20 Irresistible Dark Green Nails to Revitalize Your Manicure

Updated on September 14, 2023
Lauren Long By Lauren Long
20 Irresistible Dark Green Nails to Revitalize Your ManicurePIN

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    20 Irresistible Dark Green Nails to Revitalize Your Manicure

    Are you ready for a fresh new start? Are you looking for a healthy new lifestyle and a revitalized new you? If so, dark green nails are the manicure choice for you!

    Dark green is a powerful color that symbolizes positive changes and new beginnings. It’s also the color of a healthy regrowth. We love dark green for many reasons, but when we wear dark green nails, we feel confident and have a positive sense of well-being.

    Dark green nails represent:

    • Transition
    • Ambition
    • Wealth
    • Freshness
    • Calmness

    Dark Green Nail Designs

    When we look for colors to pair together in nail designs, we can likely get inspiration from interior design ideas. If anyone knows about color coordinating, interior designers know best.

    Dark green nail designs go best with five colors:

    1. Black
    2. White
    3. Gold
    4. Mustard yellow
    5. Pale pink

    Of course, you can also pair dark green nails with lighter shades of green like mint, olive, lime, and sage. We love to accessorize dark green nails with nail art and designs.

    Dark green nail art includes:

    • Hand-painted decals
    • Nail stickers
    • Rhinestones
    • Foil flakes
    • Holographic art

    Dark Green Nail Polish Top Picks

    Dark green nail polish is a staple color for those who like to wear or accessorize with green. You can buy dark green nail polish in various finishes and materials, such as mate, sheer, gel, classic, and even dark green glitter polish.

    Here are our top six dark green nail polishes for calmness, new beginnings, and earthy vibes.

    09/25/2023 09:49 pm GMT

    Are you looking for long-lasting nail polish color with a vibrant glow? Bettles Gel Nail Polish offers highly-pigmented gel nail polish for flawless nails. The Viper’s Kiss collection provides a range of neutral and green colors ranging from pearly white to jet black. For dark green nails, go with the Dark Green color.

    Beetles Gel polishes are made of healthy, toxin-free ingredients for a safe, non-toxic polish with low odor. The polish is cured under LED light in just 90 seconds and lasts up to three weeks. These ultra-opaque, high-gloss colors are fade-resistant for a rich forest green color.

    The key product features include:

    • Chip-resistant
    • Fade-resistant
    • Lasts up to three weeks
    • Easy soak-off
    • High gloss
    RARJSM Gel Polish
    $6.99 ($13.98 / Fl Oz)
    09/25/2023 08:06 pm GMT

    Get ready for hunting season. And we don’t mean cruelty to animals! Hunter green is the color of earthiness, fresh starts, and new beginnings. RARJSM Gel Polish in Hunter Green provides a highly pigmented dark hunter green color with a glossy finish. Hunter green is a darker shade than olive green nails and slightly darker than forest green.

    The salon-quality gel nail polish is free of toxins and safe on the skin. Cure the gel nail polish under an LED nail lamp for long-lasting, durable nails. The quick-dry polish lasts up to 21 days and delivers high-shine, ultra-pigmented color.

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Quick-dry formula
    • Cured under LED nail lamp
    • Lasts up to 21 days
    • High shine finish
    Imtiti Gel Nail Polish
    $6.99 ($13.98 / Fl Oz)
    09/25/2023 08:06 pm GMT

    When you’re looking for a versatile shade of dark green nail polish, purchase yourself a bottle of sage green polish. Dark sage green nails are a beautiful choice for a neutral deep green with earthy inspiration. Dark sage green is a dusty shade of deep pastel green mixed with hints of white for a natural tone.

    For a rich, pigmented dark sage green nail polish, try Imiti Gel Nail Polish in Sage Green. The high-gloss polish offers up to three weeks of chip-free color. Cure the polish with an LED lamp for 60 seconds to ensure smooth, flawless results. The gel formula is toxin-free with a low odor and easily soaks off when ready for a change. It comes in a 0.5 fl oz bottle for many applications before running dry.

