18 Top Eyebrow Slit Styles in 2024 + How To Do

Updated on November 15, 2023
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    Eyebrow SlitPIN

    18 Top Eyebrow Slit Styles in 2024 + How To Do

    An eyebrow slit is a hot new trend starting to get traction. This sometimes nearly effortless style and beauty choice is an excellent way to self-express and show off your fun personality. This trend involves shaving a thin vertical line into your eyebrow to give a split appearance. There are so many fun ways to tackle the eyebrow slit that you are bound to find one you like.

    Are Eyebrow Slits Attractive?

    The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” really rings true in this instance. Some people find eyebrow slits very attractive, while others don’t. All it really boils down to is whether you enjoy the look of it or not. Don’t worry about what others think because, in reality, everyone’s only thinking about themselves and the way they look, not you.

    Eyebrow Slit Meanings

    The eyebrow-slit meaning has shifted discourse since its popularity during the 80s and 90s. Originally it had the connotation of gang affiliation and captured fame in hip-hop culture, and the name was coined eyebrow cut, not slit. Rapper Big Daddy Kane was one of the first to sport this trend – credit to him. In the early 2000s, the craze died, giving way to the contemporary thin eyebrow trend.

    Today the eyebrow cut has had somewhat of an iconic resurgence, now known as the eyebrow slit. As the popularity of the thicker eyebrow acclaimed fame from celebrities like Cara Delevine in the early 2010s, there was more room for eyebrow slits to regain traction. The discourse for an eyebrow slit has transformed into more of a style and aesthetic choice. Slit eyebrows are gaining traction and popularity in celebrity and influencer culture. In reality, the eyebrow slit meaning differs from person to person, whether they choose to do it for fashion or self-expression.

    Single Slit

    A single slit is precisely as it sounds. It’s one slit through the eyebrow using either a razor or an electric trimmer. If this is the first time you have ventured into the land of eyebrow slits, we suggest going for the single slit to start out, see how you feel, and then perhaps move up to a double slit.

    Double Slit

    The double-slit eyebrow is also exactly as it sounds, an eyebrow slit with two slightly diagonal lines through the eyebrow or eyebrows.

    LGBTQ+ Meaning

    This trend isn’t a gendered style choice – anyone can wear it. It’s also a non-gendered trend. However, some people in the LGBTQ+ community choose to use the eyebrow slit as a a way to express identity and style. Plenty of members of the LGBTQ+ community sport an eyebrow slit. However, this style choice doesn’t outwardly imply someone who has a slit belongs to the community.

    The eyebrow slit trend has become very popular in the LGBTQ+ community, with members of this community inventing different shapes and styles of eyebrow slits in a bid to create their unique identities. At the end of the day, this is simply another trend that you can choose to wear or not wear, depending on your personal style and tastes.

    Eyebrow Slit Men

    Eyebrow slits aren’t a gendered trend. Anyone and everyone, no matter how they identify, can wear them. However, if you are interested in giving the eyebrow slit a try, men with angular-shaped brows are the best candidates. This shape provides definition and enhancement of the face.

    Eyebrow Slit Style Chart for Men

    Take a look at this chart above to see some pictures of the ways you can do your new eyebrow slits. We don’t know about you, but for us seeing visuals is always helpful.

    Top Eyebrow Slit Styles for Men

    Check out the 9 different eyebrow slit styles we think you men should give a try. Each one is unique in its own way and we bet it will look great on you.

    #1: Single Eyebrow Slit

    This here is the most basic men’s eyebrow slit style. All it is is a single vertical slit right through the arch of the brown. Cutting through the arch doesn’t leave your eyebrows looking wonky as you remove the highest part of the brow. We recommend this top style for first-timers. It’s the least altering of the eyebrow slits, so there will be a less drastic change to the face.

    #2: Two Eyebrow Slits

     Two Eyebrow SlitsInstagram@sunsunfavPIN

    This is another effortless and basic eyebrow slit style to give a try. Focusing the slits on the end of the eyebrow will keep it from having a drastic appearance while still looking fun and different. Going for two slits instead of one will add more emphasis to the slits. This is another great style to try at home as it doesn’t take too much skill to perfect.

    Zohna Tip

    Make sure you use a sharp blade, as the sharper, the more precise the lines will be.

    #3: Shape Design Eyebrow Slit

    This style is more of a change from the original look of an eyebrow. Going for the slit in both brows will make the brows pop and stand out more on the face. Similar to the image, we recommend going for a fun design, such as:

    • A star
    • A heart
    • Upward pointing triangle
    • Sideways pointing triangle

    You will likely have to get this design done professionally at a barber shop. The barbers will have the proper equipment to quickly and efficiently cut designs into the brows. If you want to give it a try at home, though, no one is stopping you. We suggest having a friend around for moral support cause you never know what might happen with an intricate design like this.

    #4: X Shaped Eyebrow Slit

    If you want to elevate your eyebrow slit, but an intricate design seems too much work, give this X marks the spot design a try. Cutting two slightly slanted vertical lines into the eyebrows crossing over one another, will provide you with an X. Cutting an X into the brow hair will give the appearance of a complicated design without being complicated.

