22 Stunning Cheetah & Leopard Print Nails

Updated on December 27, 2023
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    Cheetah Print NailsPIN

    22 Stunning Cheetah & Leopard Print Nails

    Why did the leopard hate playing hide and seek? Any guess? No? Because he was always spotted!

    There must be something in the water at the watering hole because cheetah and leopard prints are hot again this year and look great on a freshly painted pair of fingernails. This is your sign to pounce on the trend and get a new set of claws with these 22 different cheetah and leopard nails.

    Cheetah Nails Video Tutorial

    View how to do these purrfect cheetah nails yourself with this easy step-by-step video.

    Cheetah Print vs Leopard Print

    You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between cheetah and leopard print?”

    Despite contrary beliefs, there is a lot of difference between these predators’ furry coats. And if you’re wondering what this has to do with cheetah print nails, it’s simple. If you want to be authentic in the print you choose, it could be helpful to know the distinguishing features of each animal’s fur.

    Cheetah Print Nails Pattern Leopard Print Nails Pattern
    • Has beige and dark brown hues
    • Solid round and oval spots
    • Spots are closed shapes
    • Big, and little spots
    • Has rosettes (rose-like shaped markings
    • Small and densely packed shapes
    • Light brown in the center
    • Spot shapes layer on top of one another

    Whether you’re looking to spice things up or love animal prints, we have plenty of ideas and inspiration to get you and your nail techs’ creative juices flowing. Check out the table below to get some inspo before your next mani.

    Manicure Styles Description
    Accent Nail Painting one accent nail with an animal print is a cute way to add a bit of spice without taking it too far.
    Animal Print Overlay Doing a pale overlay of cheetah and/or leopard print overtop your favorite base color is a tasteful way to incorporate the pattern into your nails without it being too much.
    General Applying cheetah or leopard print to each nail is a fun and frisky manicure.
    Animal Print Tips Switching out the basic white tip is hot right now and looks great with a cheetah or leopard print.

    Black Leopard Print Nails

    If you want to get really wild, these black leopard print nails are sleek and sexy. They’re kind of like a unique twist on black ombre nails! These nails look just like a black leopard’s stunning coat. Sometimes leopard print nails can clash with outfits and events, but these nails are perfect for channeling your love for animal print while still being wearable for any outfit or situation.

    Pink Leopard Print Nails

    These pink leopard print nails are the perfect in-between between simple and flashy. The neon pink adds a bit of sassiness to the nails, while the transparent, light pink base color keeps it classy and refreshing looking. The high gloss also makes them look fresh and shiny, and who doesn’t like shiny things?

    Acrylic Leopard Print Nails

    There are no rules for this nail style except that it has to have leopard print and some acrylic nails. Depending on your preference, there are many different acrylic shapes to choose from. Leopard print is also pretty straightforward; the nice thing about it is there are so many different ways to design it. Here are a few examples of nail shapes and names to help you pick.

    The three most popular shapes to choose from are:

    1. Coffin
    2. Stilletto
    3. Almond

    Coffin Leopard Print Nails

    Coffin Leopard Print NailsInstagram@nailfuelPIN

    One of the acrylic nails you can choose from is called coffin shape, named after its similarity in shape to a coffin. It doesn’t sound as morbid as it looks, as, in reality, it’s quite a pretty shape, as you can see in this set of coffin brown nails. Adding leopard print to the shape is a great idea, especially in a french tip style like this photo. It accentuates the acrylic nail and looks simple yet fun all at the same time.

    Pink Cheetah Nails

    There’s no denying that sometimes cheetah print things can be a lot and overpowering. Choosing a slight accent of cheetah print for your manicure is a great way to dial that down and make it more wearable. Pink is always a stand-up color to choose from and always has your back. Pairing the two always looks good.

    Acrylic Cheetah Nails

    How cute are these almond acrylic nails? The same rules for acrylic leopard print nails apply to acrylic cheetah nails. All you need to do to achieve these nails is have some shape of acrylic nails and some cheetah print. These nails are a great example of fun yet classic cheetah print nails. The simple colors of brown, black, and beige simultaneously make these claws look charming and slightly sophisticated.