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Up to three weeks of wear
    • LED lamp cured
    • Highly pigmented
    • Glossy finish

    Feeling festive? When you want flawless DIY festive dark green nails, go with a brand of polish you know you can trust; Sally Hansen has over 50 years of experience creating nail and beauty products. Highly reputable, affordable products allow you to perform salon-quality manicures at home.

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wishlist Collection offers eight festive-inspired colors in shimmery matte finishes. Try Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Under the Tree for a shimmery dark green polish. The salon-quality gel manicure lasts up to eight days, with no LED lamp required. Sally Hansen recommends following the gel polish with a top coat for long-lasting, chip-free results. It’s easy to apply and removes easily, like regular nail polish.

    The key product features include:

    • Gel nail polish
    • Salon-quality
    • Up to eight-day wear
    • No LED lamp required
    • Highly-pigmented color
    OPI Nail Lacquer
    $11.49 ($22.98 / Fl Oz)
    09/25/2023 05:56 pm GMT

    Bring the spa experience home with this professional salon-quality nail polish. When it comes to quality nail polish, you can’t go wrong with OPI. For dark army green nails, we love OPI Nail Lacquer in Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green.

    OPI Nail Lacquers are liquid creme nail polish finishes offering up to seven days of chip-free wear. The patented ProWide brush offers smooth, streak-free, and even application. The polish is quick-drying with a high shine for fast and convenient emerald green nails.

    The key product features include:

    • Salon-quality nail polish
    • Creme finish
    • ProWide brush
    • Quick-drying
    • Seven-day wear
    09/25/2023 07:46 pm GMT

    Do you want gorgeous matte green nails, but you don’t have the patience for polish? Say hello to dark green press-on nails! You get flawless dark green nails in less than ten minutes.

    AddFavor Fake Nails in Dark Green is a 100-piece set of long, coffin press-on nails in a matte dark green finish. Each pack offers 100 matte dark green nails in 10 different sizes. You can trim and file the nails to a comfortable length for your daily wear. Purchase nail glue separately for long-lasting wear. You’ll have effortless dark green nails for an elegant manicure.

    The key product features include:

    • Long coffin nail shape
    • Nail glue application
    • 100-piece press-on nail set
    • 10 different sizes

    Once you have your dark green nail polish purchased and ready to go, you can choose the perfect dark green nail design. We’ve gathered 20 of our top dark green nail ideas on Pinterest.

    Forest Green Nails

    Sink into the wilderness with this fresh dark green nail color. Forest green nails are a deep shade of green with earthy vibes.

    As the name suggests, forest green blends rich, leafy colors like evergreen and pine. Unlike emerald green, it is a true green color, unlike emerald green, which has vibrant blue buster tones. We love the addition of hand-painted leaf decals to show off your inner eco-babe.

    Hunter Green Nails

    Are you embracing a new chapter, a new challenge, a new you? If so, hunter green nails might be for you. Hunter green symbolizes growth and produces feelings of safety and relaxation. It’s slightly darker than forest green, making it one of the darkest green colors on the spectrum.

    Even though it is a dark color, hunter green brings about feelings of calmness. So channel these zen vibes and celebrate your strength when you wear this powerful color on your nails.

    Zohna Tip

    Wear hunter green nails with warm colors like mustard yellow and gold. And wear forest green nails with cool colors like pearly white and silver.

    Dark Green French Tip Nails

    White French tip nails are the classic manicure that compliments every outfit and every occasion. When you want to change up the classic, colored tip manicures can be a great way to refresh your look.

    Dark green French tip nails provide just the right amount of earthy color to revitalize your beauty inside and out.

    Dark Green Nails Design

    Hand-painted decals? Holographic nail art? There are many ways to achieve beautiful dark green nail designs.

