Best Monolid Eye Makeup + Tips & Tutorial To Accentuate Your Beauty

Updated on November 28, 2023
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    Best Monolid Eye Makeup + Tips & Tutorial To Accentuate Your Beauty

    The fact that there are three different types of eyelids might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about eyes. But it sure could be now after you read this article and learn about monolids. If you have monolids, you are in luck cause we know all things makeup for monolids that you might want to know. Don’t worry; monolids don’t have the same destiny prophecies as sanpaku eyes.

    What Are Monolid Eyes

    Monolid eyes, also known as epicanthal folds, are a specific eyelid shape where the skin on the upper eyelid covers the inner part of your eye, giving the appearance of one eyelid. People with monolids don’t have eye creases as the eye sits flush with the browbone. Monolids are often seen in people of Asian descent or with genetic conditions.

    Monolid vs. Double Lid

    Double lids are eyes that look like they have two lids, and people with round eyes, for example, tend to have them. If you need clarification about monolids and double eyelids, here is a chart distinguishing some of their most noticeable characteristics.

    Monolid Characteristics Double Lid Characteristics
    • Has lack of crease
    • Eyelid consists of only one part
    • Most defining makeup: eyeliner along the lash line
    • Eyelashes grow straight out
    • Has visible crease or fold of skin
    • Eyelid is divided into two parts
    • Most defining makeup: dark eyeshadow in the crease
    • Eye lashes curl up

    Hooded Eyes vs. Monolid

    The main distinguishing feature of hooded eyes is the fold of skin that partially covers the person’s eyelid. Another way to look at it is they have a less-defined double lid. Here is a chart defining the characteristics of hooded and monolid eyes.

    Hooded Eyes Characteristics Monolid Characteristics
    • Has crease but not always visible
    • Eyelid consists of two parts, but it’s not always visible
    • Most defining makeup: a relaxed wing that goes over the fold of skin
    • Some people are born with hooded eyes and others develop them over time
    • Has lack of crease
    • Eyelid consists of only one part
    • Most defining makeup: eyeliner along the lash line
    • Eye lashes curl up

    Makeup For Monolid Eyes – Top 7 Picks

    One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to makeup. That’s why we’re here, to help you find the right makeup products for monolid eyes so you don’t have to sacrifice wearing eyeliner cause you think you can’t.


    The trick to finding an eyeliner that works for monolid eyes is to seek a liner formula that won’t tug on the skin. Since a common issue with monolids is the ability to feel the placement of the liner on your lids and for it to smudge easily, you want to seek out a long-lasting, smudge-proof, and easy-to-use formula that doesn’t feel too heavy.

    We recommend giving this Clio waterproof liner a shot if you have hooded eyes.

    There are many great features of this formula, such as:

    • Precision tip
    • Long-lasting
    • Smudge resistance
    • High-intensity color


    There isn’t a specific type and formula that works best for monolids. However, specific techniques are crucial to get the most out of your eyeshadow and flatter the eyes best. You want to work vertically when applying eyeshadow. A medium color placed along the lash line and blending upward above the lid will define the eyes.

    Check out this short but sweet guide on how to apply eyeshadow to monolids:

    1. Start by applying primer all over the lid.
    2. Once the primer has dried, apply one eyeshadow shade to the inside corner of the eye.
    3. Apply a second darker shade on the outside of the eyelid.
    4. Using a dense makeup brush, blend the two colors. It should create a stunning ombre effect on the eyes.

    We recommend going for a palette similar to this Urban Decay Basics palette as it’s simple, but there is still so much room to play. Using these colors, try to accentuate your lids or create the illusion of a crease if that’s something you want to explore.

    Liquid Metallic Eyeshadow

    Another type recommended for monolids is a metallic shimmer eyeshadow. A glittery shadow will help accentuate the eyes, making them stand out. Liquid metallic eyeshadow is best suited for people with monolids because it’s easy to blend and very pigmented.

    This Elf liquid eyeshadow is a great option to add shimmer to your lids. This formula is long-lasting, quick-drying, and highly pigmented.

    Eyelash Extensions

    One of the characteristics of monolids is that the eyelids cover the eyelashes. Therefore, finding lashes that suit your eye shape can be challenging. However, if you get your lash extensions done by a professional, they will know the type of lashes best suited for you and the shape of your eyes. There are a few things your lash technician might consider, such as curl, length, and longevity.

    If you know how to do lash extensions yourself or want to show this to your lash tech, here are four of the best lash maps for monolids. The numbers and letters refer to the curl and length of the lashes.

