32 Stunning Ballerina Nails Designs to Give a Whirl

Updated on September 29, 2023
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    32 Stunning Ballerina Nails Designs to Give a Whirl

    Long, decorated nails are a symbol of femininity. Flawlessly manicured nails make us feel beautiful and strong.

    Artificial and longer nail shapes have blown up recently, thanks to social media providing platforms for creative nail artists to show their work.

    One of the most graceful trending nail styles you might have come across is ballerina nail designs. They are in demand at nail salons because they make hands look elegant and slender. Ballerina nails are a long, tapered nail shape, similar to stiletto nails, but with a flattened-out tip. They resemble the shape of a classic ballerina slipper.

    Ballerina nail shapes are popular because they:

    • Elongate fingers
    • Provide a canvas for nail art
    • Have a practical, flattened-out tip
    • Add a feminine appeal to every outfit

    What are ballerina vs. coffin nails?

    Coffin nails and ballerina nails are long, slim stiletto-shaped nails with squared-off flat tips. The only difference is that coffin nails have blunt edges, like a wooden casket, and ballerina nails have slightly rounded edges to mimic a dancer’s slipper.

    The three characteristics of ballerina nails are:

    1. Tapered length
    2. Flat tip
    3. Rounded edges

    If you’re excited to learn more about ballerina nails, we’ve gathered 32 of the trendiest ballerina nails designs for 2023!

    Ballerina Acrylic Nails

    Acrylic nails are the best way to achieve the perfect ballerina nail shape. Nail enhancements provide a canvas for nail art and a durable tip to be filed into tapered edges.

    These pink and blue acrylic ballerina nails combine hand-painted designs with rhinestones and holographic nail art for a very artistic creation.

    The chart below shows the pros and cons of ballerina acrylic nails.

    Pros Cons
    • Elongated length
    • Long canvas for nail art
    • Perfect ballerina nail shape
    • Last up to two weeks
    • Durable for nail art and add-ons
    • High maintenance
    • Damage natural nail bed
    • Expensive
    • Look unnatural
    • Break easily if not cared for properly

    Long Ballerina Nails

    Tapered nail shapes are the best for long nails. They start the same width as your natural nails and become more narrow towards the tip. Long nails suit tapered nail shapes because they elongate the appearance of your fingers.

    Tapered nail shapes for long nails include:

    • Stiletto nails
    • Ballerina nails
    • Coffin nails

    While few can argue that stiletto nails look the most fashionable, ballerina and coffin nails are more practical for everyday wear because of the flattened-out tip.

    If you go for long ballerina nails, consider following some of these tips to prevent them from breaking:

    1. Type with the pads of your fingers
    2. Open soda cans with a pen or fork
    3. Wear gloves while doing any kind of cleaning
    4. Keep the edges filed and neat
    5. Maintain hydrated hands and cuticles
    6. Wash your hair using a brush or comb

    Zohna Tip

    Use the back of a makeup brush to scoop creams and foundation when doing your makeup if you have long nails.

    Summer Ballerina Nails

    “Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about,” – John Mayer.

    Summer is the season when we wear bright colors, show off our outfits and get creative with summer nail designs! Summer ballerina and summer coffin nails with bright, pastel nail colors add a vibrant touch to every outfit. Hand-painted black palm trees on a colorful background are a tasteful way to wear ballerina nails in summer and on vacations by the beach.

    Ombre Ballerina Nails

    Fade into the awe of beautiful ombre ballerina nails. From the French word ombré, which means shadow or shading, ombre nails fade two or more colors in a progressive design from light to dark. Ombre ballerina nails are a simple and elegant nail design, achievable on short and long nails.

    The chart below shows the difference between ombre and gradient ballerina nails.