    Our favorite dark green nails designs are:

    • Marble print
    • Galaxy nails
    • Holographic nail art
    • Rhinestones

    We adore marble accent nails. White, gold, and green marble print add a luxurious feel to the contemporary solid dark green.

    Dark Green Acrylic Nails

    Smooth, flawless, head-turning manicures. Ninety percent of the time, when you see those long, enviable nails, you’re looking at a professional acrylic manicure. You’ll love dark green acrylic nails if you want long nails in a tapered nail shape, with a large canvas for elaborate nail art.

    The chart below compares the pros and cons of dark green acrylic nails.

    Pros of Dark Green Acrylic Nails Cons of Dark Green Acrylic Nails
    • Durable
    • Last up to 3 weeks
    • Enhance length
    • Can be filed into a variety of shapes
    • Damaging to nail beds
    • High maintenance
    • Require regular fills
    • Require soaking in acetone for proper removal

    Dark Green Christmas Nails

    Tis’ the season to be festive, and what better way to show your spirit than with Christmas-themed nails? Allow the candy canes, Christmas trees, and tinsel decorations to be your inspiration.

    Here are five ideas for how to get festive dark green Christmas nails:

    1. Sparkly nail gems
    2. Green and white colors
    3. Snowflake decals
    4. Red accent nails
    5. Gold and silver glitter

    Dark Green and Gold Nails

    Get dark green nails bring home the gold medal. For a 24-karat manicure, go for dark green and gold nails. Gold foil flakes are a stunning and simple way to decorate dark nails. They’re effortless to apply, and you can DIY apply them at home.

    Acrylic Dark Green Nails

    Want long symmetrical fingernails but can’t grow them? Acrylic nails are the simplest way to get strong, long, durable nails. If you already have acrylic nails and want a sophisticated, elegant nail design, grab your darkest green polish for acrylic dark green nails.

    Forest Green Acrylic Nail

    Immerse yourself in nature; forest bathing is a trendy new way to promote calmness and relaxation. When you want to achieve a zen state of peace and quiet, forest bathing amongst the greenery and trees is a way to do that. Inspired by the tranquil scenery of nature, forest green acrylic nails offer a flawless, durable manicure.

    Dark Green and Black Nails

    Black and green is a strong and impactful combination. Green symbolizes vitality, while black symbolizes strength and power.

    Black and green nails are perfect for someone who wants others to know they have the vigor to take on new challenges. When you want an impactful yet elegant combination, go for dark green and black nails.

    Dark Green Almond Nails

    Almond obsessed! We love the tapered nail shape with the practicality of a rounded-out tip. Dark green almond nails are a classy, sophisticated nail color and shape suitable for every occasion. The round peak nail shape will make your fingertips look like jewels.

    Matte Forest Green Nails

    It’s alright to take the shine off things intentionally. In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in matte makeup and beauty trends. Matte lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail polish have a sophisticated appeal that tells you a person is into their looks but doesn’t care for all the glossy attention.

    If you like matte green nails’ smooth, velvety finish, you’ll love how it looks in forest green. Matte forest green nails have a modest and elegant appeal, like a dark green evening gown without shiny accessories.

    The chart below compares matte dark green nails to other dark green nail polish finishes.

    Finish Description
    • Opaque dark green color
    • No shimmer
    • No shine
    • Opaque dark green color
    • No shimmer
    • Minimal shine
    • Translucent dark green color
    • Textured shimmer
    • High shine
    • Transparent dark green color
    • Minimal shimmer
    • High shine
    • Opaque dark green color
    • Metallic shimmer
    • High shine

    Dark Green Stiletto Nails

    Grab your heels, and let’s go dancing, baby! Stiletto nails are ready to hit the dance floor. There’s nothing hotter than the long, tapered nail shape of stiletto nails when you want to feel sexy. You’ll love dark green stiletto nails for a color and shape that’s elegant, classy, and a little seductive.

