12 Best Red Eyeliner Looks & Products To Paint The Town Red

Updated on January 3, 2024
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    12 Best Red Eyeliner Looks & Products To Paint The Town Red

    From time to time, we all fall into a rut with our makeup. When it comes to beauty routines, things can quickly become boring and repetitive. But we propose the perfect option for a quick change of scenery, face-wise, red eyeliner!

    Paint the town eyes red with flicks and lines of red eyeliner. You can go as bright or as muted as your heart desires. We always want you to follow your heart, and if red isn’t it, then perhaps purple eyeliner will do the trick instead.

    If you are still here, then let’s get started on the best red eyeliner looks!

    Red Eyeliner Video Tutorial

    Learn three easy ways to apply red eyeliner in this step-by-step tutorial.

    Best Red Eyeliner Looks

    Red eyeliner can be tricky to pull off. But, with time, practice, and patience, you can have the flirtiest flick of red eyeliner you have ever seen. Wearing pops of color in our eyes is a great way to draw attention and stand out.

    Anyone can wear red eyeliner and look fantastic. However, people with green eyes suit red eyeliner best because red and green are complementary colors. A true red color will bring out the stunning green in your eyes.

    If you want to learn more about red eyeliner and the different liner styles we love, we have curated a list below.

    Red And Black Eyeliner

    Level up your eyeliner game by adding a swoosh of red liner over the top of your regular black. We highly suggest this red and black eyeliner to look and feel unique without switching up your regular makeup routine too much.

    Red Glitter Eyeliner

    Do you have a holiday party coming up or perhaps a music festival? If you answer yes to either, you will want to check out this red glitter eyeliner. The beautiful red glitter will have you shining bright.

    Don’t forget to take some flash photos with this red glitter eyeliner to get the full effect!

    Dark Red Eyeliner

    If bright and bold colors aren’t your thing, especially when it comes to makeup, check out this dark red eyeliner. This alluring shade of red is simultaneously sexy and fun, perfect for a night out on the town. No matter the style of eyeliner you choose, this dark red eyeliner will suit it.

    You can choose many different types of eyeliner, such as:

    1. Winged eyeliner
    2. Puppy eyeliner
    3. Graphic eyeliner
    4. Floating crease eyeliner
    5. Natural eyeliner

    Zohna Tip

    Make choosing an eyeliner style easier by basing it on your eye shape.

    Red Brown Eyeliner

    If you favor natural-looking makeup, this red brown eyeliner should catch your attention. Brown eyeliner is one of the most natural-appearing eyeliner shades. Blending your brown eyeliner with a red shadow or red pencil eyeliner can elevate your brown liner while remaining natural-ish. Don’t be afraid to experiment; you might surprise yourself.

    Japanese Red Eyeliner Looks

    Japanese Red Eyeliner LooksInstagram@fryncescaPIN

    Many people of Japanese descent have monolids, where the skin of the upper eyelid covers the inner corner of the eye, creating the look of one eyelid.

    With that in mind, we recommend this stunning red eyeliner look for people of Japanese descent or anyone with monolids. Instead of sticking to the traditional eyeliner application of keeping it close to the upper lashline and calling it a day, we suggest you use the liner to cover as much of your eyelid as you desire and create a flick at the outer corner of your eyes.

    This look will make it appear like you are wearing red eyeshadow, but in reality, you have longer-lasting eyeliner on your lid.

    Red Eyeliner Under Eyes

    Taking things monochrome with your makeup is the ideal method to produce a coherent makeup look. This red eyeliner under-eyes asks you to not only do red eyeliner on the top eyelid but also carry it down to the lower waterline.

    Using a red eyeshadow to smoke out the top and bottom lash lines will help highlight the red liner and make it more prominent.

    Bright Red Eyeliner Looks

    Do you love pops of color, fun and vibrant things?

    These four bright red eyeliner looks will be right up your alley. We want you to have as much fun and be as creative as possible when using red eyeliner, so we have compiled a few of our favorite bright red eyeliner looks for you to tackle in the table below.

