Upturned Eyes Top Styles + Best Eyeliner, Tips & Tutorial

Updated on November 28, 2023
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    Upturned Eyes Top Styles + Best Eyeliner, Tips & Tutorial

    Upturned eyes are like the human version of cat eyes. We’re not trying to say you look like a cat, but if you have eyes that turn upwards at the outer corners, they likely resemble the shape of a cat’s eye.

    After comparing you to a cat, you might think you are over what we have to say, but I promise it’s worthwhile. This article outlines everything you need to know about upturned eyes and how to accentuate them using makeup tips and tricks.

    They say people with upturned eyes are:

    1. Ambitious
    2. Motivated
    3. Primarily extroverted

    What Are Upturned Eyes

    Upturned eyes are the opposite of downturned eyes and look just as they sound. Upturned eyes have outer corners angled upwards, sitting higher than the inner corner. This stunning eye shape is also known as “cat eyes,” hence the comparison earlier.

    Upturned Eyes vs. Downturned Eyes

    The only significant difference between upturned and downturned eyes is the placement of their outer corners. The outer corner of downturned eyes sits level or a bit lower than the eye’s inner corner. The outer corner of upturned eyes sits higher than the inner corner. Despite that being the only real difference, there are distinct ways to tackle makeup for each eye shape.

    Makeup For Upturned Eyes – Top 4 Picks

    Here at Zohna, we’re all about accentuating what your momma gave you. That said, we have curated a list of all our top makeup picks for upturned eyes so you can flaunt what you got in all the right ways. We apologize to your wallet in advance.


    This eyeliner takes the cake every year for being one of the best on the market. It’s a two-time award-winning formula, perfect for those who create drastic eyeliner looks, such as winged eyeliner for accentuating their upturned eyes.

    This product stands out to us because it’s:

    • Stays all day
    • Waterproof
    • Felt tip
    • Smudge-proof
    • Dries quick


    We believe this eyeshadow palette is one of the best for creating unique and simple makeup looks. Its color range lets users keep their lids looking simple, sophisticated, or outside the box with show-stopping shades. A palette that has a color range from light to dark, like this one, is ideal for people with upturned eyes.

    This product stands out to us because:

    • It comes with its own professional-level makeup brush
    • It contains 14 eye shadow shades ranging from neutrals to bright sparkly tones
    • It has 9 ultra matte and 5 metallic finishes
    • It is highly pigmented
    • It has a large mirror perfect for travel

    Now that you know what eyeshadow palette to get. Check out this table to explain the best ways to use it.

    How to Use Eyeshadow For Upturned Eyes Description
    Prep Always prep the eyes with an eyeshadow primer to ensure the pigment stays all day or night.
    Base Start with a light shade and blend that all over the eyelid.
    Crease Use a medium shade and blend it through the crease to create some definition.
    Outerconer Take your darkest color yet; we recommend a dark chocolate brown and pat it onto the out corner, creating a v shape.
    Blending Blend the dark brown shade into the eye, taking it into the crease to blend with the medium shade.
    Lower Lashline Don’t forget to take either the medium shade or the dark brown shade and incorporate some of it onto the lower lash line, concentrating on the outer edge.


    10/31/2023 02:16 am GMT

    Choosing suitable lashes can be daunting, especially since many options exist. For our upturned-eyed friends, we have just made your life much simpler.

    When looking for a fake lash, the best lashes for upturned eyes are cat eye eyelashes, meaning eyelashes that have longer lashes at the outer edges. This will simply accentuate the eye shape pulling the outer corners up even more in appearance.

    The Eylure False Lashes are the perfect fake lashes we suggest giving a shot.

    This product stands out to us because it’s:

    • Soft
    • Vegan-friendly
    • Cruelty and latex free
    • Reusable
    • Comes with a lash case, applicator, and lash glue

    Eye Lash Curler

    One of the essential steps in a makeup routine is preparation. Prepping your eyes for mascara will help them to appear luscious and voluminous all day long. Using a lash curler will also help to get those outer lashes as upward-facing as possible to help elongate and accentuate your eye shape.

    Any eyelash curler works; it doesn’t matter where it comes from or how much it costs. It’s not like a makeup or skincare formula, where some are better than others. That said, we don’t have a top lash curler that we think you should purchase; instead, we recommend this tool as a top makeup product we 100% feel needs to be part of your makeup routine.

    Top Upturned Eyes Eyeliner Styles

    The nice thing about upturned eyes is that there isn’t an eyeliner style that won’t look good. Whereas for hooded eyes or round eyes, there are specific techniques that are helpful to follow to alter eyeliner styles to fit the eye shape. We have compiled a list of our favorite upturned eyeliner styles for you to check out and play around with.