    Dark Green Gel Nails

    Do you like the look of flawless, long nails but don’t love the idea of damaging your nail beds? Say hello to gel nails! They’re the much less invasive alternative nail enhancement to acrylic nails.

    We love how gel nails provide a more natural look to acrylic nails while allowing you to enhance the length of your nails. For long-lasting, glossy nails, ask your nail technician for dark green gel nails.

    Dark Green and White Nails

    Treat yourself to a refreshing new manicure. Dark green and white nails symbolize vitality, purity, and a clean state. White, cream and pearly colors naturally compliment the earthiness of green in fashion, interior decor, and dark green nail designs. Hand-painted leaf decals are an easy and affordable way to DIY your nail art at home.

    Hunter Green Acrylic Nails

    Prepare to blossom with these earthy-inspired nails. Hunter green is a dark spring green with yellow undertones. Green is an energizing and relaxing color, so when you’re ready to take on life’s challenges with a sense of zen and inner peace, go for hunter green acrylic nails. Gold foil flakes are a simple luxurious touch for elegant hunter green nails.

    Dark Green Tip Nails

    When you want a dark green nail design that’s creative yet subtle, try out dark green tip nails. They are similar to dark green French tips, as they color just the tips of each nail, yet they allow you more creativity in design than the classic solid color tip nails. We love dark green tortoiseshell tip nails with gold for a simple, opulent manicure.

    Dark Green Dip Nails

    Gel or acrylic dark green nails? If you thought those were your only options for artificial nail enhancements, you haven’t heard of dip nails. Dip powder nails are like a gel-acrylic hybrid.

    Dip powder manicures:

    • Use colored acrylic powder mixed with a glue-like substance
    • Do not require LED or UV curing
    • Quicker than gel and acrylic manicures
    • More durable than gel manicures
    • More lightweight than acrylic manicures

    If you want to dry out a dip manicure, we highly recommend dark green dip nails.

    Dark Green and Silver Nails

    Make it sparkle with a glamorous new manicure! Dark green and silver naturally complement each other. We love using silver glitter and rhinestones on nails for sparkly accents and pearly white polish with a shimmery top coat for these dark green and silver nails.

    Dark Green Marble Nails

    Marble patterns have been used for centuries in art and design. The blended colors swirled together add a touch of elegance to every space, including our nails. Dark green marble nails add a timeless, luxurious appeal to a calm, refreshing manicure, mimicking a spa-like atmosphere. We recommend choosing one of two marble accent nails for just the right amount of sophistication.


    • What Color Goes With Dark Green Nails?

      When selecting outfits and accessories, white, silver, gold, and black are colors that naturally complement dark green nails. Lighter shades of green like mint, seafoam, and pastel green also look stunning with dark green nails. If you want colors that contrast yet compliment dark green, we recommend peach, nude, and dark purple outfits and accessories.

    • Which Dark Green Nails Are Trending?

      The top dark green nails trending in 2023 are emerald green, hunter green, forest green, dark olive green, and dark sage green nails. Try evergreen, shamrock, or army green nails for a unique shade of dark green.

    • What Celebrities Wore Dark Green Nails?

      Recently, many celebrities have been spotted with the dark green nails trend. Superstars including Cardi B, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Megan Thee Stallion, are all fans of deep green nails.

    • What is Hunter Green vs Forest Green Nails?

      Hunter green is a darker, warmer shade than forest green. It has yellow undertones, whereas forest green is more like the color of evergreen trees, with bright, cyan undertones. When choosing hunter green vs forest green nails, consider if you want a more yellow or blueish tinge to your dark green nails.

    Refresh Your Manicure with Dark Green Nails

    Don’t be scared to start over. Dark green nails are all about new beginnings, ambition, and vitality. When you want to wear a bold, confident, calm, and zen color, dark green nail polish is the color for you.