    Lash Extension For Monolids Lash Types
    Short and natural C10, C12, C12, C12, B14, B14
    Bold natural wing Base layer: B12, B14, B14, B14, B16, B16

    Stack 1: C10, C10, C10, C10

    Fluffy and voluminous D10, F12, F14, F14, F16, F14
    Bold and open B14, B16, B18, B18, B16, B14

    Fake Lashes

    You could try fake lashes if you’re not interested in lash extensions. Just because it might be hard to find fake lashes that work with your eye shape doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there.

    Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply fake lashes on monolid eyes:

    1. Prep the lases by curling them and using a light coat of the mascara of your choice.
    2. Trim the false lashes to a length that mimics the size of your natural lash line.
    3. Apply a thin amount of lash glue to the fake lash. Remember to wait a few seconds so the bond can get tacky.
    4. Start at the outer corner of your eye and roll the lashes down onto the lash line.

    These KISS natural-looking false lashes are perfect for people with monolids. They are made with tapered end technology helping the lashes look natural and to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

    Lash Curler

    Since it’s common for people to have straight lashes if they have monolids, we suggest using an eyelash curler. The curler will help curl the lashes upwards, opening more eyes. Any lash curler will work, expensive or inexpensive; it’s all about figuring out which suits you and your eyelashes best.

    10/30/2023 03:45 pm GMT

    There isn’t a specific eyelash curler meant for people with monolids, but this Shu Uemura curler is a perfect option we suggest trying.


    One of the main characteristics of monolids is straight eyelashes. Due to the way the lid falls over the lashes, the lashes tend to stick out straight instead of flaring upwards. The best mascara we can recommend to help lift the lashes all day is any waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara has little, if not zero, water content, helping to hold up the lashes for longer. Waterproof mascara paired with a lash curler will get you those stunning flared lashes that last all day long.

    10/30/2023 03:41 pm GMT

    This waterproof mascara is a top seller on Amazon, provides dramatic volume, and lasts all day.

    Top Monolid Eye Makeup Styles

    As we have said, one size fits all sometimes works in makeup. That said, there are different monolid eye makeup styles that we recommend giving a shot at.

    Simple Winged Eyeliner

    A great way to accentuate your eyes, if you have monolids, is to add winged eyeliner. This can be a tricky look to achieve at first because of the shape of the eyes. However, with time, practice, and patience, you’ll draw on wings left, right, and center all day long.

    Adding a winged eyeliner will help to open and elongate the eyes and is perfect for people with close-set eyes.

    Classic Smokey Eye

    Classic Smokey EyeInstagram@cass_muaPIN

    A smokey eye is a stunning way to accentuate your eyes. With monolids, however, it’s best to use one shade to create the look instead of many since you don’t have a crease. We recommend using one shade on the lid and then lining the bottom and top lashes with a slightly darker shade to help deepen and darken the look.

    Ombre Eyes

    To accentuate and appreciate your stunning monolid eyes, we suggest using three different eyeshadow colors on the eyelid to create a stunning ombre look. This will highlight your eye shape, making them pop while also giving the appearance of a more creased eyelid if that’s what you’re searching for.

    All Natural Eyes

    If your more interested in giving your eyes a natural look as opposed to making them look bigger, we highly suggest you give this makeup look a try. You only need to buff a bit of brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of the upper and outer lash lines. This will give your eyes a simple yet sexy look.

    Full Eye Eyeliner

    It might seem drastic, but we promise this full-eye eyeliner look will look great on monolid eyes. This intense and unique look will help open the eyes despite the dark coloring. Connecting the eyeliner into the corner of the eye and using it to create the illusion of a larger inner corner.

    How To Do Eyeliner For Monolids

    If you are blessed with a stunning monolid eye shape, you likely know the struggle of achieving a winged eyeliner. However, don’t give up just yet, because we have the perfect formula for winged eyeliner on monolids. We recommend using liquid eyeliner as it’s easier to manipulate the shape.

    What you’ll need:

    • Liquid eyeliner pen
    • Neutral eyeshadow
    • Dense eyeshadow brush

    Step #1

    Start by working a light neutral eyeshadow shade onto the lid to warm the eyelid a bit. This will help to ensure the eyeliner doesn’t look too stark and unnatural.

    Step #2

    Start by placing your eyeliner pen tip at the outer corner of your eye, extending it upwards following the shape of your lower lash line. We recommend using a light hand as the harder you press, the blunter your lines will get.

    Step #3

    Then connect the tip of the wind you created to the outer edge of your iris. Avoid arching the eyeliner too high when you bring it across the lid. The closer to the lash line, the better.

    Step #4

    By this step, you should have an empty wing that needs to be colored in.

    Step #5

    This step is optional; however, if you have wide-set eyes or want to take your eyeliner up a notch, this might be a fun step.

    Take your eyeliner at a 45-degree angle and tight line the inner section of your upper lash line. This will help to give the eyes a sharper look while also giving them the allusion of being slightly closer together. Because of smudging, suppose you don’t want to connect the outer corner wing to the inner corner liner by using the liquid pen across your eyelid. In that case, we suggest using a dark eyeshadow to line the lash line to create a bit of cohesion.