    This is another one of those eyebrow slits that you can likely do in the comfort of your own home. However, it never hurts to get it done professionally to be sure it’s done correctly.

    #5: Eyebrow Slit With Haircut Joining

    This style is popular among men and is known as an eyebrow slit that joins into the hair with a slit in it also. We highly recommend you get this one done by a professional at your next haircut appointment. This style emphasizes coherence and continuity of the face and hair, giving you a clean and sharp look.

    #6: Eyebrow Slit With Color

    We suggest a color change if you want to take your eyebrow slit to the next level. By bleaching the tail end of your brow following the slit, you are elevating and accentuating your eyebrow cut. This is a great way to show off the slit in the brow if it’s something you love and want to show off. The bleach eyebrow trend is also huge, which is a great way to incorporate that into your eyebrow style.

    #7: Two Eyebrow Slits On Both Eyebrows

    No one is stopping you from doing two slits, just like no one is stopping you from doing two slits in both eyebrows. Some people find that only cutting into one eyebrow can look lopsided on the face. This style is a way to fix that. We recommend this style if you are really into eyebrow slits and find that they complement your look well.

    #8: Multi-Layered Shaped Eyebrow Slit

    If you have a good barber you trust, we suggest giving this funky eyebrow slit a try to show off your fun personality. Adding designs instead of the basic diagonal cut can add a fun semi-permanent twist to your look. We recommend being careful with this one, though, as all the different angular shapes may cause your eyebrow hairs to grow at different angles. This design or one similar to it is a perfect medium for self-expression and display of personality.

    #9: Different Angled Eyebrow Slit

    Just because the traditional eyebrow slit cuts vertically and at a slight angle into the brow doesn’t mean every slit needs to. This cut style with different angled slits will add dimension to your brows without having to cut crazy designs into them. This style is a stepping stone to a more intricate design if you need to go even more detailed for your next eyebrow slit.

    Eyebrow Slit Women

    Anyone can sport a trendy eyebrow slit – however, women typically have smaller eyebrows; therefore, if you have smaller brows going for one of these styles will be ideal for you. There aren’t many differences between men’s and women’s eyebrow slits, but seeing images of them on women might help spark some inspiration.

    Eyebrow Slit Style Chart for Women

    Check out the chart above to see some visuals of the eyebrow slits we think look great on women.

    Top Eyebrow Slit Styles for Women

    Here is a list of all the eyebrow slit trends that suit women and people with smaller eyebrows and faces best. Some are easier, and others are harder, but with the right tools or a salon trip, you could also sport these eyebrow slits.

    #1: Heart Shaped Eyebrow Slit

    Heart Shaped Eyebrow SlitInstagram@whctwPIN

    One of the more intricate top styles is a heart-shaped cut out into the eyebrows. This isn’t really an eyebrow slit, but it does classify as an eyebrow cutout, which falls under the same category.

    This design is something you want to get done at the salon by a professional. If going to the salon isn’t an option for you, then you should ensure you have all the proper equipment at home because using a regular razor just isn’t going to cut it – pun intended.

    #2: Single Eyebrow Slit

    This single eyebrow slit is ideal for those who like life’s simple things. It’s easy to do and minimalist looking while contributing some funk to your overall appearance. This is definitely an eyebrow slit we recommend to women doing one for the first time. It’s way less invasive of the eyebrow hairs, and if you end up not liking it, there’s less of a drastic change you have to wait to grow back in.

    #3: Closer In Eyebrow Slit

    The most common place you will see an eyebrow slit is on the brow’s arch. However, if you want to stand out and look a bit different from all the other people sporting slits, you can place the cut closer to the middle of the brow. This design is a way to have fun and create some difference with your slit eyebrows without having to do anything too drastic.

    #4: Eyebrow Slit With Color

    A fun way to emphasize a slit eyebrow is to add some color. Take this photo, for example, and as inspiration. By adding a bit of red to the tail end of their eyebrow right after the slit, she accentuates the cut and brings it to life. Just because she did red doesn’t mean you have to.

    Other popular colors people dye their eyebrows are:

    1. Blue
    2. Green
    3. Pink
    4. Purple
    5. Bleach blonde

    #5: Half Triangle Shaped Eyebrow Slits

    Half Triangle Shaped Eyebrow SlitsInstagram@lookzby_zPIN

    To elevate your eyebrow slit, try going for multiple slits in one brow, forming a design that looks like a triangle. This girl’s right eyebrow is cut to look as if the lines were to continue; they would meet together at the top, forming a triangle. This design can easily add some funk to your eyebrows without having to do anything super intricate and tricky.

    #6: Double Eyebrow Slit

    Why do one eyebrow slit when you can do two? If you like the way one looks, you can elevate your brows even more by adding one more slit next to it. This doesn’t differ much in appearance from one slit, but it does take your eyebrows to the next level.

    #7: Dyed Eyebrow Slit

    If you are worried about the growth of your brow hairs or the semi-permanent hair loss from shaving a slit into your brows, we suggest going for a color slit. Instead of shaving a slit into the brow, you bleach and then dye one into the eyebrow hairs. This is a fun, creative way to elevate your brows, perhaps for a party or an event, without the commitment of shaving a slit into them.

