28 Coffin Royal Blue Nails We’re Obsessed With

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
28 Coffin Royal Blue Nails We’re Obsessed WithPIN

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    28 Coffin Royal Blue Nails We’re Obsessed With

    Clear blue skies in the morning tell us it will be a bright, sunny day. The tranquil color of a calm blue ocean accentuates with hues of turquoise and azure. Powder blue reminds us of the baby boy who is about to come home. Blue has so much meaning and symbolism – it’s a color ingrained in our daily lives.

    The shade of blue that best represents power and confidence is royal blue.

    Royal blue nail color deserves a nail shape that speaks to its imperial influence. Coffin royal blue nails provide the length and drama to give this vibrant shade the attention it deserves.

    In recent years, coffin nails have become popular because of their long, slender appearance, like short stiletto nails, with the practicality of a flattened-out tip. They resemble the shape of a traditional wooden casket or a ballerina’s slipper.

    Royal blue is a deep, vibrant shade of blue, lighter than navy blue and darker than cobalt blue. It is an actual blue color, unlike indigo which has a subtle violet undertone.

    Royal blue nails are:

    • Symbolic of wealth and luxury
    • Represent power and authority
    • Elegant and sophisticated
    • Confidence-boosting

    The vibrant royal blue color draws attention to your nail shape, making coffin royal blue nails the perfect choice for those looking to show off creative nail art and stylish manicures.

    Before we explore all the options for coffin royal blue nails, let’s explore a few popular nail techniques. Many creative nail designs we come across on Pinterest use a nail design technique or combination.

    Technique Description
    Marble Two dots of color polish and a drop of glitter polish brushed together into a swirl effect
    Royal Blue Ombre Two or more colors of polish from the same color group transitioned into each other from light to dark
    Royal Blue Gradient Two or more colors of polish from different color groups transitioned together into a cascading design
    Royal Blue Galaxy Dark base color polish with a light-colored shimmer or glitter top coat
    Royal Blue Tips One or two colors of polish with a visible divide at the tip of the nail
    Tie Dye Two or more colors of polish brushed together on top of solid base color polish

    There are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate nail techniques into coffin royal blue nails. We’ve come up with 28 of our favorite royal blue coffin nails from creative nail artists.

    Glitter Royal Blue Coffin Nails

    Adding glitter to nail designs is an easy way to add style and texture for fancy, feminine nails. Glitter coffin royal blue nails give a playful energy to sophisticated coffin royal blue nails. We absolutely love light blue glitter on coffin royal blue nails!

    Royal Blue Coffin Nails With Diamonds

    Accentuate the luxury of royal blue with glistening gemstones. Royal blue coffin nails with diamonds are a simple way to add 3D nail art without an overly complicated design. Add a few rhinestones to the base or tip of each nail, or choose a single diamond accent nail.

    Zohna Tip

    Save yourself money and time at the nail salon. Purchase stick-on nail jewels to create unique royal blue coffin nails with diamonds at home.

    Baby Blue Coffin Nails

    Baby blue coffin nails are a much softer way to wear blue nails. Both baby blue and royal blue are true blue colors, not leaning towards violet or green. Light baby blue coffin nails can be a soft cornflower, eggshell, or powder blue color. They are a cute and approachable shade of blue that looks fantastic on all skin tones.

    09/20/2023 04:30 am GMT

    Baby Blue Coffin Nails With Glitter

    Does it remind you of the shimmering ocean waves, or maybe glistening icicles dusted in the snow? Baby blue coffin nails with glitter are a posh and playful choice of coffin nails, suitable for every season. Choose metallic or chrome light blue nail polish to make this sparkly look stand out.

    Prom Royal Blue Nails Coffin

    Classic French manicures are the most requested nails for prom. Prom royal blue nails in a coffin shape take the traditional minimalist mani and give it a sophisticated and edgy twist. French tips of royal blue on coffin nails will leave your classmates with a look to remember!

    Light Blue Coffin Nails

    Light blue coffin nails are a perfect way to tone down the edginess of the coffin shape with a softer color. Choose a powder or cloud blue like OPI’s Mali-blue Shore for a whimsical wave-inspired color. Add a thin layer of glitter as a top coat to give light blue coffin nails a shimmery shine.

    Coffin Navy Blue Nails

    Navy blue is dark military blue color resembling the deep blue ocean. The tapered coffin nail shape compliments dark colors making coffin navy blue nails a sharp yet minimalist nail choice. If blue is not for you but you like dark colors, consider coffin brown nails.