    Red Cheetah Nails

    The color red and cheetah print are associated with being sexy and appealing; therefore, they are destined to be together and on your fingernails. This combination looks great for date night or a girls’ wine night. Depending on the red shade, it could be great for either winter or summer. Cheetah print doesn’t have a specific season, it looks great all year round.

    However, there are a few red shades that look best with a cheetah print that could be helpful to keep in mind, such as:

    • Burgundy
    • Dark red
    • Scarlet red

    Gold Leopard Print Nails

    Gold and leopard print is another color combination that goes hand in hand. The gold adds a bit of sparkle, and the leopard print a little bit of drama. You could even paint the leopard print pattern gold instead of the typical black or brown coloring. You’re sure to attract a mate with that nail pattern.

    Summer Cheetah Print Nails

    When we think of summer, we think of running around outside, playing in the grass, lounging in trees, finding a mate, and hunting down prey. Just kidding, but we’re pretty sure that’s all big cats think about.

    All jokes aside, when we picture summer, we see bright colors. If you feel like sporting cheetah print nails this summer, there’s no better option than going neon. These bright colors will make your tan and the cheetah pattern stand out.

    Cute Cheetah Nails

    Depending on your definition of cute these cute cheetah nails could look like any number of things. However, the nails pictured are nails we love seeing on fingers out there. Purple is such an pretty color and looks stunning when paired with a cheetah print. If you have someone in your life who loves jungle-themed things and getting their nails done, cute cheetah nails are perfect.

    Pastel Pink Leopard Print Nails

    Maybe Easter is coming up, or you suit pastels, or maybe none of the above. Whatever the reason for wanting pastel nails, these pink leopard print nails are a perfect combination of the leopard print we all know and love and pink pastel.

    You can also switch out the color for a different pastel, like purple, green or yellow.

    Colorful Cheetah Print Nails

    Just cause cheetah print is traditionally brown, black, and beige doesn’t mean you need to stick to those guidelines. Painting our nails is a fun way to explore our creative and bright sides, so why not add color to your fingers? These colorful cheetah print nails are a great way to embrace your fun and colorful side.

    Burgundy Leopard Print Nails

    If you love red but aren’t into the bright colors thing, burgundy is a perfect choice. You can add a bit of gold glitter and/or nail jewelry to spice things up and get a little frisky. Burgundy is a splendid blend of purple, red, brown, and wine shades. It gives off vibes of rich decadence. It makes winter days warmer and winter nights more glamorous. There is also no rule against wearing it in the summer – just saying.

    Blue Leopard Print Nails

    If you are starting to see a recurring pattern of similar-looking cheetah print nails, you definitely weren’t expecting these bad boys this time. These leopard print blue ombre nails have an undeniable 60s feel from a mix of the aquamarine blue with the peek-a-boo leopard print nails.

    White Cheetah Print Nails

    These white cheetah print nails are the most elegant of them all. This design would be stunning for a summer wedding or a classy dinner party. Sometimes less is more, and these nails really, well, nail that saying on the head. Pun intended.

    These nails are also great if you are required for some event or party to have cheetah print nails but don’t love their look. It’s a perfect compromise. Cheetah print can be for everyone; you just have to find the ideal middle ground.

    Matte Cheetah Nails

    No one said that cheetah print nails had to be shiny. In fact, they look even more fabulous matte. These matte cheetah nails are the ideal cool-girl aesthetic and can be done without colors like these two tones of purple.

    Neon Leopard Print Nails

    If you have decided that leopard is the print of choice for your next nail appointment but are unsure what color to pair with it, we suggest a neon orange. The orange is bright and fun (just like you are) and pops when accompanied by the leopard print. Bright colors are also good mood boosters and can help heighten one’s energy.

    Purple Cheetah Print Nails

    Purple is one of the most classic and redone colors paired with a cheetah print. All good fashion lovers know and can picture the early 2000s outfits of girls wearing purple velour juicy tracksuits with cheetah print accents and accessories. The energy from the early 2000s was iconic and definitely something that can make a comeback. As Justin Timberlake once said, “what goes around comes back around.”

    Short Cheetah Print Nails

    Cheetah print nails aren’t only loved for how they look but also for their versatility. Cheetah print looks great on any style and length of nails. There’s no pressure if you aren’t into artificial nails to help your fingertips gain some length. Short cheetah print nails look as good as any; some may argue even better.