    What you’ll need to bleach your eyebrows:

    • Tape: to put on their side of the area you want the slit to be
    • Hair bleach: Doesn’t have to be super top-notch since it’s only a small area of short hair
    • Hair bleach: You can choose any color you want

    #8: Horizontal Eyebrow Slit

    Horizontal Eyebrow SlitInstagram@irizgoes_PIN

    Typically, we see eyebrow slits cut vertically and sometimes at a bit of an angle. However, if you have long eyebrows, we suggest a horizontal cut at the tail end instead. There isn’t much difference, but you should accentuate what you have, so give those long brows a shot.

    How To Do An Eyebrow Slit

    If you decide to do your own eyebrow slit at home, we want to ensure you are doing the best job possible and using the best equipment to get the results you are looking for. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to give yourself a basic eyebrow slit at home.

    Before we go cutting into your eyebrow hair, we suggest plucking any unwanted hairs and getting your brows into perfect shape. For all the makeup users out there, getting all dolled up with maybe even a Douyin makeup look will make you look and feel better when you do the slit.

    What you’ll need is outlined in the table below

    What you’ll need to do an eyebrow slit Reason
    White eyeliner pencil Outlining where you want the slit with white liner in your brow will help you get a more precise cut.
    Scotch tape Laying two pieces of tape on the eyebrows on either side of the white line will help ensure you don’t cut off more hair than you planned.
    One-blade razor Make sure you get a brand-new razor with one blade. The one blade will help with precision since you likely don’t want too wide of a cut.
    Tweezers There may be a few short hairs left behind, and a tweezer will help get at them.

    Step #1

    Play around with the white eyeliner by drawing on where you think you might want the slit to be. Feel free to try a few different spots to ensure you choose the proper placement.

    Step #2

    Once you have found the location you like best and have drawn on your white liner, place two pieces of tap on either side of the line.

    Step #3

    Now, using the razor carefully, start shaving away at the hairs. The strands should come out quickly and without much effort, if it’s a new razor.

    Step #4

    Once you have shaved as much as possible, remove the tape. If a few shorter hairs are left over, use the tweezers to pluck out the remaining strands. Now you should have a perfect slit in your eyebrows.

    Zohna Tip

    If you are prone to razor burn, using a bit of glycolic acid on the area will help minimize it.


    • Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

      Yes, your eyebrow hair will grow back if you shave a slit into it. If you do not like the slit and want it to fill in quicker, castor oil on the area every night before bed will help the hairs to grow back faster and thicker. It’s important to remember that when the hair grows back, it might look a bit funny because the hair will be very short compared to the rest of your brows until they fully grow back.

    • How to Shave for an Eyebrow Slit?

      Here’s how to shave an eyebrow slit in your own brow in order to have the best results:

      1. Use white eyeliner to draw where you would like the slit.
      2. Once you have found the location you like best, place two pieces of tap on either side of the line.
      3. Using the razor carefully, start shaving away at the hairs. The strands should come out quickly if it’s a new razor.
      4. Once you have shaved as much as possible, remove the tape. If a few shorter hairs are left over, use the tweezers to pluck out the remaining strands. Now you should have a perfect slit in your eyebrows.
    • How Long Does It Take to Grow Back?

      The time it takes for your eyebrow hairs to grow back in differs depending on the method you used to remove the hair. If you shave it, the hair will likely grow back a few days later. If you tweeze the area, the hair will take longer to return, and you will have the slit for longer.

    • How to Hide an Eyebrow Slit?

      There is only one way to hide an eyebrow slit: fill it in using an eyebrow pencil or an eyeshadow shade that matches the color of your brows. An eyebrow pencil will be the most natural looking as it can replicate the appearance of hair more accurately.

    • When Did the Eyebrow Slit Trend Start?

      The eyebrow-slit trend started in the 80s and 90s as a part of the hip-hop community, beginning with rapper Big Daddy Kane. Eventually, it became a way for gang members to display their participation in a gang.

    • How Much Do They Cost?

      There isn’t a fixed cost for an eyebrow slit. It depends on where you get them done and what the stylist charges. If you decide to do it yourself, the razors only cost a few dollars.

    • How to Fix if I Mess It Up?

      Depending on the mistake, there isn’t much you can do to fix it. Let’s say, for example, you don’t cut a straight line on one side of the slit. To fix it, you would need to cut more hair off by trying to create a more linear line. If you don’t want to go any wider, using an eyebrow pencil until the hair grows back is your best bet.

    • Where Did They Originate From?

      The eyebrow slit originated as a part of hip-hop culture in the United States, starting with the rapper Big Daddy Kane who cut multiple slits into his eyebrows.

    Slits For Days

    Hopefully, we have steered you in the right direction for your next eyebrow slit. Whether you have done eyebrow slits in the past, you should be equipped with all the top styles to transform your eyebrows.

    The nice thing about hair is that it always grows back, so if you don’t like the kind you did this time before you know it, the hair will be back, and you can try a different style.