How to Make Lip Gloss Step by Step + 3 DIY Recipes

Updated on March 19, 2023
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    How to make lip glossPIN

    How to Make Lip Gloss Step by Step + 3 DIY Recipes

    Whether you’re looking for a way to make your own lip gloss from scratch or are a budding entrepreneur with an ambition to start your own lip gloss line, this post is for you. As it turns out, you don’t always have to rely on store-bought lip gloss and can make your own lip stain at home. What’s more, you can even come up with various shades that appeal to you and match your skin tone.

    Maybe you want to create customized nude shades that you haven’t found anywhere else, or you’re interested in saving those extra bucks by using homemade lip gloss instead of expensive commercial products.

    Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a helpful guide that teaches you how to make lip gloss from the comfort of your home.

    What Is Lip Gloss Made Of?

    Lip gloss usually has several ingredients that help keep your lips shiny and glossy-looking while moisturizing them. Talk about a multi-purpose product, huh?

    That said, the primary ingredient found in most lip glosses is petroleum jelly. Note that some products may contain wax instead of petroleum jelly.

    You can expect to find other ingredients in lip gloss, such as:

    1. Shea Butter
    2. Beeswax
    3. Oils
    4. Fragrances
    5. Fruit Extracts
    6. Dyes
    7. Iron Oxide

    As you’ve probably guessed, these ingredients help ensure that your lip gloss is formulated correctly and looks as great as it feels. It’s important to be mindful of a product’s ingredients while buying or making lip care products.

    For instance, if you’re looking for the best lip balm or a DIY lip scrub recipe, you want to consider whether the listed ingredients will help you address your primary concerns and give you the most bang for your buck.

    Curious? Intrigued? If you want to learn more about these ingredients while deconstructing how to make lip gloss at home, refer to the informative table below for more details.

    Lip Gloss Ingredient Description
    Shea Butter Shea butter or similar ingredients like mango butter hydrate your lips and ensure that your lips don’t get dry
    Beeswax This ingredient is used in lip glosses to make your lips softer. It can also help heal irritated, dry lips
    Oils Oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil help make your lip gloss shiny and control its texture
    Fragrances This one is self-explanatory. You may find certain fragrances and scents in lip glosses that make them seem absolutely irresistible
    Color Pigments Color pigments might be added to tinted lip glosses to deliver a rich, stunning hue. Dyes, iron oxide, and fruit extracts are typically used to add a pop of color to lip glosses

    Lip glosses are usually made from a combination of powerful ingredients that help make your lips softer and shinier.

    Making Lip Gloss to Sell

    When trying to figure out how to make lip gloss from scratch and sell it to your target audience, you need to think about getting your lip gloss recipe right. Additionally, you must decide which lip gloss ingredients you’d like to use to create your product.

    Ask yourself, “what is my product’s USP?” and take it from there. Maybe your lip gloss is more hydrating than other products you’ve tried or has rich, pigmented colors available in several shades.

    Additionally, think about other factors, such as:

    • General rules and regulations like the guidelines recommended by the Food and Drug Administration
    • Acquiring a license and looking into insurance to run your lip gloss business
    • Perfecting your lip gloss recipe and conducting trials before launching it
    • Understanding how you’d like to market and sell your products

    Making lip gloss to sell can feel slightly intimidating at first. Still, you’ll improve as you learn more about homemade lip gloss and the best ingredients to create a high-quality product.

    DIY Lip Gloss

    Believe it or not, making lip gloss by yourself is not that challenging. With the right ingredients, you’re perfectly capable of understanding how to make a jar of hydrating, shimmery lip gloss.

    Before you learn how to make lip gloss, ensure you get all the ingredients you need, such as:

    1. A Microwave-Safe Container
    2. Lip Gloss Tubes Or Containers
    3. Jojoba Oil (Four Tablespoons)
    4. Coconut Oil (Two Tablespoons)
    5. Beeswax (30 ml)
    6. A Kitchen Scale
    7. Vitamin E Pills (Three Should Suffice)
    8. Shea Butter (30 ml)

    Not sure where to start? Here’s a handy DIY lip gloss guide you can use to make homemade lip gloss.