    Monolid Eyes Makeup Tips

    Figuring out what works best for your eyes comes with time. But we have some tricks up our sleeves that could be useful for you. We also believe these tricks will morph over time depending on how you feel they work with your eyes and techniques. But give them a try and see how they work for you.

    #1 Individual Fake Lashes

    It can be hard to find fake lashes that will line your upper lash line if you have monolids. You usually have to use flexible and malleable lashes; that you probably also have to cut to fit your eyes.

    Instead of going through the hassle, we recommend trying little individual false lashes; that way, you can place them how you like and where you want on the eyelid without following the shape of a full lash. These tiny individual lashes are also easier to apply and are reusable if you take proper care of them.

    We recommend these lashes for people with monolids and those with downturned eyes. Concentrating the lashes on the outer corner of the eyes can alter the eye shape to look like upturned eyes. Downturned eyes are just as beautiful as upturned ones, but playing around with your eye shape can be fun.

    #2 Extend Eyeshadow To The Browbone

    If you don’t feel like carving a fake crease, we suggest extending your eyeshadow to the brow bone. This will give your eyes a broader look and accentuate the beauty of your eye shape. This trick can also help to create the illusion of a higher and more defined brow bone.

    Zohna Tip

    Placing a bit of highlighter on the brow bone will also help to create the illusion of a higher and more defined brow.

    #3 Blend Eyeshadows Vertically

    Since monolids are usually flatter, apply your eyeshadow vertically. Stacking the shades on top of each other instead of laying them across the lid will provide a more flattering appearance.

    #4 Amp Up Your Eyeliner

    To take things up a notch with your makeup and shade range, we suggest trying out colored eyeliners. This way, you can incorporate more colors into your makeup without trying to pack on a bunch of different eyeshadow shades.

    If you are creative and like to have fun with your makeup looks, we suggest incorporating fun and funky designs with your eyeliner, such as creating a cut crease with white eyeliner.

    #5 Use A Dense Makeup Brush

    Since your monolid eyelids tend to be pretty small, a dense makeup brush will be better suited. The smaller and denser the brush, the more control you will have and the easier to keep the product you’re applying in the exact spot you want.

    #6 Shimmer

    Feel free to incorporate some shimmer into your eye look. This will help draw attention to the beautiful shape of your eyes and accentuate them. It will also help to make your eyes pop and attract that much-wanted attention.

    #7 Lower Lash Line

    Giving your lower lash line attention is an excellent idea for people with monolids. It can be a great opportunity to play with some color and create a concise, beautiful makeup look. The lower lash line often gets neglected, but it’s like a blank canvas awaiting to be painted, so feel free to play around and see what you can create.


    • How To Get Monolids?

      Monolids aren’t really something that you can just get. Instead, you are born with monolids, or your eyelids will sag a bit as you age, creating a monolid appearance.

      However, if you love the unique and stunning look of the eye shape, there is monolid surgery. But it’s worth noting that it is invasive.

    • Why Do Asians Have Monolids?

      There isn’t a clear answer as to why people of Asian descent tend to have monolids. However, there is a theory among scientists that the monolids became an adaptive advantage when ancient Asians lived in cool and windy climates, as the eye shape offered them better protection.

    • Why Did My Monolid Turn Into A Double Eyelid?

      It could be the case that, over time, your double eyelids became more pronounced. The skin around the eyes tends to lose elasticity and relaxes, which can create the look of double eyes.

    • How To Get Rid Of Monolids?

      First, it’s important to note that monolids are beautiful and unique. However, if there is an insecurity you want to tackle, there are ways to change your eyelids. A blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that will change your monolids into double eyelids. Your surgeon will likely remove excess skin and fat to ensure the creases stay in place.

      If surgery is too invasive of an option, there is another way to get rid of monolids, eyelid tape temporarily. Eyelid tape and glue pushed into the lid of a monolid can create a crease. You can even wear makeup with the tape, but it needs to be removed and reapplied daily; consider it a makeup product. It makes you feel pretty for yourself and no one else.

    • Which Ethnicities Have Monolids?

      People of East Asian descent are usually born with monolids. Some people from other races with horizontal eyes might also have monolids.

      We also see monolids in people who have larger eyelid hoods. The skin folding over the visible crease gives the appearance of a monolid when technically they have a hooded eye.

    Monolid Mania

    Monolids are stunning eye shapes that should be acknowledged and appreciated for their beauty. That said, they can be tricky to deal with when trying makeup looks that are meant to be worn on double eyelids. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gathered some inspiration to try out different makeup products that can help you to accentuate the beauty of your monolids in ways suited for them.