    French Tip Cheetah Print Nails

    Almost everyone loves classic French tips. They are elegant, classy, and pretty versatile if you are willing to switch up the colors. If you want an animal print on your nails, try this multiprint French tip nail combination. There are many tools online to help you achieve a French tip if you want to do it at home. So don’t get overwhelmed if you are thinking of doing these yourself when the salon isn’t an option.

    Ring Finger Cheetah Print Nails

    No one is telling you to go full predator with your nails. Instead, we suggest dedicating one finger, such as the ring finger, to go full jungle mode. Ring finger cheetah print nails are a great way to incorporate the pattern without being fully dedicated. If you like cheetah print, this is a good manicure if you know you are about to propose or be proposed to.

    Gem Stone Leopard Print Nails

    If leopard print nails aren’t fancy enough, try adding some gemstones. Adding glamour to the nails is always the right idea if you want some extra flare. Despite what you may think, adding gems to your nails is a pretty easy task that you can do at home.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Gemstones (of your choice)
    • Top coat
    • Rhinestone picker dotting pen

    Now that you have all the essential instruments to apply some glamour, here’s how to do it:

    1. Using the rhinestone picker with the rubber end, pick up the gemstone and place it on top of the polish while it’s still a bit sticky.
    2. If the polish has already dried and the stone won’t stick, apply a layer of top coat to work as a binding agent.
    3. Once it has dried, apply two layers of top coat to ensure it’s sealed, shiny, and won’t come off.

    Press On Cheetah Print Nails

    If you want cheetah nails without all the hassle, getting press-on nails is a great way to eliminate all that. Plus, they already come with all the designs on them, so you don’t have to worry about doing them yourself or spending the time and money to have them done.

    It’s essential to know how to apply press on nails properly to ensure they stick the longest and don’t damage your nails.

    Here is a step-by-step on how to properly apply them, outlined in the table below.

    Steps For Applying Press On Cheetah Print Nails Description
    Step 1: Size Size matters, so make sure you check the numbers on the nails. Zero is the largest for the thumb, and 11 is the smallest for the pinky finger.
    Step 2: Prep Like any manicure prepping the nails by filing, cleaning, and removing dead skin is essential.
    Step 3: Glue Apply a pee size amount of nail glue to your natural nail.
    Step 4: Application Apply the nail at an angle, placing the bottom end down first and then bringing the press-on down until it hits the tip of your nail last.
    Step 5: File Wait for the nails to completely dry, then file them to your desired shape.

    Zohna Tip

    Always use a protective layer over the nail before applying the glue, like a nail strengthener polish.

    How To Do Cheetah Print Nails

    Despite what you may believe, cheetah and leopard print nails aren’t that tricky at home. You can do it if you have the right supplies, an average steady hand, and a friend to help pass the time.

    Here is what you’ll need to get started:

    1. Three different nail polish colors
    2. Top coat
    3. Tin foil (or something similar )
    4. Dotting tool
    5. Top coat

    Once you have gathered everything you need, you are ready to paint yourself a set of cheetah-print claws.

    Zohna Tip

    It may be helpful to watch a video tutorial on achieving this look for those visual learners.

    Step 1

    The first step is to paint your nails with whatever base color you choose. Apply as many coats as you deem necessary.

    Step 2

    Pour a contrasting color onto tin foil that you want to be a part of the cheetah print, and dot it onto the nail in different shapes.

    Step 3

    Pour another color onto the tin foil that you want to be a part of your pattern.

    Step 4

    Use a dotting tool and that second color to create more irrational shapes onto parts of and beside the other dots. They should resemble a sort of upside-down u-shape.

    Zohna Tip

    Look at some images or videos of cheetah print nails online to help get the dot shapes down.

    Step 5

    Once it’s dried and you have the desired cheetah pattern put a thin layer of a shiny or matte top coat to seal it all down.

    Catch Ya Later

    It’s hard to outrun cheetah and leopard print this year or the real-life animal if you ever come across one. The pattern is everywhere and will be for a long time, so don’t be afraid to hop on the trend by adding it to your nails.