    Royal Blue And White Coffin Nails

    Pair the regality of royal blue with the purity of white for a stunning imperial color combination. Royal blue and white coffin nails are a sophisticated match for business attire in the day and evening wear at night. Choose a white marble accent nail to add to a royal blue coffin manicure.

    Coffin Blue Butterfly Nails

    Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, change, and hope. Tiny butterflies are a beautiful way to add a colorful, feminine design to soften the coffin nail shape. Coffin blue butterfly nails are achievable by simply adding butterfly nail stickers to your coffin royal blue nails.

    Want to get this look at home? Try some butterfly nail stickers to get your look.

    Dark Blue Coffin Nails

    Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. It is the nail color of choice when we want the world to know we’re a boss and we mean business. Dark blue coffin nails will look stunning when you give your next work presentation or on your next date night.

    Coffin Royal Blue And Gold Nails

    Channel your inner queen with this regal color combo. Coffin royal blue and gold nails put an imperial twist on the edgy shape. Choose a gold accent nail, add gold tips, or play with gold glitter designs.

    Sky Blue Coffin Nails

    Stay on cloud nine forever. Sky blue coffin nails add a whimsical touch to the somber nail shape. Think of light blue eggshells and azure colors. You can create a cloudy sky marble effect with pearly white and baby blue nail color.

    For DIY manicure enthusiasts, you can use a gorgeous shade like OPI’s Mexico City Move-mint to get this look at home.

    Blue Short Coffin Nails

    Coffin nails are too sexy of a nail shape to be exclusive to long or artificial nails. Although they are harder to achieve on short or natural nails, short blue coffin nails still look as chic as their lengthy counterparts. If you have very short nails, you may end up with more of a square shape with slightly tapered edges, but hey, they’re still coffin-esque!

    Aqua Blue Coffin Nails

    Make a splash with a bright and energetic aquamarine manicure. Aqua blue coffin nails combine turquoise and cyan to make the coffin shape come to life! Aqua is a really bright color, and great to use in ombre nail designs with pale blue or white polish.

    Midnight Blue Coffin Nails

    Stay out until the sun comes up when you paint your nails in moody midnight blue. Not to be confused with navy, midnight blue is a dark, intense blue shade that resembles the night sky. Layer a glossy, sheer top coat over midnight blue coffin nails to create the appearance of a moonlit sky.

    Royal Blue Acrylic Nails Coffin

    Acrylic nails are the most popular choice for the coffin nail shape. Nail enhancements provide a larger canvas for nail art, which is why royal blue coffin nails are usually gel or acrylic. Use nail techniques like marble on coffin royal blue nails, or add jewels to make your mani stand out!

    Blue And Silver Coffin Nails

    Better warm-up for this frosty color combination. Blue and silver coffin nails are popular for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. Decorate solid royal blue coffin nails with snowflakes, diamond nail art, and accent nails with silver glitter for winter-ready nails.

    Rhinestone Blue Coffin Nails with Diamonds

    Rhinestones are a favorite nail art add-on because they mimic real jewels like crystals or diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all! Rhinestone blue coffin nails with diamonds include any nail technique with blue polish and glamorous rhinestone add-ons. Diamond nail bling on matte royal blue coffin nails is a tasteful way to accessorize plain nails.

    Black and Blue Coffin Nails

    Black and blue coffin nails are one edgy ombre! Transition a black base into a dark blue color like royal blue or navy to achieve this dramatic look. The black and dark blue color combo is perfect for those who like the edgy appeal of coffin nails.

    Red White And Blue Coffin Nails

    Get ready for Independence Day with this patriotic color palate. Red white and blue coffin nails offer endless possibilities. You can keep it simple and paint each nail one solid color, or use tips, nail art and techniques to mimic the Star-Spangled Banner.

    Coffin Royal Blue French Tips

    White French tips are the classic and most versatile way to wear a tasteful manicure. Transform this look from elegant to edgy by wearing coffin royal blue French tips. Use a nail art stencil set to achieve flawless French tips.

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    If you want to nail the perfect at-home French tip at home, you can try using some handy French manicure guide stickers to make sure the tip is clean and even.

    Matte Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    Matte nails are appealing because they provide a flat, shine-free finish. Royal blue nails with a matte finish give the elegance of the regal color without the attention of shine. Matte coffin royal blue nails are a great way to keep the color and shape while toning down the vibrance.

    Galaxy Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    If you love star gazing, this design is for you! Galaxy coffin royal blue nails are a mesmerizing pattern combing deep blue with a light shimmer. Ask your nail artist to add little hand-painted white stars to look like the night sky. The galaxy design looks awesome on coffin green nails as well as royal blue nails.

