.

    To take your goth eGirl makeup look to the next level, we suggest:

    1. Wearing darker clothes
    2. Wearing fake or natural face piercings
    3. Having dark hair

    Makeup-wise, we recommend going heavy and thick with eyeliner on both top and bottom lash lines to give you that goth look.

    eGirl Makeup Blush

    One of the most critical parts of eGirl Makeup is the blush. Using a heavy hand when applying blush is a must with this makeup look. We suggest choosing a rosy pink shade to make the original eGirl blush look like in the photo.

    Kawaii eGirl Makeup

    All it takes to achieve Kawaii eGirl Makeup is to use products from the indie beauty brand Kawaii girl. The brand is founded on inclusivity and using makeup to be authentically yourself. Kawaii girl sells all things of beauty, from fake lashes to makeup brushes. We also recommended Seint Makeup to help you find products that suit your needs.

    Black eGirl Makeup

    We totally get it. Color isn’t for everyone. If you don’t vibe with color, there are full black eGirl makeup looks you can take inspiration from instead. If you plan to choose zero colors except for black, we suggest doing a bold black lip and drawing some little designs onto the face with eyeliner. That way, it gives you more of an eGirl look vs. just a dark and goth one.

    Doja Cat eGirl Makeup

    One of the best ways to find inspiration for anything beauty is to turn to your favorite internet stars. For example, Doja Cat’s makeup look from her music video for her hit song “Get Into It (Yuh)” is an excellent example of eGirl Makeup. Doja Cat’s hot pink makeup and strong black winged eyeliner scream eGirl.

    Pastel eGirl Makeup

    There is no wrong color to choose for doing eGirl makeup as long as you feel good in it. If you are unsure what color to choose, try a pastel color. You can almost never go wrong with pastel pink, especially as part of your makeup look. You can always take your look further by adding color to your eyebrows.

    eGirl Makeup Tutorial

    There isn’t one specific way to do eGirl makeup, but we have a step-by-step tutorial to follow on achieving a pretty pink eGirl makeup look.

    Step #1

    Start by applying your foundation. We suggest using a powder foundation and applying that with a large blending brush.

    Step #2

    Use a gel eyebrow setter to brush your brows up and into place.

    Step #3

    Use a healthy amount of liquid pink blush on the cheeks and nose. Use a brush to blend the color seamlessly into your skin.

    Step #4

    Using the same blush color, take a bit on a small eyeshadow brush and blend it onto your eyelids. This will help create the perfect base for the remaining eyeshadow.

    Step #5

    Use brown eyeliner or a specific freckle product to place fake freckles on your cheeks and nose. Use your finger and the warmth from it to help blend them into the skin for a more natural appearance.

    Step #6

    Use a light pink eyeshadow shade and blend it into the crease. Then follow up with a pink peach shade all over the lid.

    Step #7

    Using a black liquid liner, draw your winged eyeliner. You can do any shape or style of wing liner that you prefer.

    Step #8

    Using the same eyeliner pen, draw small fake lashes under your lower lash line in tiny diagonal strokes.

    Step #9

    Take a small eyeshadow brush and place some highlighter on the tear duct and nose areas for a pop of shine.

    Step #10

    Using the same blush, dab a little bit onto your lips to prep them for a lip tint.

    Step #11

    Using a counter brush, add some bronzer to the sides of the nose to help it look snatched.

    eGirl Makeup Palette

    What makes eGirl makeup, so fun is that there aren’t any rules to follow. That said, there isn’t technically an eGirl makeup palette that you have to use to get the look. However, we suggest choosing a palette that has an extensive color range. That way, you can play around with different colors and create stunning and show-stopping looks without having to reach for multiple palettes. We recommend checking out the Seint Makeup palette and don’t worry if you don’t know the best ways to use it because we have another article that can inform you on how to apply Seint makeup if you pick up one of their palettes.


    • What is eGirl Makeup?

      EGirl makeup is a term for a makeup look that started on the app TikTok. This look combines emo and punk rocker vibes with added twists to incorporate some color and character. EGirl makeup usually involves lots of blush, eyeliner, and fun shapes.

    • Is eGirl Makeup Easy To Do?

      The fun thing about eGirl makeup is that it can be as straightforward or complicated as you want. Adding funky eyeliner designs or small heart drawings on your cheeks will complicate it. But doing blush and a basic winged eyeliner can be easy and fun.

    EGirls Roll Out

    After reading this article, we hope you found some inspiration from one of these eGirl makeup looks. There are so many fun and creative ways to tackle this makeup style, and you can easily alter it to your liking. Feel free to get creative and colorful.