Seint Makeup Palette: Color Match Chart, Swatches Guide & More

Updated on October 25, 2022
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    Seint Makeup PalettePIN

    Seint Makeup Palette: Color Match Chart, Swatches Guide & More

    You’re trying to get ready. It’s hectic. The morning is practically chaos in your world. And you have to wrangle all the products you need to pull your flawless makeup look off – yet another challenge your busy morning does not need. Throw getting your kids ready for the day, pets, or even roommate bathroom sharing into the mix, and finding the 14 different products required for your full face can feel impossible.

    That’s where the Seint makeup palette claims to save the day. One or two Seint makeup palettes contain all you need for a full face, from color correction to foundation to highlighter to eyeshadow. This eliminates the rush of finding each product, opening it, and applying it.

    Instead, you get a few double-ended multitasker brushes (or even your fingers in some cases), your palettes, and you’re good to go. Most devoted Seint makeup palette fans say it transforms your look in minutes and leaves you looking fresh rather than cakey and rushed.

    But what’s the hype behind this product? Is it all it’s cracked up to be, or just another palette that claims to do it all? In this post, we’ll dive into Seint makeup palettes and discuss how this brand’s pretty unique concept can work for your busy life, plus share some of our favorite shades in their ranges.

    Seint Color Match

    How awkward is it when you think you’ve painstakingly picked out the perfect shade for your foundation before you buy it, and you get it home, apply it, and realize – it’s entirely the wrong shade, undertone, or makes you look orange or ashy or some other unflattering hue that is not your perfect shade match.

    With Seint makeup, you can be professionally color matched by your Artist, allowing you to ensure your shades (highlight and contour iiiD foundation shades) are perfectly coordinated to both your undertone and overall color.

    Color matching foundation shades is something that can be done for any face makeup (and should be done) for the best look possible. For a Seint color match consultation, you can usually send your artist a Seint color match selfie, and they can help you find the perfect shade. Or, alternatively, at in-person parties, they can match you right on the spot.

    In order to get the best Seint color match, be sure to:

    1. Stand in natural light when taking your photo or are being matched. Artificial light is not as effective at revealing your true skin tone.
    2. Not be wearing any existing makeup so your artist can get the best sense of your skin tone.
    3. Show your neck as well as your face, as your neck is less exposed to the sun and is a better representation of your true skin tone.

    Once your Artist can see your photo or have a look at your face in person, they will be able to detect your undertone and overall shade and make the best recommendation for the right iiiD.

    Zohna Tip

    Your undertone is easier to detect than you'd think. If you have a cool undertone, silver jewelry looks best on you, whereas warm undertones often look best in gold jewelry. For neutral undertones, you can usually get away with either silver or gold jewelry.

    Demi Color

    Demi Color Kit, Angel Edit I

    When you first look at this Seint makeup palette, you could easily confuse it for an eyeshadow palette! The wide range of colors can seem confusing if you don’t have the context of why this Seint makeup palette looks like a rainbow but is actually designed to conceal, correct, and perfect your skin.

    Demi Color Wheel Guide

    The demi color wheel is designed to help you determine which shades of the cream product to add to your Seint makeup palette. To do this, you look for tones in areas of your face you want to solve for, such as redness, and then look for that shade on the color wheel. Then you check out the complementary color on the wheel (the one across from it) to filter out any excess colors you don’t want and build the depth of color you do want. In the case of redness, it is green hues that help cancel out the extra tone. It’s a fairly simple color correction concept brought to you in a compact, customizable makeup palette format.

    Seint Color Match Guide


    This chart outlines the highlight and foundation shades you can add to your Seint makeup palette. Vertically, the highlight shades are shown and labeled from dark to light with warm, cool, and neutral undertone options. Across the bottom, horizontally, the corresponding contour shades are shown. So, for example, you may use the shade Wheat in highlight and the shade Indigo for contour.

    Seint Highlight Swatches and Contour Swatches

    Before you buy your own Seint makeup palette, let’s take a look at the full swatch range of all of the iiiD contour shades. That way, you know exactly what you’re shopping for.