    Ombre Ballerina Nails Gradient Ballerina Nails
    • Gradual flow between colors
    • Two or more colors from the same color group
    • Transitions colors from light to dark
    • Ballerina nail shape
    • Gradual flow between colors
    • Two or more colors from the same or different color groups
    • Transitions colors into a cascading effect
    • Ballerina nail shape

    Medium Ballerina Nails

    One of the best things about ballerina nails is their versatility for all nail lengths. Medium ballerina nails are a beautiful choice for mid-length nails. The tapered nail shape looks good as a solid color or enhanced with tasteful nail art like glitter and rhinestones.

    Ballerina Nails Long

    Ballerina nails look stunning when they’re long. Long artificial nails allow you to get creative with ballerina nail designs and art. We love the 3D rose buds and holographic nail art. Adding a chrome accent nail makes long ballerina nails look really sharp!

    White Ballerina Nails

    Bright white nails indicate a blank slate, and you’re ready for a fresh start. According to trends on TikTok, it is a sign you’re single and available. Whatever your reason for the white nail color, white ballerina nails look clean and elegant. The simple addition of gold bands on select nails is a lovely way to personalize white nails.

    Pink Ballerina Nails

    Soft, powder pink is the color we naturally associate with ballerinas. Pink ballerina nails in light pink look as graceful as a ballet dancer’s slipper. Try OPI’s Bubble Bath for classic ballerina pink nails.

    Pink and White Ballerina Nails

    Pink and white together create a very feminine color combination. Pink and white ballerina nails take the simplicity of white and accentuate it with a brighter, girly shade. We love how these nails have a texturized pattern on the white nails and a solid frosty pink color affording the white nails attention.

    Hot Pink Ballerina Nails

    Get the party started with hot pink nails! Hot pink ballerina nails are sure to draw attention. Bright, magenta manicures are the ultimate confidence boost and tell the world you’re spontaneous and fun.

    Barbie Pink Ballerina Nails

    If you think life in plastic is fantastic, you will love Barbie pink ballerina nails! These nails layer a gorgeous chrome finish onto Barbie pink nail color, giving them that Barbie doll shine!

    Red Ballerina Nails

    Allow your inner princess to shine through with ruby red nails. This lustrous deep red color looks stunning on the ballerina nail shape. Add dimension to red ballerina nails with red holographic nail art.

    Ballerina Milky White Acrylic Nails

    Milky white nail polish is a color for every occasion; it’s a popular choice for brides and looks amazing with formal attire. Milky white nail polish is a shade of off-white with a creamy, translucent finish. Ballerina milky white acrylic nails look flawless and polished for casual wear and evening outfits.

    Milky white nail polish colors include:

    Ballerina Tip Nails

    If you want a versatile manicure with a bit of added style, go for ballerina nails with decorated tips. Ballerina tip nails are ideal for someone who likes a classic white tip manicure but is looking for something fresh. Choose different color tips or add a simple hand-painted nail art design to give ballerina tip nails a new appeal.

    French Tip Ballerina Nails

    French manicures are a timeless classic that can be worn for every event and occasion. White tips applied to a pink or nurse base effortlessly go with every outfit. You can’t go wrong with French tip ballerina nails if you want a sophisticated look for the ballerina nail shape.

    Cute Ballerina Nails

    Cute Ballerina NailsInstagram@nail.bratPIN

    Cute nails are always in fashion! So many unique ballerina nail designs make super cute ballerina nails. We love the cloud print ballerina nails design. Though these are a press on nails, recreating a hand-painted cloud design is easy. Add a couple of rhinestones for adorably cute ballerina nails!

    Simple Ballerina Nails

    Ballerina nail shapes are decorated with elaborate designs, or they can be plain for simple nail styles. Simple ballerina nails are light, natural colors with minimal nail art. They’re tasteful for everything occasion and go well with casual, business, and dressy outfits.

    The five characteristics of simple nails are:

    1. Cream, beige, or neutral color
    2. Matte, crème, or sheer finish
    3. Short to medium length
    4. No nail art
    5. Basic or no nail design

    Natural Ballerina Nails

    Ballerina mail shapes are the easiest to achieve on artificial nails due to their tapered nail shape. Over-filing natural nails can cause them to become brittle and weak. However, natural ballerina nails are indeed possible on healthy, strong nails. Natural ballerina nails look beautiful with polish and a gel top coat.