    Ocean Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    Beach babes will be swept away by this gorgeous design inspired by the crystalline waves of the sea. Ocean royal blue coffin nails combine marble, gradient, and galaxy techniques into one stunning design resembling crests of waves and sandy shorelines.

    Tie Dye Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    Move over flower power; tie dye is no longer just for 60s theme parties and children’s art class. Tie-dye coffin royal blue nails are a casual way to add some funk to elegant marble nails. Stick with light blue and white polish to avoid mixing unwanted muddy colors

    Marble Coffin Royal Blue Nails

    Marble is a luxurious accent we picture when we think of our dream home. Give your nails a little taste of luxury with marble coffin royal blue nails. Start with a white base and swirl in royal blue to create a stunning marble effect, or choose a royal blue marble accent nail.

    Coffin Ombre Royal Blue Nails

    Ombre designs are one of the most favored techniques in modern beauty from hair, to eyeshadow, to nails. You can achieve coffin ombre nails in royal blue nails with so many shades of light blue fading into the darker royal blue. Props to these nails that gradually fade royal blue into a peachy nude color.

    Gradient Coffin Blue Nails

    Gradient nails offer more flexibility than ombre nails because you can transition colors from more than one color group into a beautiful cascading design. Try Barbie pink and sky blue gradient coffin nails for a scrumptious cotton candy effect.

    Blue Coffin Nail Polish Finishes

    Once you have selected a royal blue coffin nail design, consider the type of nail polish finish you need to achieve your desired look.

    The table below shows some of the most common finishes of blue coffin nails you can try for yourself.

    Finish Description
    • Opaque color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    • Opaque color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    • Translucent color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    • Transparent color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    • Opaque color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine


    • How Much Do Royal Blue Coffin Nails Cost?

      It’s common knowledge to anyone who has ever got their nails done professionally to know that nail salons tend to charge based on the amount of work and time that goes into your nails..

      Expect to pay extra for coffin nails. Most salons will charge an additional $5 or more to file your nails into any shape other than a basic round or square.

      Choosing royal blue or a similar blue color nail polish should not increase the price unless the color your nail salon is using is a special kind or more expensive polish. It’s better to confirm ahead of time for no surprises!

      Prices for coffin royal blue nails vary depending on several factors:

      1. Location of nail salon
      2. Class of nail salon (luxury, boutique, spa, standard)
      3. Type of manicure (natural manicure, artificial nails, gel nails)
      4. Nail design
      5. Add-ons (jewels, glitter, nail art, French tip)

      Here are some facts to give an idea of what you can expect to pay for coffin royal blue nails:

      • The average cost of a full set of acrylic nails with nail art in the USA for 2023 is between $50-70 dollars
      • Nail art is charged as an add on for $1-5 USD per nail
      • Nail Jewelry is charged as an add on for $3-5 USD per nail
      • French tips cost an additional $5-10 USD

      Of course, you can always opt for a pretty DIY set of press-on coffin royal blue nails for a fraction of the price!

    • How To Do Blue Coffin Nails?

      It is possible to achieve coffin nails with natural nails if you take proper care. However, most nail experts recommend using artificial tips with acrylic or gel to achieve a slender coffin shape.

      Once you have applied your artificial tips, trimmed them to the desired length, and applied your acrylic or gel nail enhancements correctly, you can file your nails with a manual nail file to achieve the coffin shape. Follow with a vibrant blue nail design for perfect royal blue coffin nails!

      What you will need to file coffin nails:

      • Acrylic Nail clippers
      • Nails file – 100 grit
      • Emery Board
      • Marker (optional)

      How to file royal blue coffin nails step by step:

      1. Use a marker to outline the shape of your coffin nails. Make a line from the corner of each base diagonally up to make the coffin shape.
      2. Clip the nail outside your outline using acrylic nail clippers.
      3. File down the sides of the nail with a 100-grit nail file. File each side to achieve a slight vertical angle.
      4. Clip the tip of the nail off to achieve a flat tip.
      5. Buff the sides and tips of your nails for your desired coffin shape.
      6. Apply a base coat. The darker the polish, the more important it is to use a base coat.
      7. Paint your nails with your desired shade of blue and decorate with nail art to attain beautiful blue coffin nails!

    Be the Queen of Coffin Nails

    So, your royal highness, are you ready to be the queen of coffin nails? Royal blue nails are the most regal way to wear the coffin nail shape. Add a little glitter and some rhinestones to show off your crown jewels. Long live coffin royal blue nails!