    Bright Red Eyeliner Looks Description
    Bright Red Winged Eyeliner Applied at the top of the lashline and extends past the outer corner curving into a point or flick.
    Bright Red Puppy Eyeliner Instead of a wing that turns upwards, puppy eyeliner turns downwards towards the lower lash line.
    Bright Red Graphic Eyeliner There isn’t an approximate method to this style, but graphic eyeliner involves a unique take on eyeliner, using different shapes and lines.
    Bright Red Floating Crease Eyeliner Floating crease eyeliner consists of a winged eyeliner that is extended into the eye’s crease, highlighting the eyelid’s negative space. The image above is an example.

    Red White And Blue Eyeliner

    Happy Fourth of July! What are you doing if you aren’t wearing this red white and blue eyeliner on Independence Day? America’s birthday isn’t complete without all three colors lined onto your eyes. Plus, white eyeliner, blue eyeliner, and red eyeliner make the perfect trio.

    Red Eyeliner Brown Eyes

    What we appreciate most about red eyeliner is its ability to look fantastic on any eye color. However, we have to admit our favorite eye color to pair with red eyeliner is brown. The red pulls out the rich chocolatey goodness of brown eyes, so much so people will get lost in them.

    Blood Red Eyeliner

    It might sound creepy to some, but a blood red eyeliner color is gorgeous. We’re in love with the vibrancy of the shade, but it’s simultaneously tame nature. Deep red shades like this one have the most impact while appearing milder.

    Red Eyeliner Blue Eyes

    You might not think to pair red eyeliner with blue eyes. But we’re here to tell you to think again. This red eyeliner blue eyes look is not only beautiful but unique. The red compliments the deep tones of blue in your eyes.

    Red Eyeliner Valentine’s Day

    If you are looking for an eyeliner style to wear to your Valentine’s Day plans, we’ve got you covered. This red eyeliner Valentine’s Day look is stunning and fun to recreate.

    To achieve this look, we suggest liquid red eyeliner. The liquid formula will help make the intricacy of the designs much easier to accomplish. Add a bit of glitter eyeliner to this look to elevate it even further.

    Red Eyeliner Products We Love

    Now that we have shown you are favorite red eyeliner styles and designs, it only seems fitting that we should show you the red eyeliner products we love so you, too, can fall for them. We have selected eight great eyeliner formulas, so get ready!

    Red Eyeliner Pencil

    This red pencil eyeliner in the shade Sculpture by Haus Laboratories is a fantastic eyeliner created by Lady Gaga’s beauty line. The line comes in 20 shades if red isn’t your favorite color or if you want to pair red eyeliner with another shade.

    Key product features:

    • Creamy formula
    • Waterproof
    • Long-wearing
    • Easy application

    Red Eyeliner Pen

    10/31/2023 08:26 pm GMT

    This red eyeliner pen is excellent for those hoping to accomplish the red eyeliner Valentine’s Day look we mentioned earlier. This red eyeliner pen has a precise tip, and the other end has a red heart-shaped stamp.

    Key product features:

    • Double-sided
    • Fast drying
    • Smooth application
    • Highly pigmented
    • Great for beginners and professionals

    Red Eyeliner Liquid

    This liquid eyeliner formula is stunning. It’s smudge-proof, highly pigmented, and looks fantastic on all skin tones and complexions. It’s suitable for nearly all occasions, and its felt tip pen allows you to create funky and beautiful designs.

    Red Eyeliner NYX

    If you are searching for eyeliner from a trusty makeup brand, NYX always has your best interest at heart. This Vivid Brights Liquid Liner in the shade On Red is a deep dark red, perfect for creating flirty wings.

    Key product features:

    • Matte
    • Smear resistant
    • Precise liner tip
    • Delicate on the eye area
    • Cruelty-free

    Red Eyeliner Gel

    Erinde Red Gel Eyeliner
    $8.99 ($5.14 / Ounce)
    10/31/2023 08:31 pm GMT

    This creamy eyeliner gel pot is foolproof for creating fun graphic liners and impeccable wings. If you purchase this product, you will get amazing red eyeliner and two brushes to help create any red eyeliner design of your dreams.