    Classic Eyeliner

    This eyeliner style is the holy grail of eyeliner looks. How it accentuates or transforms an eye shape makes it so reliable. We like winged eyeliner for upturned eyes because it highlights and brings attention to the natural feline flick of the eye.

    Everyday Eyeliner

    Just because you are doing an eyeliner look doesn’t mean you need to use an eyeliner pen. Using eyeshadow instead of traditional eyeliner will give you a smooth and slightly smoked-out eyeliner look. It’s also an awesome hack for smoky eyes. This makeup trick will save money by not buying an eyeliner pencil and killing two birds with one stone.

    Here is a quick tutorial on achieving a soft eyeliner look for downturned eyes:

    1. Take an angled eyeshadow brush and dip it into a black or dark brown eyeshadow color.
    2. Run the brush over the upper lash line, flicking out slightly once you get to the outer corner. You can make it as thick or as thin of a line as you wish to create your eyedeal eyeliner shape.
    3. Use the brush to blend out the color depending on how smoky you want it to look.
    4. If you want it to be a precise line like in the chart, dab the shadow onto the eyelid, don’t drag it.

    Classic Eyeliner

    This classic eyeliner look snatches the eyes. Not only are you placing eyeliner on the outer edges of your eyes, but you also line into your tear duct with eyeliner. This look may appear simple, but it takes tons of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t believe how flattering it is on your upturned eyes.

    Smooth Eyeliner

    For this look, you will need two makeup products: a liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow shade similar in color. All you need to do is draw on a classic eyeliner wing with liquid eyeliner. Once that’s complete, take the eyeshadow and lightly go over the eyeliner. This will give it that blurred and smooth look.

    Basic Eyeliner

    This is one of the more basic and straightforward eyeliner styles recommended. However, using an eyeliner pencil to tight line your waterline, top, and bottom will create a natural yet striking eyeliner look that highlights the natural eye shape. Then we recommend drawing on a small, winged eyeliner.

    We suggest choosing a dark-drown eyeliner pencil to keep it natural and to keep the eyeliner from looking too stark against the whites of your eye. This eyeliner look will also give the appearance of a thicker lashline, an excellent hack for doing a no-makeup makeup look.

    Simple Eyeliner

    This eyeliner look is very straightforward; you only need to use your favorite eyeliner and lightly line your upper lash line. You can add an upwards flick at the outer edge if you want and don’t be afraid to line into your inner corner.

    How To Do Eyeliner For Upturned Eyes

    The style of eyeliner for upturned eyes that looks best is the wing. Winged eyeliner does a fantastic job of highlighting the natural features of your eyes. We have your back if you don’t know how to achieve an eyeliner-winged look.

    Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to do winged eyeliner.

    Step #1

    Prep your eyes with an eyelid primer to help cover any veins sitting under the thin eyelid skin and to ensure the eyeliner stays in place.

    Step #2

    Outline a scalene triangle (yes, we’re going back to high school geometry) on the outer corner of your eye and along your upper lash line.

    Step #3

    This step is optional, but you can extend the bottom end of the triangle down to the lower lash line. We recommend using a similar eyeshadow color and blending out the eyeliner on the lower lash line so it won’t look too harsh.

    Step #4

    Fill in the blank space in the middle of the triangle to get that wing.

    Zohna Tip

    Play around with different colored eyeliners for more unique and fun eyeliner looks.


    • How To Get Upturned Eyes?

      No matter what eye shape you have, round eyes, almond eyes, or wide set eyes, you can’t entirely alter their shape to be upturned without drastic surgery. However, following the step-by-step eyeshadow and eyeliner tutorials above, whether you have upturned eyes or not, will help accentuate or give the allusion that you have them.

      If you want to take it a step further, there are surgical ways to transform your eyes into an upturned shape. There is the non-invasive option, where a doctor injects fillers and fat into the outer edge of the eye to elevate the brow. This will slightly change the appearance of your eye shape for up to two years. Then there is the invasive option, a plastic surgery called blepharoplasty, which involves removing excess skin or fat to correct the shape of the eyes.

    • What Ethnicity Gets Upturned Eyes?

      There isn’t an exact ethnicity that has upturned eyes. You see upturned eyes in every race; it just depends on genetics.

    • How to Accentuate Upturned Eyes?

      The specific makeup methods we have mentioned, like winged eyeliner and packing darker shadows on the outer corner of the eye, will help accentuate that upturned eye shape. You just want to follow the eye’s natural shape and use makeup to create more impact.

      There is also the option of upturned eye surgery or noninvasive procedures to help accentuate or alter your eyes to be more upturned.

    It’s Only Up (Turned) From Here

    The upturned eye shape is one that people dream of having. This feline-like eye shape looks absolutely stunning on anyone. You can emphasize your eye shape when paired with the proper makeup techniques and products. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can incorporate these techniques and products into your makeup routine.