    There are 18 highlight shades and 10 contour shades. This offers a flexible range of shades for most skin tones. You can use multiple shades of highlight to add even more dimension to your look. The contour shades offer both warm, cool, and neutral undertones, which makeup lovers know is essential to the perfect contoured look.

    Color Swatch Image and List

    The shades of Seint makeup shown in the Seint highlight swatches above are:

    • Moonlit
    • Linen
    • Versailles
    • White Peach
    • Aura
    • Candlelit
    • Sunlit
    • June
    • Wheat
    • Sandy
    • Mango
    • Goddess
    • Papaya
    • Icon
    • Cinnamon
    • Mirage
    • Muse

    Seint Highlight Swatches and Seint Contour Swatches

    The above image shows the contour shades you can add to your Seint makeup palette:

    • Aspen
    • Walnut
    • Ash
    • Olive
    • Stone
    • Henna
    • Shadow
    • Astoria
    • Indigo
    • Cola

    Top Lip and Cheek Swatches and Colors

    There is no shortage of great lip and cheek colors to choose from to fill your Seint makeup palette with. And the fun part of Seint makeup is that these shades are meant to be used on both lips and cheeks. Cream blushes like these make for dewy, natural looks and are perfect for those with dry skin. Having flexible shades that can be used in multiple ways is also handy for touching up makeup on the go.

    Let’s take a look at the top Seint lip and cheek swatches!

    Shade #1: Carousel


    If you like bubblegum pink, ultra-girly shades of lip and cheek colors, then this shade is perfect for you! With a name as fun as Carousel, you can see why this is one of the most favorite Seint lip and cheek swatches. It’s flexible enough that a light application would provide a classic flush, but the coverage is also buildable enough you could make a dramatic look, too. This is from the “Gloss” finish line of lip and cheek colors, so it offers a fresh, shiny finish.

    Shade #2: Hollywood


    This shade of Seint lip and cheek color is begging to be used in a soft, timeless beauty look inspired by Old Hollywood. Literally sharing a name with the famous film city, this shade is beautiful for lips and cheeks and for those who like cooler undertones in their lip and blush shades. This particular shade is part of the “Satin” finish lineup of shades and offers a more natural, matte finish than the “Gloss” shades.

    Shade #3: Tropicana


    Longing for a Tropical escape? Check out the Seint lip and cheek shade Tropicana! This shade is from the “Semi-Gloss” line of lip and cheek colors, so it is a more matte version of the regular gloss shades, but not as flat or matte as the “Satin” line. We love the pinky-orange hue of this shade for blush, especially on olive or more tan skin tones!

    Top Seint Eyeshadow Swatches

    Seint makeup palettes are a fantastic all-in-one solution for your makeup look. They can fit your full face, from lips to blush to highlight to eyes. And their selection of eyeshadow finishes and shades is broad and offers you a ton of selection to make beautiful looks for both everyday and special occasions.

    You can stock your Seint makeup palette with eyeshadows in four different formulations, as outlined in the table below.

    Seint Eyeshadow Finish Description
    Shimmer Offering you tinier particles of glitter, these shadows tend to glow rather than sparkle because the pigments are finely more milled. You could say shimmer eyeshadows have a smoother texture, too.
    Matte These shadows are flat in finish and don’t have any sparkle or shine.
    Glitter Glitter eyeshadows are formulated with less finely milled pigments and larger chunks of glitter.
    Cream Colorful, intensely pigmented looks can be achieved with these heavier, richer textured eye shadows.

    Best Shimmer: #33


    A shadow as impactful as this one hardly needs a name! #33 from Seint cosmetics is a fun, emerald shade of green packed with shimmering gold-green particles. This shadow has great payoff and is far more opaque than you’d think, meaning this color translates well to your lid, which isn’t always the case with shimmery shades.