    The chart below describes dermatologist-recommended advice for healthy nails. Follow these tips for strong natural ballerina nails.

    Healthy Nails Tips Description
    Take a Biotin Supplement
    • Biotin, aka vitamin H and vitamin B7
    • Promotes healthy nails, skin, and hair
    • Found in eggs and legumes
    Wear Gloves
    • Rubber gloves for cleaning
    • Warm gloves when outside
    Drink Fluids
    • Staying hydrated is essential for health
    • Dehydration causes weak, brittle nails
    Keep Hands Moisturized
    Use Strengthening Nail Polish
    • Nail strengthener with protein
    • Give nails a break from regular nail polish

    Fall Ballerina Nails

    Tis the season for everything pumpkin spice! Burnt orange pumpkin spice is the perfect color for fall ballerina nails. We love the addition of holographic nail stickers to look like autumn leaves.

    Fall ballerina nail colors include:

    • Burnt orange
    • Deep plum
    • Golden amber
    • Cranberry red
    • Caramel brown

    Matte Ballerina Nails


    Matte is a type of nail polish finish with a smooth, flat, velvety appearance. Nail polishes with a matte finish allow the color to take prominence. Adding a matte top coat to a nail color gives it a luxurious, suede appearance. Matte ballerina nails provide a dramatic texture to the edgy nail shape. Go for a soft, blush pink in a matte finish to resemble a ballerina’s slipper.

    There are five primary types of nail polish finishes:

    1. Matte
    2. Crème
    3. Glitter
    4. Sheer
    5. Chrome

    The chart below compares matte ballerina nails to other common ballerina nail polish finishes.

    Types of Ballerina Nails Description
    • Opaque color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    • Opaque color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    • Transparent color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    • Translucent color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    • Opaque color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine

    Clear Ballerina Nails

    Clear nails are a minimalist option for those seeking a clean nail design. Clear ballerina nails look sophisticated and polished. A simple nail design on clear ballerina nails adds a little excitement to your manicure. We love the addition of white lightning to give these clear nails personality and dimension.

    Purple Ballerina Nails

    Everyone thinks of pink when they hear ballerina nails, but have you seen how awesome they look in purple? Purple ballerina nails are a chic way to wear the tapered nail shape. These electric purple pastel acrylic nails are stunning as a solid color; they don’t need any nail art!

    Brown Ballerina Nails

    While brown may not be the first color choice that comes to mind for ballerina nails, brown nail polish is popular in the fall and winter months. Mocha and caramel brown ballerina nails are trending as they are versatile, neutral colors.

    Ballerina Black Nails

    It’s okay to be dramatic when it comes to nail color! Ballerina black nails give an edgy appeal to the chic nail shape. Adding glitter accent nails to black ballerina nails makes them perfect for a glamorous evening out.

    Green Ballerina Nails

    One with nature. These green ballerina nails are giving some earthy vibes. Green nails exude vigor and excitement. The gold flakes on these emerald green ballerina nails make a stunning regal nail design.

    Spring Ballerina Nails

    Pastel acrylic nails are the trendiest ballerina nails designs for springtime. Light, powdery colors inspired by flora and nature make beautiful spring ballerina nails. Try light pink, peachy orange, and lavender tones or pale yellow ballerina nails for spring. We love the holographic floral nail art on these pastel pink ballerina nails, reminding us of a flower bed after a springtime rain shower.

    Zohna Tip

    Make your own pastel nail polish colors by mixing your favorite nail color with plain white polish.

    Ballerina Marble Nails

    Marble is a gorgeous pattern that looks luxe as an interior design accent and as nail decor. Ballerina marble nails give an elegant touch to the dainty, tapered nail shape. Light blue marble with gold is a unique color combination that looks stunning on long nails.