    Steps Description
    Grate beeswax in a container You need to use around 30 ml of beeswax to make hydrating lip gloss (use your digital scale to measure the ingredients)
    Gather all your ingredients in the right amounts You must measure your ingredients and add them to a microwave-safe container to prepare a homemade lip gloss that you’ll love
    Pop your container into the microwave Microwave your ingredients for 15 seconds at a time, stirring the mixture and repeating the process until all your ingredients have melted
    Transfer your lip gloss into lip gloss tubes or containers This will make it easier for you to use your new homemade lip gloss whenever you need to add a bit of shine to your lips

    Be cautious and carefully handle the hot container and lip gloss mixture to avoid burning yourself.

    Zohna Tip

    Add mica powder to your list of ingredients if you want to make shimmery lip gloss.

    Lip Gloss Recipes

    Whether you’re making a lip exfoliator or experimenting with clear lip gloss, following the right recipe is super important for the best results.

    Don’t worry; we’ve got you back. If you need more variety while learning how to make lip gloss, here are some easy DIY lip gloss recipes that can guide you as you make your first jar of homemade lip gloss.

    Vanilla Lip Gloss

    Luckily, there are tons of lip gloss ideas available to try, so you don’t have to feel restricted while checking out new recipes.

    To nail this recipe, use a double boiler to melt the ingredients. Allow the mixture to cool down before storing your lip gloss.

    To make vanilla lip gloss, you’ll need the following:

    • Petroleum Jelly
    • Aloe Vera Gel
    • Vanilla
    • Coconut Oil

    The process is the same – mixing your ingredients thoroughly and heating them up before storing them in lip gloss tubes.

    Here’s some helpful advice: two tablespoons of most ingredients are enough to make homemade lip gloss. The only exceptions are coconut oil and vanilla extract. You’ll need half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil.

    Tinted Lip Gloss

    Want to add a bright pop of color to your homemade lip gloss? It’s super easy. While decoding how to make tinted homemade lip gloss, you’ll realize that you only need to add a natural ingredient like beetroot juice to your lip gloss recipe.

    To get tinted lip gloss right, you’ll have to melt your ingredients before adding beet juice to the mixture (after you’re done heating it.) You can also choose to add essential oils at this stage if you wish.

    If you’re planning on using this recipe, get your hands on the following lip gloss ingredients:

    1. Shea Butter
    2. Grated Beeswax
    3. Coconut Oil
    4. Beetroot Juice
    5. Essential Oils

    Most ingredients need to be added in small amounts – approximately two tablespoons. However, in your homemade lip gloss recipe, you can get away with even smaller amounts of beet juice (half a teaspoon) and a drop or two of essential oils.

    Chocolate Lip Gloss

    If you and your friends are learning how to make lip gloss and want to try a delectable option like chocolate lip gloss, you simply need to add cocoa powder to the recipe.

    Pop your container into the microwave and use 15-second intervals to heat up petroleum jelly. Also, don’t forget to periodically stir the mixture. After the petroleum jelly has melted, add cocoa powder to the mixture and heat it up for an additional 30 seconds before allowing it to cool.

    This chocolate lip gloss is super basic and only needs:

    • Petroleum Jelly
    • Cocoa Powder

    How to Make Lip Gloss Base

    Organic lip gloss is easy to make. Choose a base oil of your choice, like castor oil combined with an essential oil and beeswax.

    The basic steps remain the same. Remember to add essential oils after heating up your homemade lip gloss mixture.

    How to Make Lip Gloss Matte

    DIY lip gloss doesn’t have to be shiny if you don’t want it to be. Making lip gloss at home is possible if you add an ingredient like bentonite clay powder to your recipe.

    Bentonite clay powder may help get rid of excess oil on the lips to provide a sleek, matte finish. Use it after you’ve finished melting shea butter, oil, and beeswax.