    Key product features:

    • Creamy texture
    • Light and quick drying
    • Smooth and easy application
    • No clumping or smudging
    • Waterproof
    • Long-wearing

    Red Eyeliner Ulta

    Ulta Beauty Collection has its very own gel eyeliner pencil. Wine Down is a beautiful deep brown-red shade, perfect for a sexy, sultry makeup look. Ulta uses clean ingredients in their products and is cruelty-free, two things we love and appreciate, as will your skin.

    Key product features:

    • Smooth application
    • Highly pigmented
    • Long-lasting
    • Ophthalmologically tested

    Fenty Red Eyeliner

    The Flypencil Longwear Pencil eyeliner by Fenty Beauty is an all-day play kind of formula. The expansive shade range offers matte, metallic, shimmer, and glitter for any eyeliner look you want.

    Key product features:

    • Creamy
    • Long wearing
    • Water-resistant
    • Lightweight
    • Smudge resistant

    Maybelline Red Eyeliner

    10/31/2023 08:56 pm GMT

    Elevate your eyeliner game with Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Matte Eyeliner. This shade, Rusty Terracotta, provides an intense color payoff to create endless looks and styles. This shade is great for people wanting to add color to their makeup without going over the top, as the rusty red looks similar to a brown eyeliner shade.

    Key product features:

    • Las up to 24 hours
    • Waterproof
    • Provides intense definition
    • Applies effortlessly
    • Matte powder finish

    How to Make Red Eyeliner

    If purchasing red eyeliner isn’t in the cards for you, we have options. If you want to know how to make red eyeliner, buckle up, grab some popcorn, and continue reading!

    What you’ll need to make red eyeliner:

    1. Spoon
    2. Some type of flame
    3. Red lipstick
    4. Red eyeshadow
    5. Tool pick
    6. Small container

    Step #1

    Cut off a small amount of your favorite red lipstick and add it to a spoon.

    Step #2

    Hold the spoon over whatever type of flame you have. You can use a lighter, a stove, or even a candle. Just make sure you are careful!

    Step #3

    Once the lipstick has completely melted, use the toothpick to scrape a few droppings of your red eyeshadow of choice into the melted lipstick. You can choose a shimmery one if you want to add some glitter to your eyeliner or a matte one if you want to focus on the pigment of your eyeliner.

    Use the toothpick to combine the eyeshadow and melted lipstick.

    Step #4

    Add the mixture to a small container and let it dry for about an hour. Once it’s dry and cooled down, it’s ready to be used!

    How to Wear Red Eyeliner

    If you want to give red eyeliner a swing but aren’t sure of the best tips and tricks to execute the perfect liner, we have your back. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the ideal red eyeliner look.

    Tip #1

    Use a brush! Sometimes, the liquid or pencil liners’ tips don’t provide enough precision. Using a well-made makeup brush and dipping it or coating it in red eyeliner can help create sharper lines.

    Tip #2

    Apply concealer over your entire eyelid before using red eyeliner will help ensure the liner stays longer, applies easier, and stands out more. It can also be used to clean up the rough edges of your wing.

    Tip #3

    Use an eyeshadow/eyelid primer before using eyeliner or any products on the eyes. This will help keep the eyeliner and other products on for as long as possible.


    • How To Contour with Red Liquid Eyeliner

      We wouldn’t recommend contouring your face with red liquid eyeliner.

      However, if you are wearing liquid red eyeliner and aren’t sure how to contour your face correctly, here are a few tips:

      1. Start with a warm bronzer on and around the exterior of the face – this will warm up the face and give you that sunkissed look.
      2. Follow up with a cool-toned contour right under the cheekbones – the cool tone is critical as it mimics shadows for that chiseled look.
      3. Don’t change your contour routine based on eyeliner or color.
    • What Skin Tone Looks Best with Red Eyeliner?

      The thing we love most about red is its extensive shade range. Meaning that there are so many cool tones and warm tones of red to pair with your skin tone. This makes red eyeliner look best on every skin tone because you can always find the perfect one.

    Paint The Town Red (With Eyeliner)

    If you aren’t convinced that red eyeliner should be part of your next makeup routine, then we don’t know what to say other than you are lying to yourself. Just kidding. A bright red color like red is not everyone’s favorite, but if you try, we think it could be yours!