    Cotton Candy Ballerina Nails

    Cotton Candy Ballerina NailsInstagram@gbignailsPIN

    Pink and blue watercolor nails make the most delicious cotton-candy inspired design. These long ballerina nails use marble and watercolor techniques to blend Barbie pink, magenta, aqua, and violet onto a white base to create a beautiful vibrant design.

    Ballerina Slippers Nails

    Long acrylic ballerina nails provide a wonderful canvas space to get creative with nail art and designs. Shoutout to these one-of-a-kind ballerina nails in blush pink that have a ribbon design to look just like a ballerina’s slipper!

    Chrome Ballerina Nails

    Go big or go chrome! Chrome nail polish is a statement-making nail design that doesn’t need to be overly long or paired with elaborate nail art. Choosing chrome nail polish or adding a chrome powder top coat is a simple way to give your manicure a stylish look. Chrome ballerina nails maintain the elegant ballerina nail shape with the lustrous effect of metallic shine!

    Ombre Tip Ballerina Nails

    Change up your typical ombre nails with colorful ombre tips. Ombre tip ballerina nails are a subtle way to introduce color to your manicure without too much drama. We love the tasteful addition of rhinestones on select fingers for a really glamorous touch!

    Ballerina Jelly Nails

    Ballerina Jelly NailsInstagram@bugnailsPIN

    Say jell-o to jelly nails! Jelly nail polish gives the color a translucent, glass-like finish. Ballerina jelly nails combine one of the trendiest nail polish finishes with a popular, versatile nail shape.

    DIY Ballerina Nails

    Ballerina nails don’t have to be a pricey investment. You can purchase many beautiful press-on ballerina nail designs online.

    If you’re up for the challenge and have strong natural nails or existing artificial nail enhancements, you can file them into beautiful DIY ballerina nails.

    Here is what you will need for DIY ballerina nails:

    • Acrylic nail clippers (optional for artificial nail enhancements)
    • Nails file – 100 grit
    • Emery Board
    • Marker (optional)

    Follow these steps for DIY ballerina nails:

    1. Use a marker to outline the shape of your ballerina nails. Make a line from the corner of each base diagonally up to make the ballerina nail shape.
    2. Clip the nail outside your outline using acrylic nail clippers if you have artificial nail enhancements.
    3. File down the sides of the nail with a 100-grit nail file. File each side to achieve a curved vertical angle.
    4. Clip the tip of the nail off or file it down to achieve a flat tip.
    5. Buff the sides and tip of your nails for your desired ballerina nail shape.
    6. Decorate your nails with your desired ballerina nail design!


    • How Much Do Ballerina Nails Cost?

      Professional ballerina nails done by a nail artist at a salon can cost up to $100 for those long nails with fancy designs you see on Pinterest.

      The price of ballerina nails done professionally varies based on several factors:

      1. Salon type (Standard, boutique, luxury, spa)
      2. Experience of nail artist
      3. Location of nail salon
      4. Type of manicure: Natural nails, gel nails, artificial nails
      5. Nail design
      6. Enhancements and nail art
      7. Kind of polish used: Regular, gel, quick-dry, etc.

      Ballerina nails will likely cost you extra. Most nail salons charge an additional $5-10 to file any nail shape other than a round or square shape.

      Here are the average prices for professional ballerina nails in the USA in 2023:

      • Acrylic nails with nail art cost between $50-70
      • Gel nails with nail art cost between $60-100
      • Standard manicures cost between $20-40
      • Nail art is charged as an add on for $1-5 per nail
      • Nail jewelry is charged as an add on for $3-5 per nail
      • French tips cost an additional $5-10

    Twirl Into the World of Ballerina Nails

    Ballerina nails are as graceful as they are versatile. The ballerina nail shape makes all hands look slender and beautiful. If you’re ready for a change in your manicure and want to hop on this nail trend, save your favorite ballerina nail ideas and add your own creativity too!