    How to Make Clear Lip Gloss

    Want to try a simple, fuss-free clear lip gloss recipe? We’ve got you covered.

    Use around four tablespoons of castor oil, a few drops of essential oil, and two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin to make clear lip gloss.

    Ready for the next step? All you have to do is mix all the ingredients before transferring them to lip gloss tubes.

    Making Pigmented Lip Gloss

    As far as homemade lip gloss is concerned, you’ll find that you’ve got tons of lip gloss ideas to pick from. Also, one of the best parts about learning how to make lip gloss at home is that it’s pretty affordable compared to other store-bought options.

    If you’re wondering how to make pigmented lip gloss, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s a simple tweak.

    You just need to add a coloring agent to your lip gloss mixture, such as:

    • Beet juice
    • Cocoa powder
    • Hibiscus powder

    How to Make Thick Lip Gloss

    If you want your homemade lip gloss to be thick, don’t skimp on essential ingredients like beeswax.

    If you’re not pleased with the consistency of your lip gloss and want it to be less runny, here’s an easy tip. Simply increase the amount of grated beeswax you add to the lip gloss mixture for thicker homemade lip gloss.

    How to Make Lip Gloss With Vaseline

    This recipe is relatively straightforward and easy to follow if you’re a beginner. Use two tablespoons of Vaseline with coconut oil and heat up the mixture until it has fully melted.

    Add an essential oil of your choice and wait for the mixture to cool down before transferring it to lip gloss tubes.

    How to Make Lip Gloss With Glitter

    This is not as complicated as it may seem. You simply need to add one extra step to your lip gloss recipe to make shimmery lip gloss.

    Add glitter to your lip gloss mixture as the last step and stir the mixture well. You’ll probably love the results so much you’ll be tempted to use your homemade lip gloss all the time.

    How to Make Lip Gloss With Versagel

    Versagel works well as a base for homemade lip gloss and is the right fit for someone searching for a vegan option.

    If you’re using Versagel in your lip gloss recipe, heat it up in a microwave-safe bowl before adding other ingredients like oil, mica powder, and glitter. Stir well for the best results.

    How to Make Lip Gloss With Coconut Oil

    While learning how to make lip gloss at home, you’ll realize that it’s possible to customize most recipes and use as many lip gloss ingredients as you like. On the other hand, you can choose to keep things minimal and make lip gloss with just coconut oil, olive oil, and grated beeswax.

    Heat the coconut oil and beeswax until the mixture has fully melted, and give it a quick stir before adding olive oil to the bowl. Mix thoroughly and store your homemade lip gloss in easy-to-use containers.

    How to Make Lip Gloss With Beeswax

    Make homemade lip gloss with grated beeswax and oils like jojoba, coconut, olive, castor, or sunflower. You can even use a combination of oils if you like.

    Heat up the grated beeswax until it has completely melted, and add an oil of your choice for the best results.


    • How to Make Lip Gloss Labels?

      If you’re decoding how to make lip gloss to sell, spend some time figuring out what kind of packaging you’d like to go for.

      It’s also essential to make labels for your products. You can work on these from scratch on sites like Canva before printing them out or have them customized for you on sites like Etsy.

    • Best Containers to Store Lip Gloss?

      You can easily purchase lip gloss tubes and containers from sites like Amazon and Etsy.

      Look for lip gloss tubes with easy-to-use brushes and pick a size that works best for you. It’s also a good idea to check reviews from other buyers before purchasing containers online.

    Ready to Flaunt Your First Jar of Homemade Lip Gloss?

    Whether you’re a fan of shimmery lip gloss or prefer to opt for a tube of hydrating, clear lip gloss, you’re likely to find something that works well for you and suits your needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment and customize your lip gloss recipe based on your preferences.

    If you’re learning how to make lip gloss to sell to the masses, remember to get the basics out of the way first, such as finalizing the list of ingredients and a lip gloss recipe, before working on other things like marketing your brand.