    Best Matte: Filly


    When you want a go-to crease color perfect for building depth and interest, then saddle up and enjoy this pretty matte brown shade called Filly. It’s a staple to have a shade like this in your Seint makeup palette. Swiping a shade like this in your crease makes for a more dimensional look or a sultry, smoky effect on the lash line.

    Best Glitter: Lala Land

    Lala Land

    When you’re going with a glitter shadow, go big or go home! We are obsessed with the shade Lala Land from Seint’s lineup of pigmented glitters. It’s pink, pretty, and totally perfect for a glamorous night-out look. It looks like candy and unicorn dreams come true in one fabulous eye shadow.

    Best Cream: Tangled


    This cream shadow is perfect as a base layer for other shadows, thanks to its neutral tone. However, it would also look great on its own, thanks to the ever so slightly shimmery look. Cream shadows can help you build a strong base for other shadows, thanks to its super opaque, creamy formula. It can be great for mature skin because it offers a more hydrating formula than a powder formula.

    Zohna Tip

    When you wear cream shadows, be sure to apply an eye shadow primer underneath, and when you're done with your look, set it with powder eyeshadow or even a setting powder to make sure it doesn't transfer or crease.

    Seint Palette Dimensions

    There are several sizes and types of Seint makeup palettes available. You can build a whole collection of Seint makeup palettes to suit your various needs – from storing your whole collection of nearly 50 eyeshadows in one palette to keeping just 4 pans handy for a full face look on the go.

    Each primary product line has its own magnetic Seint palette selection of sizes.

    The iiiD Palettes come in 5 sizes, sorted from containing fewest pans to most:

    • 4
    • 8
    • 12
    • 18
    • 27

    The pro Seint makeup palettes come in 3 sizes:

    • 20
    • 40
    • 60

    The Seint makeup eye shadow palettes come in 2 sizes:

    • 20
    • 49


    • How to Set Up Your Seint Palette

      Before you set up your Seint palette, you need to purchase the right products. Building the perfect Seint makeup palette depends on your personal taste, daily makeup routines, and preferences.

      Before you head to the handy Seint palette builder tool online, you’re going to want to ask yourself:

      1. Do I wear makeup often?
      2. If I do wear makeup every day, what is most important to my daily makeup routine?
      3. Do I want to have a small palette or enough to hold my whole makeup collection.

      Once you have thought about what you need from your Seint makeup palette, you can head to the Seint palette builder tool to put your perfect palette together and visualize it online. This makes it even more simple to answer the important question of how to set up your Seint palette.

      We’ve gathered up a few popular sizes and put them below so you can see how the Seint makeup palette layouts can work for you.

      Layout Option 1: iiiD Palette 4

       iiiD 4 pan palette

      Size: iiiD 4 pan palette

      In this Seint Makeup Palette: Contour, Lip, and cheek color, Highlighter, Illuminator

      Layout Option 2: iiiD Palette 12

      iiiD 6 pan palette
      iiiD 10 pan palette

      Size: iiiD 8 pan palette

      In this Seint Makeup Palette (Top): Contour, lip/cheek, highlighter, illuminator, bronzer

      (Bottom) Brow gel, lip moisturizer, 8 eye shadows

    • How Much Is a Seint Palette?

      Of course, you want to know how much is a Seint palette before you head to the checkout. The answer is that prices truly vary, depending on the number of tins you purchase and which palette size you choose.

      For example, the iiiD Palette 4 is about $73 for the palette and 4 large pan shades. This could give you tons of flexibility in what you actually choose, which is nice and gives you an all-in-one palette with basically everything you need for a full base of makeup. On the other hand, the iiiD Palette 18 is about $172 for the palette and 18 shades or 36 eyeshadows.


    Seint makeup palettes offer you a flexible, handy approach to makeup that makes getting ready a breeze. Plus, the amount of shades available and the sheer number of possible combinations means that there is something for everyone in Seint makeup. And you can choose small Seint makeup palettes for on-the-go touch-ups, or load up a giant palette full of your full collection.

    Find out more about Seint makeup, or add some to your cart and get started with your own Seint makeup palette for faster, easier makeup application.